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                                                                                               Customer no. _______________
                                                                                               (if known)
1.        Your Details
Company Name/Proprietor/Partners (“Business”) _____________________________________________
Trading Name (if applicable) ______________________________________________________________
ABN __________________________ Type of Business  Company  Sole Trader  Partnership  Other
Contact Name Title ______ First Name ______________________ Surname _______________________
Relationship to Business/Title ____________________________________________________________
DOB __/__/__ Drivers Licence ________________________________________ Expires _____________
Contact Tel _______________ Mob _____________________ Email _____________________________
Supply Address ______________________________________________ State ______ Postcode ______
Billing Address (if different to above) ______________________________ State ______ Postcode ______

2.        Our Offer
Note: Pay on time discounts for gas are conditional upon you also having an active electricity account with
Red Energy at the same property.
Tariff Name                                            Before Pay on TimeTM discount
Gas Economy                                             Inc GST              Ex GST
Peak (1st 250 MJ/day)                                       1.848 c/MJ          1.68 c/MJ
Next 1000 MJ/day                                            1.639 c/MJ          1.49 c/MJ
Balance                                                      1.54 c/MJ           1.4 c/MJ
Service to Property charge                                 53.90 c/day        49.00 c/day
Tariffs above apply to gas supplied in the South Gippsland region in Victoria only (the boundaries for which are determined by Multinet
Gas). Tariffs are subject to change – see terms and conditions overleaf.
For more information on how to assess this offer, visit the Essential Services Commission’s Energy Comparator at

For Electricity and Gas customers only: Please select your preferred gas contract option:
         7% Pay on TimeTM discount, 2 year fixed term contract; or
         3% Pay on TimeTM discount, no fixed term contract

3.        Your Acceptance
I understand that by signing this Agreement I am choosing Red            IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE CUSTOMER
Energy as my Retailer and I agree to be bound to the Red Energy          You have the right to cancel this Agreement within 10
Terms and Conditions contained in the Customer Charter, and the          Business Days from and including the day you signed the
Additional Terms and Conditions on the back of this form,in              Agreement. Important details about your rights are set out in
particular the price variation, credit and privacy terms and             the cancellation notice provided with this Agreement.
conditions. I acknowledge and agree that a fee or commission
may be paid by Red Energy in arranging or facilitating this              Print Name:
Agreement, and I accept that Red Energy records telephone                ______________________________________________
conversations in arranging or facilitating this Agreement. If I am
not the current electricity account holder, I confirm that I am          Signed:
authorised to sign on their behalf:                                      _______________________________________________
 Check this box if you do not wish to receive promotional
materials from Red Energy about other products and services.             Date: ____ / ____ / ________

Red Energy Pty. Limited ABN 60 107 479 372. 2 William St, East Richmond 3121. PO Box 4136, East Richmond 3121.

January 2011                                                                                                              RE044V20111

Additional Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions of your energy supply and sale agreement are contained in our Charter and in these
Additional Terms and Conditions (which include your Product and Pricing Schedule). Where the terms and conditions
in these Additional Terms and Conditions are different from those in the Charter you agree to vary the Charter as set
out in these Additional Terms and Conditions

Variable Tariff
You have agreed to enter into an Agreement with us with a variable tariff. You understand and agree that we may
vary your variable tariff, service to property charge and/or Pay on Time Discount™ by providing you with written
notice. The notice will be given to you as soon as practicable before the tariff change and, in any event, not later than
your next bill, and will vary this Product and Pricing Schedule accordingly.

Credit Management
We have entered in to this Agreement on an assumption that you have credit standing which is satisfactory to us. We
may carry out a credit worthiness assessment of you. If that assessment establishes that you do not have a
satisfactory credit standing, as determined by us in our sole discretion, we may terminate this Agreement. Please
refer to the Charter for full details of our credit management policy.

Fixed Term Contracts and Early Termination Fees
If you have elected to enter into a Fixed Term Contract as set out in this Product and Pricing Schedule, and you
terminate your Agreement after the cooling off period, but before the expiry of the fixed term, you will have to pay us
the Early Termination Fee. The Early Termination Fee is $20 plus the value of any upfront benefits you may have
received as part of any sign up promotion (pro-rated on an annual basis).

Red Energy Gas Connection Fee
You agree to pay the gas Connection Fee of $75.00 (incl GST) to Red Energy. This fee will be invoiced to you on
your first gas bill provided by Red Energy in accordance with this Agreement. If, however, you are a current
customer of Red Energy for electricity or have arranged for Red Energy to transfer your electricity account to Red
Energy, this gas Connection Fee will be waived.

For more information please call 131 806, visit or email

Red Energy Pty. Limited ABN 60 107 479 372. 2 William St, East Richmond 3121. PO Box 4136, East Richmond 3121.

January 2011                                                                                                     RE044V20111

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