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					                         Minutes were sent digitally on March 24, 2008

                      JLMC SUMMARY RECORD
Vol. 28 No. 3                Ankara, Turkey              March 18, 2008

OFT Participants: Eileen Kless, OFT European Director; Jim Sagle, Bahrain Unit School; Linda Hogan,
Incirlik Unit School; Sharon Merrill, Ankara Unit School; Marie Sainz-Funaro, OFT President, Chief

DoDDS-E Participants: Jeanne Scharch, Labor Relations Specialist, DoDDS-E; Carl Albrecht, Assistant
Superintendent, Mediteranean District; Linda Curtis, Deputy Director, DoDDS-E, Chief Spokesperson.

This is the third of this year’s regularly scheduled Joint Labor-Management Committee Meetings. The next
meeting of this school year will be held in Sigonella, Italy, on May 8, 2008.

LQA and COLA Rates. OFT reported that there is              report showing living quarters expenses for all
some confusion about how LQA and COLA rates                 employees at the post receiving LQA who have initially
change. Teachers would like to know the procedures          occupied economy quarters or changed economy
for raising COLA and LQA rates in specific locations.       quarters within the past twelve months.
In the past, local CPOs conducted the survey. OFT
was told that local surveys are still being done in         The next regularly scheduled report for Bahrain is due
Bahrain. Sigonella and other locations are very             to the Office of Allowances in April. The regularly
anxious to have a survey conducted. DoDEA notified          scheduled report for Italy that was due in February was
OFT that DODEA conducts the survey. Please                  submitted to the Office of Allowances at the end of
provide a definitive answer on the procedure for raising    February 2008.
                                                            OFT responded that we are not seeing consistency in
Management reported that the maximum LQA rates for          this process. Some schools are included in surveys
Government civilians stationed in posts in foreign          others are not. Lenoir Graham, Chief of Human
areas are set by the Department of State. Annually,         Resources at HQ reported that new contracts from a
each post is required to submit a quarterly expenditure     twelve month period are extracted by DoDEA and
report to the Department of State, Office of                provided to the State Department who review the
Allowances. The report reflects the quarters and utility    information. The answer provided by management is
expenses for employees who initially occupied               still contradictory. OFT is asking for further clarification
economy quarters or changed economy quarters                and a clear description of the process to determine
during the past twelve months of the reporting period       whether LQA should be raised.
as reported on the employees’ SF-1190 and LQA
Worksheet. Once the review for a post is completed,         Management responded that they would seek further
the rates are revised annually so the majority of the       clarification next week and provide it to OFT.
employees at the post who are within the authorized
space standards are fully covered for their allowable       Copiers at Naples. OFT reported that the copiers at
LQA expenses. In addition to the annual review, the         Naples are old and constantly breaking down. OFT
rates are adjusted quarterly by the Office of               asked when funds would be available to replace much
Allowances to reflect exchange rate changes. In             needed working copiers at Naples. This was raised
addition to regularly scheduled reports,                    locally and the LUR was told that funds would not be
posts may, when they believe the LQA to be                  available until 2010. It was reported that one of the
inconsistent with current quarters costs, file an interim   copiers is being held together with duct tape.

JLMC March 18, 2008
Ankara, Turkey
                                                              not the official avenue to notify the union of a change
Management reported that copiers are under a 5-year           in working conditions. Any issue related to conditions
lease contract. Copiers for all of DoDDS in Italy will be     of employment or personnel, e.g. classroom
replaced en masse 1 Oct 2010.                                 interruptions and changes in bell schedules, must be
                                                              raised with the OFT local union representative.
Any copiers needing repair will be fixed. Copiers have
always been fixed as needed/required within 24 hours          Management responded that they know of no
of the request. Until late January the DSO was not            committees that are actively endeavoring to change
aware that there were recurring problems with some of         work conditions of bargaining unit members.
the machines. Upon notification the contract manager          Management acknowledges that the participation of
was contacted. There was a delay in the identification        unit members as designated representatives of the
of the copiers for the contract work-- now that the           union does not obviate the responsibility of
copiers have been identified repair work will                 Management to deal with the Union on any substantive
commence, if in fact it hasn’t already been completed.        changes to conditions of employment. Management
                                                              would like to remind the LURs to work though the
There was a breakdown in the report process, which            chain of command. Management would like to remind
hopefully will not occur again.                               LURs to work through the chain of command. A
                                                              reminder to all Administrators will be sent out on this
OFT noted that teachers certainly reported that copiers       matter.
were not working and hopes that a system will be put
into place that insures the timely reporting of problems      OFT thanked management for sending out reminders
with copies so that repairs can be made quickly.              to local administrators on this matter.

Health Care. OFT recognizes that the current                  Policy Grievance: College Credit For DoDDS/DoDEA
procedure to determine if the military clinic is a            Workshops. OFT filed a policy grievance and is
preferred provider, the employee must call the health         awaiting a response. If a response is not received by
insurance company. It seems cumbersome because it             the time of the JLMC meeting, we will be well beyond
means that in order to select an insurance company an         the 25 days required by management to respond to the
employee would have to call all the companies. OFT            grievance. When will management provide the OFT
asked whether or not there is a way that DoDEA can            with a response for the grievance? We would prefer
help facilitate to find a way to get this information in a    not to invoke arbitration without a decision.
more efficient manner. This would assist everyone, not
just OFT unit members.                                        Management denied the grievance but OFT reported
                                                              that DoDDS-E, in fact, granted the grievance. The
Management responded that each carrier contracts              policy grievance specifically addressed management’s
with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to              reason for not offering a course as “double dipping” but
provide certain health benefits to all persons who            in the response noted that there is no statutory reason
enroll in its participating plan. . Agency responsibilities   that would prevent DoDDS-E from offering courses.
include but are not limited to providing eligible persons     As such the grievance was granted. Management also
with information on their rights and responsibilities         noted in the response that the workshop under
under the FEHB Program. Management provided a                 dispute. the recent Foreign Language workshop, did
resource and an attachment for further clarification.         not meet the rigor necessary to offer credit.

OFT thanked management for this information.                  Manpower Documents, POM and Staffing Changes.
                                                              OFT requested an update on the POMs including
By Passing the Union - A New Way. OFT reported                which ones have expired and the impact on staffing.
that in several schools there are various kinds of            Many schools are concerned with a loss in staffing.
committees, including grade level, department and SIP         Naples and Sigonella have maintained enrollment but
committees. Principals raise issues at these meetings         have suffered a loss in staffing. Rota ES and others
to include subjects that are conditions of employment.        have lost special education slots though the caseload
OFT requests that management notify all                       is the same. Other schools lost clerical staff.
administrators that conditions of employment and other
personnel matters should not be addressed at these
types of meetings. Although an OFT member may be
representing the union during these meetings, that is
JLMC March 18, 2008,                                                                                                    2
Ankara, Turkey
Management reported that it is a fact that school            Aviano MS/HS Funding for Repairs. OFT reported
staffing at any moment may be out of sync with actual        that there are several maintenance projects awaiting
enrollment. This is because current staffing is based        funding at Aviano MS/HS to include doors, locks on
on enrollment figures as of September 30 of the              exterior doors, and gym floor care. The principal
previous school year. Therefore, actual                      reported that she is awaiting funding. OFT requested
increased/decreased enrollments during the current           a timeline on when funds will be available.
school year will cause staffing changes for the
following year. Both the District and DoDDS-E take           Management responded that DoDDS-E has not
these changes into consideration when allocating             received funding for this quarter. The current budget is
individual school staffing, via the Staffing Authorization   funding “must fund” items like bus transportation.
Document (SAD). The SPED positions are determined            Management hopes to see the money before April 1st
as of active cases listed in EXCENT, although that           for all budget items.
would not always be the sole determinant, as co-
location of schools could facilitate an adjustment in        OFT will continue to monitor repairs in Aviano.
Management reported that in the past Sigonella               Services for Ankara Educators. OFT requested an
MS/HS and Naples MS/HS were provided with                    update on services in Ankara. Access to the American
positions from the DSO from a reserve pool which             Embassy ends on 1 April, leaving unresolved issues.
meant that they had more staff than was authorized.
As such, the current reduction is to bring it into line      Management responded that they signed off on I-
with where it should be prior to the additional staff.       CAST until October 1. Teachers will receive services
Additional staffing is reflected in previous staffing        at the Embassy. Management, base officials and
documents that are no longer available for future            union will continue toward solutions for services
staffing at the local schools.                               beyond October 1, 2009.

OFT responded that clarification about the special           OFT thanked management for their assistance.
education staffing needs to be communicated more
clearly to all. OFT will contact Lorrie Sebastyn at          DoDDS-E School Closings And Material Sharing. OFT
DoDEA headquarters for clarification on how staffing         reported that Ankara Elementary teachers would like to
was done for certain schools within the Med.                 be able to get supplies, including construction paper,
                                                             and our information specialist would like to ask for
Itemized Travel Vouchers. OFT noted that local               books to update our aged collection and asked how
finance provided educators with a travel voucher             this can be done.
itemizing the expenses being reimbursed. OFT
requested that this information be provided again            Management responded that Ankara ES should send a
under the new DTS system.                                    consolidated list of requested supplies to Jonathan
                                                             Harris, Logistics Division. When the request is
Management responded that travelers will be receiving        received, items that can be sent to Ankara ES/HS will
a copy of the settlement voucher once it has been sent       be identified at closing schools. The school's
to DFAS. DoDDS-E is currently establishing a process         Information Center Specialist should work with Jeanie
to ensure that all travelers will be provided with a copy    McNamara to determine their needs. Anything that
of the settlement. The District Travel Assistants            requires commercial shipping may be problematic due
(DTAs) will send it electronically to the traveler           to Turkish Customs requirements.
confirming that the DoDDS-E Resource Management
Office (RMO) has sent it to DFAS. This process               Behavior Policies on Student Trips. OFT is concerned
cannot be automated because our accounting system            with the excessive bending of school policy.
does not communicate with DFAS. Once the voucher             Educators are concerned that they are not being
has been sent to DFAS it will then be emailed to the         supported by administration when discipline issues
traveler.                                                    arise on student trips. In Vicenza, a student was
                                                             caught shop lifting while on a sports trip. The parents
An itemized voucher is sent to DFAS and the                  were present yet the student was allowed ride the
employee will be copied so he will know what                 school bus home with the team. The sponsor was told
payments can be expected.                                    (not asked) to allow the student to ride the bus back
                                                             with the team. The school’s athletic handbook clearly

JLMC March 18, 2008,                                                                                                3
Ankara, Turkey
states the process for infractions during student travel.   vulnerability gaps in the network and provides the
OFT requests an explanation of why school policy was        foundation and control required for the IT Division to
not adhered to and why the sponsor was directed to          be able to do their job and consistently manage
supervise this student on an 11+ hour bus trip back to      student computers across DoDDS-E.
                                                            OFT further clarified that the IT changes have made
Management responded that when the principal                alterations to computer rights of teachers. Lab
assessed the situation, many factors were considered        teachers are unable to access student work. In some
allowing the student to ride home on the bus with the       cases student work is no longer authored by the
team. These factors were provided to the union to           student but rather there is a generic author. The local
substantiate the decision including mitigating              AT cannot create new student accounts. The librarian
circumstances.                                              cannot set a time to back up the system; the thirty
                                                            minute security where the work station locks disables
OFT noted that this is not the first time that the policy   the backing up system for the library.
has not been adhered to by management. The bigger
issue and the concern of educators is what lesson is        Management briefed OFT that DoDDS-E was
being learned by all students when they see that the        inspected by a DOD agency and changes were
policy does not apply to all. Educators were not told       implemented to comply with certain rules. DoDDS-E is
whether or not anything was told to the team. OFT           working on a waiver that will allow users and/or
noted that the individual cases are not the issue.          software. Management responded that IT will look at
                                                            making some of the suggested modifications.
IT Policy. OFT raised a recent change in IT Policy
which requires that teachers will have rights to their      OFT thanked management for looking into the
computer downgraded to “user rights”. OFT is                possibility of making the suggested changes and OFT
concerned that this change has a big impact on lab,         would also like to thank Jeff Sutton and his office for all
computer, business and other teachers who manage            of their work and efforts to meet the needs of
student computers.                                          educators, especially with assistance in aiding primary
                                                            school log in problems.
Management reported that the IT Division must keep
the network and user data as secure as possible while       Incirlik Science Labs and classrooms. OFT requested
ensuring all DoDDS-Europe computer users have               an update on the condition of the science labs at
appropriate computer rights required to perform their       Incirlik and information on Beth Pond’s visit together
jobs. This “least privilege” access configuration was       with the engineer’s estimate for an upgrade and any
recently implemented school-wide at Bahrain with very       other information that can be provided. Management
few issues. The teachers and staff were at first            reported that Beth Pond did not visit Incirlik and
skeptical, but once they realized all their programs        provided the following:
would function as before, they were more than
receptive to the changes. Many were relieved that           The Science Lab in the existing portion of school
their perceived responsibility to install software and      would be considered a modernization process. Steve
configure printers fell into the hands of local IT          Arn, DSO Engineer, will be going to Incirlik in April
professionals and not themselves. This change also          08 to assess the feasibility of the Incirlik Science
significantly improved the performance of computers         Lab project, formulate engineering requirements
and the network.                                            and assist in getting project on the fast track. Host
                                                            Nation approval (HNA) will be required for this project.
The DoDDS-Europe network is a DoD network and
                                                            HNA would take approximately 4 - 8 months, if there
must follow the security regulations to protect data and
                                                            are no changes. Any change would require HNA
the people using that data. Management briefed OFT
                                                            approval, thus extending the overall time before the
on the requirements pertaining to user privileges.
                                                            project could even be executed. A time table is
                                                            unknown due to the politics involved in the Turkish
The goal of the IT Division is to provide the best
                                                            Host Nation Process and availability of products within
possible network services and computer support to
                                                            Turkey itself.
facilitate the education of our students. Conversely, it
is the IT Divisions’ duty to secure the network services
                                                            While a scope of work will be identified, the cost
against internal and external attacks. Implementing
                                                            (estimate) for this work will not be given, due to the
the “least privilege” access for all users prevents many
JLMC March 18, 2008,                                                                                                  4
Ankara, Turkey
sensitivity of this information given to potential           Management reported that the recent transfer of data
contractors.                                                 from the current program into the online version was
Funding availability will depend upon DoDDS-E and            successful. As a result, DoDEA is preparing to
DoDEA Facilities.                                            disseminate a memorandum outlining the
                                                             requirements for the 6 week long Excent pilot to take
OFT thanked management for any assistance on this            place this Spring in Vicenza ES, Wiesbaden and Lajes
since the labs are very much in need of repair.              MS schools.

Incirlik Science Labs in the Education Center. OFT           Staff members will need to use and maintain the
reported that the use of the lab was cumbersome and          current Excent program for routine special education
inefficient and asked management for any further             business for the entire 6 weeks of the pilot.
information on the use of the science lab in the
education center?                                            The purpose of the pilot at the selected schools will be
                                                             to check the functionality of the program and to receive
Management disagrees that the use of the Lab at the          feedback from the Excent users to determine areas of
Education Center is cumbersome and inefficient. The          improvement needed to support the successful
Ed Center laboratory and the chemical room are               implementation of the web-based Excent. The
located in the same building --an improvement from           feedback will be reviewed at the end of the pilot period
the previous condition. The students need only travel        to determine any additional needs. Full implementation
from the classroom through a gate to the science lab.        of the web-based Excent is expected to occur at the
                                                             beginning of SY 08-09.
Management reminds OFT that teachers expressed
disappointment that this particular location was not         OFT asked that Eileen Kless participate in the Lajes
previously made available and OFT officers                   training as the OFT representative.
encouraged the principal to make this particular facility
available.                                                   Online Applications at DODEA / Visas/TOPS. OFT is
                                                             monitoring acquisition of visas for Italy and is
While it would be ideal to have a brand new state of         concerned that DoDEA is taking over a month to
the art laboratory adjacent to the teacher’s                 process PCS orders. OFT is extremely concerned that
classroom(s) that is not feasible at this time. Until such   visas will not be provided in a timely fashion to
time as a new laboratory is built into the present school    educators moving to Italy and that this will have a
structure, the use of the Education Center lab, as an        negative impact on the education program since it is
interim measure, will continue.                              possible that teachers may not be available at the start
                                                             of school. OFT asked what is being put in place by to
It should be noted that the Education Center was a           prevent the problems we had last summer especially
part of the Incirlik HS up until the end of SY 2005. Due     given the delays in processing PCS orders.
to a drop in student population, and the cost of
maintaining that portion of the facility, that section was   Management reported that DoDEA HQ is currently
transferred over to the Base Education Center. The           working on resolving the backlog of orders that they
transferred section included the science labs and            have. They are working with Fiscal to expedite the
music room and other General Purpose Classrooms.             funding and approval of these orders. There have
                                                             been some internal changes within the Customer
OFT disagreed with management’s response and is              Operations Team staff to avoid further delays in
requesting a less cumbersome procedure. Carl                 processing orders. HQ has already been in contact
Albrecht, Assistance Superintendent, will be visiting        with the State Department and Italian Consulate
the school this week. Linda Hogan, LUR in Incirlik, will     offices to ensure that we don't encounter the problems
coordinate a walk through with the Science                   we had last school year. HQ will be tracking Passports
Department, Carl Albrecht, Reynard Eddings, Principal        and Visa applications as they are processed to avoid
and the SLO to look at the science labs. They will also      any possible delay.
discuss streamlining the scheduling of the space.
                                                             Additionally, individuals will be advised that if they are
                                                             currently overseas and an Italian Consulate is
Excent. At the last JLMC management reported on a
                                                             available to them that they may request their visa from
pilot on a new version of Excent. OFT asked for a
                                                             that office.
timeline for Excent piloting, a review of the data from
the pilot and possible full implementation.
JLMC March 18, 2008,                                                                                                  5
Ankara, Turkey
OFT responded that we will continue to monitor this       have a plan in place that has been developed locally
issue.                                                    by the principal and the LUR.
Fire Drills at Naples ES. OFT requested a follow-up
                                                          It is planned that all Mediterranean District principals
on the problem of the dysfunctional fire alarms at
                                                          will be provided the attached SOP that has been
Naples Elementary school.
                                                          developed by the DSO to be used at all schools.
Management responded that the Naples ES fire alarm
                                                          OFT will provide comments.
system is not dysfunctional. The Navy has reported
that the Fire Alarm system in the school is functioning
properly. Over the past 2 months, there was one false
                                                          Update on Base closures/realignment/moves for
alarm at the ES caused by dust in the sensor. There
                                                          Europe. OFT requested an update on transformation.
were no false alarms in the HS. The Navy has
                                                          Management provided the following:
reported that maintenance is being performed as
                                                          Summer 08 Transformation Actions
The Administrators have confirmed that maintenance
                                                          School Openings
is being performed and the system is functioning better
                                                          Netzaberg ES
than it has over the past 4 years.
                                                          Netzaberg MS (current Grafenwoehr MS will become
                                                          Netzaberg MS)
OFT responded that it should not take 4 years to repair
a fire alarm system and will continue to monitor this
                                                          Verified closures
issue and have it back on the agenda if the problems
                                                          Darmstadt ES/MS
                                                          Argonner ES
                                                          Hanau MS/HS
Update On School Maintenance And School
                                                          Dexheim ES
Construction. OFT asked for an update.
                                                          Wuerzburg ES/MS
                                                          Wuerzburg HS
Management provided updates to the school
                                                          Gaeta ES
construction projects. Facilities received funding for
                                                          Neubruecke ES
the following projects within the MED District during
the 2nd Quarter. Programmed amount for these
                                                          Verified consolidations
projects - $623K.
                                                          Aviano MS and Aviano HS will become Aviano MS/HS
                                                          AFNORTH ES and AFNORTH HS will become
        Sigonella MS/HS--Repair HVAC system
                                                          AFNORTH ES/HS
        Incirlik Complex--Redesign roof to include
        replacement of roof trusses
                                                          Verified administrative changes
        Sigonella ES--Paint exterior Bldg 213
                                                          Stuttgart schools (Patch ES, Patch HS, Boeblingen
        Aviano Complex--Repair HVAC
                                                          ES/MS, and Robinson Barracks ES/MS) moved from
                                                          Bavaria to Heidelberg District
        Med DSO--Repair fire alarm/notification system
        Vicenza HS--Replace Bldg 390A HS LAN (first
                                                          Defense Travel System. OFT reported that it
        Lajes Complex--Replace exterior doors
                                                          continues to be concerned with the lack of timeliness
        Lajes Complex--Refurbish Multipurpose Room
                                                          of receipt of orders and the TOT of TDY payments.
        Sigonella MS/HS--Correct drainage around
                                                          There seems to be a time lag between DoDDS-E
        school track
                                                          receiving the voucher and sending it to DFAS.
        Vicenza ES--Electrical repairs - ES computer
        Med DSO--Refurbish Existing front steps           Management responded that the goal for the Travel
        (handicapped)                                     Office is to get the travel orders to the traveler five
Heat and Cold in Buildings. OFT reported that it          days prior to traveling. The time for processing of
continues to be concerned about the lack of any           travel orders varies depending upon when the request
contingency plan for each school when rooms are too       is received, if the traveler is already registered in DTS,
hot or too cold. OFT believes it is a good practice to    and if the traveler has provided all the necessary travel
JLMC March 18, 2008,                                                                                                 6
Ankara, Turkey
information. Travel orders for both individuals and          in place prior to implementation. The early release
group travel are prioritized in order of the calendar        days can be used for any activities agreed to locally,
date of the travel or event. Those events that occur         not just professional development or SIP.
soonest will receive first priority.
DoDDS-E is currently processing travel vouchers from         Sick Leave at Incirlik. OFT reported that educators at
11 February. The goal is to process travel vouchers          Incirlik are not permitted to request a sick day the
within two days of receipt as long as all receipts are       previous day. The principal requests that educators
attached, get it through the routing process and off to      call the school secretary at 7:00 am on the day the
DFAS within two days of approval, and the itemized           educator is out sick.
settlement voucher back to the traveler. The
completed process should take no more than 10-15             Management responded that there would be follow up
days from the time the traveler submits the SF 1351-2.       with the local principal.

OFT will continue to monitor the timeliness of orders        Substitute Usage. The Union reported that several
and payments and noted that DTS is still not working.        schools are looking for ways to provide coverage
                                                             rather than hire a substitute. Teachers cannot be
Defense Travel System MOU on Advance. OFT noted              asked to substitute during their prep periods unless
that it was still awaiting Management’s proposal and         under extraordinary circumstances. If teachers are
TDY advances. The proposal was due 1 March.                  directed to provide coverage during preparation time,
Management reported the following:                           they should be paid at their hourly rate to complete
                                                             classroom preparations after the duty day. In another
Below is the information received from James Hooks,          school, teachers take on double classes for a morning.
DFAS-Indianapolis:                                           OFT objects to the way some administrators present
Requests for advances are provided to DFAS Indy,             the issue of substitute shortages to teachers. OFT
along with the manually computed advance request             noted that teachers should not be led to feel “guilty” for
according to the JTR. DFAS Indy processes the                taking appropriate leave.
advance and DoDDS ensures it is posted to DTS so
that it is deducted from the final payment. The DFAS         Management reported that we must be good stewards
policy is what is in the JTR and the DoDFMR                  of our resources. DoDDS-E went over 1.2 million
concerning advances. Forms were provided.                    dollars to provide coverage. Upper management
                                                             asked the DSOs to monitor substitute usage.
The following are the procedures for requesting an           Management has asked local principals to look at
Advance from Active Travel, DFAS Indianapolis:               substitute usage specifically for GS positions such as
Orders must state "Member does not have a                    aides and clerical substitutes.
government credit card". Orders must state "Advance
Authorized". An advance is paid at no more than 30           OFT gave examples of how teachers are very careful
days at 80% of the lodging and meals (per diem). The         with being absent and are concerned about lost
first and last day are travel days and are paid at 75%.      instructional time; however OFT also noted that
For the advance DFAS will pay 80% of the 75% for the         teachers have the right to use their leave.
first and last day. For Invitational Orders the amount
will be specified in the orders, and will be paid specific   Management responded that a communication would
to that amount. DFAS will pay transportation                 go out in the Friday packet clarifying substitute usage.
expenses with the advance.
                                                             Professional Development. Management requests
OFT will continue to monitor DTS and the advance             that teachers support the professional development
process.                                                     opportunities provided by DoDDS.

Professional Development – Early Release days. OFT           OFT concurs with management. DoDDS-E
reported that there was a concern that early release         sponsored professional development is an opportunity
days that are a result of teachers volunteering to           which we would like to see continue.
extend the instructional day are being misconstrued as
SIP days only, particularly at Sigonella ES. OFT             Schedule in Incirlik. An MOU on the Incirlik schedule
reported that all agreements for extending the school        was signed by Linda Curtis, Deputy Director of
day for early release must be negotiated and an MOU          DoDDS-E and Marie Sainz-Funaro, President OFT.

JLMC March 18, 2008,                                                                                                    7
Ankara, Turkey

        Orders and TDY Payments. Educators are still reporting delays for TDY orders and claims for
        payment. If you are having trouble with TDY orders, obtaining tickets or payment, please contact and

        LQA Updates. Please update your form 1190 in DAPPS even if you are above your housing
        allowance. Two reasons to do this. 1) If LQA is raised, you will receive higher payments as
        reflected in your application and 2) Data extractions from 1190’s are used to make determinations
        about increasing LQA rates by the DoDEA and the State Department.

        Membership Cards. Many OFT members have NOT received their membership cards in the
        mail. OFT is working with AFT to solve the delay.

                                                       UPCOMING EVENTS
                                               JLMC – May 8, 2008, Sigonella, Italy

                                       OFT Convention – May 17, 2008, Tirrenia, Italy

                                      OFT Graduate Institute for Teachers (GIFT)
                                    Summer Masters degree program in Naples and Rota
                                      contact Marr Cagle

                                                      OFT Membership APPLICATION
                       To enroll, contact your OFT local/council rep in your school or complete this form and forward to:
                                   Overseas Federation of Teachers, Unit 31301, Box 65 , APO AE 09613
                           Checks should be made payable to OFT and sent to the above address.
                                                           Please check applicable box:
              [ ]$510. Full time teacher in bargaining unit        [ ]$510. Full time teacher not grandfathered
              [ ]$275. Half time teacher in bargaining unit                 outside unit
              [ ]$300. Full time teacher grandfathered             [ ]$150. Substitute or aide
                       outside unit                                [ ]$35. Retired member. First year free.

                                 Membership includes $1,000,000 liability insurance and $25,000 accidental insurance

              Name: _____________________________________________________________________
              Signature: __________________________________________________________________
              Phone: _____________________________________________________________________

JLMC March 18, 2008,                                                                                                        8
Ankara, Turkey

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