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									                       PREMARITAL COUNSELING
All couples marrying in FBCJ are required to have a minimum of five hours of premarital coun-
seling. Summit Counseling Marriage & Family Therapist of FBCJ provide this counseling. An
Engaged Couples Seminar/Luncheon is held four times a year on Sunday afternoons from 12
Noon—5 PM. Completion of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and the PREPARE Inventory
material is required in advance of the seminar. Two weeks must be allowed for computer scor-
ing. After your wedding is scheduled, you will receive a letter giving further details. Seminar
cost is $100 per couple which covers materials and scoring of tests.

If during counseling, your therapist sees there are issues that need more discussion, please be
advised that further counseling may be required before you receive a certificate of completion.
Therefore, it is strongly suggested that counseling begins approximately six months before your
wedding date and no later than three months before as completion of counseling requirements
could affect your wedding date reservations.

If it is impossible for you to attend the Engaged Couples Seminar, you must schedule the
required premarital counseling through the Summit Counseling office at 601-949-1949 as soon
as possible. For counseling done separately from the seminar, the fee is $250. Office hours are
8 AM—5 PM, Monday through Friday.

If your minister wants to do your premarital counseling, please notify the FBCJ Wedding
Coordinator immediately. Premarital counseling must include a tool such as the PREPARE
Inventory by Life Innovations to be approved. A Certificate of Completion must be received by
the FBCJ Wedding Coordinator. The FBCJ ministerial staff has final approval over who
conducts your premarital counseling.

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