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									                           THE EDWARD J. STEMMLER, MD
                           MEDICAL EDUCATION RESEARCH FUND

                          2009-2010 INVITED PROPOSAL PREPARATION CHECKLIST

                          DUE DATE FOR INVITED PROPOSALS: JANUARY 15, 2010

The following REQUIRED materials should be included in your proposal, IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER:
A. The Letter of Intent Application that was submitted and selected by the committee. This application
    should include: (1) the Application cover sheet (CoverSheet.pdf); and (2) the Letter of Intent (one
    PDF or Microsoft Word document.)
B. A Description of Changes (if any) to the Proposed Research following submission of the Letter of
   Intent Application.
C. A Table of Contents which labels each section of the proposal (including those in the Appendices) and
   the page on which they can be found.
D. A Proposal Narrative should include the information listed below. This section of the application must
   be no more than 15 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point type with one-inch margins. All pertinent figures,
   charts, and tables should be included within this section.1,2
   1. Background information or Rationale for the proposed research, highlighting how the proposed
       project is innovative and fulfills the Stemmler Fund’s goal. Any relevant published work should be
       cited and a list of those references should be included in the Appendices.
   2. The Hypothesis or Research Question(s) and specific outcome objectives for the project.
   3. A Description of the Research Design and Methodology to be employed in the project, including:
        A clear description of how any data is to be collected and how it is to be organized to facilitate
        The details of proposed analytic methods and statistical tools to be used
E. Excel Project Budget Form (Budget.xls): Please email the Stemmler Fund
   ( if you do not already have the budget form (an Excel file). Once the budget
   is finalized, you should include this spreadsheet in your proposal (a Word document) using the "copy"
   and "paste special" function in Word. This form should include summary information on expenditures for
   which NBME funds are requested. Do NOT add additional columns showing other grant monies,
   durations, etc. Please cross-check for rounding errors when pasting the budget into Word.
F. A Budget Narrative including a breakdown of the details of each expenditure category for which NBME
   funds are requested. This should provide a justification for the request describing how the expenditures
   are related and necessary to the performance of the proposed project.
G. Briefly present the Project Timeline, highlighting critical milestones and key project resources needed
   to reach the stated objectives.

1. Figures, charts, and tables that exceed one page in length may be included as Appendices at the end of the document.
   Please be sure to cross-reference their location in the Table of Contents and within the document.
2. If your proposal requires audio/visual supporting material that cannot be included in a narrative, please post the
   information in a web-site and direct reviewers to the URL within the proposal narrative. The Stemmler Fund, however,
   will not be responsible for maintaining the site in any way, and it is within reviewers’ discretion to view the site.
   Supplemental CDs or other materials sent to the Stemmler Fund will not be accepted.
H. The Primary Qualifications of the Principal Investigator and other key members of the research
   project team (including consultants) should be briefly described, noting their roles in the project and
   highlighting evidence of their experience in medical education and in using the tools and methods to be
   employed in the research, as required to meet project objectives. For a position “To be announced”
   (TBA), the required qualifications should be noted.
I.   Current Biographical Data Forms for key project team members (in addition to the “Primary
     Qualification of the Principal Investigator”). The Biographical Data Form is included on page 3 of this
J. APPENDICES should be included in the following order, although some may not be applicable to your
   1. Literature cited, including complete titles and all authors.
   2. If your proposal is a resubmission of a new proposal or competing renewal (previously an
       Invitational Grant), a brief response to the previous reviewers’ comments (no more than one
       page). Please explain any specific modifications to your proposal that you have employed based on
       previous recommendations.
   3. Any figures, charts, or tables not included in the narrative.
   4. For proposals which include the participation or collaboration of organizations or individuals outside
       of the applicant institution, any Letters of Agreement documenting each institution’s and any
       consultant’s willingness to cooperate, should be included. The letters must include a description of
       their roles in the project.
   5. If the proposed project includes human subjects, either at the applicant organization or a
       collaborating site, indicate this on the application Cover Sheet by checking “yes” (in the second
       section of the application which is entitled “Proposed Project”), and attach a copy of official to-date
       documentation of its Institutional Review Board (IRB) certification status (i.e., “pending,”
       “approved,” etc.) at the time of proposal submission. For projects designed to be “exempt,” the
       NBME requires that the applicant’s IRB provide written documentation that it meets related
       requirements. NOTE: Applicants must forward a copy of the final IRB assurance to NBME when
       received, since IRB certification is required before a grant can be made final3.
   6. Documentation of the applicant’s non profit status (e.g., certification as an IRS 501(c)(3), or other
       certification of immunity from taxation)4.

3 For the 2009-2010 funding cycle, the Stemmler Fund will not require an institution to submit all required IRB
  documentation by January 15, 2010. However, if selected for funding, the institution must be able to produce this
  completed documentation by April 15, 2010 to avoid ineligibility for award. (Please remember to allow sufficient time for
  IRB review/processing to be completed prior to April 15, 2010.)
4 For the 2009-2010 funding cycle, the Stemmler Fund will not require an institution to submit evidence of its tax-exempt
  status by January 15, 2010. However, if selected for funding, the institution must be able to produce this documentation
  no later than April 15, 2010 to avoid ineligibility for award.

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The form below should be copied and pasted into your proposal as needed for each key member of the
project team, as well as any consultants included on the Project Budget Form.

                                  BIOGRAPHICAL DATA FORM
Please provide the following information for all key project personnel and for any consultants included
on the Project Budget Form. Complete a copy of the form as needed for each additional person.

1. Name/Position in Project:

2. Education/Training:
   (Begin with baccalaureate and include any postdoctoral training.)

   Institution and Location           Degree                  Year(s)                         Field of Study

3. Research and Professional Experience:
   List this information below in chronological order, concluding with present position. Include only
   related previous employment, experience, and honors.

4. Publications:
   List complete references to all publications during the past three years and to representative earlier
   publications pertinent to this application, including titles and all authors, also in chronological order.
   If the list of publications in the last three years exceeds two pages, select the most pertinent
   publications. DO NOT EXCEED TWO PAGES.

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                                ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS

    A. Completeness: Application materials must be assembled in the order specified above and, if
       possible, emailed as one PDF file. If necessary, a Word document of the proposal and separate
       document(s) of the Letter of Intent will be accepted.

    B. File Size: Due to emailing restrictions/capacities and reviewers’ ability to download files, your
       electronic file must not exceed 5 MB (regardless of format).

    C. Scanned documents/images: Documentation requiring signature (e.g., Letters of Agreement or
       Support) and any other documentation submitted as part of the initial application process (e.g.,
       IRB approval and/or 501 [c] 3 documentation) must also be included electronically; we
       recommend scanning these documents 5. Adobe Acrobat software may be purchased
       (; additionally, equipment and expertise for
       scanning is available at copy centers such as Kinkos ® stores.

    D. Sending your file: Proposals must be emailed to STEMMLERFUND@NBME.ORG as one
       electronic file, either in PDF or Microsoft Word document format, by January 15, 2010. Please
       use your designated proposal number (0910-xx) as the title of both your email message and the
       attached file.

If you have questions about the submission process you may contact Stemmler Fund staff:
           Phone:     215-590-9657
           Fax:       215-590-9488

5 Scanning materials may increase the size of your file, and the Stemmler Fund will not accept files larger than 5MB. In
  order to keep the file size low, we recommend scanning in black/white at a lower quality (with the following
  approximation): if scanning an item as an image, use a 72 dpi.

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