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Proftech LLC - Company Capsule

Reference Code: RT1611CA
Published Date: May 2011


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Proftech LLC


Proftech LLC - Company Overview

Proftech LLC (Proftech) is a retailer which specializes in the provision of office supplies. The product line of the company
includes General Products such as carrying cases, crafts and recreation room products, desk accessories and money
handling products; Furniture and Janitorial Products such as desks and workstations, chairs, sofas, tables, fans, heaters,
safety and sanitary wear and personal hygiene products; Technology Products such as imaging supplies and accessories,
adaptors, computer components and office machines. THe company also offers Keurig premium coffee system and
interactive whiteboards. Proftech sells its products through its retail stores as well as through its website. The company is
headquartered in New York, the US.

Proftech LLC - Key Facts

Proftech LLC, Key Facts

                                  200 Clearbrook Rd., Elmsford,
                                  New York (NY), 10523, United      Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                                                                           N/A

Telephone                         + 1 800 9373000                   No. of Employees         55

Fax                               + 1 914 3478354                   Financial Year End       N/A


Industry                          Retailing

Locations                         United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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Proftech LLC


Proftech LLC - Major Products and Services

Proftech LLC is a retailer specializing in providing office supplies. Key products and services of the company include the

Proftech LLC, Major Products and Services

General line products

Carrying cases

Money handling products

Envelopes, mailers and shipping supplies

Furniture products:




Desks and work stations

Technology products:

Imaging supplies

Office machines

Audio visual equipments

Brewing system for office


Printer services

coffee services

online Ordering services
Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primar
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