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									                        PROCUREMENT TIMELINE

Bidding of SIGNAL ITEM: (PB PA BAC - 019-020-021-022-07)

 QTY     UNIT                    NOMENCLATURE                      ABC
  1       Lot    Spare parts for RF 2301/ 2360 Harris Radio         584,534.00
  6      Units   Telephone Extender Model CT8 for PA Wide Unit      754,966.00
  1       Lot    Repair of URC-187 20W, HF/SSB Radio                823,760.00
  1       Lot    Repair of URC-77 5W, HF/ SSB Radio                 847,100.00

                          Activity                                Dates

Receipt of the Bidding Request                                   - DONE-
Conduct Pre Procurement Conference                               - DONE-
Preparation, review, preliminary, approval of Bidding            - DONE-
Finalization of Bidding Documents                                20 Sep 07
Publication of Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid    20 Sep 07
in the Website of the AFP and PSDBM (Philgeps)
News Advertisement                                               20 Sep 07
Availability / Issuance of Bidding Documents to                  21 Sep 07
prospective bidders
Conduct of Pre-Bid Conference shall be held at least             28 Sep 07
twelve (12) calendar days before the deadline for the
submission and receipt of bids
Issuance of Bid Bulletin                                         07 Oct 07
Submission, Receipt and Opening of Bids, along with              10 Oct 07
Bid Security (Public Bidding)
Examination and Evaluation of Bids by BAC to                     11 Oct 07
determine the lowest calculated bid, not more than
fifteen (15) calendar days from deadline of receipt of
Post Qualification, Evaluation and Determination of the          18 Oct 07
Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid (LCRB)
Awarding to Winning Bidders                                      25 Oct 07
Notification of Bidding Results                                  05 Nov 07
Issuance of Notice of Awards (NOA)                               06 Nov 07
Issuance of Purchase of Orders                                   07 Nov 07
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