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   Well over 50% of large and medium
    organizations are using technologies to scan
    resumes for only keywords

   Unlike a paper resume, an electronic resume
    isn’t made to catch a reader’s eye. Only a
    computer will see it.
   Focus on technical and professional areas of
    expertise, industry-related jargon, and work
   Include the names of organizations of which
    you are a member.
   Always be specific. Example, It may be fine to
    include "computer literate," you also want to list
    specific software that you are proficient in
   It’s not necessary to have a Keyword Summary at the
    beginning of a resume if care has been given to using
    keywords in whole resume. However, it’s
    recommended it in most cases for the following
     Keyword Summary provides an opportunity to include

        other variations of a keyword that may not fit in the
        rest of the resume.
     The more keywords you have, the greater the

        likelihood of ranking high.
     Keywords are somewhat subjectively chosen by the

        resume reviewer — and by the resume author — so it
        is safer to ensure all possible keywords are covered.
   Take a highlighter to a printed version of your resume.
    Highlight all of the keywords that you find. These are
    your keyword hits so far.
   Make a list of synonyms and all forms and tenses of
    your existing keywords, e.g., procurement, procured,
    purchasing, purchased, etc.
   From this list, and the existing keywords highlighted in
    your printed resume, create a "Keyword Summary" and
    place it after your name and address or after the
   Use common industry acronyms such as ISO or TCP/IP,
    but spell out less common abbreviations, or better yet,
    use both forms.
   Separate keywords with commas or periods in the
    Keyword Summary.
Scanning Can Dramatically Change Your Resume
Many OCR programs make mistakes when reading words or special
characters such as underlining, italics or bullets. Below, you can see how
scanning dramatically changed Fran's resume.

                    Before Scanning
After Scanning
Convert your Resume to Electronic
   STEP 1:
       Create and save your nicely formatted resume using
        MS Word.
   STEP 2:
       Take out underlines, lines, bolds, centering, italics,
        bullets, indents or special formatting.
       Use asterisks *'s or hyphens -"s to replace bullets and
        check all lines carefully for words that have been
        dropped onto a line by themselves.
       Highlight text & select Courier 12 and left align your
        text. (Use courier to make sure letters don’t touch)
       Double check each line to make sure that it has word
        wrapped with no extra spaces.
       Set the page margins at 6.5 inches.
Convert your Resume to Electronic

   STEP 3:
       Use "save as" command to save the file under a
        different name as "text only."
   STEP 4:
       Open the file using MS Notepad.
       Put a blank line between your headings and
        paragraphs to make your skill headings stand out.
       Check and correct any other errors.
   STEP 5:
       Save this file under a different file name with "save as"
        command. It automatically saves the file as a .txt.
Convert your Resume to Electronic
(For Scanning)
   STEP 6:
       Print the file. Proofread your resume and use the
        hard copy as your scannable resume.
       Print scannable resumes on white paper only and
        only send originals.
        Send your resume flat in a large envelope. Do not
        fold or staple it.
5540 B Street * Bridgeton, Missouri 63044
314.555.1697 *

Skilled and dedicated Executive Assistant with more than 12 years’ experience coordinating, planning, and
supporting daily operational and administrative functions.
** Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive support for executive-level staff; excel at scheduling
meetings, coordinating travel, and managing all essential tasks.
** Proven track record of accurately completing research, reporting, information management, and marketing
activities within demanding time frames.
** Adept at developing and maintaining administrative processes that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy
and efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives.
** Highly focused and results-oriented in supporting complex, deadline-driven operations; able to identify
goals and priorities and resolve issues in initial stages.
** Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint), Visio, QuickBooks; Windows and
Mac OS; type 90 wpm with complete accuracy.

Keyword Summary
Executive Assistant, Executive Support, Administrative Support, Office Administration, Office Manager, Office
Administrator, Research, Customer Service, Time Management, Appointment Setting, Scheduling, Customer
Support, Client Relations, Accounting, Budget, Finance, Financial, Documenting, Reporting, Invoicing, Data
Entry, Phone Support

The Exceptional Administrative Assistant Seminar ~ Top Skill Seminars
Indispensable Executive-level Support ~ Top Skill Seminars
SPTM SYSTEMS, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri
-- Executive Assistant, 12/2004 to Present
Provide high-level administrative support to Chief Financial Officer of leading manufacturer of solid-imaging
products and solutions with more than $75 million in annual revenue. Perform a variety of key
functions, addressing inquiries of current and potential shareholders, communicating with marketing
department regarding investor-relations initiatives, and maintaining investor database. Collaborate with CFO
to oversee distribution of financial releases to NASDAQ. Develop spreadsheets to improve and inform
and risk-assessment initiatives. Prepare meeting agendas and carefully monitor all action items.
** Reduced company travel expenses by $47,000 within first three months of tenure by identifying
travel agencies and negotiating vendor contracts.
** Successfully coordinated and hosted numerous client seminars, creating invitations and promotional
materials, booking venues, and selecting guest speakers.
SMITH, INC, St. Louis, Missouri
-- Administrative Assistant, 10/2000 to 11/2004
Served as Administrative Assistant for three partners and one principal of financial-services firm with more
than 75 locations nationwide. Directed all administrative and project-support efforts. Conducted in-depth
business-development research and compiled results for review by proposal team. Created presentations
scheduled all executive-level meetings and travel. Prepared biweekly time, expense, and travel reports.
Managed invoicing and billing processes.
** Proactively developed vital competitive analysis process to facilitate implementation of aggressive
marketing strategy.
** Effectively managed license renewal process for all financial service representatives.
   If an employer gives you a choice of sending in a
    copy of your text version (scannable) or emailing
    your resume, choose to email in your resume. If it is
    already an electronic file, the software can read it
   If you must send in a scannable resume, send a
    visual resume in as well, with a post-it labeling each.
   There are more sophisticated scanning devices
    now, which are less likely to make mistakes, but
    these are expensive. So, design your scannable
    resume to be scanned correctly by both older and
    newer scanning software.

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