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					How does a Multi-Year Open (MYO) Licence Agreement work?

MYO is a three-year agreement. The cost of your product licences is split equally over the three years.
You pay a fixed price per PC, based on the number of PCs covered and the Microsoft platform products
you choose.
There are two MYO Licence agreement options - Enterprise and Volume. With the Volume option, you
need to buy platform product licences for at least five PCs. With the Enterprise option, every qualifying
PC in your organisation must be enrolled in the agreement and standardised on one or more of the
Microsoft platform products.
With an MYO Licence agreement you choose to install one or more of these Microsoft platform products
on your PCs:

•   Microsoft Office Standard and Professional

•   Windows Professional upgrade
    Core Client Access Licence (CAL) for Windows Server, Exchange Server, Systems Management
    Server, SharePoint Portal Server.
You can also mix and match Office Standard with Professional, plus choose Windows CALs and/or
Exchange CALs rather than the full Core CAL.
The MYO Licence agreement has three price levels. Your level is set by the number of PCs you enrol in
the agreement. At each anniversary, you declare any additional PCs acquired during the year and you
can install the products chosen on your initial agreement form. You can also add other products to your
agreement at any time during the three-year term and declare them at the agreement anniversary.
At the end of three years, you can choose:
    To renew into an Open Value agreement for three years, and continue qualifying for upgrades to your
    software for the extended period
    Not to renew, in which case your licence allows you to carry on using the version that was current
    under your original MYO Licence agreement.

Existing licensing agreements
If you work for a large organisation, please check to see if a Microsoft licensing agreement already exists
- if so, it may cover your needs and even offer extra benefits. Your IT department or local reseller will be
pleased to advise you.

How does a Multi-Year Open Licence agreement help you?
With an MYO Licence agreement you can standardise on Microsoft products, get the latest software
upgrades, and spread your payments over three years. The agreement helps you manage your software
assets efficiently and at a competitive price.
    Rights to the latest Microsoft software
    Software Assurance is included in every MYO Licence agreement. Even if you choose not to renew,
    you still have the right to use that software version indefinitely
    Simpler software asset management
    No more complex tracking of software licences - and, under our Enterprise option, you can run the
    latest version of software chosen in your signed agreement on every PC in your organisation
    Easier budgeting
    The MYO Licence agreement offers a simple and cost-effective way to spread payments over three
    years - and your annual fee per PC is fixed throughout this term
    15 percent discount on the full Microsoft product platform
    If you choose to cover all your PCs with the full platform of Microsoft products, you'll get an extra 15
    percent discount
    Get Software Assurance benefits
    Enjoy access to productivity enhancing benefits, tools and support, for optimal return on investment.

Does a Multi-Year Open Licence agreement include Software
If you have an MYO Licence agreement, you automatically benefit from Software Assurance. This
includes technical support, tools, significant productivity resources and the on-going right to upgrade to
any subsequent version(s) of the product you've purchased, as long as the release occurred while your
product licence was covered by Software Assurance.

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