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									Dante’s Divine Comedy

         Canto I
     By Andrea Landry
 Dante Alighieri                     Characters of Canto I

                                  • Dante-voyager and
                                    narrator, is afraid, not sure
                                    where he is, where to go
was born in the year 1265 in
Florence, Italy. He was a           and why he is there.
writer and an active member
of the White guelph political
party. Because of his political   • Virgil-soul of revered poet,
association, Dante was exiled
from Florence in 1301. It is        guides and comforts Dante.
during this time that he writes
“The Divine Comedy” which is        He explains where Dante is
believed to be inspired by his
feelings during exile. As a
scholar, Dante revered the
                                    going and why.
poet Virgil, who is his guide
and mentor in “The Divine
Comedy”.                                             Virgil
 Dante found himself at the age of 35 in a rough, dark
forest with no pathway. He felt sleepy and very afraid.
After resting Dante heads up the slope only to see a
           swift leopard blocking his path.
As the sun began to rise, a hungry lion appears.
A she-wolf appears who makes Dante lose all hope and go back into
the dark forest. Then the soul of the poet, Virgil appears and guides
                     Dante through the forest.
Dante the narrator tells of how he finds himself lost in a
 dark forest at night. Sleepy and not knowing how he
got there, he begins to try to find his way out. He sees
a leopard, not long afterward he sees a lion and then a
   she-wolf. Dante is afraid and not able to continue,
 when suddenly a shadow appears which is the soul of
 the revered poet Virgil. As Virgil comes into view, he
introduces himself to Dante. Dante pleads to Virgil for
help. Virgil explains that he has been sent to guide him
  through hell where he will then be met by “…a soul
           more worth than I am”. (Beatrice)

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