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					                                DIGITAL MEDIA/MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY
                        Digital Media Web Production Technical Certificate Major Code 6286

Program Description                                                    Project Manager in Digital/Design Technology Advanced
This program is designed to prepare students for initial               Technical Certificate Major Code 4279
employment as Web production assistants. Web production
artists, or to provide supplemental training for those already         Entrance Requirements
employed in the field. This basic-to-intermediate certificate          •     HS Diploma or GED
provides students with the computer, digital media, and graphic        •     PERT
production skills needed to create web sites.                                 The PERT test places students into preparatory level
                                                                              reading, writing and math courses designed to prepare
Related Programs                                                              them for college-level coursework. Recent ACT or SAT
Digital Media/Multimedia Technology Associate in Applied                      score may also be used for placement. For more
Science Major Code A018                                                       information, see
Multimedia Web Development Advanced Technical Certificate                     Students who test into college prep courses must
Major Code 4278                                                               successfully complete all of the required coursework to
Digital Media/Multimedia Production Technical Certificate                     qualify for graduation.
  Major Code 6287

DIG 2100C         Web Development 1                       3            It is strongly recommended that students see an academic
DIG 2115C         Digital Imaging Fundamentals                         advisor or counselor every term
                  Using Photoshop                         3
DIG 2101C         Web Development 2 using
                  Dreamweaver                             3
DIG 2311C         Fundamentals of Digital Media
                  Using Flash Animation                   3

Select one from the following two courses:
DIG 2116C         Digital Imaging Advanced                3
DIG 2132C         Digital Art & Design with
                  Illustrator                             3
     Total Program Semester H ours                       15

Broward College                                                   Catalog 2011-2012                         

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