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					                                      European Union High Quality Beef

The quota year of European Union (EU) High Quality Beef (HQB) & Buffalo product to be received in the EU
= 1 Jul to 30 Jun.

Entitlement to ship High Quality Beef is allocated on the basis of recorded shipments (shipped weight) in the
previous quota year. 500 tonnes of the available 7,150 tonnes has been set aside for allocation to new entrants.

Guidelines for EU New Entrant Quota          Word [709 kb]   is found on our website.

An Entitlement account for Buffalo is not required, as Australia is never able to come near to filling the Buffalo
quota. A quota certificate is required and can be obtained at the export stage. Exporters are required by the EU
to gain approval from DAFF for all shipments and to present a Quota Certificate signed by DAFF to the
importing authorities.

EU HQB quota documentation is called a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

When a Request for Permit (RFP) contains HQB products going to a country registered as part of the EU a
COA is required. Quota Administration receives the RFP data from AQIS once the Health Certificate is printed
and the RFP has gone to COMP status. An approval is issued and certificate is created with the information
needed to comply with EU Regulations.

An approval summary with all details is faxed to the exporter to confirm the information that will appear on the
Certificate is correct. If any information on this summary does not agree with details on the RFP then the
exporter must notify Quota Administration. The COA is then sent directly to the exporter.

Airfreights need urgent Quota Documentation. To help with the process of a COA for an airfreight the exporter
can fax a copy of the RFP. The RFP must be faxed to our office by 2.30 pm the day the COA is requested. A
manual COA will then be processed and express posted directly to the exporter.

Any changes to an RFP must show on the COA and the Originals need to be returned for modification.

To receive Certificates quicker, arrangements can be made by the exporter to organise Couriers or express bags.
Daily pick-ups from Couriers can be arranged.

On a weekly basis a report is sent to the EU Commission to confirm the shipments are correct.

EU - High Quality Beef (HQB) Quota Order           PDF [2.5 mb] has   further information on the current quota year.

Information about this or any other quota issues please contact us:

Quota Administration Unit
Phone: 02-6272 4492
Facsimile: 02-6272 4585

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