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                         PRAXIS II INFORMATION SHEET
Provides information regarding:
          • Online Registration
          • Download a Praxis Bulletin
          • Registration Code Lists
          • Tests at a Glance (TAAG)
          • Test Preparation
          • Complete Test Directory

Fees and Duration (as found on
Registration Fee: $50
Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching: $90 (2 hours)
Praxis II: Subject Assessments: $65-95 (1-2 hours)

Required for KY Certification:
Content Area          Praxis Exam
Art (P-12)            Art: Content Knowledge #10133 (158)
                      Art Making #20131 (154)
                      Note: Bring 4 photos of art work (your own if you wish) to exam. Photos will
                      not be returned.
Business and          Business Education Test #10100 (590)
Marketing (5-12)
Middle Grades –       English #10049 (157)
English, Math,        Math #20069 (148)
Science, Social       Science #10439 (139)
Studies               Social Studies #20089 (149)
Biology               Biology: Content Knowledge #0235 (146)
Chemistry             Chemistry: Content Knowledge #0245 (147)
English               English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge
                      #10041 (160)
                      English Language, Literature, and Composition: Essays #20042 (155)

Speech/Media          Speech Communication #10220 (580)
Mathematics           Mathematics: Content Knowledge #10061 (125)
                      Mathematics Proofs, Models, and Problems, Part I #20063 (141)
Physics               Physics: Content Knowledge #0265 (133)
Social Studies        Socials Studies: Content Knowledge #10081 (151)
                      Social Studies: Interpretation of Materials #20083 (159)
Theatre (P-12)        Theatre #10640 (630)
All students are required to pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam for their
grade level before completing their final course in the MAT Program.
    • Principles of Learning and Teaching, Gr. 5-9, #30523 (161)
    • Principles of Learning and Teaching, Gr. 7-12, #30524 (161)

*This information is subject to change periodically. Check for the most up to
date information.
          2007-2008 PRAXIS® Paper-based Test Dates

  Test   Registration Must Late Registration Emergency                                   Centers Outside            Monday
  Date   Be Received by*** Must Be Received Registration                                  U.S. or in U.S.           Centers
                           by (with $45 LATE  Must Be                                      Territories             in U.S. or
                                  FEE)        Received                                         ***                Puerto Rico
                                             (Web Only
                                              with $75
 9/8/07*       8/9/07           8/16/07        8/31/07                                         7/12/07               7/26/07

11/17/07            10/18/07                    10/25/07                11/9/07                9/20/07               10/4/07

1/12/08*            12/13/07                    12/20/07                 1/4/08               11/15/07               11/29/07

 3/15/08            2/14/08                      2/21/08                 3/7/08                1/17/08               1/31/08

4/26/08*            3/27/08                      4/3/08                 4/18/08                2/28/08               3/13/08

6/14/08*            5/15/08                      5/22/08                 6/6/08                4/17/08                5/1/08

 7/26/08            6/26/08                      7/3/08                 7/18/08                5/29/08               6/12/08

Note: A passing score on a test established at the time of administration shall be valid for the purpose of applying for
certification for five (5) years from the test administration date. 16 KAR6:010

     1.   We must receive your completed registration form and payment by the appropriate date, or
          you will be charged a $45 late fee.
     2.   Not all test centers are open on all test dates. Please refer to the appropriate Test Center List
          (United States and U.S. Territories | Outside the United States).
Increase your chances for success with these Praxis test preparation tools.

Tests at a Glance (TAAG)

Tests at a Glance include content outlines, sample questions in each content area with rationale for the best
answers, and test-taking strategies. Printable versions can be downloaded from the links below.

Study Guides and Practice Tests
ETS created the PRAXIS Study Guides listed to assist you in preparing for the PRAXIS assessments that you will
be taking. Each guide provides a combination of test preparation and practice, including:

     •    Key topics and exercises to guide your study
     •    Sample multiple-choice questions and answers with explanations
     •    Sample constructed-response questions with real responses from actual test-takers
     •    Test-taking strategies to maximize success.

Each Practice Test Booklet includes an authentic paper-based test that was given at an actual test
administration. These booklets also include:

     •    The correct answers and content category for each question
     •    A score conversion table so you can convert your score to a scaled score and compare your scaled score
          with your state's passing score.

*This information is subject to change periodically. Check for the most up to
date information.
*This information is subject to change periodically. Check for the most up to
date information.

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