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    Don’t be afraid. It is easy and fun to learn about these word structures!!
OBJECTIVE: Students will use
word structure (prefixes,
suffixes, and root words) to
determine the meaning of
words.              Understanding the meaning of
                     prefixes, suffixes, and root
                    words will help me to become a
                           better reader!!
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A prefix is a group of letters at the front of a word which changes the
meaning of the word
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                         FACTS you’ll need to know about
disagree means        not agree

                       disappear means not appear

dishonest means      not honest

                        distrust means       not trust

dislike means     not like

                             disobey means      not obey
uncooked means    not cooked

                   unharmed means not harmed

unable means     not able

                    unafraid means        not afraid

unkind means   not kind

                          unlucky means      not lucky
 misbehave         behave badly
                     misspell means   spell badly

 misuse means      use badly

                mispronounce means    pronounce badly

misinform means inform badly

                         misread means   Read badly
submarine means         A vessel that goes under the water

                     subnormal means below normal

submerge means     go under

                 substandard means     below the standard

   See how easy reading words
        with prefixes is!!!
Use the PREFIX FORM to write down as many words and definitions that you can for each PREFIX.
 “il” means “not”                                             “re” means “again” or “back”

 “un” means
 “not”                                                                    “in” means “not”

“im” means                                                               “ir” means “not”
“not”                                     Click here
                                          to get the
                                             form.                       “de” means
 “con” means                                                             “from”, “away”,
 “with” or                                                               or “down”.
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A suffix is a group of letters added to the end of a word to make a different
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 likable means      able to be liked

                        enjoyable means able to be enjoyed

 moveable means       capable of being moved

                   collectible means able to be collected

digestible means       able to be digested

                    reversible means         able to be reversed
  Dancer means      one who dances

                     juggler means   one who juggles

 painter means     one who paints

                  actor means        one who acts

conductor means One who conducts

                         advisor means   One who advises
 blacken means    To make black

                     cheapen means     To make cheap

fatten means       To make fat

                 Thicken means         To make thick

wooden means     Made of wood

                        golden means     Made of gold
DIRECTIONS: Use the SUFFIX FORM to write down as many words and definitions that you can for each SUFFIX.
 “ful” means                                                     “ness” means “state of being”
 “full of”

 “ous” or “ious”                                                              “y” means “like”
 means “full of”                                                              or “full of”

“ness” means                                                                 “ist” means “a
“state or                                    Click here                      person who
condition of
                                             to get the                      does”
being”                                          form.
                                                                             “ent” means
                                                                             “having the
 “ish” means                                                                 quality of”.
                                       SUFFIX DICTIONARY
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yourself and do
   your best.
A root word is a word that has nothing added at the beginning or
the end. It stands on its own as a word, it has a meaning. New
words can be made from root words by adding beginnings (prefixes)
and endings (suffixes).
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                                        more examples of root
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 root words!!
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SUFFIXES                        print out the worksheet or type
                                your answers on a Microsoft
                                Word form.

      if you’d like to type your answers on a
      Microsoft Word form.

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