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Species Action Framework - Greenland white-fronted goose 20082009


									   Species Action Framework -

 Greenland white-fronted goose

2008/2009 Work Programme Report

                  A Five Year Species Action Framework

Scotland has some of the best wild areas and most iconic species in the whole of
Europe. Our biodiversity is a vital part of our natural and cultural heritage that
enriches and underpins our lives the air we breathe, the water we use and the soil we
grow our food in all depend on it. But our actions are threatening the ability of the
earth's ecosystems to sustain us in future.

The Scottish Biodiversity Strategy sets out what we need to do over the next 25
years to conserve and enhance biodiversity. The importance of Scotland's
biodiversity to our health, individually and as a nation, is emphasized in the Strategy,
as is the enormous economic value.

We now need to prioritize the way we manage species, focusing on those where we
expect significant gains to overall biodiversity, and thereby benefits to the people of
Scotland, will result. SNH has therefore produced a Species Action Framework which
sets out a strategic approach to species management in Scotland.

In addition, 32 species have been identified as the focus of new action for five years
from 2007. To find out about the species on the 'Species Action List' please visit;
    Report on the 2008/2009 Greenland white-fronted goose
        Species Action Framework Work Programme

Activities carried out under the terms of Species Action Framework for the Greenland
white-fronted goose comprised mostly of work carried out under programmes to fulfil
two major objectives during the year 2008/2009.

1. To consult over a draft Flyway Plan by holding a workshop with representatives
   from all five range states.

2. To finalise and update the Greenland white-fronted goose population inventory
   that is on the World Wide Web.

1. International workshop

Tasks established under this objective were:

   1. To convene a working group to develop the Flyway Plan workshop
      comprising of the Partners and other relevant individuals. The working group
      will be chaired by SNH and planned to meet approximately monthly from mid-
      2008 until the time of the workshop. The working group was made
      responsible for the co-ordination and organisation of the workshop, as well as
      the identification of partners and individuals responsible for specific tasks.

   2. For the Partners to hold a Flyway Plan workshop during February 2009 on the
      island of Islay, with representatives from all five range states present to
      discuss and agree actions within the Flyway Plan.

   3. For the Greenland White-fronted Goose Study Group to draft the Flyway Plan
      in preparation for the workshop, with input from other Partners, to consult with
      all interested parties both prior to, during and after the workshop and to
      update it in light of the outcomes of the workshop and to cost actions.

as detailed in tasks 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 of the Greenland white-fronted goose
Implementation Plan.

In the event, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Greenland White-fronted Goose
Study successfully organised an international workshop on Islay to discuss the
conservation of the Greenland white-fronted goose on the 24–26 February 2009.
Fifty experts from throughout the flyway, including international conservation
organisations, stakeholder groups and, importantly, representatives of the local
farming community were brought together to discuss the range of threats and
pressures currently acting on the population.

The workshop agreed and prioritised necessary conservation actions which will be
included in a proposed international action plan for the population. The meeting
reviewed the past 30 years of conservation actions for the geese, notably the
progressive protection from hunting in the four Range States, the development of
national networks of protected areas, and resolution of conflicts with agriculture,
especially on the wintering areas. However, new threats are emerging which are
currently causing the population to decline rapidly. The workshop assessed these
threats and made recommendations for necessary research and conservation
actions throughout the flyway that could halt the decline.

The workshop programme included a session on managing wintering sites for
Greenland white-fronted geese and an evening slideshow that were both open to the
public. In addition, a number of the meeting participants visited four of Islay’s primary
schools to explain about the life of the geese throughout the annual cycle (i.e.
including when they are away from Islay), current threats and the need for an
international workshop. This educational component was an important part of the
planning of the workshop and was well received locally. Each child was given a
conference t-shirt which showed the international flyway and localities where a typical
Islay White-front would be found each month of the year – laid out in the form of a
‘tour list’.

Following the consultation on the international action plan at the workshop the plan
has been updated and further consultation is currently being undertaken. The plan
will enable necessary measures to be put in place that could halt the current decline.
Outputs from the workshop, most notably the action plan, will be used by Scotland to
identify additional tasks to be carried out in Scotland and finalise the species
implementation plan as part of the Species Action Framework.

The total costs of workshop were £17,332 plus substantial ‘in kind’ contributions from
the Greenland white-fronted goose Study. Annexes A and B provide a breakdown of
the expenditure.

Web-based Resources

Great strides have been made in adding to the existing web resource in a variety of
ways during the period of the award. In particular, a new web resource was
established to provide information on resightings of marked Canada Geese and
White-fronted Geese in North America:

More importantly, the web site was established to

This contains the draft of the International Action Plan tabled and discussed at the
workshop on Islay, together with a detailed programme from the process, inviting
public consultation and input, as well as setting out the precise timetable for delivery
and the membership of the steering group responsible for the action planning

The website also presents information on participants, the workshop programme, the
concluding statement and a summary of the conclusions from the workshop and a
compendium of links to other websites and sources of information relating to
Greenland white-fronted geese (e.g. individual site citations of SPAs designated for
their importance as Greenland white-fronted goose sites), as well as a media digest
linking press coverage of the subspecies and the workshop.

Costs of establishing and maintaining such web-based resource were £1,000 plus
substantial in ‘in kind’ contributions from the GWFGSG.
  Greenland white-fronted goose Species Action Framework

 Dr Christine Urquhart                        Prof. Tony Fox
Scottish Natural Heritage           Greenland white-fronted goose Study

   Argyll & Stirling Area           c/o Department of Wildlife Ecology and
1 Kilmory Industrial Estate          Biodiversity, National Environmental
      Lochgilphead                           Research Institute,
           Argyll                           University of Aarhus,
        PA31 8RR                                     Kalø,
          Scotland                               Grenåvej 14,
                                               DK-8410 Rønde,

  T: (+44) 1546 603611                       T: (+45) 89201505
 E:                E:
Annex A: Direct expenditure by SNH under contract to cover Workshop

                                                    person/unit   Actual
                                                       cost       Figures
Coach hire Wednesday                                               £450.00
Day 1                                                        3     £144.00

Day 2 (excursion day)                                       1.5    £238.70

Day 3                                                        3     £132.00
Pre Dinner Drinks (Day 1)                                          £408.00
Day 1                                                         6    £240.00
Day 2 (excursion day)                                      9.50    £397.50
Day 3                                                         6    £252.00
Packed Lunches (excursion day)                                      £18.00
Evening meals
Day 1-Formal dinner hosted by SNH Tuesday
evening                                                  25.00    £1,225.00
Day 2 (excursion day)                                       20      £997.50
Day 3                                                       20      £480.00
Hire of halls
Bowmore Hall, 9am-9pm 25 February                                  £324.00
Delegate support
Accommodation for (6) delegates                             38     £837.00
PR materials
Posters                                                            £108.68
School Leaflets                                                    £316.25
Whisky miniatures                                           1.5     £89.40
Ileach Advert                                                       £21.49

MISC                                                               £247.84
                                            Total                   £6,927
Annex B: Indirect expenditure via Greenland white-fronted goose Study
under contract to cover flyway plan preparation, delivery of the plan to
the international workshop, consultation and updating of the plan post
workshop and upgrading of website costs

                                                                        funded   funding
                                                                     expenditure   from
                                                                         under    GWFG
                                                                       contract  outwith

Travel reimbursement for workshop delegates                               £         £
Support for attendance by key Range States (4 delegates)                3957

Drafting of flyway action plan, participation in planning meetings
Various staff c.91 person/days, split 1/6 SNH 5/6 GWFG                  5250      26250

Costs for workshop attendance
Accommodation (Islay)                                                   570
Ferry                                                                    69
Accommodation (en route)                                                150
Consumables (telephone, postage, etc.)                                  409

Sub-total                                                              10405      26250

Creation of a web portal for the plan/updating of web site
Various staff c.16 person/days, split 1/6 SNH 5/6 GWFG                  1000      5000

Grand total                                                            11405      31250

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