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					Green Design and Web 2.0
Andrew Sweatman WSP Environment & Energy
           Social networking site
 announced on October 13 that it has switched
     from using hard disk drives in its servers to
using PCI Express cards loaded with solid state
   chips as primary storage for their data center
        operations. MySpace said the solid state
    storage uses less than 1% of the power and
     cooling costs that their previous hard drive-
                      based server infrastructure

               Press Release October 13, 2009
  Since 1980, Chicago’s average temperature has risen approximately
    2.6 degrees.Our current trajectory poses risks to our economy and
       health. They demonstrate that we need to act now to reduce our
emissions, while preparing for climate changes that cannot be avoided.
        We face a big challenge - but we have also been granted a big
 opportunity. Every Chicago resident and business has a role to play in
     implementing the Chicago Climate Action Plan, which will not only
  ensure a more liveable climate for the world but also for the city. The
economy and quality of life could improve. Jobs could be created. New
                                             technologies will emerge.

               Chicago Climate Change Action Plan
Green Design and
the Web
Green Design and the Web are two key
drivers changing the technology sector
Almost every product launch today highlights
interactivity and environmental features
Greening of Web 2.0
 The term "Web 2.0" is
 commonly associated with web
 development and web design
 which facilitate interactive
 information sharing,
 interoperability, user-centered
 design and collaboration on the
 World Wide Web
 Services such as PowerMeter
 blend the web and energy
 monitoring into tools that can be
 integrated and shared
 EIATRACK is an online tool for
 quickly and cost-effectively
 navigating the maze of
 environmental regulations and
 legislation in every country
 Expands the Environmental
 Regulatory Compliance system
 into a web .20 service
 Pages can be “tagged” and
 “shared” within an organization
 Pages within EIATRACK 2.0 can
 be customized to the users
 needs and “mashing” up content
 from around the web
Web         2

“Almost certainly, many people will have to
work together dynamically and at high speed
if we are to respond adequately to the next
decade’s key challenges of oil, water and
global food shortages and climate change. A
big idea of Web Squared is that this may be
achieved by applying the philosophies of
Web 2.0 to mainstream politics and business
Tim O’Reilly inventor of the term 2.0

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