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                                                                     Take to the road and don’t forget to take along your
    • Great Travel Companion                                                             Golden West
    • Rechargeable                                              Prepaid Long Distance Phone Card
    • $15 buys you about
      180 minutes                                                                                 Having fun is the only thing you need to
                                                                                                  remember when you take your Golden
                                                                                                   West prepaid long distance phone card
                                                                                                   with you this summer. It’s simple to
                                                                                                    use and you can call home, call ahead,
                                                                                                     call anytime day or night with our
                                                                                                      low rate of only . . .

                                                                                                           7.9      per minute *
      * Rates good in the 48 Continental U.S. states and Alaska.
      Hawaii and International calls are variable. Certain restrictions may apply.
                                                                                         Dial   777 for more information
     Trouble Reporting Call 611                   •    Customer Service Call 777     • •

        PERMIT NO. 8
                                                                                             415 Crown Street • Wall, SD 57790
       WALL, SD 57790
       U.S. POSTAGE
         PRSRT STD
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                                                          A Newsletter for Customers of Golden West
                                                                              August 2005

          The Mustangs of the
          Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

               What You’ll Find Inside . . .
               Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary
               Gives “Roaming” An Entirely
               New Meaning.

               Looking for Something Good
               to Eat and Watch?

               Too Pooped to Pay? Auto Bank
               Deduct Helps Add Time to
               Busy Lives.
               Whose Problem Is It?

               e-Statement. It’s Like Receiving
                                                                                     Takes On A
               a Free Month of Service.
                                                                                   New Meaning
                      Member of the South Dakota Telecommunications Association
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                                          Black Hills
                                          Wild Horse Sanctuary
                                          Gives ROAMING
                                          an Entirely New Meaning
       More and more people are turning to the Internet in search of romance these days but in the case of those visiting, people aren’t looking for the type of romance that you’d expect to find from an on-line dating service,
       but rather the romantic lure of the old west.

       That’s not to say that some visiting the site aren’t looking for an attractive and free-spirited filly or stallion to take home. Some are.
       But the majority of the 20,000 plus guests who annually visit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary (BHWHS) south of Hot Springs
       are people who share one thing in common, they love horses, especially wild American Mustangs blessed with the freedom to run
       and roam wherever they please.

       The 11,000 acre ranch that once provided horses to the U.S. Cavalry from Ft. Robinson now provides a sanctuary to more than
       400 wild horses, possibly the descendants of some of those same hardy horses once used by the Buffalo Soldiers of the 1880s.
       But unlike the Cavalry who made its inquiries via a dispatch rider or later by telegram, today’s visitor and horse buyer is more likely
        to make their intentions known with an email or phone call.

       “We receive a number of phone calls and about 100 emails each day from people around the world interested in visiting the
       Sanctuary,” said BHWHS program director Susan Watt who attributed part of that marketing success to the Sanctuary’s name.
       “When people do a search for wild horses on Google, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary comes up (alphabetically) near the
       top of the list.”

       Being near the top of an Internet search list wasn’t, however, on the mind of Sanctuary founder and owner Dayton O. Hyde in 1988
       when he formed the non-profit Institute of Range and the American Mustang (IRAM). The Internet as we know it today didn’t even
       exist when Hyde purchased the sprawling Cox ranch and the neighboring tracts of land formerly owned by the Honeywell Corporation.

       What did exist, as Hyde discovered on an earlier trip through Nevada in 1986, was the need for a permanent home for the hundreds
       of captured wild horses then living in government contract lots. The dusty holding pens were part of the Bureau of Land
       Management’s (BLM) program to control overpopulation on
       public lands by offering wild horses for adoption.

       The BLM adoption program was successful in finding homes for
       many of the younger animals but no one wanted the older horses,
       especially those too set in their ways and accustomed to life in
       the wild. Hyde took it upon himself to find a home where even
       those unwanted horses could live out the remainder of their days
       with some dignity. They do that now along with the cougars, wild
       turkeys, peregrine falcons, eagles, mule deer, elk and other
       wildlife that also call the Sanctuary home.
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. It’s Like Receiving
 Telephone Service
      How do I store copies of my bill? Do I need to
      print paper copies? Storing a copy of your on-line
      statement is as simple as going to File on your taskbar and
      selecting Save As. You title the document and store it in a
      folder on your computer’s hard drive just like you would any
      other document. Whether you store one month’s statement
      or an entire year or more is up to you.

      What other capabilities does e-Statement provide?
      e-Statement also allows you to do a “look-up” by clicking on
      any of the phone numbers on your long distance bill. You’ll                       on postage, paper, envelopes and printing costs. The Auto Bank
      be directed to a site that will, provided the number has been                     Deduct or automatic credit card payment requirement also
      entered into a database, give you the name associated with                        insures a more timely receipt of payments.
      that listing. You also have access to three or more months of
      statements whenever you go to the e-Statement site.                               Is e-Statement available in all Golden West areas?
                                                                                        e-Statement is currently available in all Golden West areas in
      How do I qualify for the $2 monthly credit?                                       western and central South Dakota and certain areas in eastern
      You qualify for the $2 monthly credit when registering for                        South Dakota. The service will be available later this fall to cus-
      e-Statement by selecting either Auto Bank Deduct or automatic                     tomers in the former Sioux Valley Telephone, Union Telephone,
      credit card payment. Your telephone/Internet/cable TV bill is                     Armour Telephone and Bridgewater/Canistota Telephone areas.
      then automatically deducted from your savings or checking
      account or applied to your credit card. You must select one of                    If you’re interested in registering for e-Statement service, go to
      these automatic payment options in order to qualify for the credit.      and select the On-Line Phone Statement
                                                                                        link. The $2 credit you receive each month, not to mention the
      Why does Golden West reward people who use the                                    37 cents you’ll save on postage, will, dependent upon where you
      e-Statement service? Sending the billing statement to                             live, almost buy you a gallon of gas.
      customers over the Internet avoids the costs associated with
      providing a paper bill. We’re able to pass on to you our savings

      HIGH-SPEED INTERNET the morning, but what about in
      Other types of high-speed Internet service may work fine during
                                                                               Ready, Set                                GO ...
                                                                                                                           Get  2            months of
      the afternoon when kids get home from school or at night when their parents return from work?

      With DSL service from Golden West, you don’t have to worry about sharing                                                  DSL@
      bandwidth with others – you’re choosing a technology that’s:                                                           DIAL-UP
      Always On...Always Fast and Most Important...                                                                          PRICES
                                                                                                                            Call 777 for More Info
      Always Yours                                  High-Speed DSL is not available in all areas. You must be a Golden
                                                    West telephone customer. This offer is for new DSL accounts only.
                                                                                                                                     Offer Expires August 31st

      Armour 800-392-4984 • Bridgewater/Canistota 800-490-7027 • Hartford 528-3211 • Dell Rapids 428-5421 or 800-952-3566 • Hot Springs 745-3103 • Wall 279-2161   7
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                                                            e-Statement . .
       Whose Problem Is It? Continued from page 5                a FREE Month of
       Try unplugging all of those devices before           Looking for a way to remove the clutter on your desk and save $2 a month in
       plugging a telephone into a jack. If you’re still
                                                            the process? With e-Statement from Golden West, you can do that and more.
       unable to get dialtone, then try that phone or
       another phone at a different jack.
                                                            How does e-Statement work?
       The greatest cause of dialtone problems according    E-Statement replaces the paper bill that you receive in the mail each month
       to the Golden West trouble department continues      with an electronic version that comes directly to your home or business via the
       to be the cordless phone. Some cordless phones       Internet. The statement is emailed to you around the first of the month, or
       will, for example, start seizing the line when the   with the correct username and password, you can log on to the Internet and
       rechargeable battery in the handset begins failing   inspect your bill as often as you’d like, day or night.
       to keep a charge. And don’t forget the obvious;
       cordless phones need AC power in order to work.      Does the statement include my long distance calls?
       It’s simple; no power, no cordless phone, no         The on-line statement will include a list of all of the long distance calls and the
       dialtone – a good reason to also keep a regular      calling detail that currently appears on your paper statement from Golden West.
       telephone in the house for those unexpected          But unlike your paper bill, you can highlight the calls and perform a sort by
       power outages.                                       number dialed, state called, date of calls, etc. The on-line statement even gives
                                                            you the ability to see unbilled long distance calls, calls that have been placed from
       The best way to isolate the cause of a telephone     your number but won’t be appearing on your statement until next month’s bill.
       problem is to go to the Network Interface Device
       (NID) located on the outside of many houses.         What if I need a paper copy of my bill?
       The NID is the location where the telephone          No problem. Obtaining a paper copy of your on-line statement is as easy as
       company’s line and equipment connects to your        hitting the print button on your computer. Print a copy of the entire bill or
       home’s inside wiring (and everything attached to     print a portion of the bill, it’s that easy.
       that wiring). Unplugging a short cable in the
       NID enables a person to eliminate or isolate the
       inside wiring and then plug a phone directly into
       the telephone line. If you have dialtone at that
       point then the problem is probably located
       somewhere inside your home.

       Golden West has made it easy for customers to
       report problems, 24 hours a day, seven days
       a week by providing a special “611” trouble
       reporting number (611 will work from any
       Golden West phone line. Please refer to your
       phone book for the regular Golden West number
       when calling from a non-Golden West line or cell
       phone). Calls during the regular business week
       are answered at the nearest business office while
       calls after-hours and on weekends are answered
       at the Company’s contact service center in
       Rapid City.

      Many telephone companies also offer wire
      maintenance plans that cover the cost of
      isolating trouble to your equipment and even pay
      to replace or repair problems with your inside
      wiring or jacks. Check it out, you may just find
      that the monthly charge for inside telephone or
      cable TV wire maintenance is not only worth the
    6 cost, but the peace of mind that goes with it.
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                                                                                                                      Black Hills Wild Horse
                                                                                                                      Sanctuary founder,
                                                                                                                      Dayton O. Hyde

          Today the Sanctuary operates without any government subsidies
          and relies upon income from tourism, gift shop sales, donations
          and the sale of foals born on the ranch to fund its operation. The Sanctuary also benefits from a loyal
          group of local volunteers who do everything from stuffing envelopes and building fences to watering and feeding the horses.

          Watt also credits technology for playing an important role in the survival of the wild horses because, as she puts it, “Technology makes
          it possible for a small non-profit in South Dakota to reach the world.” But as anyone who works at the Sanctuary will tell you, the
          petroglyphs or stories carved in the canyon walls by a people who visited the site more than 12,000 years ago will undoubtedly outlast
          anything they do on the Internet today.

          For more information on sponsoring a horse, buying a foal or touring the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, go to
 or call 605-745-5955.

             Sanctuary Factoids
             The 1996 TNT movie Crazy Horse was filmed at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.
             A replica of Ft. Robinson was built and remains as part of the tour for those visiting the Sanctuary.

             The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is the largest private, non-profit (501c3) wild horse sanctuary in North America.

             The opening scenes from the 2003 Disney film Hidalgo were filmed at the Sanctuary.

             Sanctuary founder Dayton O. Hyde is also the author of 18 books for adults and children.

             The Sanctuary’s story has been featured on 20/20 and a joint Nebraska ETV Network / South Dakota Public Television
             series titled Wild Horses: An American Romance. Go to for more information.

             The Sanctuary was also featured on a Johnny Walker special Common People Noble Causes and on The Cowboy Series
             on the Outdoor Channel. Stories have also appeared in the South Dakota Magazine and are pending with Western Horseman
             and American Cowboy.
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                                                         Are you
                                             taking advantage of
                               all of the new channels your cable
                   operator has added in recent months? If
          you’re like the typical television viewer, the answer is
          no. You probably spend the majority of your TV time
          still watching the same eight or 10 channels that
          you’ve always watched.

          Why not add a little spice to your life? See what’s
          cooking on the Food Network by tuning into
          programs like Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals.                          And if you think they just don’t make TV shows like they used to, tune to
          And if you have Internet service, go to her link at                   networks like TV Land and Hallmark for many of your favorite shows from
 for a list of recipes. You can                    the past. Can you ever watch Gomer making a “citizen’s arrest” on the Andy
          print the recipes on 3x5 or 4x6 cards and even                        Griffith Show too many times or fail to learn something from Pa Ingalls on
          register and print store coupons good for discounts                   each episode of Little House on the Prairie?
          on groceries, pet and baby supplies, even travel.
                                                                                ESPN Classic will provide that same feeling to sports viewers longing for the
          News junkies still coping with Tom Brokaw’s and Dan                   days when you found diamonds in wedding rings but not in athletes’ ears.
          Rather’s retirements should consider getting a sam-                   Grab a courtside seat and watch Jerry West of the Lakers and John “Hondo”
          pling of the news from additional sources like CNN,                   Havlicek of the Boston Celtics trade baskets in the 1969 NBA Finals or catch
          FOX News Channel, CNBC or the Corporation for                         that professional or collegiate football game you missed 25 years ago.
          Public Broadcasting. Determine for yourself which
          networks are truly “Fair and Balanced”.                                                            It’s all there and more. All you need to do is go
                                                                                                             shopping (check out QVC and HSN for that).
                                                                                                             You can shop non-stop 24-hours a day for
              Here’s a Tasty Offer…                                                                          exclusive merchandise from respected national
                                                                                                             names, all from the comfort of your living room
                                                                                                             or on-line at or
                                                Dump the dish and complicated remote
                                                control – try Cable TV for the 1st time.                     When new channels are added, don’t forget to
                                                                                                             program them into your televisions and VCRs.
        This offer applies                    We’ll give you FREE INSTALLATION and                           This is sometimes as easy as hitting the “menu”
        to first-time
        subscribers only.
        Basic Cable is not
                                                TWO FREE MONTHS                                              button on your remote control and then selecting
                                                                                                             “auto program”. And if all else fails, turn the task
        available in all areas.                          of BASIC CABLE SERVICE                              over to your grandchildren or the neighbor kid or
                                            Call today and find out how easy and inexpensive it can be to    try to locate the owner’s manual.
                                             watch great programming on every television in your home.
                                    Dial 777 from any Golden West phone line or call                         You just might be surprised by the number
                                                                                                             of great entertainment choices that are
                                          Wall 279-2161 • Armour 800-392-4984 • Hartford 528-3211
    4                                                                                                        literally at your fingertips.
                          Offer Expires August 31, 2005       Dell Rapids 428-5421 or 800-952-3566
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      Too Pooped To Pay?
      Auto Bank Deduct Helps Add Time to Busy Lives
      You know the routine. You get home after a long day at work, make supper, help the
      kids with their homework and after everyone is safely tucked into bed, you try to find
      a few precious moments to call your own.

      You reach for the remote control only to have your eyes fall upon the stack of bills
      that have been piling up on your desk since the beginning of the month. You then           Whose Problem
      say a quick goodnight to Leno and Letterman before you begin your search for the
      checkbook, a pen and the book of stamps you purchased last week.

      Well, the only pen that you can find isn’t working, the checkbook has only two blank
                                                                                                    Is It?
                                                                                                 What do you do if you go to use your
      checks left and the stamps that you put into that safe place aren’t to be found. If this   telephone and the line is dead? Well, first
      routine sounds all too familiar, then add a little sanity and time back into your life     of all, don’t panic. Telephone reliability is
      with Automatic Bank Deduct.                                                                as high today as it’s ever been and if you
                                                                                                 do experience problems, there may be a
      Automatic Bank Deduct is a service available from Golden West that does just that;         simple explanation.
      it automatically deducts your Telephone/Internet/Cable TV bill from your checking
      or savings account. It saves you time, it saves you postage, it helps you avoid any late   If you do find yourself in this position, check
      charges and best of all, it’s one less thing to worry about each month.                    with a neighbor first to see if their telephone
                                                                                                 is working. If it is, then the problem may be
      Signing up for the program is as easy as completing a simple form and checking with        in your home’s wiring, telephone jacks or it
      your bank or credit union to see if they offer Bank Deduct. Once you’re enrolled in the    could be something as simple as a phone
      program, you’ll continue to receive your statement around the first of the month.          off the hook. At any rate, you’ll probably get
      The amount of your bill is usually deducted from your account on the 7th (or the first     a cup of coffee and some good conversation
      business day nearest the 7th), giving you more than enough time to direct deposit          in the process.
      your paycheck. It also gives you time to dial 777 to visit with a customer service
      representative if you have questions about any of the charges that appear on your bill.    The next step is to identify all of the devices
                                                                                                 in your home that plug into the telephone
      The only thing better than signing up for Automatic Bank Deduct from Golden West is        line. Cordless phones, answering machines,
      signing up for similar programs offered by other businesses in your community. Check       Caller ID units, computer modems, fax
      with your local energy suppliers, your city finance officer and others to see what plans   machines, alarm systems, digital cable
      they may have available.                                                                   boxes, satellite receivers and of course
                                                                                                 your telephones, are all devices that need
      Who knows? You may just free up enough time in your life to finally listen to those        dialtone to function. Continued on page 6
      opening monologues on late-night TV.


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