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									  November 2009                      HOMEWARD BOUND GOLDEN RETRIEVER
                                     RESCUE AND SANCTUARY, INC.
  Volume 10, Issue 4

                               A safe haven for Goldens finding their way home again.

           Kibble & Bids 2009
 Life in the Hamptons is Good!!
T   his year’s event was a tremendous success thanks to all
    of our generous sponsors, a record number of participat-
ing vendors, wonderful donors, and some 1,000+ attendees!
The money we raised this year, nearly $125,000, not only                                 Mercedes and Niello Land Rover,
surpassed our expectations during these difficult economic                               showcasing their latest and greatest
times, but will go a long way toward supporting the work we                              models. Von Housen also spon-
do to transport, feed, treat and place the hundreds of home-                             sored the valet services.
less and abandoned Golden Retrievers, Golden-Lab mixes                                   Both Mark Standriff and Cristina
and Flatcoated Retrievers that we rescue! This year we                                   Mendonsa (of Channel 10 fame)
estimate 1,000 dogs will come through our doors!                                         were back as our respective event
                                      The weather this year                              announcer and live auction emcee
                                      was absolutely per-                                and Joe Gates, auctioneer extraordi-
                                      fect. For those of you                             naire, returned to lead the bidding
                                      who suffered through                               frenzy! And, as is his typical style,
                                      the heat last year, you                            he really turned up the heat during
                                      know how relieved we                               the live auction! We had fabulous
                                      all were this year!                                trips and vacation opportunities as It was all about the dogs!
                                                                                         well as an afternoon of wine tasting      Some 20 goldens
                                      And,      this   year’s                                                                  greeted and charmed the
                                      theme, “Autumn in the                              in a chauffeured 1947 Rolls Royce!
                                                                                                                                  Kibble & Bids attendees
                                      Hamptons,” was per-                                Guzzetta & Co once again donated a
                                      fect, given the Octo-                              gorgeous diamond necklace which, this year, was a BIG
ber date and cool Delta breeze. The stunning displays of                                 moneymaker! As we have done in the past, we sold 200
colorful flowers, gourds and hay bales lent a truly East-coast                           keys at $20 each. However, this year, the lucky key holder,
feel to our riverfront venue.                                                            Barbara Watts, generously donated the necklace back to
We had a record number of restaurants, wineries and brew-                                Homeward Bound so we could put it up for auction; we sold
eries participating this year and attendees had lots of                                  it for another $1900! Thank you Guzzetta & Co and Barbara
choices on how to spend their time: peruse and bid in our                                for your generosity!
silent auction, try their luck in our raffle, partake in great                           Sponsorships are key to the success of any great event and
wine and beer tasting, sample a big variety of foods, or just                            we proudly recognize our major sponsors….
enjoy the ambiance of the lovely Riverwood Estate! Con-                                  Great Gatsby ($5,000 and above):
current with the main event, a private reception, sponsored
by SoftSol, Inc., and with delicious food provided by Brian                              Sacramento Magazine Corporation; SoftSol Inc.; Dr. Richard
                                                                Stafford of Simply       Hauch and Kim-Pacini Hauch; The Abreu Gallery; Dawn,
                 In This Issue                                  Seeds catering, was      Jim & Shane Gately; and, our gracious hosts, Doug Alcorn
                                                                                         (Co-Chair) and John White, who allowed us to hold Kibble
 2009 Kibble & Bids........................................Pg 1 held on the upper
                                                                                         and Bids on the property for the ninth year in a row!
 Committed Volunteers Needed.....................Pg 2 grounds of The River-
 What’s New at the HBGRR Sanctuary?........Pg 2
                                                                wood Estate to allow     Yacht Club ($2500 and above):
                                                                our generous spon-
 Bob—to Know Him Was to Love Him...........Pg 3                                          Jay Feagles and John Alexander; Guzetta and Co; George
                                                                sors to taste some of    and Jeniffer Phillips; Liberty Consulting; Wells Fargo; Scott
 One Less Muddy Paw Print………………….Pg 3
                                                                the finer local Estate   Wolcott and Carmah Hatch; Von Housen Automotive Group;
 2010 Calendars Now Available……………...Pg 6 and Library wines.
 Holiday Insert Cards……………………...…..Pg 7 And, for the first time,                         and The Niello Company.
 Thank You to Kibble & Bids Sponsors ...…..Pg 9 we had two car spon-                                                                    (Continued on page 5)
 Thank You to Kibble & Bids Donors…….…Pg 10 sors:Von                          Housen
                                         Homeward Bound                                                         Volume 10, Issue 4
 Page 2
                                                                 They are energetic, love being with the dogs and respond to
 Committed Volunteers Needed!                                    any task needed to help with our cause. All the duties for the
                    By Barbara Mayer                             Youth Program Coordinator can be completed via phone and
                                                                 email. They include explaining the program to the youths

                           A      s our organization grows and
                                  expands, our needs in terms
                             of running an effective volunteer
                                                                 that apply to volunteer, answering questions regarding the
                                                                 youth program, setting up and maintaining a schedule for
                                                                 Saturday volunteering, and communicating with the lead su-
                             program, follow in its footsteps.   pervisors about who is scheduled each Saturday. This is an
                             Our program has shown its ability   important and fulfilling position for someone who has a spe-
                             to perform successfully through     cial affinity for both kids and dogs!
                             employing an all volunteer staff
                             with no paid employees. Both the    Phone Answering/Office Duties at the Sanctuary: Be will-
                             adult and student programs have     ing to spend just one day a week (Monday-Friday) between
                             allowed us to rescue and adopt a    10AM – 4PM (or at least a few hours) answering the phone at
                             record number of dogs over the      the sanctuary so Jody can get chores and adoptions done.
      Please help!           last two years. We are proud of     Training will be provided.
                             this accomplishment, and appreci-   Lead Adult Volunteer at the Sanctuary: We need experi-
ate all the dedicated work done by our volunteers. However,      enced volunteers (training can be provided) willing to spend
Homeward Bound needs some additional committed volun-            one day a week (Sunday-Friday) 11AM-4PM guiding the vol-
teers for the following positions:                               unteers through all the chores at the sanctuary. Chores may
Youth Program Coordinator: To keep the volunteer pro-            include laundry, washing bowls and walking the dogs. Jody
gram going at full capacity, we need to divide up the volun-     and Judy Kent are spending so much time guiding and advis-
teer responsibilities, as the program now demands a youth        ing the new volunteers that their other chores and duties are
volunteer coordinator. Specifically, I need help managing the    not getting done. They need your help!
student program (ages 13-21) while I continue to implement       If you can help with any of these volunteer positions, please
the volunteer adult program. The students are generally          contact Barbara Mayer at (916) 933-9627 or email at
needed for weekend duty and are usually satisfying their Remember, we do it for the dogs.
community service commitments for their school curriculum.       We have a lot of dogs that need our help.

                                           What’s New at the Home-                       there's a new "waiting room" in the form
  Farewell to Chelsea                                                                    of a shaded area with benches. Thanks
                                           ward Bound Adoption                           to a valuable new volunteer, Mike
W     e are sad to report the passing
      of an icon. Chelsea Jones, the
dog responsible for the creation of
                                           Center & Sanctuary                            Shindle, who not only knows how to op-
                                                                                         erate heavy equipment, but arranged for
Homeward Bound, passed away on
                                           By Dick Brothers                              the use of a large tractor, a LOT of dirt
                                                                                         and rocks have been moved, resulting in
October 5. A tribute to Chelsea, writ-
ten by her dad, Mike Jones, will ap-
pear in the February edition of the
                                           A     s the saying goes, constant change
                                                 is here to stay! That’s certainly the
                                           case at Homeward Bound. In an ongo-
                                                                                         a nicer parking area in front of the barn
                                                                                         for our guests, and (soon) a nice parking
newsletter.                                ing effort to make the                                           area in back for our
                                           facility more effective                                          volunteers. A sink has
Chelsea was treasured by her mom                                                                            been installed at the
                                           and efficient for dogs
and dad, Jody and Mike Jones, and                                                                           rear of the kennel area
                                           and humans, we’re
was beloved by many. Her loss is felt                                                                       where volunteers can
                                           constantly working on
by us all.                                                                                                  now wash their hands
                                           improvements and en-
                                           hancements, and al-                                              after handling the
                                           most all the work is                                             dogs.      The building
                                           done by volunteers. A                                            which used to house
                                           new "double-gate" has                                            the rabbits has been
                                           been installed as an                                             dismantled     (saving
                                           entrance into the large park. This makes      most of the material for later use). This
                                           it easier for our dog-walkers to enter and    area is slated to be an enclosed room
                                           exit the park (especially with some of our    with a connected outdoor area for new
                                           more "rambunctious" golden charges)           litters of puppies and their moms. The
                                           and, as a result, makes it safer for our      objective is to keep these vulnerable
                                           dogs.                                         pups out of the general kennel popula-
                                                                                         tion until they've grown a bit.
                                           In front of Dr. Codde's veterinary clinic,
 Homeward Bound                                 Volume 10, Issue 4
                                                                                                                     Page 3
                                                                     One other way that Bob spread happiness was through pic-
     Bob…to Know Him Was to                                          tures. We took so many pictures of him that I think we made
           Love Him!                                                 him camera shy! He would start to look away after awhile as
                                                                     if to say, enough already! Thanks to Homeward Bound and
                By Darlene & Ralph Cloud                             Lea Kachler-Leake, we have a wonderful calendar featuring
                                                                     our boy for each year that we shared with him.
T     his is the story of Bob, a Golden Re-
      triever we rescued at 10 months of
age from Homeward Bound Golden Re-
                                                                                      Although Bob spread happiness wherever
                                                                                      he went, he was also happy at home.
triever Rescue. As you can tell from the                                              Whether he was chasing squirrels in the
title, Bob has passed and is no longer with                                           backyard, having a howling contest with
us. However, this is not a sad story (for                                             my husband or sleeping on the couch, he
the most part). Bob was a happy boy so                                                was having fun. The 4-1/2 years that we
that’s what this story is about…his happi-                                            had with Bob were full of love and fun. He
ness.                                                                                 was a great dog and a happy dog, in other
                                                                                      words a true Golden Retriever, and that’s
Bob could make anyone smile! Just say-                                                what we try to remember.
ing his name will make you smile. Go
ahead, try saying his name, knowing it’s a                                            As anyone that has lost a dog knows, they
Golden Retriever’s name and NOT smile.                                                are taken too soon and in Bob’s case it
Cannot be done! He was handsome, tall                                                 was a shock as well. Bob developed a
and lean and just loved every person and                                              very aggressive cancer called T-Cell Lym-
every dog he saw. We knew he was a                                                    phoma and in 5 weeks he was gone. The
character when we first met him at Home-                                              doctors told us that this type of cancer at-
ward Bound. We took him into a yard to                           Bob                  tacks young dogs and we could not have
play and he grabbed a Frisbee, took off                                               done anything because it just progresses
running and then began spinning.             He took care of too quickly. It ultimately caused
“business” and never let go of the Frisbee. After we stopped kidney failure. We had no time to
laughing we couldn’t fill out the paperwork fast enough to prepare for his loss, but really how
make him ours. The first night we brought him home, he do you do that anyway?
cleared the coffee table with that wagging tail of his and Because Bob was such a huge part
jumped on the couch and made himself at home.                       of our lives, we felt empty without
Although Bob had a wild side, he had a gentle soul as well. him. We knew Bob would not want
He never jumped on a child or a person in a wheelchair. He us to be sad, so we try to remember
was calm around all children and loved their attention. We only the good times. Because his
took him to an event at our local Masonic Lodge, “Breakfast illness was so quick we gratefully do
with Santa” and Bob pretty much stole the show. An 18 not have a lot of bad times to think
month old little girl couldn’t get enough of him. Her favorite about. Our house was a home with
thing was to lift up her shirt and let his tail tickle her tummy. Bob in it and without him we felt
Bob was happy to oblige. All the while he had another child lost. It didn’t take long for us to real-
hanging on to his side and petting his chin.                        ize that we needed another Golden in our lives to bring the
                                                                    joy back. Thanks to Homeward Bound, we have a new addi-
We loved taking Bob with us wherever we could. The folks tion to our family…Cuddles! Cuddles was born with virtually
at Lowe’s and Orchard Supply Hardware always greeted him no hip joints. It will require two hip replacement surgeries
and he would soak it all in. Even the attendants at the and over $6,000 to fix her, but Homeward Bound is taking
Costco gas station wanted to pet and talk to Bob when we care of that. She recently had a total hip replacement on her
were there. For Bob, a ride in the car meant he was going to right side and will soon have the left side done. She’s a
get attention and it didn’t matter where we went. Even going great girl and doesn’t know she
to the vet’s office was a happy event for him.                      has a health issue.
Bob had fun making a commercial for a local cable channel Cuddles needed a gentle soul
to help promote a doggy daycare and boarding facility. A to help her find her forever
friend who worked there would occasionally take Bob to work home and we like to think Bob
for the day so he could help “interview” other dogs. If Bob guided us to her. His happi-
liked the dog, that was a positive and the dog could stay and ness lives on by bringing an-
move on to the next test! We cherish that commercial and other Golden into our lives.
smile just thinking about it. We bragged about that for Bob loved all dogs and we
months! (It helped that we had another friend who worked know he would love Cuddles
for the cable channel and loved Bob and knew he was the too. We are so grateful to                               Cuddles
right dog for the commercial).                                      Homeward Bound for saving Bob, and now Cuddles as well.
                                     Homeward Bound                                                            Volume 10, Issue 4
Page 4

                                                                 of a dog’s weight rests on their front legs. Jerry and his
  ONE LESS MUDDY PAW PRINT                                       pawrents have taught people all over the world a great
               By Cindi & Jack Crowder                           deal about living with and loving a tripawd.

We visited Homeward Bound on April 4 and saw her.                The show ‘Nature’ on PBS Television chronicled Jerry G.
Sherry (now Shelby) was sitting with her                                       Dawg, Rene and Jim’s lives and travels
foster mom, Kathleen, “granting inter-                                         after Jerry was diagnosed with osteosar-
views.” To say we were smitten by this                                         coma, a bone cancer, and his right front
gorgeous, petite Golden is an understate-                                      leg had been amputated,               http://
ment! It took me a while to notice, but this                          During a checkup
dog only had 3 legs! Up until that day, I                                      after his amputation, the doctors gave
think I’d only ever seen one other tripod                                      Jerry four months to live, but he didn’t
dog.                                                                           seem too concerned about how much time
                                                                               he had because dogs live in the moment.
Kathleen and her husband Jim told us how                                       By the way, Jerry lived another 2 years!
sweet, gentle and loving she was. She
came from Taiwan where something terri-                                          I am humbled by living with our tripawd
ble caused her to lose part of her leg.                                          Shelby. If she is playing and gets knocked
When she got to Homeward Bound, the                                              down, she gets right back up, never losing
decision was made to remove the rest of                                          her smile or looking around for someone to
her leg to avoid further injuries. Less than                                     blame. She has taken what life dealt her
three weeks after her amputation she was                                         and makes the best of it. She also reminds
up and around and granting interviews!                                           me that when you’re tired and thirsty, it is
We talked for about 90 minutes, including whether we                             good to stop, sit or lie down and catch your
could “adapt” to having a 3-legged dog. As we drove away         breath, then drink some water and get right back to what
with Shelby, I had no idea how much our world would              you were doing with gusto.
change from that moment on.                                      Tripawd pawrents say, “If our dogs don’t let their disability
We stopped on the way home to get something to eat and           get them down, how can we allow the small, trivial, petty
for a potty break for Shelby. Immediately someone came           things in life to get us down?” It not unusual, but still heart
over and wanted to talk to us about our 3-legged dog.            wrenching, to read about how someone’s dog had cancer,
Closer to home we stopped to get Shelby her new bowl,            then an amputation, chemo therapy and the cancer comes
leash and collar. As soon as we walked into the store, it        back, yet the very special tripawd continues to show their
happened again— folks wanted to meet her and talk to us.         family what truly matters is that you step forward and live
People are drawn to her like a magnet, and she rewards           life one day at a time.
them with a ready smile, a tummy to rub and 3 legs stick-        Tripawds can do anything that a 4-legged dog can do! It
ing up in the air! She had a terrible past, yet greets every-    just requires some adapting. They go swimming, chase
one with a wagging tail and a gentle smile.                      cats, tennis balls, sticks, and they don’t let a disability slow
We finally made it to Shelby’s new forever home and intro-       them down. I was amazed to learn that there are tripawds
duced her to her sister Penny and brother Charlie (and her       on agility courses! Penny and I had trouble running an
cat sisters Gracie and Maggie). I spent a lot of time on the     agility course on 4 legs, but to hear about a tripawd Great
internet, trying to learn what I could about 3-legged dogs       Dane on an agility course is truly inspiring! There are also
(aka tripods), their health concerns, special dietary re-        tripawds doing fly ball, and there is a tripawd Alaskan sled
quirements, anything that would help her on her new jour-        dog. Big dogs, small dogs, working dogs, family dogs, Pet
ney. I was directed to a website that is dedicated to 3-         Assisted Therapy dogs, young dogs, old dogs are tri-
legged dogs and cats, appropriately named                        pawds. See some of their antics at http://
“”,                      , or read delightful and
                                                                 uplifting stories on their personal “Tripawd Blogs” on Tri-
What I found was a tremendous source of community and  
resources for people who have tripawds that includes folks
across the US, Canada and beyond. I had no idea that             Living with a tripawd gives you plenty of opportunities to
there were so many pets that were born without a limb or         laugh. Tripawd parents have come up with some new
lost a limb to cancer or injury. “It is better to hop on three   words, like “pawsome”, “inspawrational”, “pawrents”,
legs than limp on four,” and “Dogs were born with three          “tripawds”, “hoppy ampuversary” and “pawty.” There are
legs and a spare,” are two sayings by Jerry G. Dawg, a           several advantages to sharing your life with a tripawd, like
German Shepherd front leg amputee, who, together with            how “becoming a tripawd is a quick way to lose 5 pounds,”
his “pawrents” Jim and Rene of Fort Collins, Colorado,           or, “there is less dog to brush,” or, “there are fewer muddy
founded the TripawdsTM website. Front leg amputee’s              paw prints to clean up,” or, “there’s less hair to sweep up.”
“hop” instead of walk, while rear leg amputees seem to           For a great way to break the ice when someone asks you,
have a less halting gait. We learned from Jerry that 60%                                                       (Continued on page 8)
  Homeward Bound
                                                                                                                                       Page 5
Also, key to our success are the 100+ dedicated volunteers
who work tirelessly throughout the year to make the event the
best it can be! Whether they served on one or more of the
Event committees over the last 12 months or the days prior to
and post-event, their efforts deserve the highest recognition.
Lastly, we applaud Keep California Beautiful, Inc. and their
incredible staff for their concerted efforts to keep Kibble &
Bids “green!”
As you might imagine, our committees are already hard at
work planning Homeward Bound’s next Kibble & Bids fund-
raiser. We’ve got a date, but, this being our 10th Anniversary,
we’ve got a lot more planning to do before we release the
                                                                                          The attendees enjoyed ideal weather.
So, mark your calendars now:
                Saturday, September 25, 2010
                 1:30 p.m. Sponsor Reception
           2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. General Admission
We’ll have more information about our 10th Anniversary event
in future newsletter editions and on the Homeward Bound
website: Stay tuned!

                                                                              Auctioneer Joe Gates and News 10’s Christina Mendonsa made the
                                                                                                live auction fun and exciting.

     The silent auction gave everyone a great selection of items to bid on.

                                                                                        Bidding at the live auction was spirited!

       Jody Jones introduces co-chairpersons Teri Bennett, Doug Alcorn
                             and Andrea Lewis.                                Barbara Watts held the lucky key and won the Guzzetta dia-
                                                                              mond necklace—then she re-donated it so it could be auc-
                                                                                tioned off again, raising another $1900 for the Goldens!
                                        Homeward Bound                                                         Volume 10, Issue 4
 Page 6

W      hat could bring a bigger smile to any Golden
       lover than a year of beautiful golden faces? The
2010 Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue cal-
endars are now available online. There’s a twist this
year. In addition to our regular calendar, full of more
golden photos than ever, we are offering the new “Best
of 2010,” showing full page views of some of the most
beautiful photos submitted by our supporters and
adopters. Whichever calendar you chose, you’re sure
to enjoy a full year of beautiful Goldens. And what a
perfect holiday gift for family and Golden-loving
friends. Every photo was submitted by Homeward
Bound adopters, supporters and their families and
friends. Why not place your order today and get the
jump on your holiday shopping? Homeward Bound
earns $5 for every calendar sold.
Calendars will also be available for purchase in person
at the Homeward Bound Adoption Center
To order your calendar today, visit the Homeward
Bound website at Look for a link on
the home page. Thank you on behalf of the Goldens!
While you’re there, check out our other holiday items
and great dog-themed shirts and gift items.

                                                Golden Cheers
                                                       By Jody Jones

                                      I t takes scores of vol-
                                        unteers,     each
                                      whom play an important
                                                              of                               Candy Courtney with Daisy & Romeo

                                      part, to make Kibble &
                                      Bids the stellar success
                                      that it has become.
                                      Year after year Kibble &
                                      Bids is a visual feast for
                                      the eye. This year was
                                      no exception, as guests
                                      were greeted by an ar-
                                      ray of beautiful fall col-
                                      ors. Leaves, flowers,
pumpkins, gourds, colorful fall foliage, and sumptuous bas-
kets all served to evoke a true sense of Autumn in the Hamp-
tons. Candy Courtney, along with Barbara Mayer, are the
volunteers responsible for making Kibble & Bids such a vis-
ual delight. Their sense of style, artistic eye, and creative
energy help to paint the picture of what the event is all about.
Thank you, Candy and Barbara, for once again helping to
make this year’s Kibble & Bids such a beautiful event.             Barbara Mayer with Tanner
  Homeward Bound                                                             Volume 10, Issue 4
                                                                                                                                    Page 7

           Holiday Gift Card Inserts on Sale Now!
Each year Homeward Bound offers holiday card inserts that you can use to treat your friends and family to
a special gift during the holiday season—and help Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue too!
These beautiful full color card inserts let the recipient know that a donation has been made in their name
to Homeward Bound. What a great gift for the dog lover who has everything! It’s a great way to give your
family and friends a special gift, while helping homeless Goldens. There are three versions of the gift card
available. You may purchase them using the order form below or by visiting our website at Thank you for your support!

                                                  The Chelsea card—green background

           The Lucie card—light blue background                                       The Jake card—light blue & white background

Homeward Bound would appreciate a minimum donation of $2.00 per holiday card insert.
To order: Print and mail this form, along with your donation, to:
                               Donna Walters, 1242 Redwood Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92019
NAME: _____________________________________________PHONE: __________________________
ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________
CITY:___________________________________________________ STATE:_____ ZIP______________
E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________________
Enclosed is my payment for _______ holiday insert cards. Total donation: $_________
Please send me ______ Chelsea cards and/or ______ Jake cards and/or _____Lucie cards. (please indicate quantity desired)

            Please make checks payable to Homeward Bound GRR. Thank you for your support!
                                                 Homeward Bound                                                                        Volume 10, Issue 4
   Page 8

“Why do you have a three legged dog?” you                                                              no one would want to adopt a handicapped
can tell them,” I couldn’t afford one with 4!”                                                         dog. We are so thankful that the rescue
One of our favorites is, when someone says,                                                            people saw beyond her disability and that
“Wow, your dog only has three legs!” we                                                                Homeward Bound brought her halfway
turn to Shelby and say, “Did you leave your                                                            around the world and helped to make her
leg at home again?”                                                                                    disability easier to live with. They saw be-
                                                                                                       yond her handicap.
 We have made some changes in our home
to help our tripawd enjoy everyday life.                                                           Tripawds are wonderful dogs who can live
Shelby wears a Ruff Wear Harness that                                                              a full, active life. They can play with your
helps us lift her in and out of the car and                                                        kids, play with your other dogs, and they
gives her stability despite her rocking horse                                                      can do and be anything a four legged dog
gait. We have a ramp that leads up to our                                                          can be. Hopefully you will never be in the
bed so she doesn’t have to jump up or down                                                         position where you have to tell a vet to go
and impact her shoulder. We have a float                                                           ahead and amputate a limb in order to add
harness for her when she goes swimming                                                             to the quality of your dog’s life or in order
and have elevated food dishes so it’s easier                                                       to save their life. But if you do find yourself
for her to eat and drink. We’ve put rugs                                                           in that position, you know that your dog
throughout the house for better traction. Shelby also has her                    can lead a very happy, normal and productive life. There is
own personalized Radio Flyer wagon, so when we take our                          no need to put an otherwise healthy, happy dog down when
trips to the park, she can ride when she is all played out.                      amputation will remedy the problem.
You have to admit, there’s just something about a blond in a
                                                                                 And if you ever see a tripawd up for adoption, go ahead and
                                                                                 look past the disability and adopt the tripawd. Your life will
In Taiwan ‘Sherry’ had been discarded because they thought                       be richly rewarded!

                                             Painting With a Purpose!
Artist Christine J Head created the Puppy Sketches to assist animal rescue organizations with their fundraising
efforts. Christine hopes each piece of art purchased serves to uplift viewers as well as increasing awareness re-
garding homeless, abused, and neglected animals. These beautiful prints are available only through designated
                                                                               rescue groups. Homeward Bound
                                                                               is proud to offer her work to you.
                                                                               Each poster ordered earns $40 for
                                                                               the goldens! What a great holiday
                                                                               gift for your golden-loving friends.
                                                                                                            To order, visit the Homeward
                                                                                                            Bound website at
                                                                                                            If you live in the Sacramento area,
                                                                                                            a great place to have your beauti-
                                                                                                            ful print framed is The Abreu Gal-
                                                                                                            lery. Check them out at

                                        Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue Mission Statement
Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. is a volunteer organization which rescues and heals displaced, abandoned, and homeless Golden
Retrievers and Golden/Labrador mixes throughout Northern California, no matter their age or health. Homeward Bound secures safe, loving, homes through a
comprehensive adoption program and also . Homeward Bound will continue to serve as a model rescue organization, which addresses animal welfare needs
throughout California and neighboring states. Due to HBGRR’s leadership in rescue, sanctuary, and education, all Golden Retrievers and other dogs will be well
cared for, living in safe, nurturing, and loving homes.
Homeward Bound                                                               Volume 10, Issue 4
                                                                                                                              Page 9

                 Homeward Bound thanks our Additional Kibble & Bids
                         Sponsors, and Dining Sponsors
      Duesenberg - $1200 & above                Dr. George and Cecy Doykos                   Serritella's Red Devil Italian
  Bank of Sacramento                            Ambassador Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis,     Simply Seeds Catering
  Grenier & Associates, Inc.                    AKT Development
                                                                                                  Wineries, Breweries and Beverage
  Darlene and Ralph Cloud, Tails R Waggin       Blake Snider, Elk Grove Toyota
                                                Chuck and Marsha Goldmark                    Alhambra Water
  Mobile Pet Grooming
                                                Victoria Vernon                              Bogle Winery
  Richard and JoAnn Williams
                                                John and Katie Osborn                        Brew It Up! Brewery & Grill
  MacKay & Somps Civil Engineers, Inc.
                                                The Plastic Surgery Center                   Carvalho Family Winery
  Beach & O'Neill Insurance Associates, Inc.
                                                Karen Posner & Allan Kuperstein              Chatom Vineyards
  Tony Bosselait
                                                Dr. Dennis & Cynthia Eyler                   Dono Dal Cielo Winery
  Bill Mattos
                                                David and Debbie Bonuccelli                  Earth Friendly Distilling Co.
  Anne-Marie & Geoff Petrie
                                                Briggs and Cynthia Matsko                    El Dorado Wine Club
  Hole Diggers
                                                Donald H. Heller, A Law Corporation          Grey Fox Vineyards
  Sam Egerland
                                                Optimum Leadership Performance               Hoppy Brewing Co.
  Manuel Luna and Jay Siegler, Performance
  Technology Partners (PTP)                     Patti McNeely                                Ironstone Winery
  Koefran Services for Pets                     Charlene and Art Cordova                     Madrona Vineyards
  Karen and Allan Zaremberg                                                                  McConnell Estates Winery
                                                           Additional Donors
  Collie and Kira Christensen                                                                Michael-David Winery
                                                Dr. Debra Johnson, The Plastic Surgery
  Ron and Bonnie Paradies                       Center                                       Mt. Vernon Winery
  Cyndi Klement and Dennis Revell               Abby and Gary Pruitt                         Mutt Lynch Winery
                                                                                             Nine Gables Winery/ B&B
    Carriage House - $600.00 & above            Paul H. Snider
                                                                                             Oakstone Winery
                                                Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Clayton.
  KPMG                                                                                       Pedroncelli Winery
                                                Dr. Amy Woo.,A Professional Dental
  Reggie Gomez and Charles Asbury                                                            Peirano Estate Vineyards
  Richard and Deborah Haggerty-Chambers                                                      Pepsi
                                                Dr. Robert and Mary Szabo
  Mortgage Lender Services                                                                   Pyramid Alehouse
                                                David and Patty Schwartz
  Ron and Pam Richey                                                                         RH Phillips Winery
                                                Jill & Craig Hodges
  ImageWorks Architecture                                                                    River City Brewing Co.
                                                Chris Paielli
  Mark Zampella and David Anders                                                             Sacramento Brewing Co.
                                                Robert Buccola
  Brad and Linda Rogala                                                                      Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
                                                Deb and Gary Sibner
  Gregory R. Smith, DDS                                                                      Vina Castellano Winery
  Richard Robinson and Marjorie Swartz                        Restaurants                    Wente Family Estates Winery
  Dr. Allan and Glenda Morris                   Andy Nguyen Vegetarian Restaurant            Vignette Wine Country Soda
  Consuelo Y. Wanek & Maria Wanek-Sargent       Angus Mutton BBQ                             Winery By The Creek
  Terry Joslin, Western Blue Corporation        Bandera Restaurant                           Zucca Mountain Winery
  Clark and Teri Bennett                        Big Spoon Yogurt
  Clark Bennett Consulting
                                                                                                      VIP Reception Beverage
                                                Brew It Up! Brewery & Grill
  Doug Teeple                                                                                Bogle Winery
                                                California Cafe
  Insight Technologies                                                                       Boyd Family Vineyard
                                                Chevy's on the River
  Mike Penketh & Maryann Harr                                                                Camellia Cellars
                                                Cookie Connection
  Judy and Bud Curva                                                                         Chateau Montelena
                                                Crawdad’s River Cantina
  Law Offices of Priscilla Cortez                                                            Cima Collina
                                                Cupcake Craving
  Mr. and Mrs. George Dariotis, Georgia and                                                  Crew Wine Company
                                                Dos Coyotes
  Michael                                                                                    Frick Winery
                                                Emma's Tamales
      Garden Society - $300 & above                                                          Hall Wines
                                                Fuzio’s Universal Bistro
  Pamela Keely                                                                               J. Keverson Wines
                                                Giovanni's Pizza
  John & Louise Valencia                                                                     Jodar Vineyard and Winery
                                                Hagen's Freeze
  Myers-Pacific Aviation and Marine Insurance                                                Lava Cap
                                                Kelli's Cookies
  Service, Inc                                                                               Madrona Vineyards
  Margaret and Ralph Drew, Stonehenge                                                        Michael~David Winery
                                                Lucca Restaurant
  Inspection Inc                                                                             Pedroncelli Winery
                                                Mom’s Potato Salad
  Mike Dawson and Bette Burrows                                                              Philip Staley Vineyard
                                                The Old Spaghetti Factory
  Rustic Brick and Stone                                                                     Vincent Arroyo Winery
                                                Parker's Hot Dogs
  Bob and Jody Mazur                                                                         Wente Vineyards
                                                River City Brewery
  Glenn Elliott, Summit VetPharm                                                             Zucca Mountain Vineyards
                                                Sacramento Brewing Company
                                  Homeward Bound                                                                Volume 10, Issue 4
 Page 10

  Thank you to our Kibble & Bids auction, raffle, door prize, and
                     balloon event donors!
A Leg Up                         Crew Wine Company                  Insight Technologies             Nancy Nickle
Aidells Sausage Company          Dr. Michel Cordellos               Jeanette at Esthetics            Nancy Nielsen
Kim & David Albers               Cottage Affair                     Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville   North American Termite and Pest
Doug Alcorn & John White         Janet Covington                    JM Benford Photography           North Highland Consulting
Dorothy Alden                    Sharon Covington                   Evelyn Johnson                   Northstar at Tahoe
All Seasons Day Spa              Crawford's Warehouse               Martha Jolley                    Nylabone Products
Allegro Pizza, Carmel            Crocker Art Museum                 Brian Jones                      Oakstone Winery
Amy G Photography                Gretchen Crozer                    Donna Jones                      One Speed Pizza
Annieglass                       D&J Kitchens and Baths             Justin Vineyards & Winery        Mike and Jo O'Neill
Animal Eye Center, Inc.          Design on a Shoestring             Lea Kachler-Leake                Opa! Opal!
Back 2 Basics K-9 Training       Diane Wat Design                   Margaret Kane                    Orlando’s West Palm Salon
Balletto Vineyards               Dogswell                           Kathryn Karrer                   Paragary’s
Jeff Baus                        Domaine Carneros                   Kendall Jackson Winery           Sara Paretsky
Annette Belisle                  Richard Eldredge, CPA              Kiwi Kamera                      John & Fran Peace
Teri & Clark Bennett             Eleakis and Elder Photography      Jackie Kleeb                     Pearl Paradise
Berr Pet Supply, Inc.            Elk Grove Honda                    Cyndi Klement                    Pedroncelli Winery
Bird & Pet Clinic of Roseville   Pat Elmone                         La Provence Restaurant           Peet's Coffee & Tea
Suzanne Bess                     Enotria Cafe & Wine Bar            Lance Burton Master Magician     Peppermill Resort Spa Casino
Best Friends Pet Care            Esquire IMAX Theater               Launder Dog & More               Lt. Col. Emily Perry
David & Debbie Bonuccelli        Evangeline's                       Andrea Lewis & Jeff Fuller       Pet Prints Photography
Russ Bohart                      Al & Gary Fambrini                 Diane & Mike Lewis               Anne-Marie & Geoff Petrie
Nancy Boler                      Fensalden Inn                      Liberty Consulting               Pets To Go
Bootleggers Old Town Tavern      Fideaux, St. Helena                Lighthouse Lodge and Suites      Jeniffer & George Phillips
and Grill                        Tamara Fondelli                    Little River Inn                 Piatti’s Restaurant & Bar
Bouressa Vineyards               Kathy Ford                         Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic   Pinkiepoo Grooming
Brookfields Restaurant           Jack & Arlene French               Lucca Restaurant & Bar           Pizza Antica
Browns Valley Alpacas            Fuzio's Universal Bistro           Lumens Light & Living            Kris Pigman, The Pigman
Nancy Buckner, Mary Kay          Carol Gale                         Lundberg Studios                 Companies
Consultant                       Katherine Gallo, ESQ               Maloof Sports & Entertainment    Plastic Surgery Associates
Cafe Fina, Monterey                                                                                  Plaza Five Fifty Five
                                 Go Fetch Pet Sitting               Margaret Licha Designs
Edna Caluza                                                                                          Steve Poizner
                                 Gold Country Casino                Carol Markie
Camellia Cellars                                                                                     Karen Posner
                                 Golf Etc. Folsom                   Jana Mauk
Capital Canines                                                                                      Progressive Portraits
                                 Stefanie & Jim Greenhaw            Barbara & Bill Mayer
Capital Stage Company                                                                                Puppy Paintings by Sharon
                                 Gretl’s Gems                       Jody Mazur
Carmel Valley Lodge                                                                                  Treadaway
                                 Pamela Hafner                      Debbie McCarroll
Carvalho Family Winery                                                                               Pure Med Spa
                                 Hand Painted Designs by Lorna      Thomas McCarroll
CGI                                                                                                  Pyramid Alehouse
                                 Peggy Hastings                     Angie Meeks
Chinois City Cafe                                                                                    Reinhardt Ranch Solid Gold, Inc.
                                 Carmah Hatch & Scott Wolcott       Christina Mendonsa and News10
Chip Allen Photography                                                                               Kathy Reynolds
                                 Dr. Richard Hauch and Kim          Mettler Family Vineyards
Cima Collina                     Pacini-Hauch                                                        Ritzy Music/Goldie Mae Records
                                                                    Mikey Miller
City of Sacramento               Hawk's Restaurant                                                   River City Brewing Company
                                                                    Pam & Bruce Miller
Mary Classen                     Christine K. Head                                                   Rombauer Vineyards
                                                                    Sara Miller
Collie & Kara Christensen        Healthy Habits Fitness & Yoga                                       Ron Nabity Photography
                                                                    Miyagi Bar & Sushi
Clouds Porcelain                 Studio                                                              David Rosenfelt
                                                                    Monterey Peninsula Country
Candice & Tom Courtney           Kathryn Herrfeldt & Lisa Pickert   Club                             Victoria Ruderman
Coeur de Lion Fine Designer      Hills Pet Nutrition                Karen Morphy                     Runway Stage Productions
Jewelry                          Andrea & Barry Holt                                                 Joe Rye
                                                                    Morton's Steakhouse
Clouds Porcelain                 Pat & Pat Howle                                                     Sacramento Magazine Dining
                                                                    Robert Murphy and Carolyn Belz
Bill Cody, Cisco Systems         In the Skin                                                         Divas
                                                                    Napa Valley Golf Academy
Cookie Connection                Incredible Pets, Auburn                                                          (Continued on page 11)
                                                                    Newbold Cleaners
Homeward Bound                                                                   Volume 10, Issue 4

                                                                                                                             Page 11
              Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.                       Homeward Bound Golden Retriever
                                                                                                  Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.
                               Board of Directors                                                Your help and ideas are always
                                                                                              welcome! Contact team leaders below
   Jody Jones, President          Justina Codde, DVM, MS           Lea Kachler-Leake
                                                                                             if you’re interested in helping in any of
                                                                                                            these areas.
Andrea Lewis, Vice President          Candice Courtney                 Judy Kent
   Jana Mauk, Secretary                Maryann Farmar               Barbara Mayer                     Adoptions and Surrenders
  Shelly Gray, Treasurer                Deb Haggerty               Anne-Marie Petrie
        Teri Bennett                     Steve Harlin                 Lynn Pihera                     & Sanctuary Development
       Dick Brothers                      Mike Jones                                                     Mike and Jody Jones
                                                                                                         7495 Natomas Road
                                                                                                           Elverta, CA 95626
(Continued from page 10)        Marilyn Skala                 The Walt Disney Company
Sacramento Brewing Com-
                                Southwest Airlines            Todd Taylor Wines
pany                                                                                                      Fax: 916-655-3410
                                Kris Steward                  Trader Joe's                    
Sacramento Convention &         Strings Café, Auburn          Tres Chic Boutique
Vistor's Bureau
                                Sunnyside Restaurant          Twiggs
                                                                                                           Foster Families
Sacramento History Museum                                                                                  Maryann Farmar
                                SugarFYX                      Urban Sanctuary
Sacramento Loan & Jewelry                                                                    
Inc.                            Tails R Waggin Mobile Pet     Vichy Springs Resort                         916-429-7931
                                Grooming                      Donna Walters
Sacramento Magazine                                                                                       Placement Team
Corporation                     Take Your Time Massage        Western Feed and Pet
                                Teeterboard Design            Supply                                  Lynn Pihera, 916-428-2718
Sacramento Pipeworks                                                                          
                                The Art Gallery at Murphy's   Betty White
Sacramento RiverCats
                                The B St. Theatre             Wildfire Fusions                              Golden Taxi
Sacramento SPCA                                                                                               Judy Kent
                                The Broiler, Inc.             Julie Willis
Sacramento Zoo                                                                                 
                                The Cheesecake Factory        Winchester McGee Financial
Deb & Bud Salerno
                                                              Wine Valley Images                            916-652-8744
Salon Montage                   The Deerfield Lodge at
                                Heavenly                      Kirsten Witesman                            Events Planning
Russ and Kathy Sanders
                                The Elegant Set               Steve & Shelly Wright                   Jana Mauk, 530-346-9913
Schug Winery                                                                                 
                                The Sacramento Bee            Lynn & Jey Yelland
Segway of Healdsburg
Sheraton Sonoma County -
                                Russ & Kathy Sanders          Youngs Vineyards                         Volunteer Coordinator
Petaluma                        The Skin Care and             Zella Kitamura                              Barbara Mayer,
                                Laser Center                  LeRoy & Viola Zoll              
Sierra View Country Club
Silenius Vineyards              The Stanford Inn By The Sea                                                  Newsletter
Silverado Country Club          The Sundance Collection                                        Lea Kachler-Leake, 916-225-2544
                                                                                                        Website Management
                                Farewell to Junior                                                           Tim Taylor
Homeward Bound experienced another sad loss month with the passing of Junior,       
                                                                                                 Janet Scott,
Homeward Bound’s first official blogger. Junior, along with his golden sister,
                       Sheba, came to Homeward Bound some two years ago                                    Kibble & Bids
                       after his human mom died. His last two years were                          Andrea Lewis, 916-483-3399
                       spent happily, as he was beloved not only by Al and               
                       Gary, his new human mom and dad, but by many                                Teri Bennett 916-202-6608
                       friends and dedicated blog readers. Junior, with the               
                       help of his mom, Al, wrote a blog dedicated to shining
                       the light on the seniors awaiting adoption at Homeward
                       Bound. Junior’s gentle spirit, captivating personality,                 2009 HOMEWARD BOUND
                       and sweet golden smile will be missed by us all. Thank
                       you to Al for sharing this special boy with us.
                                                                                               DOgs Rescued to date:
                           The Homeward Bound Goldens wish to thank Noah’s Bagels
                           on Douglas Blvd. in Roseville for all the yummy bagels. Noah’s
                                                                                                   Vet expenses:
                           has generously donated bagels to us each week since the be-               $300,000
                           ginning of 2005. These healthy treats are greatly appreciated.
                           Golden thanks and four paws up to Noah’s Bagels!
Homeward Bound Golden Retriever                                                                                NON-PROFIT ORG.
Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE PAID
7495 Natomas Road
Elverta, CA 95626                                                                                              ROSEVILLE, CA
Telephone: 916-655-1410                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 98
Fax: 916-655-3410

    Visit our website at

                                                        Save the Date!
                 Sacramento Santa Parade                                                        November 28, 2009

                                                        Our Golden Wish List
            If you’re interested in donating any of the items on our wish list, please contact us at 916-655-1410.

Construction Material                 Landscaping        For our Golden Guests         General Maintenance & Laundry   Office Supplies
2 x 4’s (Douglas Fir) in lengths of   Shade trees        Pill Pockets, small & large   Paper towels                    Postage stamps
8 feet or longer                      Grass seed         Gentle Leader EZ Walk         Drum liners, 55 & 13 gallon     8 1/2 x 11 copy paper
4 x 4's (redwood, Douglas fir,        Sprinkler pipes    harnesses medium /large       Powdered bleach                 Blue & yellow pocket
or pressure-treated posts),
                                                         Dog cookies                   Powdered laundry detergent      folders
6 x 6's (redwood, Douglas fir, or                        Canned pureed pumpkin                                         Red. Blue, green yellow
pressure-treated posts),                                 Dog shampoo                                                   file folders
Cinder blocks                                            Petco gift cards                                              Folding chairs
                                                         PetSmart gift cards
                      We also would welcome Lowes or Home Depot gift cards for building materials for the new dog yards

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