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									Go-To-Market Strategies Product Launch Checklist
Thanks for requesting the Go-To-Market Product Launch Checklist. At Brand Profility we know that launching
a product or service—whether it’s a new version or an entirely new concept—can be a complex, and often
overwhelming process. We hope this checklist and associated timeline will help make your launch a little less so.

How We Can Help
If you require more assistance, Brand Profility offers a complete line of marketing and sales consulting services to help with your launch.

    Product/Service Marketing Strategy                                                Public Relations
    A Product Marketing Plan or Service Marketing Plan establishes the goals          A well-designed Public Relations Strategy helps you target the right
    and requirements of your offerings and successfully introduces those new          publications, deliver the right message, and schedule releases that
    offerings to the market, including:                                               reinforce other elements in your marketing mix. This effort includes:

      •    Dening and documenting product or service scope, requirements,              •    Writing and producing press releases and press kits
           release schedule, positioning, naming, pricing, packaging,                   •    Designing a release schedule targeted toward appropriate media
           distribution, and evolution                                                  •    Investigation of alternate PR activities, such as speaking
      •    Designing and producing launch materials                                          engagements and award strategies
      •    Planning launch and lead generation events, and                              •    Management and coordination of Media Relations
           follow-up activities
    Promotional Strategy                                                              Brand Profility guides you through the complex world of event
    A comprehensive Promotional Plan increases familiarity with your                  management, working with you to develop and implement a solid Event
    organization and its offerings. Each promotional element is evaluated and         Plan, including:
    included after careful consideration of your company’s evolution, target
    markets, budget, and timeline, and includes:                                        •    Selecting events targeted towards your specic market
                                                                                        •    Establishing stafng, materials, and booth preparation to
      •    Creating high impact advertising campaigns through                                maximize your presence and lead generation at the events
           appropriate media outlets
      •    Developing direct mail campaigns and telemarketing efforts                 Research
      •    Designing point-of-purchase elements for retail placement                  We help you understand the dynamics of your market by conducting
      •    Writing newsletters and producing contests to generate credibility         either wide-ranging or targeted market research, including compiling a
           and excitement                                                             Market Analysis Report on competition, market trends, and customer
                                                                                      satisfaction and preferences.

About Us
Brand Profility is a sales and marketing consulting rm that works with companies and organizations to develop and implement successful strategies.
Based in Orange County, CA, we want to become your most trusted local resource for meeting your sales and marketing goals. Brand Profility
specializes in teaming with small to mid-size companeis that do not yet have full-scale sales and marketing departments, and established companies taking on
strategic efforts that require more than their current sales and marketing staff can handle.

                                                Sales and Marketing Success. It’s Beyond Design.
Product Launch Timeline
Typical timeline and deliverables associated with a successful product launch.

This timeline and checklist cover the key activities and deliverables related to launching a new product or service, including those for both direct and channel
sales. Your particular efforts may encompass more or fewer items than are represented here. Note that conceptualization and development of your product is a
longer process that happens prior to this planning. At the point of launch planning, your offering should have been prototyped, market tested, and be nearing
the end of its development cycle. Operations and other functional groups should be following their own plans and tracking with you toward a successful launch.
Brand Profility wishes you the best of luck with your launch!

                                               Sales and Marketing Success. It’s Beyond Design.
Product Launch—Marketing Checklist
Use this checklist to track your product launch. Enter dates and check off items as you make progress. Use the blank rows to add your own objectives and deliverables.
Categorized by the 5 “P’s” of marketing—Product, Packaging, Place, Price, and Promotion, this checklist will help keep your project launch on track.

           PRODUCT                                                  DUE DATE               RESPONSIBLE             COMMENTS

           Product Name

           Descriptions (25-, 50-, 100-words)

           Prospect Prole

           Five Main Messaging Points


           Demo Scripts

           System Requirements

           Product Documentation

           Assemble Beta Sites

           Beta Release to Production

           Beta Release to Test Sites

           Product Release to Manufacturing

           NFR Copies of Product Available

           Product Finished Goods in Inventory

                                                 Sales and Marketing Success. It’s Beyond Design.
Product Launch—Marketing Checklist (Page 2 of 4)
    PACKAGING                                             DUE DATE              RESPONSIBLE   COMMENTS
    Part Numbers and BOM (Build of Materials)

    Packaging Artwork

    Packaging Production

    PLACE                                                 DUE DATE              RESPONSIBLE   COMMENTS
    Distribution Strategy

    Channel Selection

    Distributor SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) Request

    Sample Packaging to Channel Buyers

    Retail Channel Promotion and Rollout

    PRICE                                                 DUE DATE              RESPONSIBLE   COMMENTS
    Competitive Pricing Report

    Pricing Determination and Sign-off

    Price Sheets

                                         Sales and Marketing Success. It’s Beyond Design.
Product Launch—Marketing Checklist (Page 3 of 4)
    PRODUCT                                            DUE DATE              RESPONSIBLE   COMMENTS

    Sales Guide

    Customer Stories

    Presentation (PPT) with Script

    Competitive Analysis—Final

    New Features and Technologies Overview

    ROI Calculator

    RFP Guide

    Analyst and Customer Reference Database

    Sales and Marketing Training
    Product or Service Overview Brochures

    Technical Overview

    Product or Service Overview Brochures

    Technical Overview

    Audience-specic Datasheets

    White Papers

                                      Sales and Marketing Success. It’s Beyond Design.
Product Launch—Marketing Checklist (Page 4 of 4)
    PRODUCT                                             DUE DATE              RESPONSIBLE   COMMENTS

    Press and Analyst Relations
    Product or Service Fact Sheet

    Reviewer’s Guide

    Analyst Tour

    Pitch Press Tour

    Press Tour

    Company Backgrounder

    Press Release Announcing Product

    Screen Shots

    Speaking Engagements

    Lead Generation
    Promotional Strategy—Final

    Introductory Pricing/Giveaways

    Advertising Placements

    Direct Mail Campaign(s)

    Trade Shows


    Web Site Update

                                       Sales and Marketing Success. It’s Beyond Design.

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