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									                                Section 5
       Pg 1-4             Marketing your setting

Populate this section with your own:

           o   Marketing plans
           o   Marketing leaflets, flyers and posters
           o   Prospectus
           o   Information regarding promotional items

       Supplementary Fact Sheets available from

              A Quick Guide to Marketing and fundraising

Committee Handover Pack
Revised Nov. 2009
Marketing your Pre-School
Marketing is about promoting your service to potential customers within the local
community. It is a management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and
satisfying customer requirements profitably.

It is about developing a service that people need, based on market research.
It is about developing different methods of promotions such as leaflets, newsletters
and web sites.
Remember you need new customers.
Existing customers and word of mouth are your greatest assets – use them!
Unhappy customers will do MORE DAMAGE than almost any amount of expensive
advertising can put right.

Why is Market Research Important:

          Enables you to gain a better understanding of each customer group needs.
          Builds closer relationships
          Encourages you to segment each customer or audience.
          Explore similar services in your area and assess differences.

The Importance of Marketing:

           Good publicity material: shows your setting is professional.
            It is a form of communication: for current and potential customers, it can be
            achieved through events, advertising, direct mail etc.

           Define benefits: Parents may not be aware of what is available locally.

           Raising awareness: What makes it unique and how it benefits the
            community, an advantage over less well known groups.

Finding your Unique Selling Point (USP)
To do this you and your team need to complete a SWOT Analysis: identifying your
Strengths- Weaknesses- Opportunities and Threats. From this information you
should come up with what is unique about your setting. This is vital when promoting
your setting.

Identify Early Years Customers:

          Children: You need to meet their individual needs

          Parents : Satisfy their needs in providing a professional service that
           ensures their child’s care, safety and development

          Staff: Attractive package, training, pension, sick pay. Etc

Improving your Settings Sustainability:
Committee Handover Pack
Revised Nov. 2009
      Expanding the services you offer parents

      Flexible entitlement

      Breakfast clubs

      Lunch clubs

   Market research

      Staffing ratio/costs

      Registration

      Cater for younger children (keeping the 2 year old funding in mind)

Further information: Effective Marketing and Publicity for Early years Settings.
Pre-school Learning Alliance or contact your Development Officer

Marketing techniques

There are lots of simple and affordable ways to spread the word and to entice new
It is a good idea to have a range of these methods.

      Leaflets or flyers
      Information in other peoples brochures e.g. school, Children’s Centre
      Posters
      Pupil post via schools or parent groups
      Open sessions for children and families to see where you are based
      Open evenings for parents to meet the staff
      Balloons, badges and sticker
      Information pack for children (Out of School clubs) and Parents
      Special events – clown to visit
      Bring a friend to breakfast or tea
      Web site

Marketing campaign or strategy

Marketing needs to be ongoing not just when you first open.
One of the biggest mistakes is assuming that people know that you are there!
Marketing should be continuous throughout the year.

Committee Handover Pack
Revised Nov. 2009
Annual Marketing Plan

Month                     Marketing Activity
January                   Design and print new leaflets

February                  Open session – parents and new children

March                     Posters in local shops and library

April                     Balloons and badges at Easter Fair

May                       Tea/Breakfast/Coffee for children and their parents

June                      National Childcare Month – have a special event and
                          contact local paper

July                      Letter to parents about existing services or just a reminder
                          about booking
August                    Play schemes - promote future events and services

September                 Coffee morning – Pre-School
                          Refreshments after work - Out of School group
October                   Launch web-site

November                  Attend marketing course – lots of new ideas

Committee Handover Pack
Revised Nov. 2009

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