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Procurement Templates in Excel Format


Procurement Templates in Excel Format document sample

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There are different timetable templates contained within one Excel spreadsheet

There are timetables provided in Excel format:
    Non OJEU Tendering Timetables
    OJEU Tendering Timetables

Delete any timetable worksheets that are not applicable to the project.

Select the appropriate worksheet(s) for the project and enter the 1st date on the
timetable. The formulae within the template should cascade down the dates giving an
anticipated project timetable.

Care should be taken with the dates as the formulae do not take into consideration
weekends or bank holidays, so you will need to change the dates accordingly.

The timetable should only be considered as a rough indicator and will need to be
updated throughout the project as timescales slip.

Highlight events in the Timetable according to the Responsibilities Key to identify
who is responsible for each event. This will help all parties to ensure they make
resources available for key events as required.

Once agreed by the Client, the dates from the Timetable can be used to complete the
tender documents and adverts.

The formulae calculate a realistic timescale for the project. The formulae can be
over-ridden if necessary, but only with caution as the tighter the timescale the higher
the risk of receiving poor bids, no bids, or embarrassing delays in the project. If you
over-ride the formulae the calculations will no longer change the dates for you if you
update it.

To see the Non OJEU Tendering Timetables CLICK HERE
To see the OJEU Tendering Timetables CLICK HERE


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