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                       Jingle Feldman Individual Artist Award 2009

The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa is the champion for area arts and culture. Diverse
education programs advance its mission to inspire creativity, foster appreciation, promote
lifelong learning, enhance the quality of individual lives, and contribute economic benefit to the
greater community.

The Jingle Feldman Individual Artist Award encourages the development of artistic works and
professional development. An award of $5,000 will be granted to a professional artist who is
living and working in the Tulsa metropolitan area, and who is contributing to Tulsa’s art scene.
A panel of independent jurors representing multiple disciplines will judge award applications. The
recipient will receive the award at the annual Harwelden Awards Luncheon, May 2009.

      Application Deadline           Postmarked or hand delivered by 5:00 p.m. Friday
                                      March 6, 2009
          Project Period             One Year

Individuals who have lived and worked in the Tulsa metropolitan area for a minimum of three
years at the time of application and who can demonstrate:
 A professional, artistic career of at least five years, but not more than twenty-five years
 Quality of artistic work
 Clarity of purpose and goals
 Service to the community
 Continued professional development
No more than one application per year, per artist may be submitted.

   Award recipients from the last three years.
   Recipients who have not submitted final evaluation reports for a prior award.

If, as a result of this grant, the awardee receives publicity or produces printed programs or
subsequent publications, the funded project must include the statement:
       This project was made possible by the Jingle Feldman Individual Artist Award from the
       Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa.

The award must be used within twelve months from the date of the announcement. The award
recipient will agree to submit a one page final report on how the funds were used and will make
a short presentation, if requested.
The award shall be used for financial needs connected with professional growth, which results in
the development of an artistic product. This includes, but is not limited to, expenses for:
     Development of new work or completion of work in progress
     Exploration of new concepts
     Production costs (e.g. equipment, space or studio rental)
     Materials and supplies
     Engagement in professional development opportunities

Sixty percent of the grant will be paid at the Harwelden Awards Luncheon in May 2009, with
the remaining forty percent upon receipt of the final report. The Arts & Humanities Council of
Tulsa requires that the final report, including copies of any programs or publicity materials related
to this award, be submitted within 45 days of the award’s first anniversary.

The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa reserves the right to withhold the award if suitable
applications are not received.
1.    Application Form: Limit narrative to space provided. Submit three copies, plus
      signed original.

2.     Current resume or vitae (submit 4 copies)

3.    Support Material: Submit samples of your work, clearly labeled with your name,
      in the following format:

         Up to 10 slides or photographs (labeled w/artist(s), title, date of work,
          medium, and dimensions) and a separate listing with the same information. A
          CD-ROM is acceptable and preferred.

         Video: (1/2” VHS, cue to 5 minute segment, w/narrative sheet: artist(s), title,
          date of work, and brief description.) Submit 1 copy. A CD-ROM is acceptable
          and preferred.

4.    Submit two letters of support that address your contribution to an artistic
      discipline and community service. (Arts & Humanities Council employees are not
      eligible to furnish letters of support). Submit three copies of each letter, plus
      signed original.

5.    Each packet of materials (application, resume, letters of support, support
      materials) should be submitted in separate manila envelopes or presentation
      folders (four in all – originals in envelope marked “originals”) labeled with your
      name. Submit postage paid envelope if you would like your materials returned.
      Otherwise, you must pick up your materials between June 1 and June 30 at the
      Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa.

All materials should be sent in a single envelope postmarked by March 6, 2009 or hand
delivered by 5:00 p.m. March 6, 2009 to:

Jingle Feldman Individual Artist Award
Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa
2210 South Main Street
Tulsa OK 74114-1190

                           ARTS & HUMANITIES COUNCIL OF TULSA
                           Jingle Feldman Individual Artist Award 2009

Name:                                                   /
             (Print)                                         (Signature)

             (Street)                                       (City)                     (ST/Zip Code)

Phone:                                      Email:

Answer the following questions in the space provided. (Please type or print neatly.)

1.       What past accomplishments are you most proud of, and why?

2.       What, in the past three years, has been important to you as you create or perform?

3.       Please explain how you have used your talent to improve the lives of others in the past three years
         (Be specific. List names, places, dates):

4.       Please describe what specific work or professional growth you would accomplish should you
         receive the Jingle Feldman Individual Artist Award. (This may include research, travel,
         professional development or completion of a specific creative project.)

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