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in Focus by ert634

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									                                                                                                                      Volume 10 No. 1 | Spring 2009

                                                                                                              in Focus
                                ANNUAL EMPLOYEE GIVING CAMPAIGN 2009:
                                         I give because…
  Inside                        Helping others is what the people at Metropolitan do every day. Providing health and social services to
                                communities for more than 100 years has taught us how important our attention and compassion are to
                                children, parents and grandparents—as well as to those without families.
 2 Making aSo Many Ways
             Difference Every
                                By participating in the Annual Employee Giving Campaign, staff ensure that our services remain whole for the
                                patients and families who rely on them—even as Medicaid and Medicare cut reimbursements and many find
 3 Magical Mystery
   Tour Raffle
                                their income and savings uncertain.
                                In this economic climate, it would be
 4 TD Charitable Foundation
   Awards $100,000 Grant        a tragedy for:

 5 Board Member Q & A:
                                • A family to have limited support
   Steven L. Topal                coping with a terminally ill loved one

 6 LeadershipGiving Campaign
               Launches 2009    • Chronically ill children not to receive
                                  personalized care

 8 2008 Donors                  • Patients to be displaced to a hospital
                                  when they could be cared for at home

13 Grants Corner at
   Memorial Installations
                                With your help, we prevent these
                                things from happening. Please give to
                                the Annual Employee Giving Campaign
      Tree of Life              in 2009 and make sure good things

14 Music TherapyPatients
   for Dementia
                  Integration   keep happening.
                                For more information, see page 6.           At the launch of the Annual Employee Giving Campaign on February 10, 2009, co-chair
15 New CouncilSupport on
                Thrives                                                     Dolores Roque describes families and patients who benefit from contributions.

      New Year—New Financial
      Goals                       Chronicle of Philanthropy Adds Metropolitan to Top 400
16    Save the Date:
      Annual Golf Classic         After 101 years of operation, Metropolitan scored a new first in November 2008. The organization
                                  achieved a place on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Philanthropy 400—an annual survey of the top
                                  nonprofit organizations that raise funds through private support.
                                  By being on the list, Metropolitan joins the ranks of the most prestigious not-for-profits operating today.
                                  “This recognition positions Metropolitan in the upper echelon of charitable not-for-profit
                                  organizations, which will help us broaden our support even more in the years ahead,” said Eli S.
                                  Feldman, president and CEO of Metropolitan.
                                  Published annually for 18 years, the Philanthropy 400 is highly regarded among fundraising groups.
                                  In 2006, the Jewish Journal compared it to Forbes’ Fortune 500 list.
                                  The Foundation extends its warmest thanks to everyone who helped make this honor possible by
                                  supporting the high quality, compassionate care that is the hallmark of Metropolitan’s services
                                  and programs.
                                             Making a Difference Every Day…In So Many Ways
                                                                           It takes a very special person to pursue a career caring
6323 Seventh Avenue, Third Floor
                                                                           for others.
Brooklyn, NY 11220-4711
(718) 759-4335                                                             Directly or indirectly, everyone at Metropolitan Jewish                                                    Health System (Metropolitan) is involved in caring for
DIRECTORS                                                                  our patients, residents and clients. Some have personal
Isaac Assael
                                                                           contact with those we serve: the physician offering medical
Michael Epstein                                                            treatment, the intake clerk helping with insurance forms or
Eli S. Feldman                                                             the hospice nurse providing comfort to those at the end of
Philip Geller                                                              their lives.
Steven Topal                                                            These efforts get crucial support through an expansive
David C. Wiener                              team of behind-the-scenes pros who ensure that phones get answered, information
OFFICERS                                     networks function properly and budgets are followed. No matter what each
President              Isaac Assael          employee’s contribution may be, it is integral to ensuring that our patients, residents
Exec. Vice President   Eli S. Feldman        and clients receive the high-quality, compassionate care they have come to expect
Treasurer              Michael Epstein       from us.
Secretary              Steven L. Topal
Assistant Secretary    Robert Leamer         Because we make a difference in the lives of others, our work is much more than just
                                             a job. We incorporate our culture of philanthropy in all we do—every day, in every
STAFF                                        way, including the Annual Employee Giving Campaign. Last year’s campaign was
David Nussbaum, Executive Director and       our most successful to date. Every dollar contributed allowed us to respond to the
Chief Development Officer, (718) 759-4337,   health care needs of the Greater New York community.                            With the leadership and hard work of colleagues throughout the system—five
Jennifer Dudley, Director of Development,    co-chairs and more than 35 champions of “Our Second Century of Caring” effort—
(718) 759-4778,             we are ready to kick off the 2009 Annual Employee Giving Campaign. Everyone will
                                             soon receive pledge cards, as well as be able to check the Intranet for updates and
Caroline Mansuetto, Hospice Development      participate in raffles as the campaign progresses. Your contribution will make
Director, (718) 491-7166,                    a difference!
                                             People in the communities we serve often tell me they are blessed to have the staff
Emily Pring, Grants Coordinator,             members at Metropolitan, who positively affect their lives each day. I tell them we
(718) 759-4651,              are the lucky ones. Our efforts are all part of our community of caring.
Chinwe Egonu, Database Coordinator,          Thank you for being a part of it.
(718) 759-4133,

                                             David Nussbaum
                                             Executive Director and Chief Development Officer
                                             Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation

                                               Contributors: Tamy Cozier, Jennifer Dudley,      The Foundation is the charitable financial
                                               Chinwe Egonu, Jordan Katz, Michael Madole,       resource development arm of Metropolitan
                                               Caroline Mansuetto, Duane McFarlane,             Jewish Health System. The Foundation
                                               Emily Pring, Enrique Sevilla                     is charged with creating a culture of
                                               The articles in this publication may be          philanthropy and has a strong legacy of
Executive Editors:
                                               reproduced in whole or in part, provided         providing financial support to those with unmet
Diane Ashley and David Nussbaum
                                               credit is given to Metropolitan Jewish Health    health needs and to those who lack access to
Managing Editor: Audrey O. Waters                                                               quality health care services.
                                               System Foundation.
Design Director: Tricia Chambers

                                                                                                                       Volume 10 No. 1 || Spring 2009
                                                                                                                       Volume 10 No. 1 Spring 2009

       Take a chance on the
                                             Mystery Tour Raffle
       Proceeds to benefit the patients and families served by hospice, palliative care, home care
       and skilled nursing programs supported by Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation

       By purchasing a $100 raffle ticket you could win:
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       of magic, take a chance!

       Winners will be drawn on Monday, June 15, 2009, and need not be present to win.
       Tickets are $100. Only 1,250 will be sold. Make your check payable to Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation.
       For more information, contact the Foundation at (718) 759-4335.

                                                           Return this ticket with your payment

  Magical                                                                          Tickets are $100 each
                                                                                   Proceeds to benefit the patients and families served by hospice,
Mystery Tour Raffle                                                                palliative care, home care and skilled nursing programs
                                                                                   supported by Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation
Please enter me in the Magical Mystery Tour Raffle
                                                                                   Please return this ticket with your payment to:
Name___________________________________________________                            Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation
                                                                                   6323 Seventh Avenue, Third Floor
                                                                                   Brooklyn, NY 11220-4711
City___________________ State__________ Zip______________
Day phone (_______)______________________________________
Evening phone (_______)__________________________________
    TD Charitable Foundation Awards $100,000 Grant
    to Metropolitan Jewish Health Care Foundation
    To help educate more New Yorkers about Metropolitan                                      efforts that focus on individual needs,” said David
    Jewish Hospice’s (Hospice) holistic end-of-life programs                                 Nussbaum, executive director and chief development
    and services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens                                   officer of the Foundation. “The generous contribution to
    and Nassau County, TD Charitable Foundation awarded                                      Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation helps
    a $100,000 grant to Metropolitan Jewish Health System                                    ensure that more people facing an advanced illness will
    Foundation (Foundation). The grant will be utilized to                                   receive the medical, emotional and spiritual support they
    fund programs and services of Hospice and Metropolitan                                   need and deserve.”
    Jewish Palliative Care (Palliative Care).
                                                              Through the grant from the foundation, Hospice will
    “Through this funding to the Foundation, we will assist   enhance its capacity to become a more central information
    in assuring the continuation of Metropolitan Jewish       source regarding end-of-life care.
    Hospice’s provision of invaluable compassionate care to
                                                              Examples of planned education and awareness
    people from all walks of life,” said Emmet Conlon, senior
                                                              outreach include:
    vice president and team leader, New York health care
    financial services of TD Bank. He added, “TD Bank and     • Community forums led by notable speakers addressing
    TD Charitable Foundation are proud to help support a        issues that patients and their families face when
    new community education and awareness program that          planning end-of-life care
    will help demystify hospice,                                                          • Family referral systems
    while promoting the positive        “TD Bank and TD Charitable Foundation               spearheaded by those who
    and lasting effect it can have      are proud to help support a new                     have experienced hospice and
    on the lives of patients and                                                            wish to use their knowledge to
                                        community education and awareness
    their family members.”                                                                  help train new volunteers and
                                                     program that will help demystify hospice.”
    Through the years, TD Bank                                                                           educate the community
                                                  Emmet Conlon, senior vice president and team leader,
    has generously supported
                                                    New York health care financial services of TD Bank • Private events that celebrate
    programs and services that                                                                           volunteer contributions
    provide quality health care to
    residents of the Greater New York City area. The $100,000          Nationally and in New York, there is an ever-growing
    grant is a continuation of the bank’s longstanding                 demand for expert hospice care teams and adept
    partnership with Metropolitan.                                     symptom management programs. Hospice was one of
                                                                       the first programs in New York to be certified to provide
    “Time and again, TD Bank, through its charitable                   hospice care. Started as a 10-bed hospice inpatient unit
    foundation, has supported unique community outreach                (IPU) in Brooklyn, today it provides individual care and
                                                                       counseling to more than 250 patients and their families
                                                                       each day—whether the patient is at home, in an IPU or at
                                                                       a skilled nursing facility.
                                                                                             Later this year, Hospice will begin building a new 16-bed
                                                                                             hospice residence on the campus of Menorah Home and
                                                                                             Hospital in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. The maximum
                                                                                             size allowed by the Department of Health, this would be
                                                                                             the first-ever hospice residence to open in the borough.
                                                                                             For more information about Hospice and the services or
                                                                                             programs it provides, please contact Martha Heller, director
                                                                                             of clinical services, at (718) 630-2683 or

    From left: Vanessa Joseph, coordinator of volunteer services; Lynn Kilgallon, director
    of volunteer services; and volunteers Doug Meyer, EE Liu, Cathy Filipkowski,
    Anne Dorney and Penny Klein.

                                                                                                           Volume 10 No. 1 | Spring 2009

Board Member Q & A: Steven L. Topal
                              When Steven L. Topal was         financial statements and help figure out how to make
                              33, the young philanthropist     programs more efficient. An understanding of the law
                              was introduced to                helps safeguard Metropolitan and the more than 40,000
                              Metropolitan Jewish Health       New Yorkers who benefit from the system’s innovative
                              System (Metropolitan) by         programs, products and services.
                              then-board chairperson
                              Martin Simon. Fifteen years      Q: Why should someone donate to the Foundation?
                              later, Topal enthusiastically    A: The Foundation’s seed money helps get a lot of new
                              talks about the organization’s   Metropolitan programs off the ground. Donors also are
                              culturally-sensitive, cost-      allowed to designate their contributions. I like that.
                              effective and community-
                                                               Q: Do you have a favorite Metropolitan service
                              based comprehensive
                                                               or program?
                              continuum of care.
                                                           A: Absolutely! Metropolitan Jewish Hospice (Hospice)
Asked to describe Metropolitan in one word, Topal          employees do God’s work every single day of the year.
quickly answers: “Special.” Continuing, he says,           They take care of people who are incredibly vulnerable. In
“Metropolitan is one of the rare organizations that truly  fact, Hospice employees remind me of Patch Adams—they
provides the most special care possible to people of all   help patients embrace death and make the final months,
ages and all income levels,                                                          days and minutes as beautiful
regardless of their race, culture      “i grew up in a home where altruism           as possible. I know this from
or religion.”                           and the desire to help people were           personal experience.
In the following interview,            greatly valued.”                                    I remember when my mother
Topal discusses the inspiration                                         Steven L. Topal
                                                                                           was in Hospice care. A music
behind his commitment to the                                                               therapist visited her and just
Foundation and philanthropy. He also reveals which             played music with a flute-like instrument. My mother’s
Metropolitan service has most directly changed his life.       final days were full of dignity.
Q: You are a practicing accountant and lawyer. How             As you can tell, Hospice really means a lot to me.
does your expertise influence your role on the board?
                                                               Q: Of all the events the Foundation has hosted, which
A: I grew up in a home where altruism and the desire to
                                                               has been the most memorable?
help people were greatly valued. My parents also taught
me that supporting an organization’s philanthropic work        A: In 2004, the Foundation honored me at The Waldorf
is far more important than any honor, title or praise that     Astoria. I remember the event like it was yesterday.
same organization might bestow.                                My mom had cancer at the time, so it gave her a chance to
                                                               see me honored in front of 500 people. She was so proud.
As a member of the Foundation’s board, my desire to help       It also gave me a chance to thank her—and my father—
people fits perfectly with my professional expertise. My       for everything.
accounting background allows me to review Metropolitan

  About Steven L. Topal
 Steven L. Topal served as chairman of the board for           For more than 20 years, Topal has been a partner at
 Metropolitan Jewish Health System (Metropolitan) from         Rothschild, Topal, Miller & Kraft P.C. He also is a partner in
 2002-2004. Today, he is vice chairperson of the board         the law firm of Topal and Topal.
 for Elderplan, Inc., HomeFirst and Metropolitan. He also is
                                                               Topal’s bachelor’s degree is from the State University of New
 board treasurer of Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center,
                                                               York at Albany and he has a juris doctor from Brooklyn Law
 Metropolitan Jewish Home Care and Shorefront Jewish
                                                               School. He grew up in Belle Harbor, N.Y. and is married to the
 Geriatric Center.
                                                               former Cheryl Taub; they have two sons, Scott and Andrew.

      New Leadership Launches 2009 Annual Employee Giving Campaign
      With support from staff throughout the system, the 2009                                 The initiative also benefits from the guidance of a
      Annual Employee Giving Campaign (AEGC) kicked off                                       six-member AEGC advisory council. This year’s council
      on February 10 (see page 1).                                                            includes: Charles Rudansky, director of pastoral care
      This year’s effort is overseen by five co-chairs: Candace                               for Metropolitan Jewish Hospice (Hospice); Vincent
      Zaiff, director of rehabilitation services for Metropolitan                             Marchello, vice president of medical affairs for Shorefront
      Jewish Home Care (Home Care); Elliot Schwartz, director                                 and MJGC; Gary Kleinberg, chief operating officer for
      of medical services for Menorah Home and Hospital                                       Menorah; Laurie Chichester, vice president of Home
      (Menorah); Dolores Roque, director of admissions for                                    Care; Lurlene Buckley, vice president of First to Care; and
      Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center (MJGC) and                                         Hany Abdelaal, vice president of HomeFirst.
      Shorefront Jewish Geriatric Center (Shorefront); Lee                                    In addition, the campaign has the support of specially
      Ditkowsky, director of claims for Elderplan; and Lanny                                  selected “champions”—employees who serve as spokespeople
      Chen, Asian program manager for community outreach.                                     for the campaign and motivate their peers to participate.

    Managers and executives from across the system share their enthusiasm for the campaign at the official kick-off.
                                                                                                                               Volume 10 No. 1 | Spring 2009

  AEGC’s 2009 Champions
  Metropolitan Jewish Adult Day Health Center                            Metropolitan Jewish Long-Term Home Health Care
   • Sharon McKenzie, office manager                                      • Mary Cronin, case management coordinator
   • Wendy Rosete, social worker                                          • Rachel Meyers, director of outreach services

  Elderplan                                                              Metropolitan Jewish Palliative Care
    • Davy Diongson, quality management director                          • David Wollner, director
    • Stephen Kahn, director of customer service
                                                                         Metropolitan Corporate
    • Sandra Walters-Muschett, director of provider services              • Sandra Flickstein, rehabilitation educator
  First to Care                                                           • Jay Gormley, director of planning and research
    • Melanie Russo, business support supervisor                          • Rafael Guzman, purchasing agent
                                                                          • Joyce Hodgson, claims manager
  Home Care
                                                                          • Robert Homan, building services manager
   • Eric Blount, central intake data management
     coordinator                                                          • Tak Yeung, human resources data manager
   • Patricia Eblen-Platt, patient services manager                      Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center
   • Tapring Weston, business development data                            • Lydia Cella, associate director of nursing
     management coordinator                                               • Rose Marie Grave, director of health

  HomeFirst                                                                 information management
                                                                          • Jennifer Gruenfeld, assistant director of
   • Elisha Bonilla, member outreach coordinator
   • Joyce Hodgson, claims manager                                          volunteer services
                                                                          • Fred Nuguid, rehabilitation supervisor
   • Yun Yun Li, enrollment supervisor
                                                                          • Grace Pierre-Louis, nursing clerk
  Metropolitan Jewish Hospice
   • Toby Weiss, planning and research project manager                   Saint Mary’s Metropolitan Home Care for Kids
                                                                           • Angela Joachim, home care assistant
   • Matthew Israel, art therapy coordinator
                                                                           • Linda Megally, director of home care
   • Faithanne Mandel, Nassau intake admission manager
   • Tara Ragbir, pastoral care coordinator                              Shorefront
                                                                           • Sara Dettore, occupational therapy supervisor
  Menorah Home and Hospital
                                                                           • Eileen Morgan-Schacht, assistant director of nursing
   • Erika Kleinberg, administrative assistant
   • Beth Mohrman, licensed practical nurse
   • Michael Monahan, director of environmental services

Hany Abdelaal stands to be recognized for his work as a 2008 co-chair.   David Nussbaum describes Metropolitan’s culture of philanthropy.
    2008 Golf Classic Sponsors—Thank you!
    $50,000 and up                     $1,000 to $4,999                              Randy Estrada
    Chem RX                            77th Street Operations Car Service/Strictly   Lydia Galeon
                                       The Benefit Practice                          Stuart Geller
    $25,000 to $49,999                 Bernard Hodes Group Inc.                      John Edward Gilcrease
                                       Cables And Chips Inc.                         John Golden
    Andy Schwartz/Northwestern         Clifton, Budd & DeMaria LLP                   William Gormley
     Mutual Financial Network/         Harold Cohen                                  Solomon Greenspan
     Bleakley, Schwartz, Cooney        J.H. Cohn, LLP                                Neal I. Harris
                                       Continuum Performance Systems, Inc.           Marilyn G. Hecker
     & Finney, LLC                     ePlus Technology, Inc.                        Barbara Hiney
    Capital One Bank                   Michael Epstein                               Robert Homan
    TD Banknorth                       The Farmington Company                        Kathleen M. Joyce
                                       Eli S. Feldman                                J S J Lighting Corp.
    $10,000 to $24,999                 Great Ambulette Service Inc.                  Iris Kaplow
                                       Joel G. Greenspan                             Gary Kleinberg
    Bovis Construction Corporation
                                       H.C.A.S. Health Care Answering Services       Andrew Kohen
    Printing House, LLC                The HealthSearch Group Inc.                   Barbara Lyon
    Stonebridge Distribution,          Hub International                             MGD Enterprises, LLC
                                       Jefferies & Company, Inc.                     Ronald B. Milch
     -Medical, -Pharmacy               Saiful Khan                                   Michael Monahan
    $5,000 to $9,999                   Lerner Cumbo & Associates, Inc.               Derek Murray
                                       Loeb & Troper                                 David A. Nussbaum
    Allen Health Care Services         Vincent Marchello                             Peter Nussbaum Benefits
    Allscripts Misys                   McGuireWoods LLP                              Tochi Okorie
    Best Care                          Medical Arts Chemists and Surgicals           Gloria Oneale
                                       MMS-A Medical Supply Co.                      Ostrowitz & Ostrowitz
    Byram HealthCare Centers, Inc.     Louis Moskowitz                               Lenard L. Parisi
    Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft      Nixon Peabody LLP                             Kevin Reilly
    Calgi Construction Company, Inc.   Personal Touch Home Care                      Jane S. Rosenthal
                                       Project Guidance Group                        Janet W. Rothman
    Crossroad Services Group           Reden & Anders, LTD                           RTR Financial Services
    EnClara Health                     RelayHealth McKesson Company                  Charles Rudansky
    Estabrook Capital                  RMPG-The Risk Management                      Elliot Schwartz
                                         Planning Group, Inc.                        Jacqueline Stolnick
      Management, LLC                  Siemens Communications Inc.                   Glenda Tavano
    Robert Fagenson                    Specialty Portable X-Ray                      Temple Judea Rabbis Fund
                                       Steven L. Topal                               Jeanette Tramaglia
    First Response Ambulance, Inc.     Unitex/Med-Apparel Services                   Tomasz Wojcik
    The Geddis Partnership—            Unlimited Care, Inc.                          Raffle Prizes/Give-Aways Sponsors
      A Professional Corporation       Village Care of NY, Inc.                      Allen Health Care Services
                                       David C. Wiener                               Allscripts Misys
    Hamilton Cavanaugh & Associates
                                       Donors                                        ePlus Technology
    Home Abstract Corp.
                                       Lawrence F. Abrams                            Burt & Cindy Esrig
    MacKay Shields Financial           Carol Altieri                                 GDC Medical Electronics
      Corporation, LLC                 American Medical Alert Corp.                  The Inn at Great Neck
                                       Isaac Assael                                  L.A. Vending
    Maimonides Medical Center          Alexander S. Balko                            Lee Angel Jewelry
    Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP     Elliot Brooks                                 Menorah Home and Hospital
    Medstar Surgical &                 Lurlene Buckley                               National Home Health Care Corp.
                                       Laurissa Burns                                 –Steven Fialkow
      Breathing Equipment, Inc.        Jo Ann Cammarano                              The New York Giants
    New York Methodist Hospital        Susan Caputo                                  David & Laurie Nussbaum
    Premier Home Health Care           Laurie Ann Chichester                         TD Banknorth
                                       Christian Ambulette                           PC Mall Business Solutions
      Services, Inc.                   Anne L. Dawson                                Dr. Gary Pess, Central Jersey Hand Surgery
    Simione Consultants                Patricia Dempsey                              The Salty Dog Restaurant
                                       Diverse Printing & Graphics, Inc.             Specialty Portable X-ray, Inc.
                                       Michael Drysielski                            The Weeks Lerman Group
                                       Sandra Esner
                                       Burton J. Esrig

                                                                                                  Volume 10 No. 1 | Spring 2009

2008 Gala at the Gotham Sponsors—Thank you!
$50,000 and up                      $1,000 to $4,999                           Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc.
                                    Hany M. Abdelaal                           T.U.C. Management, Co.
Best Care                                                                      Total Geriatric Medical, PC
                                    Able Health Care Service, Inc.
Chem Rx                             Accountnet, Inc.                           U.S. Security Associates, Inc.
Special Touch Home CareServices     Advanced Monitored Caregiving              Mary Wagner
                                    Alle Processing Corp.                      David Wollner
TD Banknorth                        Allscripts Misys                           Donors
$25,000 to $49,999                  Carol Altieri                              David Asher
                                    Isaac Assael                               Rodolph Aspervil
Allen Health Care Services          Alexander S. Balko                         Craig Azoff
Loeb & Troper                       Bleakley, Schwartz, Cooney & Finney, LLC   Beigel Baking Company
                                    Elliot Brooks                              Rochelle H. Berman
$10,000 to $24,999                  Lurlene Buckley                            Susan Bornstein
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft       Cables and Chips Inc.                      Marcy Brennan
                                    Susan Cummins Caputo                       Laurissa Burns
Community Home Care                 Ronald Chaffin                             Naomi Cohen
  Referral Service, Inc.            Laurie Ann Chichester                      Mary Cooke
                                    Clifton, Budd & DeMaria LLP                Anne L. Dawson
Diverse Printing & Graphics, Inc.   Nancy Cohn                                 Phyllis Dene
Estabrook Capital                   Copy Quick                                 Lee Ditkowsky
  Management, LLC                   Jeannie Cross                              Marie Deanna Dizon-Badillo
                                    Jeffrey J. Davis                           Sandra Esner
Infusion Options, Inc.              E M C Consulting Group, Inc.               Lois R. Faust
Andrew Kohen                        EnClara Health                             Benjamin Feldman
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Maimonides Medical Center           Paul Finkelstein
Medical Arts Chemists                                                          Maria K. Flores
                                    First Response Ambulance, Inc.             Fried Egg Market
  and Surgicals                     Freund’s Fish Market                       Joan Furman
                                    Jacob I. Friedman                          Diana M. Gallo Hayes
Modern Diagnostic                   Lydia Galeon                               Adam Geller
  Laboratories, Inc.                Stuart Geller                              John Edward Gilcrease
People Care                         The Glickenhaus Foundation                 Baruch Gubnitsky
                                    Globe Drug and Surgical                    Tina Hatzapoulos-Papadakos
Premier Home Health Care            William Gormley                            Isaac Bake Shop, Inc.
  Services, Inc.                    Greater New York Hospital Association      Stephen J. Kahn
                                    Greenberg Traurig                          Linda A. Kilgallon
Printing House, LLC                 Marilyn G. Hecker                          Marshall R. Kopelman
Specialty Portable X-Ray            Martha Heller                              Barbara Krinsky
Stonebridge Distribution,           Barbara Hiney                              Bernard Lee
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  -Medical, -Pharmacy               George L. Ingram                           Daniel Mammon
Unitex/Med-Apparel Services         Isabella Geriatric Center                  Fred J. Markowitz
                                    Saiful Khan                                Michael Monahan
David C. Wiener                     Gary Kleinberg                             Lynda Montella
$5,000 to $9,999                    Robert E. Leamer                           Linden Morris
                                    Shmuel Lefkowitz                           Helen Muller
Bernard Hodes Group Inc.            Lubicom, LLC                               Derek Murray
Byram HealthCare Centers, Inc.      M. Tucker Co., Inc.                        Noga Enterprises, LLC
                                    Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP             Dolores Roque
Robert Fagenson                     McGuireWoods LLP                           Roth Associates
Lutheran Medical Center             Ronald B. Milch                            Elliot Schwartz
Steven L. Topal                     Kathleen P. Murtagh                        Lorette Shea
                                    David A. Nussbaum                          Bernard R. Shiel
                                    Lenard L. Parisi                           Nancy Sondag
                                    Preferred Health Associates IPA, Inc.      Stanley Sorongon
                                    Professional Placement                     Ana Tagle-Hernandez
                                    Progressive Home Health Services, Inc.     Anne M. Walsh
                                    Jane S. Rosenthal                          Jessica Wares
                                    Roi, LLC                                   Carol Werner
                                    Ross & Company, Inc.                       Tomasz Wojcik
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                                    Esther Spiegel
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     Sandy Assael                         Jerry Saslow                     Anne Marie Manzi                Josephine Bellasperanza
     Michael Azeez                        Aaron Scharf                     Marine Park Hardware Corp.      Rita Benenati
     The Benefit Practice                 Katryel Shaladovsky              Marine Park Media               Beverly Benjamin
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     Rochelle Berman                      Sklar, Heyman & Co. LLP          Brenda Merriman                 Rosalind Berliner
     Best Care                            Dr. Morris Smoller               Metropolitan Jewish Long-Term   Wendy Berloe-Buch
     Demetrios Bitros                       Social Service Fund              Home Care Staff               Esther Berlot
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                                                                                                             Volume 10 No. 1 | Spring 2009

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                                                                                                                       Volume 10 No. 1 | Spring 2009

Grants Corner
Grants Help Metropolitan Achieve More                          • Provide counseling services to caregivers of
Metropolitan, like many other charitable not-for-profit          Alzheimer’s patients
organizations, relies on federal, state and private grants     • Improve safety throughout the system
for support. In 2008, Metropolitan used agency-specific
                                                               Especially in times of budget cuts, the need for new sources
grants to purchase needed equipment; implement research
                                                               of funding grows. For this reason, Metropolitan developed
projects; launch new programs; improve quality of life for
                                                               the grants resource and review committee (GRRC) in 2008.
residents; and increase safety at various facilities.
                                                               Staffed by employees throughout the system and chaired by
Recent grants have come from a group of supporters             Jeffrey Davis, Metropolitan’s vice president of finance, the
almost as diverse as Metropolitan’s clients, patients and      GRRC ensures that the grants process:
residents. Last year, the organization received grants
                                                               • Is streamlined and centralized
from the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, the
New York State Department of Health, the Fan Fox and           • Fits the organization’s business development plan
Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, the U.S. Department of           • Remains accessible to all agencies and programs
Homeland Security and others. These funds have made it
possible for the organization to:                              • Develops funding priorities supporting smart growth

• Purchase industrial dishwashers for skilled                  • Enables the organization to provide high-quality,
 nursing facilities                                              compassionate care
• Launch a music therapy program for dementia                  Employees from across the system, with the approval of
 patients (see page 14)                                        their vice president, may submit grant requests. Emily
                                                               Pring, grants coordinator for the Foundation, serves as
• Begin a Chinese hospice program
                                                               liaison between the GRRC and Metropolitan’s agencies
• Offer horticulture therapy at Menorah Home                   and programs; she reviews and presents all requests to the
 and Hospital                                                  committee. Requests selected by the GRRC proceed to
                                                               Eli S. Feldman, president and CEO of Metropolitan,
• Create a “brain gym” at Shorefront Jewish
                                                               for final approval to develop a grant application.
 Geriatric Center
                                                               To ask questions or to obtain a grant request form, contact
• Develop a support group for Orthodox women caregivers
                                                               Emily Pring at (718) 759-4651 or

Memorial Installations                                         Tree of Life
at Shorefront
For more than 20 years, the Knights of Pythias have
generously raised funds in support of Metropolitan Jewish
Health System Foundation (Foundation). On October 27,
2008, Dr. Morris Smoller from the New York Chapter
presented the Foundation with two donations: $2,500 in
support of Shorefront Jewish Geriatric Center (Shorefront)
and $1,500 to Metropolitan Jewish Hospice (Hospice). Their
continued generosity is greatly appreciated.
In recognition of the Knights of Pythais’ longtime support,
Shorefront will engrave a commemorative leaf on its Tree of
Life memorial and Hospice will install a plaque on its Chain
of Life memorial at Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center.
The Knights of Pythias is a national fraternal organization
dedicated to universal peace and good will.                    Friends and family gather November 11, 2008, to honor Myron Dolgin with a leaf
                                                               on the Shorefront Tree of Life. From left: Jennifer Dudley, Sheldon Rice, Rena Rice,
                                                               Angelica Stabile, Ken Waxman, Sandra Waxman, Scott Curtis, Roz Berliner and
                                                               Derek Murray.

     Music Therapy Integration for Dementia Patients
     Partnerships can make beautiful music. Thanks to a                               agitation and joy during times of sadness,” said Kendra
     three-year grant from the New York State Department                              Ray, Menorah Home and Hospital’s music therapy
     of Health, Metropolitan’s skilled nursing facilities have                        project manager.
     added music therapy to their repertoire.
                                                                                      Therapy sessions—guided by a board-certified music
     In concert with New York University’s Silberstein Aging and                      therapist—help patients cope with anxiety, depression,
     Dementia Research Center and Florida Gulf University’s                           restlessness and even pain
     College of Health Professions, Metropolitan has launched                         through music-assisted imagery
                                                                                      and relaxation techniques. To
       “Because memories can be stimulated                                            become a practicing music
                                                                                      therapist, one must complete a
       through each sense—smell, touch, sight,                                        baccalaureate program in music
       hearing, taste—music is a powerful medium                                      therapy at an American Music
       that can bring peace during times of                                           Therapy Association-approved
       agitation and joy during times of sadness”                                     university; complete 1200 hours
                                                                                      of clinical training, including a
                                    Kendra Ray, Menorah Home and Hospital’s           supervised internship; and pass
                                              music therapy project manager           the Certification Board for Music
                                                                                      Therapists exam.
     an integrated program especially for dementia patients.
                                                                                      A report on the success of the program will be submitted
     The goal is to learn how music therapy impacts common
                                                                                      and presented to the New York Association of Homes and
     behaviors—wandering, agitation and depression—and to
                                                                                      Services for the Aging in August. Findings are expected to
     teach staff how to better address these traits.
                                                                                      detail effective interventions for people with dementia.
     “Because memories can be stimulated through each
                                                                                      For more information, contact Kendra Ray, music therapy
     sense—smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste—music is a
                                                                                      project manager, at (718) 646-4441 or
     powerful medium that can bring peace during times of

     Music therapist Rafel Sgammato performs at Menorah Home and Hospital November 24, 2008.

                                                                                                                              Volume 10 No. 1 | Spring 2009

New Hospice Council Thrives on Community Support
Metropolitan is known for reaching out to the community.                           Metropolitan’s entire service area: Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx,
In order to raise awareness of Metropolitan Jewish Hospice                         Manhattan and Nassau County. In future meetings, the group will
(Hospice) and Metropolitan Jewish Palliative Care (Palliative                      name a chair and co-chair, as well as leaders of its three committees:
Care), build philanthropic and community support and
                                                                                   • Outreach, education and awareness
increase the utilization of its services, the organization has
created the Metropolitan Jewish Hospice and Metropolitan                           • Philanthropy
Jewish Palliative Care Community Advisory Council (Council).
                                                                                   • Leadership and recruitment
“Our commitment to hospice is an expression of
Metropolitan’s values,” said Eli S. Feldman, president and                         At the first meeting, Council members participated in focus
CEO of Metropolitan, as he addressed the Council at its first                      groups to help identify strategies that ultimately will shape the
meeting on December 3, 2008. “Our culture of philanthropy                          work of the committees. Suggestions from the focus groups
is served by volunteerism and community support.”                                  included creating a speaker bureau program and community
                                                                                   forums to educate the public on hospice and palliative care
The Council is made up of business, community and religious                        programs and services.
leaders, as well as friends and family members of hospice
patients. Individuals serving on the Council represent                             Members selected for service on the Council are expected to:
                                                                                   • Support the mission, goals and objectives of Hospice and
                                                                                    Palliative Care
                                                                                   • Make annual leaderships gifts

                                                                                   • Act as community spokespersons, advocates and goodwill
                                                                                   • Network in their geographic, vocational and social
                                                                                    peer groups
                                                                                   • Recruit new members

                                                                                   • Organize and/or sponsor events

                                                                                   The Council is kicking off its fundraising efforts by holding a
                                                                                   Kosher wine tasting in Brooklyn on March 26, 2009, and
                                                                                   a “Hospice Celebrates Broadway” event in May 2009.
                                                                                   For more information about the Council or upcoming
Metropolitan staff meet members of the Council at the January 15, 2009, meeting
at Menorah Home and Hospital. From left: Gary Kleinberg, Barbara Hiney, Caroline   events, contact Caroline Mansuetto, director of hospice
Mansuetto, Estere du Boulay, David Keehan, Jimmy Ching, John Gallucci, Eugene      development, at (718) 491-7166 or
Schreiber, Lanny Chen, Charles Rudansky, Jules Fleischer and Matthew Israel.

New Year—New Financial Goals
As tax season looms, everyone should review financial goals                        Even if you already have a will, remember circumstances
and plans as well as create or update an existing will. This                       change, grandchildren are born, homes are sold and a
also is a good time to check on your investment portfolio.                         number of other events occur, often unexpectedly, which
                                                                                   may impact your planned giving goals.
For many people, planned giving is important at this
time of year. Make it a priority and consider a safe way to                        For more information or professional guidance, please
distribute your assets to better protect your loved ones and                       contact your financial or legal advisor. You also may contact
support your favorite causes. You may wish to consult your                         Jennifer Dudley, the Foundation’s director of development, at
professional advisor.                                                              (718) 759-4778 or for general questions
                                                                                   on estate planning.

                Eleventh Annual Golf Classic

                                                                                                     SAVE THE DATE

                It’s the green that counts Golf Classic 2009
                Details coming soon

                June 15, 2009 12:30 p.m. Old Westbury Golf & Country Club Old Westbury, New York

                                                                                                                     Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage

                                                                  6323 Seventh Avenue, Third Floor
Published by                                                                                                         Permit 85
                                                                  Brooklyn, New York 11220
                                                                                                                     Asbury Park, NJ
Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation
                                                                  Change Service Requested
The articles in this publication describe the Foundation’s
ongoing fundraising activities. Guided by a culture of
philanthropy, the Foundation provides financial support to
Metropolitan Jewish Health System (Metropolitan) programs
and initiatives, as well as to individual New Yorkers with
unmet health needs or without access to quality social outlets.
The Foundation’s contributions have helped Metropolitan
provide innovative and comprehensive health care services for
more than 100 years.


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