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									                      Finding Your Practical Leadership Opportunities
         Just got your performance review? Have areas to work on? Try Toastmasters!

       Professional Skill                     Ways to Practice              Leadership Opportunities
Budget Management                  Manage Club budget                  Club Treasurer
                                   Chair an event with a budget        Committee Chairman
                                   Manage District budget              District Treasurer
Problem Solving and/or Project     Club Educational Program            Club VP Education
Management                         Event Planning                      Committee Chairman
                                   Build/Rebuild a Club                Club Medic
Conflict Resolution and/or         Negotiate vendor contracts          Event Logistics Coordinator
Negotiation Skills                 Plan an Area/Division Contest       Contest Chairman
                                   Chair an even with multiple         Leadership Institute or Conference
                                   subcommittees                       Chairman
Creativity Skills                  Develop a club builder campaign     Club VP Public Relations
                                   Develop a newsletter/e-news         Club or District News Editor
                                   Manage District PR Campaign         District Public Relations Officer
Time Management, Prioritization    Lead Club Executive Committee       Club President
and Decision Making Skills         Track & Report District news        District Newsletter Editor/Historian
                                   Assume a leadership role in an      Area or Division Governor or Major
                                   organization or committee           Committee Chairman
Event Planning                     Host a Club Speechcraft event       Speechcraft Coordinator
                                   Host a Major Contest event          Division or District Contest Chair
                                   Manage major event logistics        Committee Facilities Coordinator
Influence Management and           Lead a Club Membership drive        Club VP Membership
Interpersonal Skills               Recruit & Supervise volunteers      Club or Event Sergeant at Arms
                                   Serve as a tutor/mentor for other   Youth Leadership Coordinator
                                   clubs and young people
Leadership, Motivation & Risk      Assume Club leadership role         Any, especially President & VP Ed
Management Skills                  Assume District leadership role     Area Governor
                                   Mentor new leaders/members          Club Medic
Listening Skills                   Speech or Meeting Evaluator         Ask for functionary assignements
                                   Assist with first three speeches    New Member Mentor
                                   Build new Clubs                     Club Mentor
Management and Organizational      Track member/club progress          Club Secretary
Skills                             Manage Area Success Plan            Area Governor
                                   Chair a "Beyond the Club" event     Area/Division Event Coordinator
Needs Analysis and Strategic       Conduct Club Member Surveys         Club Membership Committee
Planning                           Assist with Area/Division Success   Serve as the assistant to an Area or
                                   Plan                                Division Governor
                                   Recruitment/Retention Program       District Membership Committee
Presentation Skills                Success Club/Speaker Module         Club Mentoring Program
                                   Facilitate a training session       Area, Division & Officer Training
                                   Facilitate a training session       District Conference

Originally developed by Jeff Jones, ATMS, District 66
Modified for District 3 by Trish Blackwelder, DTM, June 2003

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