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					MIS Ads Females 2nd 2010
F01320210: Gujarati Jain parents invite alliance with photo and bio-data for beautiful, slim, talented,
vegetarian, family oriented Canadian Citizen Daughter. Born, April 1984, 5’ 4”, B.E. (Electrical), Masters
in Global Innovative Management (USA), employed in USA, from well educated, well employed,
vegetarian Jain cultured boys. Call 91-98980 42820. Email:

F01340210: Parents invite alliance for their 26 yr old, 5’ 7” Gujarati, vegetarian, Hindu, beautiful third
year medical student daughter from educated professionals settled in USA between 26-29 years of age.
Email bio data and photo to:

F01350210: Gujarati Jain parents invite correspondence from Jain, handsome, well-educated,
vegetarian, non-smoker, well-settled boys for their beautiful, Ivy League educated, vegetarian daughter,
born 1982, 5’ 0’’, currently doing residency in California. Reply to:

F01360210: Attractive, well-traveled Gujarati Jain woman, healthcare professional, 5’4”, US born in
1976, invites proposals from vegetarian men who have a blend of east and west values. Email

F01370210: Gujarati Jain parents invite correspondence for their well-educated, cultured, beautiful,
vegetarian, US born and raised daughter, born Sept. 1981, 5'6", Dentist working in Los Angeles area;
from well-educated, professional, US born and raised, outgoing, committed young men. Please email:

F01380210: Gujarati parents invite proposals for a very well cultured daughter, born 83, 5'5", 140 lb,
well educated from Houston, Texas. Call: 713-419-9356.Email:

F01390210: Gujarati parents invite responses with photo/bio-data for cultured well employed & US born
daughter, June 1980,5'1", BS (Fashion Merchandising), a Product Manager for a large fashion retailer,
from well educated professional vegetarian boys. Call: 718-347-2790/Email:

F01410210: Jain parents invite proposals from vegetarian, well educated/settled boys for pretty, slim,
attractive, US born, April 82, 5 '4", Pharm.D, daughter, exceptional blend of east-west culture. Contact

F01420210: Gujarati Jain parents from Tanzania invite proposals from well-educated, professional,
vegetarian, cultured boys with photo and bio-data for their daughter. Born Dec 1981, 5’ 1”,
C.P.A./M.B.A. from Uni. of Central England (U.K.). Currently working for K.P.M.G. and shortly visiting
India. Phone: 255-713-306930. Email:

F01430210: Gujarati parents invite proposals from well-educated, vegetarian professional boys for their
pretty, fair, intelligent US born daughter. Born July 1981. 5’ 3”, 125 lbs, B.A. (Psych), M. Edu, well
employed as a program director. Phone: 817-795-4392. Email:

F01440210: Jain parents invite proposals from handsome, well educated, vegetarian boys with photo
and bio-data for their beautiful, slim, intelligent, vegetarian Canada born daughter. Born Jan 1981, 5’ 5’’.
Working as a clinical researcher in Canada. Email:

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F01450210: Gujarati Jain family invites alliance for their very beautiful, tall, slim, fair, compassionate,
vegetarian daughter. Born 1977, 5’ 8", post graduate, visiting US briefly, from well educated, well
employed, vegetarian boys. Call 443-928-5778/ Email:

F01460210: Gujarati Jain parents seeking alliance for their daughter, finance professional in US on H1B
visa, MBA from US, Nov 81, born & raised in India (Mumbai), 5’2”, smart, witty, beautiful, attractive,
slim, compassionate, cultured & vegetarian. Proposals invited from US based, well-educated,
professional, cultured young men. Please contact with recent photo/bio-data. Email: Ph: 9122240111888, 919870026360, 919870244454.

F01470210: Gujarati Jain sister invites proposals for US citizen sister, born in 1972, 5' 3", never married,
living in NJ. Phone : 919-786-1377 or email:

F01480210: Gujarati parents invite correspondence for their US raised, cultured daughter, 36/5"1, fair
complexion. Working as a Product Manager at a Bio Tech company. Seeking educated, well cultured boy
based in US. Response w/photo. Email:

F01490210: Gujarati family from Mumbai invites proposals, of educated professional Jain boys with
photo and bio data, for their compassionate and family oriented daughter/sister born Nov 1984,
currently in US. She finished her MBA in May 2010. Call: 703-328-4701 or email: (Brother)

F01500210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposal from well educated professional boys for pretty Indian
born US educated Dentist daughter having completed all her US Dentistry requirements, born Nov.
1982, 5'-4". Call 585-217-9734/201-699-8291/91 99 3056 7651 or e-mail /

F01510210: Singapore/Malaysia based well settled parents invite proposals for sweet, attractive and
accomplished Aug 1984, 5'6", M. Sc in Economics daughter, currently working as a Business Associate
for a British MNC in Singapore, from cultured, down to earth, vegetarian, highly educated professional
boys. Please send details with picture to or contact +6-016-9045-361/ +6-019-

F01520210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals from professionals for their fair, slim, never married,
beautiful, vegetarian, physician daughter, born in Nov 77, 5’ 4”, 105 lbs raised in India. Please send bio-
data and a photo. Email:

F01530210: Rajasthani Shwetamber parents invite proposals with bio-data and photo for their
beautiful, Dec.86 born, 5’ 7” pleasing personality, caring, Management Consultant daughter. Born in
India and brought up in Europe. Looking for non-smoking, non- drinking- vegetarian professionals
settled abroad. Email:

F01540210: Kutchhi Jain parents invite proposals for their 27 yr old, 5’0”, daughter. She is a production
professional working at home and looking for work. She is sweet and fun loving, easy to get along with
and values family. Enjoys going to the gym, sports and music. If interested, contact her at

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F01550210: Hindi speaking parents invite alliance with photo and bio-data from highly educated, well
employed, vegetarian Jain cultured family for their good-looking, slim, very fair, well-talented,
vegetarian, family-oriented, and US born daughter. Born January 1985, 5'3," BBA (Accounting), Masters
of Accountancy (Tax), CPA, employed in Georgia in a Big 4 Accounting firm. Call 770-476-5115. Email:

F01560210: Correspondence invited for an outgoing, slim, attractive, Gujarati Jain US born girl, 5’6”,
April 1983, with BS in Chemical Engineering and MBA from an Ivy League University employed as a
management consultant in Chicago, IL. Looking for a well-educated, Jain, vegetarian boy. Please send
inquiries to:

F01570210: Beautiful, family-oriented, mix values of east and west, outgoing daughter born in Bombay,
though raised & living in US since 1994. Born 1979, slim, 5’ 3”. Currently living with parents in New
Jersey, working in New York and preferably looking for a boy living in or around New Jersey area. Call
201-854-6448. Email:

F01580210: Gujarati Jain parents invite matrimonial proposals for their beautiful, vegetarian, Canadian
citizen daughter; born in Mumbai, Feb 84, 5' 4", 130 lb, CPA, manager in a major bank. Preference for
well-educated cultured, vegetarian boys. Phone: 416-497-6478.

F01590210: Gujarati parents invite correspondence with bio-data and a photo for their smart, well-
educated, good nature, cultured dentist daughter. Working in Mumbai. Born 1986. 5’ 4”. Call: 011-91-

F01600210: Gujarati parents invite proposals for their well-educated, beautiful, tall, cultured,
vegetarian, accomplished, US citizen daughter, born Aug. 1980, 5' 7", BS Information Systems, employed
as a Sr. Project Manager at a reputed company from well-settled, educated, vegetarian boys. Call: 714-
458-0478. Email:

F01610210: Gujarati parents invite proposals with photo/Bio-data for their pretty talented vegetarian
ambitious daughter, born Nov 84, 5'3", 125 lb, currently pursing MS in Bio-Statistics, BS (Marketing
Management, Advertising), from cultured professional boy. Preferably in USA on H1, green-card, citizen.
Call: (925) 452-7514. Email:

F01620210: Jain Parents invite alliance w/photo & bio data from well educated vegetarian non-smoking
US raised professionals for their charming, highly accomplished,US born daughter, February 1977, 5' 1",
100lbs, PhD (Harvard, Human Development) and BA (Stanford, Public Policy), employed as
manager/columnist A.W.I.D. Call 847 695 0935 or

F01630210: Gujarati parents invite responses with photo/bio-data for their cultured well educated
attractive daughter. Born October 76, 5'4", MSN (Nurse Practitioner), from well educated professionally
settled handsome boys. Call: 440-284-3947. Email:

F01650210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposal with biodata/photo from well educated professionals
for educated (pharmacist) US born daughter 1986. 5'0", 105 lbs. Call 630/830/8582.

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F01660210: Alliance with photo and biodata invited for slim, vegetarian, well-employed, Gujarati girl, US
citizen, born Feb 1981, 5'2", pharmacist (PharmD), from well-educated, vegetarian boys. Email:

F01670210: Gujurati Jain Parents invite proposal for their well-cultured, vegetarian daughter, born May
6, 1974. 5' 2" 125 lbs. Divorced in previous marriage which lasted only a month. Currently a Montessori
school teacher looking for a family oriented boy. Please contact with biodata and
picture, or call (847) 619-7614 or 91-22-25181036.

F01680210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals for beautiful cultured born and brought up US citizen
daughter, born Nov. 78, 5'2", 125lb, MBA - marketing, working in NJ, from well educated professional
vegetarian boys preferably in NY. Email:

F01690210: North Indian Jain parents invite alliance for their 5' 2" US Citizen, well-educated, very
well cultured, daughter born December 1986, well-talented, jovial, social, family-
oriented, pretty, outgoing, slim, attractive, fair, accomplished, compassionate, smart, witty, beautiful
first year medical student with exceptional blend of east-west culture from US born and raised, non-
smoker, handsome, Jain Physicians / medical students. Our daughter is talented, ambitious, sweet and
fun loving, easy to get along with and values family. Email bio-data and photo to /
Call 972-675-8178 or Cell Phone: 214-207-9781.

F01700210: Gujarati Jain parents welcome responses for their beautiful, vegetarian, well-educated,
Optometrist daughter. Born April 1985. 5’ 3”, 90 lbs. US citizen. Looking for well-educated, professional,
cultured, vegetarian boys. Call: 505-323-6725.

F01710210: Gujarati family invites marriage proposal from well-educated, sincere, and professional men
for their attractive, intelligent, professional niece. Born Oct 1981. Currently working as a project leader
and software developer at Mastek Ltd. In Pune, India. Email:

F01720210: Gujarati Parents invite alliance from well educated, professional, outgoing, US born and
raised boy for their 30 years old, 5'3'' vegetarian, MBA educated, cultured, radiant looking daughter
working in the LA area. She had a short lived marriage of 45 days where her partner passed away.
Please email with recent photos and bio data.

F01740210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals for their very beautiful, slim, well-educated (BA &
Paralegal), professional daughter - born March 1985, 5' 2", 107 lb, US born and raised, currently
employed on the West Coast - from vegetarian, professional handsome boys. Prefer US born, or US
citizens only. Our daughter's work is located on the West Coast and would prefer someone residing in
San Francisco Bay Area. Email: with bio-data and photo.
 F01750210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals with Bio-data/photos for beautiful cultured US citizen
daughter, born April 85, 5'2", 105 lb, BS Biochemistry, pursuing MS, well employed, from well educated,
values both cultures vegetarian Jain boys. Call: 714/995-4247. Email:

F01760210: Gujarati Jain parents invite correspondence from well educated, cultured professional boys;
for their beautiful, talented US born daughter. Born October 1978. 5’ 2”. Employed as a scientist in a
well reputed international company. Email:

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F01770111: Gujarati Jain parents in USA for 25 years invite proposal for their beautiful, slim, fair,
talented, vegetarian, US raised citizen daughter. Born December 1979, 5’ 4”, MHA master in Healthcare
Admin, well positioned in Healthcare Enterprise; from professional and cultured boys. Call: 561-972-
8245. Email:

F01780111: Gujarati parents invite communication for beautiful, slim daughter. US born August 1978, 5’
5”, green eyes, vegetarian, MS (International Finance), Columbia Uni, NY, UCLA, double graduate, Delhi
Uni: Business Econ. Finanace professional in NY/San Francisco. Plays sport. Excellent blend of east and
west culture. Close knit family. Speaks Gujarati, Hindi, English and Spanish. Seeking professional boy.
Email: Phone: 714-404-3996

F01790111: Kutchi (KVO Jain) parents invite correspondence from educated, cultured, Kutchi or
Gujarati Jain boys for their beautiful , outgoing, never married 32 yr old daughter, 5'-7", born and
raised in India, currently touring USA till Sept 2011. Please reply with recent photo & bio- data.

F01800111: Kutchi (KVO Jain) parents invite correspondence from educated, cultured, Kutchi
or Gujarati Jain boys for their beautiful, outgoing, never married 35 yr old daughter, 5'-4",born and
raised in India, working as an interior designer. Please reply with recent photo & bio- data.

F01810111: Gujarati Jain parents invite correspondence from well educated, cultured, vegetarian, US
born boys; for their beautiful, vegetarian, US born daughter. Born 1984, 5’ 4”. Masters in Human
Genetics, working in Washington DC area. Please reply with bio-data and a recent photo. Email:

F01820111: Highly respectable industrialist family invites proposals for their fair, beautiful and well-
cultured daughter. Born Feb 1983, 5’ 3”, MBA, working in a multinational company in Bangalore. Very
short time childless divorce. Alliance sought from family in India or abroad. Issueless divorcee, bachelors
or widowers are welcome. Email: (Posted 05-26-2011)

F01830111: Jain parents invite proposals with photo and bio-data from Jain, well educated/settled,
cultured, non-smoker, vegetarian boys for their beautiful, cultured, vegetarian, US citizen daughter,
born 1985, 5’ 3”, MS (Computer Science) and working in reputed firm. Email:
(Posted 06-17-2011)

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