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1. Vendor must complete and return this questionnaire (all tabs) in the order in which questions are listed.
Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

2. The completed questionnaire must be returned as a hardcopy in vendor’s proposal (original and copies)
and electronically on a CD-ROM (two (2) CD-ROMs to be included in original proposal only). Provide the
greatest amount of meaningful detail possible when responding to the questions/requirements. Indicate if
vendor can meet the specifications, or if the specifications can be met only under certain conditions or
circumstances. If vendor is not able to meet the specification, briefly explain why, noting any concerns or
issues the Hospital District should be aware of.

3. Vendor must indicate whether it meets the requirements outlined in the RFP by completing the
“Requirements” tab of Attachment k.

4. Vendors are encouraged to provide comments/explanations for each requirement. Comments/Explanations
are required for any "No" responses to the "Requirement Met Exactly? (Yes/No)" column.

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                                                                                       Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
1               System Components
                It is expected that the System be equipped with, and pricing for the
1               System includes, the following components:
1 a.            Afterloader (1 EA)
1 b.            Software Package (1 EA)
1 c.            Gynecology Applicator Set (Segmented Cylinder) (1 EA)
1 d.            Tandem and Ovoid Cervical Applicator Set (3 EA)
1 e.            Esophageal Applicator Set (1 EA)
1 f.            Lung Applicator Set (1 EA)
1 g.            Breast Applicator Set (1 EA)
1 h.            Service Manual (1 EA)
1 i.            Operator Manuals (2 EA)
1 j.            Table (Optional) (1 EA)
1 k.            Intercom and Video System (1 EA)
1 l.            Extended Warranty (1 EA)
1 m.            Lung Catheters (50 EA/YR)
1 n.            Breast Catheters (50 EA/YR)
2               Technical Specifications by System Component
2 a.            High Dose Rate (HDR) Afterloader
2 a. i.         High-Dose Rate, Iridium 192, remote afterloader on wheels
2 a. ii.        Includes control station
2 a. iii.       Include radiation detector and alarm
2 a. iv.        Include safety interlocks for room
2 a. v.         Source positioning accuracy and reproducibility (mm)
2 a. vi.        Max storage activity
2 a. vii.       Max physical size of the source
2 a. viii.      Maximal outer diameter
2 a. ix.        Maximal length
2 a. x.         Smallest outside diameter of applicators
2 a. xi.        Maximal source extension
2 a. xii.       Channel options

2 a.   xii.   1    Maximum number of channel options available with vendor’s system

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                                                                                                Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                         (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
                Each channel option available must be priced as separate options in
                Section III of vendor’s proposal such that pricing can be evaluated
2 a. xii. 2     by each additional channel.

2   a.   xiii.       H x W x D (cm) – Provide the footprint for the proposed System
2   a.   xiv.        System Weight (kg/lb)
2   a.   xv.         Power Requirements
2   b.               Applications – Applicators are required for:
2   b.   i.          Gynecology
2   b.   ii.         Endo-tracheal applicators (esophageal and lung)
2   b.   iii.        Interstitial breast
2   b.   iv.         It is preferred that CT/MRI compatibility is available.

                     Provide specifications, including catheter size, for each applicator in
2 b. v.              the “Comments/Explanations” column of Attachment k.
                     Software – Describe the features of the software for the proposed
                     System. At a minimum, imaging software must have the following
2 c.                 features:
                     Indicate if proposed software has any of the following
                     features/capabilities and if these features/capabilities are included in
2 c.     i.          the cost of the System:
                     TPS has 3D brachytherapy software and supports all of the
                     brachytherapy treatment modalities including Intracavitary,
2 c.     i.      1   Interstitial, Intraluminal as well as Surface mould techniques.
                     Software includes advanced DVH, inverse planning and difference
                     methods of optimization of the treatment plan for higher number of
2 c.     i.      2   channels.

                     Drawing tools for contouring are available: All the latest tools
                     including Continuous or polygon drawing, Contouring on axial,
                     sagittal, coronal planes and on any arbitrary plane, 3D and 2D Magic
                     Wand tool for automatic contouring, Rapid Volume contouring,
                     Magnifying glass, distance and angle measurement tools. Any other
2 c.     i.      3   tools available may be indicated.
                     Margining tools are available: 3D margining & differential
2 c.     i.      4   margining tools should be available.

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                                                                                              Met Exactly?
Requirement No.          Requirement Description                                              (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
2 c. i.    5             Has all types of reconstruction techniques like:
2 c. i.    5 (a)         Orthogonal
2 c. i.    5 (b)         Semi-orthogonal
2 c. i.    5 (c)         Variable angle
2 c. i.    5 (d)         Isocentric

                         CT/MR image based reconstruction including 3D tomographic
2 c.     i.    6         catheter reconstruction including slice-by-slice reconstruction.

                         Reconstruction from images from existing Simulator (fluoroscopic
2 c.     i.    7         images), CT, MRI units transferred via CDs / flash drives.
                         Has the latest DICOM 3 for image transfer from CT-Simulator. The
                         image transfer from CT-SIM should be demonstrated and permanent
                         license should be available for all type of import/export of DICOM
2 c.     i.    8         images and for all type of planning.
                         Spyglass tool should be available for contouring and catheter
2 c.     i.    9         reconstruction on fused images.

2 c.     ii.             Must have ability to import any CT and PET scan data via DICOM.
2 c.     ii.   1         Include DICOM Conformance Statement.
                         DICOM connectivity – Indicate if DICOM implementation includes
2   c.   ii.   2         DICOM RT Import & Export for:
2   c.   ii.   2   (a)   DICOM RT images
2   c.   ii.   2   (b)   DICOM RT structure sets
2   c.   ii.   2   (c)   DICOM RT Plans
2   c.   ii.   2   (d)   DICOM RT Doses
2   c.   ii.   2   (e)   DICOM Query and Retrieve
                         DICOM Gateway to other DICOM Compliant treatment planning
2 c.     ii.   2 (f)     systems.

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                                                                                          Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                   (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations

                  Networking and Communication - DICOM/HL7/IHE
                  Requirements - The System must be DICOM (Digital Imaging in
                  Communications and Medicine) compliant, provide Level 2
                  conformance, and be able to function with other DICOM compliant
                  modalities and systems within the Hospital District. The intent is to
                  provide maximum automation for the institution utilizing DICOM
                  standards. This includes specifically the Hospital District FUJI
                  Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS).
                  Functionality at a minimum includes DICOM Storage Service Class
                  User (SCD) and DICOM Verification Service Class User and
                  Provider (SCD and SCP) capability. These classes should be those
                  appropriate for the modality, and if requirements specify connection
                  to an older system, should include any potential 'retired' SOP
2 c.   ii.    3   (Service Object Pairs) the older modality may require. 2.
                  Ability for the brachy plan to be imported/exported to external beam
                  treatment planning system (Pinnacle, Impac, and Eclipse are all
  c.   iii.       under consideration)
                  Specify HL7 connection, if any. The Hospital District uses the Epic
  c.   iv.        EMR.

                  The Hospital District does not currently have a radiation oncology
                  information system. The System must be able to interface with any
                  future radiation oncology information system. Provide a list of
                  manufacturer and product names for radiation oncology information
                  systems for which the proposed System has been successfully
                  interfaced. Describe any obstacles vendor may anticipate if the
                  Hospital District purchases a radiation oncology information system
2 c.   v.         that has not been previously interfaced with the proposed System.
                  HOST COMPUTER SYSTEM – Specify computer hardware
                  required for use by client. The host computer system must have
                  adequate memory capacity and archival storage capacity for the
                  volume of work anticipated. Provide sufficient details so that the
                  Hospital District may source the computer hardware independently
                  from this RFP. (This is preferred for the purchase of computer
2 c.   vi.        hardware). Details should include:

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                                                                                             Met Exactly?
Requirement No.   Requirement Description                                                    (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
  c. vi.   1      CPU
2 c. vi.   2      Operating System
2 c. vi.   3      Memory, MB
2 c. vi.   4      Archival storage
2 c. vi.   5      Monitor size, type
2 c. vi.   6      Pixel resolution
2 c. vi.   7      User interaction
2 c. vi.   8      Hard-copy devices
                  Specify the storage capacity of the planning software system, and the
2 c.    vii.      cleanup procedures required.

                  must provide critical and install FDA approved (security or
                  operational) patches on a timely basis. If the system is affected by an
                  attack on an unpatched (one that has a patch available for it but has
                  not been installed) security hole, it is the awardee’s responsibility to
                  bring the system back to a functional state within the emergency
2 c.    viii.     response time specified under service.

                  NETWORK REQUIREMENTS –The proposed system should
                  support 10/100 mbps (10/100/1000 BaseT) network speeds.
                  Minimum of 100mbps network speed is required. The network shall
                  be segmented from the rest of the hospital network, and utilize
                  category 5e/6 cables for all installations. Network jacks must be 8
                  pin modular (RJ45). The proposed system should be connected to the
                  network via patch cord connection to the facility infrastructure. The
                  Hospital District will provide IP address, default router IP address,
2 c.    ix.       and subnet mask for each system installed.

                  Provide any additional IT related requirements for the proposed
2   c. x.         System, if such requirements are not referenced in the RFP.
2   d.            Table – Include an optional table. Desired features include:
2   d. i.         Gynecology stirrups
2   d. ii.        Fold-down section for non-gynecology applications
                  Patient transport mechanism for putting patients on CT gurney
2 d. iii.         without disturbing applicators
2 e.              Intercom and Video System

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                                                                                            Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                     (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
2 e. i.         Include a two-way intercom system
                Include a video room monitoring system consisting of video cameras
                (2 EA) and video monitors (2 EA). At least 1 camera must have
2 e. ii.        pan/tilt/zoom, but 2 are preferred.

                  Sterilization Method – Describe the method and requirements for
3                 sterilizing and cleaning the proposed System and instrumentations.
4                 Equipment Storage
                  Awardee must be able to store/warehouse the System until the
4 a.              Hospital District is ready for delivery.
                  Delivery will be dependent on building construction, which is
4 b.              tentatively expected to be completed June 2012.
                  Non-obsolescence – The Hospital District clinic anticipates that
                  operations will begin August, 2012; therefore, delivery is anticipated
                  until Summer 2012. Indicate whether vendor can issue a letter
4 c.              stating:
                  Customer may, without penalty, amend its Purchase Order so as to
                  obtain the latest model comparable to the Equipment herein,
4 c.              provided however that the following occurs:
                  a) Such later model has been announced as commercially available
                  and deliverable within the same time frame as agreed to in this
4 c.              contract; and

                  b) The request by Customer to amend the Agreement is received one
4 c.              hundred and twenty (120) days prior to scheduled delivery; and

                  c) Adjustments acceptable to both parties are made with respect to
                  other applicable Terms and Conditions of this Agreement excluding
4 c.              provisions relating to purchase price; and

                  d) Pricing adjustments are acceptable to both parties. The XX%
                  discount from list price that is granted in the initial Purchase Order,
4 c.              shall be maintained for any changes requested by Customer.

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                                                                                         Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                  (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations

                e) Within 90 days of purchase order issuance, vendor will review and
                sign off on Customer's site drawings. Any changes to construction
                requirements after the signature, that are caused by vendor changing
                specifications, and not caused by customer's request or change, will
                be funded by vendor, by discounting the invoice for the equipment,
                in the amount equal to the construction change costs. Vendor will
                notify Customer of any changes as soon as possible, and Customer
                agrees to make changes as soon as possible, in order to minimize the
4 c.            cost incurred.
                f) The software provided with the system will be the latest version of
                standard software as of the 90th day prior to the date Customer’s
                system is delivered. During the term of the warranty, vendor will
                provide any updates to standard software that do not require
                additional hardware or equipment modifications as a part of normal
4 c.            servicing.
5               Installation/Setup

                All goods and/or services shall be provided FOB inside delivery,
                installed and be all-inclusive. All-inclusive shall be construed as
                costs incorporating all charges for delivery, set up/installation,
                removal/disposal of all packaging material, any in-service that may
                be required, testing, training and any other cost incurred to produce
                the desired results. No separate line item charges for these will be
                accepted. Inside delivery includes equipment placement in proper
                rooms. All installation dates will be considered flexible. The
                tentative delivery date will be scheduled for the month of June 2012
5 a.            or until further notice.

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                                                                                        Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                 (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations

                Awardee installation must be accomplished with minimal disruption
                to the operation of the Hospital District and must be accomplished to
                the sole satisfaction of the Hospital District. Awardee must furnish
                all labor and materials necessary to install the equipment needed for
                complete operation. Awardee must adhere to all Hospital District
                regulations regarding the use of tools for installing equipment.
                Awardee must remove and dispose of any and all tools, packaging
5 b.            and other waste materials before installation is considered complete.
                Equipment must be installed according to the manufacturer's
                recommendations and must meet all state and local building codes,
5 c.            governing the installation of the System.
                Installation, field assembly, interconnection, equipment calibration
                check-out and Health Education and Welfare (HEW) certifications
5 d.            shall be by factory trained personnel.

                Two (2) sets of Owner's and Operator's manuals (in English) and one
5 e.            (1) set of installation manuals/plans (in English) shall be provided.

                All service documentation will be provided to include service
                manuals, troubleshooting guides, schematics, and system block
                diagrams on all equipment upon installation. This includes
5 f.            equipment provided by but not manufactured by the awardee.

                Awardee is responsible for the transportation of the System to
                Hospital District premises and its installation. This includes all
                equipment, tools, measuring tools and personnel required for the
                unloading and installation of the System. The System will be used in
                the room at the fourth floor operating room, and the room will be
                prepared for appropriate use of System by the Hospital District based
5 g.            on the requirements provided by the awardee.
                The installation work is completed when the System is ready for
5 h.            acceptance testing.
                Completion of installation will be certified by the head of the
                awardee’s installation team and a representative appointed by the
5 i.            Hospital District.

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                                                                                          Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                   (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
                Awardee must make good any damage to the beneficiary’s building
5 j.            or equipment sustained as a result of the installation.

                 All costs relating to the installation work including, but not limited
5 k.             to, labor, lodging and travel must be paid for by the awardee.
6                Acceptance/Performance Tests
                 The System, prior to shipment, shall be tested for conformance of the
                 System with manufacturer’s performance specifications and the
6 a.             requirements specified herein.
                 After installation is accepted as complete, awardee and Hospital
                 District personnel will test the equipment supplied to ensure it meets
                 and comply with manufacturer’s performance specifications and the
6 b.             requirements specified herein.
                 The results of the testing of the System shall be documented by the
                 Contractor in an acceptance protocol that shall be signed by the End-
                 User. Full compliance is a precondition for payment. The
                 acceptance/performance tests will be certified complete by the head
                 of the awardee’s testing team and a representative appointed by the
6 c.             Hospital District.
                 Awardee must include in the proposal details of the proposed
                 acceptance/performance tests. This will include details of the testing
6 d.             team and the time required for testing.
7                User Training
                 Appropriate onsite training of individuals in the operation of the
7 a.             System is required.

                 Describe scope of training, including initial training, follow-up
                 training, maximum number of people per session, length of each
7 b.             session in hours/days, number of sessions included in pricing, etc.
                 Indicate whether biomedical training is available. Provide any
                 pricing for biomedical training as a separate line item in Section III
7 c.             of vendor’s proposal.
8                Warranty and Maintenance
                 Warranty Description – Describe the warranty available for the
8 a.             System addressing the following:
8 a.   i.        Duration of coverage and specifics

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                                                                                              Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                       (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
                Standard working hours during which warranty labor is provided
8 a. ii.        without charge
8 a. iii.       Cost (if any) of labor outside of normal working hours
8 a. iv.        Components (if any) not covered
8 a. v.         Software updates, upgrades, patches, revisions, etc.
                Frequency and scope of routine and preventative maintenance
8 a. vi.        included under warranty.
8 a. vii.       Specify how often sources will be changed under warranty
8 a. viii.      Specify how often sources must be changed (# of treatments)
                Indicate whether service by the manufacturer is available. Provide
                the address of the nearest service location, and the number and
                qualifications of the maintenance engineers at that location, should
8 a. ix.        be indicated.
                Remote service connection requirements: Cisco VPN connection
8 a. x.         preferred.
8 b.            Warranty Effective Date

                   The selected full warranty period will begin immediately after
                   acceptance of the equipment by the Hospital District following
8 b.               successful acceptance/performance testing of the System.
8 c.               Maintenance Uptime Guarantee During Warranty

                   Uptime guarantee of 99% is preferred. Uptime is defined as the time
                   the System is up and 100% functional. The percentage of uptime
                   will be based on 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Uptime will be
                   calculated on a monthly basis. Scheduled preventative maintenance
                   and upgrades are not counted as downtime. Awardee will not be
                   held responsible for time the unit is unavailable for service. It is the
8 c.   i.          awardee’s responsibility to document this time.
                   During the warranty period, if the System has an uptime below 50%
                   in any month, or 75% average over 2 months, the awardee will
                   replace the system with a comparable system at no cost to the
                   Hospital District. The Hospital District has the option of declining
8 c.   ii.         this exchange.
                   If the System has an uptime between 85% and less than 100%, the
                   warranty period will be extended by 2 days for each 1% of downtime
8 c.   iii.        below 100%.

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                                                                                         Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                  (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations

                If the System has an uptime between 75%-85%, the warranty period
8 c.   iv.      will be extended by 4 days for each 1% of downtime below 100%.

                If the system has an uptime between 50%-75%, the warranty period
8 c.   v.       will be extended 8 days for each 1% of downtime below 100%.
                If the System is down more than 24 hours during warranty period,
8 c. vi.        one full month extended warranty must be provided.
8 d.            Warranty Period

                One (1) year warranty for entire System must be included. Indicate
                the length of any extended warranty periods available longer than
                one (1) year. If there is a cost associated with any warranty period,
                itemize pricing for the warranty options in Section III of vendor’s
                proposal. Warranty service shall be provided, at a minimum, during
                normal working hours, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through
                Friday. Entire system means the system in its entirety. All labor, all
                parts and components, monitors, etc. are to be included. This
                requirement pertains to all components included in this proposal.
                During the warranty period, vendor shall provide the Hospital
                District with all software upgrades that do not require hardware
                changes at no charge. This requirement pertains to the System and all
8 d.            components included in this proposal.
8 e.            Preventative Maintenance Inspection

                At least one (1) Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) is to be
                included at no charge to the Hospital District. PMI is to include all
                equipment. PMI is to be scheduled with the Hospital District during
                the normal working hours of the vendor to prevent additional after
                hour charges. Any PMI must be provided during the warranty period.
                The first PMI shall be conducted within the last three (3) months
                when the annual PMI is due. If there are quarterly and/or semi-
                annual PMI required, those PMI will be completed within the
8 e.   i.       schedule for those particular PMI.

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                                                                                          Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                   (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
                If the System is needed in order to conduct the PMI, awardee must
                be mindful about availability of the System. Awardee must be
8 e. ii.        flexible and must work around scheduled cases.

                  List requirements of preventative maintenance. Describe the steps
                  involved and the potential parts for replacement. Include a list in
                  Section III of vendor’s proposal of potential parts for replacement
8 e.     iii.     with an estimated cost on an annual basis for up to five (5) years.
                  If the vendor intends to contract a local company for service and
8 f.              maintenance during the warranty:
                  Details of the local company need to be included in the vendor’s
8 f.     i.       proposal
                  The local company needs to be authorized and licensed by the
                  manufacturer and confirmation of this included in the vendor’s
8 f.     ii.      proposal
                  The vendor must provide confirmation in the proposal that all
                  maintenance and service personnel have passed the manufacturer’s
                  most recent training program for maintenance and repair of the
8 f. iii.         System to be supplied.
8 g.              Accessories

                  Indicate the accessories included in the initial System purchase, the
                  quantity included per item and the price for each item if additional
8   g.            quantities are to be purchased. Examples of accessories include:
8   g.   i.       Source position check ruler (1 set)
8   g.   ii.      Source position simulator (to find indexer length) (2 sets)
8   g.   iii.     Autoradiographic check device (1 set)
8   g.   iv.      Radiographic markers (2 sets)
                  Transfer tubes for gynecology, needles and flexibles – (each 2
8 g. v.           complete sets)
8 g. vi.          Applicator clamp and base-plate (1 of each)
                  High-end electrometer with well-type chamber calibrated in either
                  primary or secondary standard laboratories for Iridium-192.
                  Calibration certificate should be enclosed with the equipment. (1
8 g. vii.         each)
                  Reconstruction jig for orthogonal and semi-orthogonal x-ray
8 g. viii.        reconstructions (1 each)

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                                                                                          Met Exactly?
Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                   (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
8 g. ix.        Gamma-Zone Monitors/Radiation Monitor (1 of each)
                Survey meter/contamination monitor (Calibration certificate should
8 g. x.         be enclosed) (1 each)
8 g. xi.        Pocket dosimeter (2 each)
                PermaDoc GC HDR Phantom for source positioning and stepping
8 g. xii.       accuracy evaluation (1 each)
8 g. xiii.      Gafchromic RTQA film pack (5 each)
8 g. xiv.       Rectal markers (3 each)
8 g. xv.        SPARE PARTS KIT –
                A spare parts kit must be included with the System purchase for
8 g. xv. 1      smooth running of the unit.
8 g. xv. 2      Indicate which spare parts are included.
                Vendor must guarantee that replacement parts are available for at
8 g. xv. 3      least 10 years after installation of the System.
                Vendor must ensure that service support and further upgrades are
8 h.            available for the proposed System after it is provided.
9               System Support
                Vendor must ensure that service support and further upgrades are
9 a.            available for the proposed System after it is provided.
                Provide and describe vendor's service contract for multiple years up
                to a minimum of five (5) years. Describe any added cost and details
                for coverage outside of normal working hours and any cost for
                coverage of auxiliary devices. Pricing for the service contract must
                be provided in Section III of vendor's proposal. Note that for all
                multiple year service contracts, payments for such contracts will be
                made on an annual basis and cannot be paid for all years in one
9 b.            payment.

 9 c.             Awardee shall take back the used sources after their normal use.
                  Estimate the useful life of the unit. Indicate how long the existing
                  model has been in production, and how long its estimated to stay in
 9 d.             production
                  Consumables – Provide a list of consumables with pricing in Section
                  III of vendor’s proposal. Include estimated quantities of usage for a
                  one (1) year period based on the performance of 20 procedures a
                  month. Identify which consumables are proprietary to the proposed
10                System.

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                                                                                         Met Exactly?
 Requirement No. Requirement Description                                                 (Yes/No)     Comments/ Explanations
Optional/Value-Added Leasing Option
                 Vendor will be responsible for maintaining the System, so long as
                 vendor retains title to the System, to include:
2 a.             Performing any preventative maintenance
                 Repairing the System, providing replacement parts, performing
2 b.
                 repair services
                 Providing a substitute unit in the event the System is offline for
2 c.             longer than 24 hours or a replacement unit in the event the System is
                 not repairable at no additional cost

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