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									CUMC - System Admin Roundtable
Monday, July 11, 2011

•   Mission Statement
•   Recent Accomplishments
•   Upcoming Deliverables
•   Questions

Mission Statement

    “CUIT Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    group is responsible for managing identities
    such that Columbia University and all its
    affiliates’ constituents have consistent, timely,
    secure, seamless and reliable access to
    appropriate electronic and physical assets.”
Recent Accomplishments
•   Lenel Overview
     –   Lenel is a mission critical security system. This system manages cameras and controls
         access points at Morningside Campus, Medical Campus, Teachers College, housing and
         dining facilities, libraries, ID centers and Dodge Fitness Center
     –   This system also monitors critical alarms, such as Bursars Office, art gallery, freezers that
         contain research samples, oxygen level in labs, animal facilities, panic alarms, etc, for
         Morningside, Medical Campus and Teachers College
     –   Elimination of SSN on University ID cards and Lenel
     –   Integration between Physical Access and Identity Management systems
     –   Real-time provisioning and de-provisioning (physical access, online services)
     –   Real-time Identity enrollment (DIA)
     –   Deployment of contact-less IClass card technology
     –   Lenel application scaling
•   High Availability for Lenel
     –   Entire system successfully failed over in under 300 seconds

Recent Accomplishments (Cont.)
•   Lenel version upgrade
     –   Successfully completed the first major inter-campus/facility version upgrade to the Lenel
         Access Management System (from version 5.12.012 to 6.1.222)
     –   The latest version of Lenel now supports usage of energy and cost efficient PoE readers,
         and has a collection of features that our stakeholders requested us to provide
•   Federation
     –   Upgraded Columbia IDP to Shibboleth 2.0
     –   Fully-registered participant of the InCommon Federation
     –   IDP returns EduPerson Affiliations
     –   NIH CTSA Wiki access
     –   Microsoft DreamSpark,, etc.
     –   Impact on new vendor evaluation
•   WIND Improvements
     –   Version Upgrade
     –   Ability to return richer affiliation-set
•   UNI activation for OAD (formerly UDAR) alum population without SSN
•   Automated DIA expiration notifications

Upcoming Deliverables

•   Web-photo submit
•   Officer Card roles
•   UNI Synchronization project (password enhancement)
•   SSN Mitigation
•   Online card deactivation
•   UDAR delta feed
•   Barnard College Lenel Implementation
•   WIND to CAS migration


            Thank You


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