; Memorandum - Vehicle Sticker Policy
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Memorandum - Vehicle Sticker Policy


Memorandum on the implementation of a Vehicle Sticker Policy to regulate vehicle access into the subdivision.

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									<Date> MEMORANDUM TO : <Name> Village Administrator <Name of Project> <Address> IMPLEMENTATION OF VEHICLE STICKER POLICY



Starting <Date>, we shall be implementing a Vehicle Sticker (VS) Policy to regulate vehicle access into the subdivision. To ensure that the intent of the VS is carried out and to prevent its improper use, such issuance shall be subject to guidelines, the specifics are clearly enumerated in the VS Application Forms which your office will be in charge of distributing and processing. Please make sure that all homeowners are properly guided when submitting their application forms and requirements to avoid any inconvenience and misunderstanding. You are also hereby directed to conduct a briefing with our Security Personnel regarding this matter that they may be properly apprised.

<Name> <Position>

VEHICLE STICKERS (VS) Validity: August 1 (year of Issue)-July 31 (following year) Lotowners’ vehicles Lessees’ vehicles (properly endorsed by Lotowner/s) RDC owned vehicles as well as those owned by affiliates P100/VS

VEHICLE PASS (VP) Validity: Limited

Contractors’ vehicles MSLA (Clubhouse) Members’ Vehicles

GATE 1 CLAIM TAG Must be surrendered to the SG on duty at Gate 1 upon exit School Bus/Carpool Suppliers’ vehicles Guests’ vehicles All others


If lost, P50/tag

Note: Only vehicles with either a valid VS/VP or Gate 1 Claim Tag may go through Gate 3. Motorists who are unable to present either must proceed to Gate 1 and leave their Driver’s License in exchange for a Gate 1 Claim Tag.

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