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									                                                                  msW is a privately-held, customer-driven supply chain service provider conveniently
                                                                  located in indianapolis, indiana. our specialties include Assembly, Packaging & Kitting,
                                                                  Parts cleaning, Warehousing, and sorting, inspection & reworking services. msW is ts
                                                                  16949:2009 certified, iso 9001:2008, and a certified minority business enterprise (mbe).
                                                                  based on a foundation of strong leadership, industry experience, and proven success in
                                                                  exceeding customer expectations, since 1996 msW has been dedicated to our growing
         t s 16949 & iso 9001 cer tified                          customer base. We are committed to providing quality products and services “on time,
cer tified minority Business Enterprise (mBE)
                                                                  first time, every time”

                                 • Incoming / Outgoing Quality Assurance                                  • Turnkey packaging services
                                 • Purchasing of components                                               • Auto bagging
                                 • Scheduling – Incoming / Outgoing                                       • Skin packaging
     Assembly And

                                 • Lean manufacturing                                                     • Custom cartoning, boxing, & bagging

                                                                                          And KittinG
                                 • In-line testing and verification processes                             • Over/shrink wrapping
                                 • Sequencing                                                             • Direct shipments
                                 • Mistake proofing                                                       • Assembly of kits
                                                                                                          • Labeling and bar coding
     sortinG, insPection,

                                 • On site or in house sorting                                           Epicor 9 EntErprisE rEsourcE planning (Erp) systEm
                                                                                                         • Financial management
                                 • Highly trained inspectors
     And reWorKinG

                                                                                                         • supply chain management
                                 • Daily reporting                                                       • Production management
                                 • Site supervisor                                                       • human capital management
                                                                                                         • electronic data interchange (edi)
                                 • TS 16949 & ISO 9001 procedures                                        • material requirements Planning (mrP)
                                 • Reworking & recovery of components                                    • Automated Web and email reporting
                                                                                                         • interaction w/ supplier & customer Web based Portals
                                                                                                         Epicor 9 WarEhousE managEmEnt systEm (Wms)
                                 • Ultrasonic five stage automated washing                               • radio Frequency (rF) scanning OUR STORY
     ultrAsonic PArts cleAninG

                                                                                                         • real-time inventory control
                                 • Cleaning for cast iron and carbon steel                               • inbound and outbound lot control, serial tracking,
     And milliPore testinG

                                 • High volume capacity                                                   consolidated picking, cross docking and carton packing
                                                                                                         • task and load management with interactive real time
                                 • Millipore testing
                                                                                                          management of activities and consumption.
                                 • TS 16949 procedures and ISO 9001                                      • order verification redundancy
                                 • Highly trained testing specialists                                    ElEctronic Data intErchangE (EDi)
                                 • Latest inspection procedures                                          • edi communication w/ suppliers & customers
                                                                                                         • incoming/outgoing 820s, 830s, 856s, and 997s
                                                                                                         suppliEr portal
                                                                                                         • Provides real-time inventory & “min/max” data to supply base
                                                                                                         • ensures suppliers only ship required product at
                                 • Management of product flow,                                            appropriate times
                                                                                                         • inventory and transaction updates
     suPPly chAin mGmt’

                                   information flow, and finance flow
     And WArehousinG

                                                                                                         • Asn submissions
                                 • Purchasing and scheduling of inventory
                                                                                                         customEr portal

                                 • Quality assurance                                                     • Provides customers with real-time visibility of inventory
                                                                                          serVices And

                                 • Sequence for line presentation                                         and historical transaction data
                                                                                                         • inventory and transaction updates
                                 • Customer and supplier portals
                                                                                                         othEr systEms
                                 • Paperless WHM system                                                  • bar coding system integrated with epicor 9 erP
                                                                                                         • redundant local and offsite data backup system

                                                            ON TIME. FIRST TIME. EVERY TIME.
                                                            8258 Zionsville Road • Indianapolis, IN 46268
                                                            Phone: 317.472.5800 • Fax: 317.472.5801 •

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