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									                           HUNTINGTON BEACH

Date:                      May 2010                                          Vol.    38                      No.     5

POLICE/FIRE EMERGENCY                           911         Information Desk                       714 960-8843
NON-EMERGENCY/DISPATCH                714 960-8825          Graffiti Hot Line                      714 960-8861
POLICE Business Line                  714 960-8811          Neighborhood Watch- Nilda Berndt       714 536-5933
Vacation House Checks (RSVP)          714 374-1507          Layout/Graphic Design                 Tom Gaccione
Website                               E-mail                 
               Compiled and edited by Nilda Patiño de Berndt, HBPD Community Relations Specialist

  The Huntington Beach Neighborhood Watch Program               NATIONAL LAW
  (HBNW) fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30 each year.
  We have estimated we will need approximately $25,000
  this year to cover the various HBNW program expenses
  which include, but are not limited to, newsletter assembly,
  distribution costs, returned postage, mailing labels, etc.
  From the start of our fiscal year to now, we have received
                                                                MAY 9-15, 2010
  $12,967 in donations and newsletter advertisements--
  we still have HALFWAY ($12,033) to go by June 30
  2010. The HBNW Board thanks you and our advertisers           Each May during National Police Week the
  for your support and generous donations. A $6 donation        nation pauses to recognize the service and
  pays for each subscriber’s distribution costs; a $10          sacrifice of U.S. Law Enforcement
  donation helps with these costs and other needed
  expenses and puts your name in the Newsletter as a
                                                                Established in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy
  contributor; and a $25 or more donation accomplishes the      and a joint resolution of Congress, National Police
  above, plus you will receive a HBNW sticker and a token       Week pays special tribute to those law enforcement
  of appreciation.     Remember, HBNW is a non-profit           officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty
  organization; donations are tax deductible.                   for the safety and protection of others. Ceremonies
  As a citizen of the city, we encourage you to review the      are held in Washington, DC, and in communities
  HBNW program budget and expenses.                             across the country.
  We strongly suggest you sign up to receive your               Today in the United States, some 900,000 law
  Newsletter either electronically or through the mail. The
                                                                enforcement officers put their lives on the line for the
  Newsletter has valuable crime prevention information and
  crime statistics. Donations are not necessary to receive      safety and protection of others. They serve with valor
  the Newsletter, but if you wish to make a donation, please    and distinction – and with great success. Federal
  make your check payable to:                                   statistics show that violent and property crime rates in
  HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM                                 the United States are at historic lows, thanks in large
                                                                measure to the dedicated service of the men and
  Send to:        HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                         women of law enforcement.
                  PO BOX 5667                                   That protection comes at a price, however. Each year,
                  HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92615                    there are approximately 16,000 assaults on law
                                                                enforcement officers, resulting in nearly 60,000
  Or:             HB POLICE DEPARTMENT
                  Attn: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
                                                                injuries. Sadly, over the last decade, an average of
                  2000 MAIN ST.                                 160 officers a year have been killed in the line of
                  HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648                    duty. And throughout U.S. history, nearly 19,000
                                                                law enforcement officers have made the ultimate
  For more information please call (714) 536-5933.              sacrifice.                           (continued on page 2)
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER – May 2010                                                                     Page 2
            NATIONAL LAW

          ENFORCEMENT WEEK                                     •   If there wasn’t a crash and you didn’t have to
               (continued from page 1)
                                                                   pay anybody’s medical or car repair bills, and
The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial                 •   If no one was injured so you weren’t charged
Fund is dedicated to honoring all of America’s law                 with felony drunk driving and
enforcement heroes – those who have died in the                •   If that car you wanted so long for wasn’t
line of duty and those who continue to serve and                   totaled, and
protect. That mission is accomplished through the              •   If those friends in the car with you ever talk to
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in                      you again, and then there’s the big one…
Washington, DC, as well as programs such as Officer            •   If no one you loved got injured or killed
of the Month, Officer Roll Call and others.
                                                            CALIFORNIA’S DUI LAW:
We invite you to learn more about the heroes of
American law enforcement and join us in respecting,         It’s even tougher on drivers under 21
honoring and remembering them.                                  • The state “Zero Tolerance” law says that it’s
                                                                    illegal for drivers under 21 to have any
                                                                    measurable alcohol in their blood. If you
   Underage Drinking and Driving:                                   violate that law, the DMV will suspend your
    It costs more than you think                                    license for at least one year.
                                                                • State criminal law says that drivers under 21
YOUR MONEY:                                                         who reach or exceed a .05% blood alcohol
                                                                    level (BAC) will be punished by the courts.
Let’s start with the bad…$17,000
                                                                    (Even 2 drinks can get most people up to or
If you‘re under 21, a first driving under the influence             over the .05% limit.) Courts can impose jail,
(DUI) conviction can cost:                                          probation, fines, fees and lots of other
    • nearly $2,000 in court, arrest and DMV fines,                 penalties. The illegal BAC doesn’t rise to
        fees and penalties                                          .08% until you turn 21.
    • $500 for alcohol education                            THINK YOU’VE GOT EXCUSES?
    • $2,500 for an attorney
    • $12,000 in additional insurance costs over            “But I’ve never been really drunk in my life.”
        seven years                                         It doesn’t matter. Officers won’t be checking for that.
YOUR INDEPENDENCE:                                          All they want to know is whether you have alcohol in
                                                            your system. That’s it.
And move on to the really bad….
                                                            “But when I drink I’m always extra careful.”
Your license is history:
                                                            Careful just doesn’t cut it when you’re impaired.
It’s gone for at least a year. Time to start figuring out   Careful won’t help you stop when a kid runs right in
how you’ll go out on dates, to school, to the movies...     front of your car.
Your freedom is gone:                                       “But it’s not going to happen to me.”
You’re facing up to 48 hours in jail, maybe more.           Tell that to the more than 2000 other California
Your probation can last up to 3 years, maybe more.          drivers under 21 who are in alcohol-involved fatal
YOUR LIFE:                                                  and injury crashes every year. It wasn’t going to
                                                            happen to them either.
Oh, we should mention how lucky you are:
                                                            THERE ARE NO GOOD EXCUSES…
   •   If your boss didn’t find out and you didn’t
       lose your job, and                                                 Remember:
   •   If you had plenty of time on your hands to go          Drinking and driving is against the law
       to court, see a lawyer, hang out at the DMV,         Find or offer a sober ride. Call a cab, take a bus or
       attend a 15-week DUI program, and go to jail         train, get a friend or parent to drive you home, or
       or do community service, and                         check into an Auto Club Tipsy Tow. Plan ahead. It’s
   •   If your parents didn’t ground you for life, and      a lot easier and cheaper than a DUI.
  NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER— May 2010                                                                  Page 3

                  (author unknown)                        The guy who hit me is walking, Mom,
                                                          And I don't think it's fair.
During the two minutes it takes for you to read this      I'm lying here dying
poem, another person will be injured in a drunk driving   And all he can do is stare.
accident.                                                 Tell my brother not to cry, Mom.
I went to a party, Mom,                                   Tell Daddy to be brave.
I remembered what you said.                               And when I go to heaven, Mom,
You told me not to drink, Mom,                            Put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave.
So I drank soda instead.
                                                          Someone should have told him, Mom,
I really felt proud inside, Mom,                          Not to drink and drive.
The way you said I would.                                 If only they had told him, Mom,
I didn't drink and drive, Mom,                            I would still be alive.
Even though the others said I should.
                                                          My breath is getting shorter, Mom.
I know I did the right thing, Mom,                        I'm becoming very scared.
I know you are always right.                              Please don't cry for me, Mom.
Now the party is finally ending, Mom,                     When I needed you,
As everyone is driving out of sight.                      you were always there.
As I got into my car, Mom,                                I have one last question, Mom.
I knew I'd get home in one piece.                         Before I say good bye.
Because of the way you raised me,                         I didn't drink and drive,
So responsible and sweet.                                 So why am I the one to die?
I started to drive away, Mom,                             Parents, talk to your children help to ensure your child
But as I pulled out into the road,                        and many others will get home safely. Make it a sober
The other car didn't see me, Mom,                         graduation. Please don’t text and drive.
And hit me like a load.
As I lay there on the pavement, Mom,
I hear the policeman say,
"The other guy is drunk," Mom,
                                                                                The WRAP Vehicle Theft
And now I'm the one who will pay.                                               Deterrent Device
I'm lying here dying, Mom...
I wish you'd get here soon.                               Recently HBPD acquired a few portable vehicle
How could this happen to me, Mom?                         security systems (steering wheel locks) known as the
My life just burst like a balloon.                        WRAP. The WRAP is an innovative Vehicle Theft
There is blood all around me, Mom,                        Deterrent that mounts easily to the steering wheel and
And most of it is mine.                                   offers a number of features.
I hear the medic say, Mom,                                The WRAP is used to complement hard-wired vehicle
I'll die in a short time.                                 security systems and advertise that if your vehicle has a
I just wanted to tell you, Mom,                           WRAP on the steering wheel it is likely that the vehicle
I swear I didn't drink.                                   is equipped with other security systems.
It was the others, Mom.                                   We have decided to make them available to our
The others didn't think.                                  residents (proof or residence will be required); one per
                                                          household. We have a very limited supply to distribute.
He was probably at the same party as I.                   If you would like one of these steering wheel locks
The only difference is, he drank                          please call Nilda Berndt, HBPD Community Relations
And I will die.                                           Specialist, at 714-536-5933 to reserve one.
Why do people drink, Mom?                                 We extend our appreciation to the Commerce Police
It can ruin your whole life.                              Department for providing us with the WRAP. This
I'm feeling sharp pains now.                              does not imply endorsement of this product.
Pains just like a knife.
 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — May 2010                                                               Page 4

The police patrol areas are the      BEAT 3                                  Vehicle Burglaries
north and south.      The patrol     1 Residential Burglary                  RD 463-2
beats are 2-13.        Your RD       2 Vehicle Burglaries
(Reporting District) is the half-    1 Grand Theft Auto                      Grand Theft Auto
mile square surrounding your                                                 RD 442-1     RD 443-1
home.                                Residential Burglaries                  RD 452-1     RD 462-1
                                     RD 446-1
To locate your Beat and RD,                                                  BEAT 5
please check the map on the          Streets: Kings Canyon                   3 Residential Burglaries
back inside page.    In most                                                 5 Vehicle Burglaries
cases,     your BEAT/RD    is        There was one garage entry              1 Grand Theft Auto
identified   on your  address        Vehicle Burglaries                      Residential Burglaries
mailing label.                       RD 456- 2                               RD 427-1      RD 436-1
RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES                                                       RD 437-1
                                     Grand Theft Auto
56 entries March 15 - April 15       RD 454-1                                Streets:   Samoa Dr., Adams
30 entries Feb. 15 - March 15        BEAT 4                                  Ave., and Holburn Dr.
                                     8 Residential Burglaries
Twenty-six of the entries were due                                           In RD 427 Samoa Dr; Suspect is
                                     2 Vehicle Burglaries
to OPEN OR UNLOCKED windows          4 Grand Theft Auto
                                                                             in custody.
or doors.    Twenty-five of these                                            In RD 436 Adams Ave.;
burglaries were committed during     Residential Burglaries                  Suspect(s)     entered  location
the     day;    Seventeen     were   RD 432-2      RD 433-1                  through unlocked rear sliding
committed at night, and fourteen     RD 452-3      RD 453-1                  door, stole items and exited the
were committed at an unknown         RD 463-1
                                                                             front door.
                                     Streets: Alabama St, Florida St,        In RD 437 Holburn Dr; Suspect
There were nine garage entries.      Anzio Cr, Frankfort Ave, Detroit        possibly known.
There were four attempted entries.   Ave, Beach Bl. and Woolburn Dr          Vehicle Burglaries
                                     In RD 452 Detroit Ave.; the suspect     RD 425-1      RD 428-1
VEHICLE BURGLARIES                                                           RD 434-2      RD 436-1
                                     used a sharp object to cut a screen
70 reported March 15 – April 15
                                     and climbed through an open             Grand Theft Auto
70 reported Feb. 15 – March 15       window to gain entry into the           RD 425-1
                                     In RD 453 Beach Bl.; Suspect pried      BEAT 6
35 reported March 15 – April 15      off a window screen in an attempt       9 Residential Burglaries
25 reported Feb. 15 – March 15       to make entry into the residence        8 Vehicle Burglaries
                                     when they are confronted by the         4 Grand Theft Auto
BEAT 2                               victim and flee. Suspects described
2 Residential Burglaries             as: Suspect #1 male, white, 15 to       Residential Burglaries
2 Vehicle Burglaries                 16 years old, height approximately      RD 337-1      RD 349-2
1 Grand Theft Auto                   5’6” wearing black skinny jeans,        RD 441-1      RD 451-5
                                     black t-shirt, and gray skull cap.
Residential Burglaries                                                       Streets: Oakdale Ln, 18th St.,
RD 464-1      RD 466 -1              Suspect #2, female, white, 15 to 16
                                     years old and approximate height
                                                                             16th St., Park St., Main St., Lake
Streets: Shepherd Ln & Inferno Ln    5’6” to 5’8”.                           St., 8th St., 3rd St., and 7th St.
                                     In RD 463 Woolburn Dr; Suspect
In RD 464, Shepherd Ln; Suspect is                                           In RD 337, Oakdale; Victim’s
                                     sees victim through a window and
possibly known. Entry was not        flees   to    an  awaiting    vehicle   purse removed from a table
made.                                described as possibly a 2004 model      near an unlocked sliding door
                                     black Dodge pick-up truck, 4-door,      visible  from     the    complex
In RD 466, Inferno Ln.; Suspect is
in custody.                          open bed and chrome rims.               walking path.
                                     Suspect description: Hispanic male      In RD 451, Main St; Suspect
There was one garage entry.          20’s, full sideburns that connected     removed screen from open
                                     to his dark beard, but no mustache,     bathroom window to gain entry.
There was one attempted entry.       wearing a black hooded sweat shirt,     Items stolen included a silver
Vehicle Burglaries                   black pants, and black shoes. He
                                                                             “Ruger” P85 9mm pistol with a
RD 465-1      RD 475-1               had a bottom lip piercing with a
                                     stainless steel ball stud just below    15 round magazine and a black
Grand Theft Auto                     his lower lip.                          “Ruger” .22 caliber pistol.
RD 486-1                             There was one garage entry.             In RD 451, 7th St; suspect in
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — May 2010                                                                     Page 5

Vehicle Burglaries                        BEAT 9                                  In RD 166, Moody Cr.; Suspect is in
RD 319-1      RD 326-1                    2 Residential Burglaries                custody.
RD 339-1      RD 359-3                    14 Vehicle Burglaries
RD 461-2                                  2 Grand Theft Auto                      Vehicle Burglaries
                                                                                  RD 169-2
Grand Theft Auto                          Residential Burglaries
RD 348-1     RD 359-1                     RD 264-1       RD 282-1                 Grand Theft Auto
RD 451-2                                                                          RD 168-1
                                          Streets: Rockcreek Cr and Ronald Dr
BEAT 7                                                                            BEAT 12
                                          Vehicle Burglaries                      10 Residential Burglaries
5 Residential Burglaries
                                          RD 263-2      RD 272-7                  5 Vehicle Burglaries
2 Vehicle Burglaries
                                          RD 273-1      RD 282-1                  1 Grand Theft Auto
8 Grand Theft Auto
                                          RD 283-3
Residential Burglaries                                                            Residential Burglaries
                                          Grand Theft Auto                        RD 128-3      RD 139-3
RD 292-1     RD 293-1
                                          RD 282-1     RD 283-1                   RD 148-2      RD 149-2
RD 411-1     RD 422-2
                                          BEAT 10                                 Streets: Zane Cr., Sunnycrest Ln.,
Streets: Orchid Dr, Oakstone Cr,
                                          7 Residential Burglaries                Kelsey Cr., Newcastle Ln., Sorento
Breezy Ln, Lowtide Cr, and Clay Ave.
                                          3 Vehicle Burglaries                    Cr., Hanover Ln., Antrim Cr., Priscilla
In RD 293, Oakstone Cr; Victim            3 Grand Theft Auto                      Dr., Glen Dr., and Sherbeck Ln.
interrupts burglary as he arrives
                                          Residential Burglaries                  In RD 139, Sorento Cr.; Unknown
home. When confronted, suspect
                                          RD 153-1      RD 155-2                  suspect(s) forced entry into residence
flees.   Suspect described as male,
                                          RD 165-4                                by breaking the living room sliding
Hispanic, 35 years old, height 5’7” to
5’8” 200 lbs, black hair, acne face and                                           door. Suspect(s) were able to unlock
                                          Streets: Seascape Dr., Waterway Cr.,
a moustache. Vehicle is a 2007 Volvo                                              the door and slide it open.       They
                                          Edinger Ave., Green St., Lynn Ln.,
license #5UKC236.                                                                 ransacked the house and stole items.
                                          Heil Ave. and Island Cr.
In RD 411, Breezy Ln; Suspect(s)                                                  In RD 139, Hanover Ln; two suspects
described as male white 16 – 17 years     In RD 165, Green St; Entry made into    are in custody.
old, short sandy-blond hair, dark         an open window and apartment was
                                                                                  There was one garage entry
eyes, clean shaven, 5’6” to 5’8”, 130     vandalized.
to 150 lbs wearing a cream-colored        In RD 165, Lynn Ln; Suspect is          There was one attempted entry.
hooded sweatshirt that had small,         possibly known.
                                          In RD 165, Heil Ave; Suspect pried      Vehicle Burglaries
dark stripes 4 inches apart all over.                                             RD 117-2      RD 137-1
Suspect #2 female wearing a gray,         open a sliding door to gain entry and
                                          vandalized the condominium.             RD 139-1      RD 147-1
hooded sweatshirt.
In RD 422, Clay Ave; Suspect is           In RD 165, Island Cr; suspect known.    Grand Theft Auto
possibly known.                           There was one garage entry.             RD 138-1

There were three garage entries.          There was one attempted entry.          BEAT 13
                                                                                  3 Residential Burglaries
Vehicle Burglaries                        Vehicle Burglaries                      23 Vehicle Burglaries
RD 421-1      RD 422-1                    RD 151-1      RD 162-1                  8 Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto                          RD 175-1
                                                                                  Residential Burglaries
RD 292-3     RD 413-1                     Grand Theft Auto                        RD 242-1      RD 252-2
RD 422-3     RD 423-1                     RD 152-1     RD 165-1
BEAT 8                                    RD 263-1                                Streets: Huntington Village Ln. and
0 Residential Burglaries                                                          Amazon Dr.
                                          BEAT 11
2 Vehicle Burglaries                      6 Residential Burglaries                There was one attempted entry.
1 Grand Theft Auto                        2 Vehicle Burglaries
                                          1 Grand Theft Auto                      Vehicle Burglaries
Residential Burglaries
                                                                                  RD 241-2      RD 242-7
None                                      Residential Burglaries                  RD 252-7      RD 253-4
Vehicle Burglaries                        RD 158-3      RD 166-1                  RD 261-1      RD 262-2
RD 178-1      RD 179-1                    RD 168-1      RD 169-1
                                                                                  Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto                          Streets:   Jersey Cr., Edinger Ave.,
                                                                                  RD 242-1     RD 252-2
RD 179-1                                  Silverwood Dr., Moody Cr., Warner
                                                                                  RD 262-5
                                          Ave., and Limelight Cr.
                                          RD 158 Jersey Cr., susp. poss. known
 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER – May 2010                                                                                                     Page 6

                                                                   GRAND THEFT AUTO
    LISTED BELOW FOR THEIR                    40

           DONATIONS                          30
James and Linda Armor
Muriel Bagley
Lloyd Baron                                   10
Marilyn Bernhardt
Alfredo Chiri                                  0     JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY    JUN    JUL    AUG    SEP        OCT        NOV            DEC

James D. Crosby, Jr.                          2008   35
Veronica Dvorak                               2010   24    24     25    35

Marilyn Elder
                                                                 VEHICLE BURGLARIES
John and Barbara Guarnieri
Stephen Hieber
Heather and Michelle Hogelund
Warren and Francine Holthaus                  100

Ann Houser                                     80

Richard and Susan Howard                       60
R.K. and P.J. Jayne
A. B. Johnson                                  40

Jerris and Ann Johnson                         20

James Kasparek                                  0
Thomas Livengood
                                                     JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL    AUG    SEP       OCT        NOV        DEC
                                              2008    64   64     73   39    77    67     68      60    61        112         97         69

Tim and Shirley Louie                         2009
                                                                             60    75     111     31    79         71         76         49

Connie Mandic
Mary Mason                                                       RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES
Kenneth Maxwell                               60
Arlene Nakamura                               50
Kiet Nguyen
Bruce and Cheryl Puccini

Nita Randolph                                 30

Dixie Richard                                 20

Vicki and Raymond Ross                        10
Richard and Patricia Secord                     0
Barbara Shelby- Hilken
                                                     JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN    JUL    AUG    SEP       OCT        NOV        DEC
                                              2008    44   24     33   14    51    27     37     33     25        44         32         32

R.M. and J.F. Stansbury                       2009
                                                                             30    37     40     30     59        33         37         22

Nancy and Roy Stewart
Jerome Stillman
Jan Stolzenburg
                                                   HUNTINGTON BEACH NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
Claud and Maureen Tilly
                                                       EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS &
Nadine Tor                                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE/SPEAKERS BUREAU
Raymond Vidal
Margo Wilfert                                                         TOM DOTI, President
                                                                   JIM DWYER, Vice President
                                                                MICHELLE GRANTHAM, Secretary
           Save postage and save a tree,                             FENG VOGT, Treasurer
           receive your Newsletter on-line.
           Just send your request via e-                        Gudelia Ramirez, Member at Large
           mail to                               Ken Kirkup, Member at Large
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — May 2010                                   Page 7

                                           SPECIAL ENFORCEMENT BUREAU (SEB)
        N                                          Lt. Mitch O’Brien (714) 536-5588
                                           DIRECTED ENFORCEMENT TEAM (DET)
                                                 Sgt. Mike Freeman (714) 374-1664
W                 E                                    e-mail:
                                           SOUTH AREA: BEATS 2, 3, & 5
                                                  Officer Dan Boldt (714) 960-4540
         S                                 SOUTH AREA: BEATS 4, 6, & 7
                                             Officer Jerry Goodspeed (714) 536-2942
                                           NORTH AREA: BEATS 8, 9, & 13
                                              Officer Dave Wiederin (714) 375-5095
                                           NORTH AREA: BEATS 10, 11, & 12
                                               Officer Rich Eidlhuber (714) 375-5140

Locate your Beat and
Reporting District (RD) by
referring to this map. In most
cases your BEAT and RD are
on your mailing label.

If you live in Beat 3 and
RD 455, you will have
3-455 on your address label.

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