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Preliminary Builders Contract


Preliminary Builders Contract document sample

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									Staten Island Transportation Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

           Lead Agency Project                       Cost Estimate Timeframe                             Description/Update

Short Term Action Items
S/T #1   NYCDOT         High Priority Intersection   Agency       10 Intersections to be analyzed in     Improvements at Forest Ave @ South Ave have
                        Focus                        Expense      next 12 months.                        been completed. Short term improvements already
                                                                                                         implemented at Richmond Avenue and Draper
                                                                                                         Place. Preliminary design at several other locations
                                                                                                         which include short-term (signals, signage, striping)
                                                                                                         and medium term improvements (median removal,
                                                                                                         roadway widening). Next Intersection to be
                                                                                                         implemented is Victory Boulevard and Jewett
S/T #2 -   NYCDOT       Increasing Intersection      Agency       Daylighting Initiative - Daylight 12   36 locations daylighted in first 3 months.
Part A                  Capacity - Daylighting       Expense      Intersection per month starting in
                        Initiative                                April 2006.
S/T #2 -   NYCDOT       Increasing Intersection      Agency       Right Turn on Red Study -              Will evaluate all legs of the current 501 signalized
Part B                  Capacity - Right Turn on     Expense      consultant on board June 2006 to       intersections. (131 legs currently allow right turns on
                        Red Initiative                            review opportunities to increase       red)
                                                                  Right Turns on Red locations
                                                                  through out Staten Island
S/T #3     NYCDOT       Hylan Boulevard Left Turn    $471,000     Study to be released July 2006.        Study looked at 110 Intersections, 50 currently
                        Improvement Study                         Initial Improvements to be made in     prohibit left turns, 27 currently allow left turns;
                                                                  2006.                                  recommendations include construction of new left
                                                                                                         turn lanes with left turn signals at 10 intersections
                                                                                                         and prohibition of left turns at 24 intersections
S/T #4     NYCDOT       Safety Initiatives           Agency       All projects to be completed by Fall Projects completed at all intersection locations and
                                                     Expense      2006                                 initial implementation at 3 of Safe Route to School
                                                                                                       locations. Remaining 5 Safe Routes to School
                                                                                                       Reports to be released in 2006 and short-term
                                                                                                       improvements implemented

S/T #5     DCP,         Inter-Agency Coordination: Agency         Began join review in April 2006.       Coordination of waiver requests with DOT, DOB and
           NYCDOT,      Builders' Pavement Plans   Expense        Draft review protocols by Summer       DCP.
           DOB                                                    2006.

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Staten Island Transportation Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

          Lead Agency Project                    Cost Estimate Timeframe                              Description/Update

S/T #6    DCP          Provide Cross-Easements   Agency       Town Center Study to be completed Cross easements are already required for projects
                       between Commercial        Expense      in Summer/Fall 2006               under joint ownership. DCP's Town Center Study is
                       Parking Lots                                                             analyzing potential text amendment. Growth
                                                                                                Management Task Force to review alternatives.

S/T #7    DDC,         Capital Projects:         $7.38 MM     Seguine Avenue and Amboy Road           Seguine Avenue and Amboy Road Project on
          NYCDOT       Intersection Improvements              under construction, project             schedule and under construction. Victory
                                                              scheduled for completion in Fall        Boulevard and Travis Avenue Project facing delays
                                                              2006. Preliminary EAS for Victory       due to project redesign and acquisition process
                                                              Blvd and Travis Ave. under review.      issues
                                                              Public hearing for property
                                                              acquisition in fall 2006. Projected
                                                              construction start is 4/2007 with
                                                              completion by 12/2007

S/T #8    NYCDOT,      Inter-Agency Coordination: Agency      DDC leading several work groups,        DDC coordinating CDOT, DEP and Law Dept to
          DDC, DEP,    Capital Project Process    Expense     initial recommendations expected        develop new process for streamlining projects
          Law                                                 Fall 2006.
S/T #9    DCP          Charleston Area           Agency       Proposed local road network             Coordinated efforts of DCP, CDOT, and SDOT to
                       Improvements              Expense      improvements to be identified by        propose a local road network and connections to
                                                              12/2006. SDOT hiring consultant to      West Shore Expressway. Review of current and
                                                              review West Shore Expressway            proposed development and future traffic needs.
                                                              capacity/operational issues. Review
                                                              of local road connections to be
                                                              included in study.

S/T #10   NYPD         Enhanced NYPD Role        TBD          Hylan Boulevard Enforcement             NYPD is working on a plan to begin in September to
                                                              Initiative has resulted in over 1,100   alleviate traffic at school sites Special attention will
                                                              moving violations through 6/09/06       be paid at drop off and pick up times. Ongoing
                                                              Additional radar training has been      review between NYPD, DOT and Parking
                                                              requested, and is being                 Enforcement on a regular basis to help identify
                                                              implemented by the Highway              problematic locations
S/T #11   EDC, PANYNJ Rail Reactivation for      $72 MM       Terminal to open Fall 2006.             12-Miles of rail and Arthur Kill Lift Bridge
                      Freight Use                                                                     refurbished. Project expected to remove 100,000
                                                                                                      trucks/year from bridges and road network.

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Staten Island Transportation Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

          Lead Agency Project                    Cost Estimate Timeframe                                Description/Update

S/T #12   MTA         Increased South Shore Bus $1-2 MM         Target date for expanded service – Planning is underway; currently analyzing current
                      Service                   Annually        Spring 2007                        and future land use/zoning in the area, commercial
                                                                                                   and residential development, and local route
                                                                                                   spacing in the South Shore

S/T #13   MTA         Limited Stop Bus Service to $710,000      Expanded service to begin Sept          Initiate new AM eastbound limited bus service on
                      St. George and Brooklyn     Annually      2006.                                   two North Shore lines and new AM eastbound
                                                                                                        limited stop service from CSI to Brooklyn and new
                                                                                                        PM westbound service from Brooklyn to CSI.

S/T #14   MTA         Assessment of Potential for TBD           Study to be completed by Fall 2006 Evaluate feasibility of transit service from SI to NJ
                      Service to New Jersey                                                        Light Rail, by either MTA or private carrier

S/T #15   MTA         Enhanced Staten Island     Cost Neutral   Schedule changes expected to be         Faster peak period express trips, earlier start time
                      Railway Train Schedules                   implemented Summer 2006                 for PM express service, additional PM local trip and
                                                                                                        improved reverse-peak PM ferry connections.

S/T #16   NYCDOT,     Improved Access to Staten $600,000        Great Kills Park and Ride               New Park & Ride lot at Great Kills Station for 35
          MTA         Island Railroad                           Constructed. Ribbon cutting             vehicles.
                                                                ceremony July 7, 2006
S/T #17   NYCDOT,     Public Education           Agency         Periodic Updates to Task Force          CB presentations completed, SI Advance survey
          DCP                                    Expense        website to be activated in July 2006.   responses reviewed and compiled. CommuterLink
                                                                                                        outreach underway.

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Staten Island Transportation Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

         Lead Agency Project                       Cost Estimate Timeframe                               Description/Update

Medium Term Action Items
M/T #1  NYCDOT,        Capital Projects:         $5.7 MM          Funded in 2007-09 capital plan.        6 Intersections on Hylan Boulevard and 2 on Amboy
        DDC            Intersection Improvements                                                         Road identified for traffic flow improvements. DOT to
                                                                                                         identify project schedule.

         NYCDOT,      Cross Borough Access         $93 MM -       Funded in 2007-09 capital plan.        Package of four capital projects that combined
         DDC          Projects (CBA)               Cumulative                                            together provide relief for cross-borough traffic hang-
                                                   Total                                                 ups. Coordinate with DPR and incorporate DEP blue
                                                                                                         belt standards.
M/T #2   NYCDOT,      CBA - Richmond Hill Road     $10 MM         Funded in 2009 capital plan.           Widen and realign intersection. Public scoping
         DDC          @ Richmond Road                                                                    process underway. EIS and property acquisition
M/T #3   NYCDOT,      CBA - Forest Hill Road       $27 MM         Funded in 2007-09 capital plan.        Widen to four lanes between Willowbrook Rd and
         DDC                                                                                             Richmond Ave. Property acquisition required.

M/T #4   NYCDOT,      CBA - Rockland Ave           $6 MM          Funded in 2008 capital plan. EAS       Realign between Meisner Ave and Richmond Rd.
         DDC                                                      expected 12/2006                       Evaluate opportunity to initiate project in phases
                                                                                                         with intersection of Richmond Road and Rockland
                                                                                                         Avenue and incorporate Greenstreet design.

M/T #5   NYCDOT,      CBA - Arthur Kill Road       $50 MM         Moved up and funded in 2009            Widen and realign to enhance traffic flow between
         DDC                                                      capital plan with additional $15 MM    Outer Bridge Crossing and mid-island. EIS and
                                                                  Investment. Exploring phasing of       property acquisition required.
M/T #6   NYCDOT,      Hylan Boulevard Contra       $360,000 for   Study initiated 4/15/06, completion  Evaluate feasibility and need for weekday peak
         NYSDOT       Flow Study                   Study          expected in 2007                     period lane for either HOV, bus or all vehicles.
                                                                                                       Coordinate with Hylan Blvd-Left Turn Study.
M/T #7   MTA,         Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)      $2.88 MM for   BRT Study to be completed in 2006. Dedicated bus lane on portions of Hylan Boulevard
         NYSDOT,      Enhancements: Hylan          citywide BRT   Public meetings held in June 06 to corridor to provide connections to Brooklyn and
         NYCDOT       Blvd/Richmond Ave            study          seek public input. Implementation in subway system.
M/T #7   NYCDOT       Intelligent Traffic System   $900,000       Pilot project scheduled for 2007.    Traffic signal priorities for buses will improve
                      Pilot: Victory Blvd                                                              reliability for the 11 bus routes serving this corridor.

M/T #8   MTA          Charleston Bus Facility      $115 MM        Bus annex to be completed in 2009. Provide additional capacity for SI bus operations
                                                                  Design-build contract to be awarded and relieve overcrowding at two current bus depots.
                                                                  in Jan 2007.

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Staten Island Transportation Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

          Lead Agency Project                     Cost Estimate Timeframe                                Description/Update

M/T #9    SDOT,       Complete Implementation     $49 MM for all Completion of construction and fiber Coordinated traffic monitoring and communication
          NYCDOT      of Intelligent              phases         optic network by end of 2008. First system for all four NYS DOT highways.
                      Transportation Systems                     three phases completed. Design
                      (ITS)                                      work for final phase (to address
                                                                 gaps in prior 3 phases) to begin
                                                                 Summer 2006.

M/T #10   SDOT, CDOT, Staten Island Expressway    TBD              Study to be completed Summer        Reconfigure Ramps at Hylan Boulevard and Clove
          NYPD        Improvements                                 2006. Letting is scheduled for 2011 Road, Extend Median Bus Lane from Slosson
                                                                                                       Avenue to Victory Boulevard as part of next phase.

M/T #11   DCP, DPR,   Fresh Kills Road            TBD              Environmental review to be            Provide internal road network to serve park needs
          DOT         Connections                                  completed in early 2007. Southern     and provide cross-borough access between
                                                                   Roadway Connection to be              Richmond Ave and West Shore Expressway.
                                                                   completed in 2009.                    Analysis of 2-lane and 4-lane roadway Alternatives
M/T #12   SDOT        West Shore Expressway       $25 MM ($20      Currently in preliminary design.      Operational improvements at key interchanges.
                      Corridor Improvements       MM funded)       Letting tentatively scheduled for     Build connections to proposed roads at Fresh Kills
                                                                   Aug 2008                              Park.
M/T #13   MTA         SI Rail Station and Security $20.5 MM        To be completed in 2009.              New Arthur Kill station and parking for 200 vehicles.
                      Improvements                                                                       Rehabilitation of three additional stations. CCTV and
                                                                                                         Help Point Intercoms at 20 station houses.

M/T #14   DCP, EDC    North Shore Land Use &      TBD              Initiate upon completion of the W.    Hire consultant team to lead public outreach effort,
                      Transportation Study                         Shore Land Use & Transportation       analyze infrastructure needs and visualize
                                                                   Study.                                alternative future scenarios.
M/T #15   DCP         Construct SI Greenway       Costs            Dependent upon pace of private        Build proposed bikeway in concert with private
                                                  absorbed by      development.                          development. Coordinate route with public
                                                  private/public                                         safety/traffic concerns.

M/T #16               Implementation of           TBD              Viability to be determined by study   If study determines viable market exists,
                      Connection Between Staten                    to be completed fall 2006. See        implementation of project moved up from Project for
                      Island and Hudson Bergen                     Short Term Action Item #14            Future Consideration (F/C #5) to Medium Term
                      Light Rail via Bayonne                                                             Project

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Staten Island Transportation Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

          Lead Agency Project                         Cost Estimate Timeframe                               Description/Update

Long Term Action Items
L/T #1   CDOT          Capital Projects: Roadway      $67.1 MM       Scheduled for FY 2010-2015 capital 8 Projects including realigning Bloomingdale Road
                       Improvements                                  plans.                             and Manor Road, and widening Woodrow Road.

L/T #2    CDOT, DPR,    Build Out Englewood Avenue TBD               Complete in 3+ years.                  Provide connection between W. Shore
          DDC                                                                                               Expressway/Woodrow and Charleston/Fairview
                                                                                                            Park. Identify scope of work and initiate capital plan.
                                                                                                            Property acquisition likely.
L/T #3    DCP           Charleston Area               TBD          Identification of roadways to be         Public/Private Construction of roads.
                        Improvements                               completed via study in Short Term
                                                                   Action Plan #9
L/T #4    SDOT          Build Ramp at Terminus of     $36 MM - $55 Begin Construction in 2009               Work with Community and Elected officials to
                        Korean War Veterans           MM                                                    determine a preferred alternative. Coordinate with
                        Parkway                       (depending                                            NYCDEP on impacts coming from planned
                                                      upon option                                           closing of Brookville Land Fill. The at-grade
                                                      selected)                                             alternative appears to be most promising. Land fill
                                                                                                            and community issues could cause schedule delays

L/T #5    Port Authority Goethals Bridge              $47 MM for     Target: Open new bridge by 2013.       Signature bridge with transit/HOV capacity,
                         Replacement Draft EIS        planning/      Draft EIS in early 2007 and a final    pedestrian access. US Coast Guard leading the
                                                      conceptual     EIS by late 2007.                      environmental review, currently conducting public
                                                      engineering.                                          review of alternatives.
L/T #6    MTA           Fully Utilize new Bus         TBD            To be initiated after 2010 after new   Potential rerouting/restructuring bus service to
                        Facilities                                   facilities are in place.               incorporate infrastructure improvements - new bus
                                                                                                            lanes, park & ride locations, etc.
L/T #7    MTA           New Fleet of SI Rail Trains   $100 MM        Incorporated into the 2010-2014        Replace entire fleet of cars. Develop specifications
                                                                     capital plan.                          for new purchase that promote commuter service
                                                                                                            and provide security enhancements.

L/T #8    EDC           South Shore Fast Ferry        Sources of     Consultant hired to conduct            Provide a south shore commuting alternative via
                        Service                       funding: Port feasibility study of South Shore Site   private ferry service. Consultants have been
                                                      Authority $5.8                                        selected to complete a market analysis and
                                                      MM and DPR                                            feasibility study for potential site.
                                                      $6 MM

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Staten Island Transportation Task Force
Summary of Recommendations

          Lead Agency Project                         Cost Estimate Timeframe   Description/Update

Projects for Further Consideration
F/C #1                   Extend Father Capodanno      TBD                       Determine feasibility of providing relief to congestion
                         Boulevard (FCB)                                        on Hylan Blvd by extending FCB to New Dorp
                                                                                Beach via a route through Miller Field.

F/C #2                 Utilize the Willowbrook        TBD                       Provide a new cross-borough connection between
                       Parkway Right-of-Way                                     the South Shore and the Bayonne and Goethals
                                                                                Bridges. Determine feasibility and review
F/C #3                 Staten Island Expressway       TBD                       Review opportunities to provide continuous service
                       Improvements                                             roads. Determine feasibility of providing a High-
                                                                                Occupancy Toll (HOT) lane to reduce travel times
                                                                                and fund future investments.

F/C #4                 Utilize the North Shore Rail   TBD                       Reactivate the 5-mile city-owned rail corridor for
                       Right-of-Way                                             transit service (bus/rail). Evaluate potential for West
                                                                                Shore connections.
                       Create Connection Between                                If study determines viable market exists,
                       Staten Island and Hudson                                 implementation of project moved up from Project for
                       Bergen Light Rail via                                    Future Consideration to Medium Term Project (M/T
F/C #5                 Bayonne Bridge                 TBD                       #16)

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