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									                              Auction Showcase

RUN DATE / SECTION            USA TODAY and the National Auctioneers Association
• Tuesdays in Money           have partnered together to bring you a new weekly
                              advertising feature. This feature offers advertisers an
• Fridays in Destinations &
                              opportunity to deliver a powerful message and reach a
                              target audience not found in other publications.
                               Percentage of USA TODAY readers who do not read:
• 2 Columns x 3 inches:
  $1,458 per region            Wall Street Journal        78%
                               New York Times Daily       88%
• 3 Columns x 5 inches:
  $3,646 per region                     National and Regional opportunities
• 4 Columns x 5 inches:
  $4,860 per region
                                                             Midwest                       East
                                                            Circulation                 Circulation
RATES: NATIONAL                             737,328
                                                             580,542                     623,250
(Tuesday – Friday)**
 $795 per column inch                                                       South
• Friday:
  $953 per column inch

                                Ask about our weekly Real Estate features:
    30% discount for            •Close to Home
     NAA Members                •Life on Vacation

     To reserve space
         contact:                                                     *NAA Member Discount is 30% off of the
                                                                            open rate on the following: Auction
     Kathy Armengol                                                           Showcase, Online Opportunities,
    Account Executive                                                     USA TODAY’s Real Estate Features
  karmengo@usatoday.com                                                    **Minimum Ad Size: 1 column x 2.5”
                                                                                  Ad sizes increase by column
           703.854.5936                                                                 and ½ inch increments
                                                                     Source: MRI Spring 2007, 2007 MMR, HHI
                                                                                               3.09 • JOB 3021
                   USATODAY.com opportunities

                                        Compliment your Auction Showcase print campaign with an
              OFF                       online schedule on USATODAY.com.
         30 % r
             fo   er s
             M emb                      USATODAY.com offers a variety of targeting capabilities and
                                        editorial adjacencies that make sense for your messaging. By
                                        adding an online component to your print campaign you can take
                                        advantage of the low duplication rate (14%) between our print
USATODAY.com audience                   and online readers to extend your reach.
• 10.7 million monthly readers          Targeting opportunities include
• Gender: 57% Male, 43% Female          • Custom behavioral targeting: Using Revenue sciences
• Ages 25 – 54: 66%                       technology, we can target ads to readers who have recently
• Mean HHI $87,158                        read articles with selected key words or who have visited
                                          particular areas of the site.
• HHI $100K+: 32%
                                        • Geo-target by state, DMA or zip code (other targets include:
• Own a Residence: 82%                    age, gender, occupation, job title, industry, income level)
• Attended auction in last 30days: 6%   • Editorial adjacencies targeting Real Estate and/or Automotive
Real Estate interests index             • Extend your message online to Gannett’s 90+ newspaper and
(past six months):                        broadcast websites. Choose particular Gannett properties or
• Shopped for home equity                 utilize the entire network to reach local readers while they read
 online - 152                             their hometown news.
• Shopped for home mortgage
  loans online – 139                    Available ad units
• Purchased home insurance              • Leaderboard - 728x90
  online - 164                          • Poster - 300x250
• Purchased real estate online - 152    • Vertical Banner - 160x600
• Definitely will/probably will
  purchase new residence over           Rates
  the next year- 106                    Campaigns are sold based on CPM and rates vary depending
                                        on ad size and placement. Minimum buy of $5,000 is required.
                                        NAA members receive special 30% discount off rates.

                                            To reserve your online ad space or for questions, contact:
*Source: Nielsen//NetRatings @Plan              Julie Knowles, Online Advertising Sales Manager
Summer 2008, Average 30-day Unique
Audience                                                    jknowles@usatoday.com

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