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									                     Prescribed Technology Lessons Plans
                       Phoenixville Area School District
                              High School 9 - 12

Title: Create-A-Product

Contributor(s):     Dan McLaughlin & Steve Winnick

Grade(s):   11-12                  Subject(s): Economics

Instructional Setting: Whole Class, Group

Time Required:      Classroom: 3 days             Computer Lab: 1 day         Project: 8 days

Teacher Computer Competency Levels: Introductory

      Content-      6.2.12 A, E, F, H, K- Analyze flow of products, resources, and money
                                         Predict how supply / demand effect price and amount sold
                                         Analyze forces that change price
                                         Evaluate the economic roles of government
                                         Analyze impact on media

                    6.3.12 A, B, C, E, F- Analyze actions taken because of scarcity issues
                                         Evaluate economic reasoning behind choice
                                         Evaluate the allocation of resources in production
                                         Analyze the opportunity costs of decisions
                                         Evaluate how incentives influence decisions
                    6.4.12 B, E, F, G- Analyze relationship between trade, competition, & productivity
                                         Analyze how U.S. consumers & producers participate in global
                                                production & consumption
                                         Evaluate how trade is influenced by comparative advantage &
                                                opportunity costs
                                         Evaluate characteristics and distribution of international
                                                economic activities
                    6.5.12 A, B, C, D, F-Analyze the factors influencing wages
                                         Evaluate how changes in technology, capital alter productivity
                                         Analyze costs and benefits of organizing business
                                         Analyze the role of profits and losses in allocating resources
                                         Assess the impact of entrepreneurs on the economy

      Technology- 3.7.11-12C- Use grade appropriate software
                  3.7.11-12D- Design and apply multimedia techniques
                              Evaluate computer as presentation tool
                              Evaluate output of software
                              *Demonstrate knowledge of legal and ethical
                                    behaviors when using information and technology

Integration Objectives:

                        Prescribed Technology Lessons Plans
                          Phoenixville Area School District
                                 High School 9 - 12
              Students will create a brochure to present their product through Microsoft Word Template
               for Brochures

Materials: Create-A-Product Handout, Notes, Articles, Internet, and Microsoft Word Template

Preparation for teacher:
              Develop, design, and create a model brochure using the appropriate technology
              Explore the various options included in the program

              Basic economic principles         (wants v. needs)
              Types of resources
                    Focus: entrepreneurship / factors of production
              Incorporate appropriate articles and videos to enhance the learning experience
              Assign groups and display/discuss former projects as a guide to expectation
              Allow students time to brainstorm and develop product
                    Conceptualize a strategy in order to market the product

Student tasks:         Students will apply the entrepreneurial spirit in developing a marketing scheme for a
                        “product” by incorporating technology in producing a brochure

Assessment Plan:
              Brochure and presentation of Create-A-Product

     Business Manager- create a spreadsheet to calculate costs of factors of production
     PowerPoint- create a PowerPoint to present the “product”

              Create an example to explore the various obstacles students might encounter
              Develop a file with “good” and “bad” examples to display to future classes


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