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									                                  JOB DESCRIPTION
                                     Procurement Manager
MISSION:             Manage and improve all aspects of the purchasing function and supplier
                     performance. Drive cost and quality improvements
REPORTS TO:          Operations Manager
STATUS:              Exempt

     1. Provide training and program information to all Purchasing Agents
     2. Assign suppliers or commodities to Purchasing agents and mentor to increase turns, reduce
         lead-times, improve quality, and reduce cost.
     3. Oversight of off-shore supplier relationships, including the management of quality, deliveries,
         cost and overall performance.
     4. Oversee, measure, and report vendor performance
     5. Continuously increase inventory turns while lowering lead times
     6. Implement Purchase Agreements & Programs with suppliers
     7. Run MRP as needed
     8. Run and distribute purchase plan to all Purchasing Agents
     9. Oversee and track job performance of all Purchasing Agents
     10. Prepare and perform job evaluations for all Purchasing Agents as required by First Aid Only.
     11. Review and Approve purchase orders.
     12. Process Specialty purchase orders.
     13. Review and react to a Committed Materials Report.
     14. Seek, record, and verify purchase order status by contacting suppliers.
     15. Review and react to an Open Order Detail Report.
     16. Negotiate with scheduling to approve production schedule.
     17. Communicate product arrival dates to customer service.
     18. Oversee a Maintenance-Repair-Operations ordering process.
     19. Reconcile receipt packets with supplier invoices.
     20. Investigate, and then resolve inventory discrepancies as needed.
     21. Participate in cycle counting and physical inventory as needed.
     22. Manage current supplier information in Outlook and Add-On Systems.
     23. Suggest, analyze, and delegate research for new cost savings opportunities.
     24. Analyze and authorize price change “impact statements” for all Purchasing Agents.
     25. Manage the Supplier Certification and Quality Control program.
     26. Oversee the sourcing of new materials.
     27. Oversee the processing of defective product returns.
     28. Lead or assist in a variety of additional projects as assigned.

  • Good working knowledge and experience with FDA Regulations (Federal Drug Administration)
    and GMP Requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the requirements for suppliers.
  • Experience with managing off-shore supplier relationships.
  • Verbal communication skills – Must focus & lead communications in pursuit of objectives. Must
    communicate accurately and professionally with a wide range of personalities.
  • Written communication skills – Must proactively write correspondence such as emails, business
    letters, and work instructions. Must present the objectives with a professional impact.
   •   Computer skills – Good math skills required. A strong technical aptitude with an intermediate
       level or above proficiency with Microsoft Excel required. Intermediate ability with other
       Microsoft Office applications also required. Familiarity with MRPII systems or Add-On system
       preffered. Must develop prompt understanding of company network, and e-mail systems.
   •   Organization skills - Must develop, maintain and prioritize many projects in an organized process.
       Must always be prepared to meet and schedule deadlines in a dynamic environment. Experience in
       a “lean manufacturing environment” is preferred. Will strive to understand common
       manufacturing documents, diagrams and theories. Proven ability to organize projects by written
       plan, track results and achieve the objective.
   •   Attitude - Must demonstrate a “can-do” attitude at all times. Must take initiative with minimal
       training. Expected to develop and maintain good working relationships with internal customers,
       co-workers and suppliers. Must remain productive, positive and professional in the face of
       potentially frustrating circumstances.
   •   Reliability – Must demonstrate an appropriate understanding of Time-Off policies. Must make all
       efforts to avoid personal appointments that conflict with job responsibilities.

  • May be required to monitor a company issued two-way radio while on duty.
  • Work station is inside in a climate controlled area with light background noise.
  • Work may be required in warehouse environment as short-term projects require.

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