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									                                                                        2009, ISSUE 7

                       T HE             CLOA K
                                JULY 1, 2009

                     WORDS FROM WINNIE,

                                                    St Martin and His Half Cloak
WORDS FROM       1
                       Dear Friends,                      fiscal management and assis-       St. Martin’s to continue indefi-
MESSAGE FROM     2                                        tance from the diocese, we         nitely into the future. There
THE ECS OFFICE                   Since we all love the    have reduced our deficit, but      will also be ample funds for
                       legend of St. Martin cutting his   the biggest expense remains        programs, maintenance, and
VESTRY MIN-      2     cloak in half to share it with a
UTES                                                      my salary and benefits.            mission.
                       freezing beggar, the image
ECS              2     seems an ideal title for this                 The plan that the                We will try the pro-
                       month’s column. Why? Be-           vestry and I have worked out       posed time allocation (of the 3
                       cause, like our patron saint,      is for me to work half time as     two-thirds time weeks) for six
CALENDAR &       3
SERVICE DUTIES         the parish of St. Martin’s is      your priest with greatly re-       months and then evaluate it to
                       facing the necessity of exactly    duced benefits (some of            see how it is working. Such
BISHOP SEARCH    4     such a cut.       When I first     which I will be lucky enough to    changes are never easy, but
                       drafted these words I ex-          obtain through my husband’s        they can bring unexpected
PICTURES         5     pected to be able to report to     job). I will work 3 weeks out of   Grace and blessing along with
                       you that on Wednesday, June        every 4 at 2/3 time with no        other adjustments. You, the
                       17, 2009, the vestry had voted     work during the fourth week.       people of St. Martin’s may find
                       to change my contract as your      On the fourth Sunday there         new pride in taking more re-
                       priest to half-time. Instead, I    will be a supply priest so that    sponsibility for the weekly
                       was sick all week, so the          our regular pattern of worship     nuts and bolts of parish life
                       meeting was postponed until        with Holy Communion will not       that your priest has always
                       June 24. Now I write fully ex-     be disrupted. In addition the      taken care of. I hope I will
                       pecting that this vote will take   church will hire a part-time       find other fulfilling ways to
                       place, but, since this newslet-    parish administrator who will      spend my time—perhaps in
                       ter will go to press before the    staff the office for regular       other work around the dio-
                       meeting, I write these words       weekly hours to keep the           cese, but it remains to be
                       as a prediction rather than an     church running smoothly dur-       seen what will develop.
                       accomplished fact. However         ing all the weeks, answering
                       by the time you read them I        phones, making appoint-                      Just as you ask your-
                       have every expectation that        ments, preparing bulletins,        selves—“can we manage with
                       they will be true. So, here’s      and so on..                        a half-time priest?” I am also
                                                                                             thinking: “Can I manage being
August Cloak           what’s happening:
                                                                    The financial details    a half-time priest and earning
                                St. Martin’s must         will be available in the vestry    a half-time salary?” I hope the
dead line              make this move in order to         minutes, but the overall fore-     answer to all these questions
                       avoid being completely out of      cast is that this work arrange-    is yes, but time will tell and
                       money, For several years the       ment will save the parish at       God’s Grace will lead us for-
July 15th.             parish has subsidized its          least $13,000 for the remain-      ward.
                       pledge income with withdraw-       der of 2009 and perhaps
                       als from the principal of our      $40,000 in 2010. This means                 Just as St. Martin
August issue                                                                                 chose to cut his cloak in half
                       endowment funds. The re-           that at our present pledging
                       maining amount is now only         rate we will have a balanced       so that neither he nor the beg-
is due out             about the equivalent of a          budget for the first time in       gar would freeze, the parish
                       year’s withdrawal, so it is high   over a decade. Not only that,      and I are sharing this budget
                       time for us to establish a bal-    but with a balanced budget         cut so that we can continue to
July 25th.                                                                                   do God’s work of mission and
                       anced budget. With careful         this is a sustainable model for
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      ministry at St. Martin’s. Let He blessed the young Yours in Christ,
      us all pray together that seeker Martin, with visions
      God will bless our efforts as of Christ. Amen.        Rev. Winnie


      No vestry minutes available.



              As you read this month’s Cloak summer will have officially arrived; at least
    according to the calendar. The unusually cool weather has not helped us realize yet
    the lazy, hazy days of summer. However many of you continue to warm the hearts of
    those in need, for this I say thank you!
    At the June gathering of ECW three members contributed money to ECS to provide
    birthday bags for children who have summer birthdays. Thank you ladies. Another
    member offered to fill a birthday bag herself. Thank you; thank you for warming the
    hearts of others.
    Several of you have asked recently, “Are we still giving to the Salvation Army Food
    Shelf?” The answer is YES. The Salvation Army Food Shelf receives more requests
    during the summer because school age students are not being provided free or re-
    duced meals during the school day. It is therefore even more important that as the
    church community we continue to bring items during the summer. With the recent
    number of lay offs the need continues to mount at the SA with requests to provide
    food for families.
    We are in the “ordinary, the long green season of the church year”. Let’s designate
    Sunday, July 12th, Food for Families Sunday. I encourage you to bring items for the
    Food Shelf in gratitude for the many blessings we have, our families, our health, our
    church, and our community. If you prefer to bring cash or checks the SA does accept
    that too. Monetary donations are used to supplement what is on their shelves and to
    fill gaps.

    Legal Aid
    No Friday is available for Legal Aid in July. If there are requests I will try to arrange for
    a specific time with Matt or Amy.
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                                             J U LY                  2 0 0 9
SUN               MON                  TUE                 WED                  THU                 FRI                   SAT

                                                           1                    2                   3                     4
                                                                                Bible Study 10:30

5                 6                    7                   8                    9                   10                    11
Service 9:15am
@ Lakeshore
weather permit-
                  Rev. W. on           Rev. W. on          Rev. W. on           Rev. W. on          Rev. W. on            Rev. W. on
                  Vacation             Vacation            Vacation             Vacation            Vacation              Vacation

12                13                   14                  15                   16                  17                    18
Service 9am                                                                     Bible Study 10:30

                                                           Cloak Deadline
Rev. W. on

19                20                   21                  22                   23                  24                    25
Service 9am                                                                     Bible Study 10:30

                                                                                R.C. Laird
                                                                                Ordination to the
                                                                                diaconate MPLS
                                                                                St. Mark’s Cthdrl

26                27                   28                  29                   30                  31
Service 9am                                                                     Bible Study 10:30
R.C. Laird
Deacon and

July 5th                 July 12th                     July 19th                     July 26th
Head Usher: Randa S.     Head Usher: Les H.            Head Usher: Bob L. Jr.        Head Usher: Doug W.
Lector: Les H.           Lector: Sheryl C.             Lector: Connie K.             Lector: Gail I.
Intercessor: TBA         Intercessor: Rob L.           Intercessor: Fran S.          Intercessor: Jim S.
Chalice: Tom H.          Chalice: Connie K.            Chalice: Michi D.             Chalice: Sheryl C.

                               Please check the Half Cloak each Sunday for updates to the Calendar events!

                                              Birthdays and Anniversaries:
1 Judy Gaarlswyk                  16 Karla Sifeuntes
4 Axel Chapman                    18 Diane Leudtke
5 Sara Ingledew                   28 Jean Lutz
8 Angel Taevino                   30 Jodie Olson
16 Jennifer Simpson               30 Anna Helton
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     Originally intended as an          class in the New Testament       cost in time and money but
     opportunity for laity every-       year. Additional information     well worth it. As of 2009 the
     where to satisfy their hun-        about the program is at their    annual cost is $340. but
     ger for more in depth knowl-       website           http://        scholarships are available.      The dead line for
     edge of the basics of Chris-             Do not hesitate on account       the August Cloak is
     tianity -- scripture, the tradi-   index.htm                        of cost.                         July 15th. Your arti-
     tions/history and theology,
     this ultimate version of adult     From the time I began men-       An organizing meeting will       cles need to be in
     Christian education offers         toring in 1979, the program      be held on the afternoon or      the Cloak mail box
     an opportunity to get a            has undergone a transfor-        early evening of Sunday,         in the Guild Hall or
     strong background in the           mation as it's purpose and       August 9 at St. John's in
                                        results became more clear.       Mankato which is where I         emailed to
     faith. Six to eleven students                                                              
     meet for a three hour              This is an excellent form of     am proposing to lead the
     weekly seminar in which            preparation for ministry in      class. If six people show an
     they discuss the assigned          the church whatever that         interest but prefer another
     readings for the week and          may mean for you. It is pri-     geographic location I could
     then learn a technique to          marily aimed at lay minis-       lead another class there.
     apply it to everyday life          tries from being a hair-         Please let me know what
     situations.                        dresser in a nursing home        time would be best for you
                                        to an agricultural aviator to    and contact me whenever
       Classes run from Septem-         an engineering professor.        you wish if you have ques-
     ber until May. In the first        However, it is also some-        tions.
     year the topic is the Old          times accepted as appropri-
     Testament, in the 2nd New          ate training for ordained
     Testament, in the third the        ministry in the church, espe-    (The Rev.) Marilla J. Whit-
     church's life through the          cially for Team Ministry.        ney
     Reformation and the 4th            There is no guarantee of
     covers the church and its          such acceptance but it is        507-831-0254
     theology in the modern             worth exploring if that is
     world. One can only begin          where you believe God may
     at the beginning, not join a       be calling you. There is a

BISHOP SEARCH                                                                                               The
    5 candidates invited to way to move forward, there-                 dates produced by the work          communications
    interview with entire fore, was not an easy task                    of the Search Committee
    Search       C o m m i t t e e and required a tremendous            will be announced by Au-            Committee:
                                   amount of reflection. Mem-           gust 1. From the time of that
    Your Search Committee for bers of the Search Commit-                announcement, the Stand-            Chuck Johnson
    the IX Bishop of Minnesota tee, our consultant, and our             ing Committee will also re-
    gathered for a day-long chaplain held hands in                      ceive nominations through a
                                                                                                            Rev. Winnie
    meeting at St. Peter's prayer for our work, for                     petition process over a two-        Mitchell
    Church in Kasson on Satur- each of these candidates,                week period. Come, Holy
    day, June 20. Presentations and for our life together in            Spirit!                             Thom Peterson
    were made about recent the church. We then agreed
    visits to 8 candidates in to invite 5 candidates to                                                     Jackie Ziemer
    their current ministry set- interview before the whole
    tings. They are each out- committee here in Minne-
    standing and dedicated to sota. These interviews will
    building up the body of take place in late July. The
    Christ. Deciding the best names of the final candi-

                                                                                                         Color printing of the Cloak
                                                                                                         donated by Chuck Johnson.
   2009, ISSUE 7                                                                 Page 5


                                                                               For the month of July,
                                                                               please pray for all Ecumeni-
                                                                               cal Ministries throughout the
                                                                               diocese, especially for the
                                                                               Minnesota Council of
       BOBBIE & KATHY PARKER HOLY UNION MAY 2ND, 2009                          Churches and for Episcopal
                                                                               Community Services, and all
                                                                               those who work with social
                                                                               service agencies.



                                         From left to right: The Rt. Rev.
                                         James L. Jelinek, Laura Lutiz, Ron
                                         Lutiz, Bobbie Parker, Kathy Parker,
                                         The Rev. Dr. Winnifred Mitchell and
                                         The Rt. Rev. Dan Swenson.
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            JULY 1, 2009


      102 N Park ST                                         Mailing Address Line 1
      Fairmont, MN 56031                                    Mailing Address Line 2
                                                            Mailing Address Line 3
                                                            Mailing Address Line 4
      Phone: 507-238-2686                                   Mailing Address Line 5


    St Martin’s Gift for RC           which he will receive and        our parish. Query: Does
    (Robbie) Laird’s Ordination       wear for the first time on       anyone know if Robbie will
    to the Transitional Diacon-       that Sunday the 26th. Dona-      be the first person to be
    ate.                              tions for the gift will be ac-   ordained from St. Martin’s?
                                      cepted through the month of
    RC’s ordination to the tran-      June both on Sunday morn-
    sitional diaconate* is sched-     ings and by mail. There will
    uled for July 23 at St.                                             Candidates for the Priest-
                                      be special offering box in       hood in The Episcopal
    Mark’s Cathedral in Minnea-       the Guild Hall for your dona-
    polis. He will be visiting St                                      Church are ordained first to
                                      tions or you can mail them       the Transitional Diaconate
    Martin’s on the following         to the church to treasurer
    Sunday to serve as deacon                                          and after some months to
                                      Les Hohenstein’s attention.      the Priesthood. Robbie will
    and to preach. There will be      If you write a check just
    a festive reception for him                                        spend his last year of semi-
                                      indicate “RC Laird gift “ in     nary as a transitional dea-
    after worship hosted by his       the memo line.        We all
    parents. St. Martin’s will be                                      con.
                                      look forward to celebrating
    giving RC a green stole           this ordination of a son of

    St. Martin’s is a reconciling community of Christian people striving through
    worship, love and service to be a family in God and to bring others into the

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