Court approves dramatic reforms

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					Court approves dramatic reforms
         By KEVIN WHITE                     the sub-committee on Campus and              spaces in national fraternities not          simplv a   DOII   of twenty people."
             Staff Writer                   Religious Life for further action.           filled by bids will then be filled             The controversy revolved around
  The Patterson Court Council this             In other actions, three proposals,        through the normal self-selection            three questionable "yes" votes, two
week passed two self-selection reform       including a computerization system, a        process.                                     by ETC and one by PAX.
proposals in a first step toward a          combination bid/self-selection system           To guarantee full use of all facilities      These houses charged that their
dramatic reorganization of David-           applicable to all houses, and a lottery      and to help alleviate overcrowding,          representatives at the meeting did not
son's social structure.                     system of self-selection, were soundly       each house must specify a minimum            express the majority opinion of that
  Greg Anders' proposal, giving the         defeated by the Council.                     of freshmen to be taken in before the        house. The Council decided that it
national fraternities on Patterson            The Anders' proposal, in its final         end of fall term.                            would allow each house to submit to
Court the right to issue formal written     amended version, establishes a separ-           F&M's proposal for self-selection         the Council a position paper, expres-
bids, was passed in a controversial         ate bid system applicable only to            would keep it very similar to the way        sing the majority will of that house.
vote Sunday night.                          national fraternities on the Court.          it functions now.                               These papers, along with one
  The vote was twelve "yes", seven            Specifically, social functions of all         The number of people in early             summary pro-position and one sum-
"no" and one abstention with SAE,           houses would be open throghout fall          random now would be limited to a             mary con-position, would be sent with
Phi Delts, KA, Rusk and ETC issuing         term. During the second week of              maximum of five. To avoid last               the proposal to the sub-committee for
two votes each in favor, F&M,               winter term, students would choose in        minute encouragement or harrass-             further evaluation. The vote remained
Emanon and ATO unanimously ag-              which system they would like to              ment, non-position individuals would         12-7-1.
ainst.                                      participate, either bid or self-select.      sit at each house's table to put the            The deadline for action for the
  PAX split their vote, one in favor          This coincides with the issuance of        student's name on the final sign-up          sub-committee of the Council on
and one against while PIKA voted            Fiji bids and would allow future Fiji        sheet. House members could remain            Campus and Religious Life is October
one "yes" and abstained in their            pledges the option of self-selection.        in Love Auditorium for further ques-         1977. One member expressed little
second vote.                                   Formal rush by each fraternity            tions or problems.                           hope for actions before the end of this
   PCC Wednesday night also passed          would then commence culminating in              Immediate controversy engulfed            acacemic year.
a proposal submitted by Bruce Brown         bids being delivered sometime before         the pro-Anders proposal vote. Russ              Kathryn Bridges, PCC President,
and Tim Wilkins of F&M which deals          the self-selection process.                  Martin, Treasurer of Emanon, typi-           felt that all parties can be repre-
specifically with reform of the self-sel-      Freshmen who entered the bid              fied the opinion of the houses op-           sented. "I hope anyone unhappy with
ection system applicable only to the        system but failed to win a bid would         posed: "The vote of 12 to 7 with one         the Anders' proposal will be pleased
eating houses.                              then fall behind the self-select people      abstention is not representative of the      that dissenting opinions will also go
   Those two proposals will be sent to      in choosing an eating house. Any             entire Patterson Court at all. It's          before the sub-committee.
                                                                                                                                         "The court is split, and all opinion
                                                                                                                                      will be fairly represented. The issue is
                                                                                                                                      not dead and I encourage any student
                                                                                                                                      with other proposals to submit thorn
                                                                                                                                      to the PCC for consideration."
Vol. LXVI, No. TWENTY-THREE Davidson College, Davidson, N.C. 28036                                  April .22, 1977

 Corwccaikxi boycott h protest
         Spencer rescinds job offer
         from Jewish Professor
  By CATHERINE LANDIS              "His credentials were quite         initial acceptance in the first of
              Editor               impressive. He has a Ph.D.          Linden's letters. According to
               and                 from Princeton University.          the Constitutional By-Laws,
     KARL GOODHOUSE                His training was suited for the     "The President shall be re-
          Guest Writer             courses we needed for him to        sponsible to the Trustees for
   A prospective faculty mem-      teach, specifically internation-    being certain that each person
ber's invitation to join the       al and Soviet policy."              employed as a member of
faculty was rescinded by Col-         Proctor added, "He seems         faculty and staff, at the time
lege President Samuel R.           to have the sort of personality     of his or her appointment, is
Spencer, Jr., because the pro-     which would have made him a         fully aware of and supports
fessor, a member of the Jewish     productive teacher and an           the purpose of Ihe college as
religion, indicated his objec-     excellent scholar."                 set forth in the Davidson
tions to the college's policy of      Spencer's lettei included a      College Constitution, and it         COLLEGE PRESIDENT SAMUEL R. SPENCER JR.,
hiring based on such non-aca-      paragraph expressing his con-       prepared conscientiously to          has rescinded the job offer of a Jewish professor who
demic standards as Christian       cern as to whether or not           uphold and seek to increase its      expressed his doubts of the Christian tenure policy.
commitment.                        Linden would be willing to          effectiveness as a church-rela-
       Protest boycott             teach at a school with a strong     ted college."
   In response, students and
faculty plan to boycott Fri-
day's Convocation exercises.
                                   Christian commitment. He
                                   wrote that Linden should not
                                   accept the job unless he gen-
                                                                             "No contract reached"
                                                                          Because of Linden's re-
                                                                                                            Study in India offered
   After reviewing 190 applica-    uinely wished to uphold and         sponse Spencer was unsure of             Director of South Asian        India.
tions the political science de-                                        Linden's support of the Con-          Studies Tonia K. Devon               "Language is not a bar-
partment invited two candi-                                            stitution. He conferred with          announced Wednesday that          rier to study there since the
dates to Davidson to be inter-                                         Trustee and lawyer Larry              St. Stephens College in           classes are held in English
viewed by both students and                                            Daggenhart who ruled that no          India is offering a scholar-      and the students all speak
faculty. The department un-
animously chose Dr. Ronald
                                            PAGE 4                     contract had been reached.
                                                                       Daggenhart then advised
                                                                                                             ship to a Davidson student        English in addition to their
                                                                                                             for study during the first        regional languages," she
Linden, a professor from                                               Spencer to withdraw his offer         two terms of the coming           explained.
Swarthmore College, and re-         support college policy. This       to Linden.                            academic year.                       Fields of study available
commended Linden to Spencer         wording appears in all letters           Job offer withdrawn                St. Stephens is the insti-     to students will be econo-
who then interviewed him.           from the college offering em-         Spencer informed Proctor of        tution where Jesse Bhattal,       mics, history, English,
    Informed of tenure policy       ployment.                          his decision after speaking to        currently a foreign student       math, chemistry, physics
   Spencer informed Linden                                             Daggenhart, but before send-          at Davidson, received his         and philosophy. Arrange-
about the Christian tenure                 Job offer accepted          ing the withdrawal to Linden.         degree.                           ments will be made for
policy in i the By-Laws of the                                            The political science depart-         "In addition to having an      transfer of credit in a
                                       Linden accepted the job                                                                                 manner similar to the pro-
College Constitution. Linden        offer. At the same time he         ment will now go back to the          excellent academic reputa-
had not previously been aware                                          original applications and in-         tion and intellectual tradi-      cedure for transfer of sum-
                                    turned down job offers at                                                                                  mer school credits.
of the policy before his inter-     other schools. In his letter to    vite the next qualified candi-        tion, St. Stephens offers
view with Spencer.                  Spencer, however, he stated        date to Davidson for an inter-        superb recreation, housing           Application forms may
       Linden offered job            his objections to the col-        view.                                 and eating facilities on          be obtained from the Office
    Spencer offered Linden the      lege's hiring and firing pol ic-                                         campus," Devon said. "It          of International Education.
                                                                                                             is located in the beautiful       The student will pay trans-
 job because, as what Dr.            ies.                                 FOCUS Irts week on                 and culturally fascinating        portation costs for the trip
 Proctor, chairman of the poli-        Spencer interpreted the ob-
                                      ection as a                           Cotege Union                     city of Delhi, the capitol of     to India.
                                                                             TheDavkteonian                                                           April 22, 1977
                                        • v   •• •

Colostomy slips into illusion,
Snowfails to produce reality
   By STEPHANIE COOK                  prise," Snow declared. He           money from the subscriptions
          Staff Writer                 stressed that he didn't want       is in the bank and that all the
   Senior Tony Snow, editor of         The Colostomy to be a "rag-        money will be returned to
Davidson's would-be under-            sheet" of Davidson —"You            subscribers this spring.
ground newspaper The Colo-            can see that sort of stuff in the      Although it failed this year,
stomy, has declared its status        Johns."                             Snow would like to see an
for this year to be "dead".               Snow's good intentions and      underground paper organized
  The Colostomy was to be an          ideas, however, did not result      in the future. He derived
unofficial publication of Dav-        in a finished product.              personal satisfaction from the
idson , satirizing contemporary           According to Snow, The          experience. It was a creative
life.                                 Colostomy failed because ev-        outlet —"an excuse to write
   Snow noted that the "diff-         eryone was more interested in       the sort of things I wanted to                                                     unter Jennlngs_
erence between an existential-        writing something that was          do" as well as being just "fun
ist and a satarist is that the        funny rather than putting in
satirist hasn't given up on the                                           to try".
                                      the hard work and organiza-
world. He chooses to laugh            tion which the publication          Consider merit admissions
about it rather than shoot
    One of The Colostomy's
 goals was to examine the pri-
                                          People were lost in their
                                     "beatific visions" of writing
                                      for an underground newspa-
                                                                           Groups studycoeducation
                                                                               By PAM CAMERRA                decreased.                         have run into a number of
 orities people set in life and       per. "It requires not being                  Staff Writer                 The six-member student          guys who would like to keep
 treat them humorously. "Peo-         afraid to stick your neck out                                          Committee on Sex Blind Ad-         the ratio the same and even a
 ple's priorities are so fouled up    and get people mad at you,"            Two committees are re-          missions is considering the        few who would like no women
 that it's fun to take shots at       Snow said.                          searching the costs and prob-      consequences of adopting a         here.
 them," Snow remarked.                   Other problem areas were         lems of coeducation and ad-        merit based admissions policy.        "Most women would like to
    The paper would also have         finding a printer and creating      missions at Davidson, and will     The Committee developed a          see an increase in the ratio. In
 included journalistic cliches       a functional organizational          make recommendations to the        survey with the help of Pro-       fact, none that I have talked
 (the "Whatever happened to          framework within which to            Board of Trustees, at their        fessor Kelton which has been       to are against sex blind ad-
      ?" series) and interviews      channel the creativity.              May 7 meeting.                     distributed to 250 randomly        missions up to a 50/50 ratio,"
 with small children on com-             The Colostomy's fund-rais-          The Coeducation Evalu-          selected students and 118          she said.
 plex contemporary issues            ing success in the fall proved       ation Committee, a faculty-        faculty members and admini-           Admissions Counselor Tony
 ("What do you think about           that there was interest and          student subcommittee of the        strators.                          Boon told the Sex Blind
 the SALT talks?" being asked        enthusiasm for the paper on          Council on Campus and Reli-            The survey         includes    Admissions Committee that
 of seven- and eight-year-olds).     campus, Snow said. About             gious Life is researching the      questions on the size of enrol-    even if the Class of 1981 had
    "One of the problems this        100 subscriptions were sold at       changes resulting from the         ment, the percentage of males      been evaluated on a sex blind
 place has is the alarming           $3 apiece.                           shift to co-education in 1972.     and females, and whether or        base, not more than about 40
 paucity of creative enter-             Snow announced that the              The committee is examining      not Davidson should reserve        or more women would have
                                                                          the costs that have been           1000 places for men regardless     been accepted. He thinks that
              THE.RUSK SCHOLARS                                           incurred and the future costs      of female enrollment (in order     a class of 80 percent women
             (our visitors from England)                                  that would ensue if the percen-    to preserve tradition). The        would be far-fetched since
                                                                          tage of women is increased.        Committee also hopes to            men's applications traditional-
         INVITE THE STUDENTS TO A                                            The Committee divided the       determine the degree of sup-       ly have and should continue to
                                                                          school up into several broad       port for the sex blind admis-      outnumber women's applica-
       ST.GEORGESVAY PARTY                                                areas, including the Infir-        sions policy.                         nts.
            at ATO house                                                  mary, Physical Education                                                 The Committee on Sex
                                                                          Department, the Patterson              "We're trying to allay some     Blind Admissions will give
        Saturday, April 23,9-1                                            Court Council, Academics,          of the fears of the trustees,"     their data to the Coeducation
                                                                          and the physical plant of the      said Ellen Stebbins, a member      Evaluation Committee which
                             Free Beer,                                                                      of both Committees.
                                                                          school, to name a few. Faculty                                        will use this material along
 CRICKET EXHIBITION          Soft Drinks                                  and staff members were asked            "If we go to a sex blind      with its own in drafting a
 VILLAGE GREEN 2-4           Disco Music                                  to evaluate the impact of           system, the trustees are afraid   recommendation for the Coun-
                                                                          coeducation in their particular     of having a class of 80 percent   cil on Campus and Religious
                                                                          area.                               women, of less donations from     Life. The Council will then
                                                                             Most of those questioned         women alumni, and of              present this recommendation
                                                                          said that coeducation has not       breaking Davidson's tradi-        to the Board of Trustees.
                I T ' S NOT TOO LATE TO STUDY                                                                 tions."
                                                                          brought many cost or policy                                              The Committee on Sex
          NEXT FALL, NEXT SPRING, ALL YEAR                                changes. Although physical             "In the beginning I thought    Blind Admissions is gathering
                                                                          education and IMAC sports           no one would be against           information from other col-
                 AT THE UNIVERSITIES OF                                   were not generally affected,        accepting more girls because      leges and universities which
                                                                          Director of Athletics Thomas        the current ratio seems to be     have recently gone coedu-
                   UONDON-PARIS-MDRID                                     Cartmill said that it would be      the crux of a lot of social       cational. It will use the survey
                                                                          harder for Davidson College to      problems and increasing the       results and data from other
                 ACADEMIC YEAR ABROAD                                     compete in intercollegiate          ratio would seem to me to         colleges to make a separate
             221 E. 50 St., NYC, NY 10022 ._                               sports, especially football, if    make the campus more natu-        recommendation on the sex
                                                                           women's enrollment increased,      ral.                              blind admissions policy to the
                                                                           and the number of males                "Yet," said Stebbins, "I      Board of Trustees.

                                 You' re i nvited to joi n in honors ng
                                Richard Reynolds, Richardson Preyei
                                   ?.dozen student award winners
                                       and the Class of 1977
                                     Son no Awards convocation
                    April 22, 1977                                                                                                   The Davkteonlan
Assistant to the President

                     Barnes responds to appointment                              continued Clark, "which has                     the need to keep in touch with voice his own "depends upon                                            and the Trustees. Trustee
            Staff Writer                                                         its advantages as well as                       what students are thinking in the issue and the role feelings                                         meetings and convocations are
    Davidson senior Gary                                                         disadvantages.                                  order to effectively handle his are expected to play", whether                                        two major responsibilities of
Barnes, newly appointed As-                                                         "I've enjoyed the pleasures                  position.                                     he is asked to speak as an                              the Assistant as well as gen-
sistant to the President,                                                        of Davidson without having                          " M y door will always be individual or as a representa-                                          erally helping Dr. Spencer
smiled and responded serious-                                                    the pressures of study al-                      open to students and I hope to tive of some part of the                                               with whatever needs to be
ly, " I was very pleased and                                                     though knowing where to fit                     stay in touch with student college.                                                                   done.
honored when Dr. Spencer                                                         between students and admini-                    desires and needs," Barnes                       "There is a time and a place                             One ol Clark's pet projects
offered me the position.                                                         stration can prove to be diffi-                 said.                                         for both," concluded Barnes.                            is to compose a handbook of
    "I feel that the job will                                                    cult."                                              He also encourages students                  Clark also employed the                              helpful hints and suggestions
provide me with opportunities                                                       Barnes feels this .so-called                 to approach the President informal "open door" policy of                                              from past assistants to guide
'or a combination of things.                                                      "identity crisis" will '!••> no                 themselves when they have liaison between students and                                               the "newcomer".
 ^ irst, to take a break from the                                                 problem.                                        something to s:v, .                          administration.                                              The tact that there is •
 u-ademic world before plung-                                                        Me realizes the importance                      As to whether he v. ill serve                He feels, however, thai hi.s                         newcomer each year iiieim.
':•«.: i n t o l a w s c h o o l , 1 0 l e a r n                                 (it     h i sclose   ties   with   ' i:'.••.-   as a " c h n n m T '>.<:> the Presi- dealt more directly with
                                                                                                                                                                               job)                                                    (.hut " t h e job can be ap-
i'sfi'ul s k i l l s in o r g a n i z a t i o n                                  student       horiv anr< recr.<:n!7ei            (ierif l o r o t h e r s o p i n i o n s o r relations between the college                           pro HC hud differently each tim<
•i':i: w r i t i n g a n d a l s o i n ;<v--!                                                                                                                                                                                          around —there are no prerei;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ui.sites as to how the job h:>
                                                                                 WDAV seeks Federal funds
•irui w o r k w i t h n e w a n o ; n t e :
            WijZ p e o p l                                                                                                                                                                                                              always been uone."
            Mil <.:•.*ir.r                 ist an.                                                                                                                                                                                          Clark also asserts mui ;.;••
'        '.[•:•-.   ' ~h   o l a b o :         1
                                         .'ti ':       • '     '. i i < " •                                                                                                                                                            year lias been an educatu •..;
    •.     ::'>;•; u n a ;<••-.      " i     > < • '•••<•    - n   a   r
                                                                           ' —            r.v P H I l J P i ) i . , N C .                                                              .•X p e n c l i t u r . ' s   invni\fi.   ii.    i .\pfrierioe" and he now piaj
         • - • i ' ; : > • n < •s    ! l ' t i P :      "
                                                     :> • o ! ; ; : .                           Mews Ecii'.or                          Tir. o i l i r ; . ' ' 1 •... se-.'i.lng t hi   t ransformir;;/ i he st :t..-:. ..•              lo continue his iormui (>(!;•;
'.iniereii, iioin! u ' vic\\" without                                                   ; Mrvcior ;>! Communie.'ii ior..           ;, a \ 'mm-. i;1, j . ;n a s s i s t a n c e        high po.vs:.                                     t.ion at Vanderbilt Low Srno
ti'.MiiL' m e r c d i r a c a c c e p t i n g                                     Martha Roberts has submit-                      from the government "•'"• per-                           Roberts stressed that the                    in September.
                                                                                  ted a request for federal mon-                  cent, or about S140,000.                             figures in the request are ol                        Barnes looks forward to t h<*
   "Going From a student to an                                                    etary assistance in funding the                    Roberts worked with Direc-                        necessity estimates, because                    experience and is already en
administrator has introduced                                                      upgrading of WDAV.                              tor of News and Photography                          plans for the radio station ure                 thusiastic about his possible
me to a much uroader perspec-                                                        The grant request, sent to                   Earl W. " B u c k " Lawrimore                        "still in the flexible stage."                  role in certain issues, such as
tive of the college and it has                                                    the Program for Noncommer-                      and others familiar with the                             Much will depend on the                     the vandalism problem, which
definitely been enlightening.                                                     cial, Educational Broadcast-                    radio station's proposed ex-                         amount of financial assistance                  are facing the college today.
   "The job is unique in that                                                     ing Facilities, lists the total                 pansion to arrive at approxi-                        offered by the government.
one is neither fish nor fowl,"                                                    projected capital costs of the                  mate cost estimates for capital                          Roberts explained t h a t
                                                                                                                                                                                       some of the equipment costs                        RESULTS OF
                                                                                                                                                                                       listed in the request are not

Carter presents energy plan                                                                                                                                                            high priority items such as
                                                                                                                                                                                       automation equipment and
                                                                                                                                                                                       air-conditioning and remodel-
        Wednesday night, April.21,                                                    •He advocates a graduated                   incentives do not spur enough                        ing of the studio, and might be                              ON
                                                                                   excise tax on new "gas-guzz-                   voluntary action, mandatory                          reevaluated in light of the
    President Jimmy Carter intro-
                                                                                                                                                                                       degree of funding provided by
    duced to Congress and the                                                      ling" automotives and a grad-
                                                                                   uated rebate on automobiles
                                                                                                                                  improvements will be consi-
                                                                                                                                  dered .                                              the government.                                     AMENDMENT
    public his proposals for a
    nationwide energy conserva-                                                    exceeding efficiency stand-                       •Stringent efficiency stand-                          Roberts indicated that the
    tion program.                                                                  ards.                                          ards for household appliances                        listed costs could well be                         TO COLLEGE
                                                                                                                                  would be mandatory by 1980.                          higher than actual expendi-
        The Davidsonian would like                                                   •A ne,w tax on domestic oil
    to synopsize for you here the                                                  would, over three years, raise                    •Industries • undertaking
                                                                                                                                  conservation measures would
                                                                                                                                                                                           "If we erred in our esti-
    major proposals of a plan                                                      the price to the prevailing
                                                                                                                                  get a ten percent tax credit.                        mates, we tried to err on the
    Carter says "can lead to an
    even better life for the people
                                                                                   world level, about $14 per
                                                                                   barrel. Revenues from this tax                     •For the first time, gas sold                    cautious side. We tried to                          YES 430
                                                                                                                                   within a state would be sub-                        anticipate all expenditures, so
    of America."                                                                   would be returned to citizens
         •Carter proposes a standby                                                in a "per capita" rebate that                  ject to the savfne price as                          we don't end up short of cash
                                                                                                                                                                                       at a later date," Roberts said.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NO 32
     tax on gasoline that could                                                    could reach $75 a year for most                 interstate gas.
                                                                                                                                      •Taxes and laws would force                          Roberts is not certain when
    gradually raise taxes by five-
    cent, increments to 50 addi-
                                                                                                                                   industry to shift from burning                       the college will receive word of                  ABSTENTIONS
                                                                                         •Better insulation and other              oil and gas to coal. Tax                             the federal government's deci-
    tional cents per gallon by 1987
     if the country did not meet the                                                   conserving       improvements               incentives would encourage                           sion on the grant. " I would                                1
                                                                                       would be encouraged in homes                solar power units for heating                        expect that we might hear by
     goal of a ten percent cut in
                                                                                       and buildings. If tax and other             and cooling homes.                                   September," she said.

                                                                       OPENING SOON
                                                                                               the jean shoppe
                                                                                                                          (downtown mooresville)

                      Offering Male, Viceroy, Faded Glory, Duck Head Painter Pants
                                            and of course Levi
                                                                                       Grand Opening Sale April 28-30
                                                                                              Discount with ID.
                                                                                                                              April 22, 1977
                                                           The Davidsonian

Christian tenure                                                                          O PAVIPSON

inconsistent with
College's ideals
    Davidson's Christian commitment originally sought to
preserve priceless truths born in ages past. The reasoning was
that to inculcate good old Judeo-Christlan virtues was to
invest in our nation's moral and spiritual future. Given the
events of the past week, however, the time for reconsideration
has come. We must now examine carefully the implications of
                                                                                      POSITION 0P£N:
the Christian Tenure requirement both from the standpoint of
academic excellence and moral propriety, for on both counts it                                NO JEWS
remains an anachronistic relic—an abysmal failure.
     First, consider the argument that our institution has been                             N££P
charged with the grave and delicate responsibility for teaching
individuals the value of the "moral" life. Obviously, the desire
to promote Truth and Beauty is unimpeachable—no one in
their right mind would consider thumbing his (or her) nose at
Goodness. On the other hand, it is reasonable to ask whether
or not the exclusion of alternative religious opinions, if only
embedded deeply within the psyche of the pedagogue, can
possibly achieve that commitment. The assertion that others

                                                                         Council ignored
who hold divergent religious beliefs cannot teach virtue is
absurd. Their minds are not polluted with phillistinism; their
bodies have not been Satanized by an alternative ethical
theory. Instead, we must admit to the possibility that human
virtue may have seemed beyond the borders of Christian                                                         would have no objections to plans for
faith—perhaps some of it has managed to trickle down to                                                        a golf course if plans for our other
lesser dogmas.                                                                                                 needs were in the making. Should we
                                                                                                               accept, for example, $200,000 for the
    Secondly, at Davidson, it is questionable whether any                                                      construction and maintenance of a
concerted religious indoctrination takes place outside the                                                     three hole golf course? Of course.
religion department. The fact that other faiths are also taught                                                Should we accept $200,000 for the
within that department serves cogent notice to the fact of their                                               improvement of the infirmary? Of
tenability. If we must teach only Christian dogma then we have                                                 course—but first we have to make it
a clear duty to dispense with the religion department.                                                         known that the infirmary needs to be
     Finally, the question of consistency arises. In the past,                                                 improved just as we are beginning to
non-Christian teachers have been hired presumably because                                                      make it known that it would be nice to
they are superlative professors. Yet suddenly, the presence of                                                 have a golf course.
another faith (Judaism) becomes grounds for exclusion. From                                                         Dr. Spencer states in his memo
a moral point of view, this is contemptible. From a legal point               By MARK RABIL                    that the proper channels for be-
of view, controversial. In essence, a Jewish teacher was                       Guest Columnist                 ginning the plans for a golf course
                                                                       On April 1, Dr. Spencer sent a          were followed in that the Dean of the
offered a contract on the condition that he deny his faith and
                                                                    memorandum to the Council on               Faculty evaluated and approved "the
integrity. All this at a school with a Christian commitment.                                                   modest outlay required for the prac-
                                                                    Campus life stating that their protest
    So now we have grounds for action; a time for commitment.       of a possible golf course is beyond        tice area as justified in comparison
For any individual who takes seriously our Statement of             "the scoDe of responsibility of the        with expenditures of a similar level
Purpose is out of the question. Instead, we must be bold            Council." "I believe," says Dr. Spen-      which he has approved for other
enough to affirm the role of virtue. And that, in the truest        cer, "that the original design of the      departments." What happens when
Agapistic sense, means to discard the Christian Tenure              Council envisioned its responsibility       students and faculty disagree with an
requirement. It is not the time for witch hunts; not the time to    to be more in the area with which the       administrative decision which has
carry out personal vendettas against persons in the                 Dean of Students would normally             been made which they feel affects the
administration; not a time for indulging in Inquisition. Instead,   deal. It is the Dean of the Faculty         "quality of campus life"? According
 it is the time for the members of the college community to         who has the responsibility to evaluate      to the Constitution, they come to the
                                                                    the needs and requests of all depart-       Council on Campus life which then
 band together in a concerted display of Christian conscience.
                                                                    ments on a continuing basis and to          advises the President if they feel it
 For only by so doing can we hope to preserve our priceless                                                     necessary.
                                                                    make recommendations as to which
 past without facing a worthless future.
                                                                    of them should be approved."                    This is exactly what happened. A
                                                                        Article IX. Section 3.b. of the         gmup of students disagreed with the

        The Davidsonian                                             College Constitution states, "The
                                                                     Council is advisory to the President in
                                                                     all matters affecting the quality of
                                                                                                                beginning of the plans for a golt
                                                                                                                course when no plans had been made
                                                                                                                for the improvement of the infirmary
                                                                     campus life."                              or psychological guidance. The
                                                                        The group of students who came to       Council agreed with these students
 Catherine Landis                                    Editor          the Council on Campus life protested       and so advised the President. Dr.
 Dave Keller                              Executive Editor           a golf course because they felt there      Spencer replied that it is not within
 Philip Duncan & Lyman Collins                News Editors           are other aspects of campus life           the "scope of responsibility of the
 Erica Gjersvlk                            Features Editor          which need to be improved first, such       Council" to advise him in this area.
 Bill Barnett & Jim Entwistle        Editorial Page Editors          as the Infirmary and Psychological             Davidson's governance system, i.e.
 Dennis McLawhorn & Marshall Waddell         Sports Editors          Guidance. Dr. Spencer's point that         the organization of the SGA, the
 Susan Colan                          Production Manager             the solicitation of money for a golf       faculty, the advisory councils, the
 Amanda Hall                              Managing Editor            course would not take away money           president, and the trustees, can only
                                                                     from the Infirmary, for example, is        function if it is used properly. It does
 Hunter Jennings & Irv Wilson         Photography Editors            well taken in that the same person         not appear that the advisory council
 Kevin Shelly & Peg Travis             Advertising Editors           would probably not donate to both          on Campus Life is being used to its
 John Kravet                          Circulation Manager            causes. But who has begun plans for         fullest advantage.
 Warren Soule                           Business Manager             the improvement of the Infirmary?              Before the governance system it-
 Martin Qelger                                   Cartoonist          Why is a golf course thought about          self is evaluated next year there needs,
 Ann Gamer            ,               Asst. Projects Editor          while the infirmary is not considered?      to be an evaluation of how the new
 Charles Erwln                .      Asst. Features Editor              The Coucil protested the beginning       governance system is being used
                                                                     of the plans for a golf course or          now. If the system is not being used
  Published weakly during the school year by students of David-      practice area because these plans           according to the guidelines set forth
  son College. Second class postage paid at Davidson, N.C.           were begun and approved before              by the College Constitution how can
  28036. Address all correspondence to The Davidsonian, Box         plans for the Infirmary or psychologi-       it honestly be evaluated when the
  248, Davidson, k :.O. Yearly subscription r**~- * " QQ.«*          cal guidance were even nmn^g^d. We          time r " " v i ' )
              April 22, 1977

                                   Labels plague political spectrum                                    Attempting to give definitions for                                                                                                                                                           sider the following applications:
                                                                                                                                                                                                 to have relative to his opponent is
                                                                                                     these terms seems doomed for three                                                          advantageous to him. Depending on                                                                     1. Conservative-Progressive The
                                                                                                     reasons. First there is no way to                                                           the context of debate, labelling some-                                                             right is the party of tradition,
                                                                                                     produce a non-circular definition                                                           one "right" or "left" (or center?) is                                                              emphasizing the primacy of family
                                                                                                     which grasps the meaning of these                                                           tantamount to placing him among the                                                                and clan loyalties, in general resistive
                                                                                                     correlative terms. The New Columbia                                                         good guys or the bad guys. Small                                                                   to change. The left is the party of
                                                                                                     Encyclopedia defines "right" as "the                                                        wonder that these labels themselves                                                                progress, change, perhaps radical
                                                                                                     more conservative groups in the                                                             are essentially contested.                                                                         change.
                                                                                                     political spectrum, in contrast to the                                                                                                                                                            2. Archism-Anarchism The right is
                                                                                                     radical          left..."                                                                                            Left versus right                                                         the statist party favoring policies
                                                                                                         T h i s s t a b a t a d e f i n i t i o n d o e s lead                                                                                                                                     which increasingly subject all
                                                                                                     t.o t h e s e c o n d d i f f i c u l t y t h o u g h , v i z . .                                ( H i r W e s t e m C i \ i ! i / . a t i o n ' ' o u t -. e                                  "social" actions to authoritative con
                                                                                                     t h a t ]<•('( a n j r : i ; h ' ;,.-;              .onte:.!                                n o t e s icll u st h a t " l e t t '       i n ; !'rurht                                          imi. The leit is the party favoring le->.
                                                                                                     r e ! ; . ' I r . 1 ' . •.   v
                                                                                                                                      e .;   . ,,• i       !   i n ; >. . . , • , < , !   I; u   i:   r . - . f   a . .   1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ( i u 11 I ' d   ; u >|' i •i   ..'   : • i ••.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      •           H   I   • ! i '                                                                 nI       ])ir!i.ij>-          r,<

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ' r , i ( i •                                  I    «>Iii

              1 1 1
                          --;     Vlovvmeiil                     ; ! H ! t !:<           . '1-' •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ;   I,M         v   , •! i ; :   •        ; : M ' I    1 !•.•,!     i j n v i    ;•

          •   :'.•    •         - ; i e n i   : i - e   !.'   n . i r . l l y   :-.'i\   ..••;   .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      " ' •'        ..' l i e       'i i n 1         >i ill       is t h e    ;   TO!   e c ' i: • <
 ••   ; i . ; . : : ii i 1 ; ) ; i o n ?        !••:'•' l " l ' l "             l o r .\t-\\
                                                                                                                                                                                                 !•>'        a, e         l ()'.)<      I h e i r   si\ii      s    a :         l - s i.'11         • >! i n d i v i d u a l r i g h t s . The lett a s s e r t s
    •tt) political o r i e n t a t i o n while VVii                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • :•,•• p r i m a c y of g r o u p r i g h t s , c o i n
                                                                                                     l e a l h i ; . ;''/                    . ; • ! ( !
                                                                                                                                                                       i . i >
                                                                                                                                                                                                  iiowever that mav l-e, IM ii):; a
•:.iii! Huckley a n d H a r r y ( i o l d w a t e r                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 niunal concern, solidarity of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                 member ot the lett r j n ick I y carre to
.•••• usual!'. 1 seen a s e x e m p l a r s of tin-                                                             Contested labels                                                                                                                                                                    oppressed, social welfare, and a
                                                                                                                                                                                                  mean that one was a kindred spirit to
                                                                                                        Finally, the terms left and right do                                                     ihe revolution of 1789. Pinning down                                                               government active to secure these
                                  Heat or light?                                                     not merely locate persons or things                                                         that spirit is as much like pursuing                                                               things.
                                                                                                     relative to objects or continua whose                                                       phantoms now as it was then.                                                                          4. Capitalist-Socialist The right is
   Vet as Socrates was fond of                                                                       positions are known, they are also                                                              In the nearly 200 years that have                                                              the party of private enterprise, the
pointing out, unless we have a                                                                       appellations of approval and dis-                                                           intervened, the terms left and right,                                                              profit motive, free markets, the
definition for troublesome or con-                                                                   approval. In political debate, each                                                         have been subjected to so many                                                                     middle class. The left is the party of
tested concepts, producing examples                                                                  person has an incentive to rig things                                                       political uses that one must despair at                                                            state ownership, economic planning,
generates more heat than light.                                                                      so that the orientation he comes out                                                        isolating any "core" meaning. Con-                                                                 regulated markets, the working class.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5. Meritarian-Egalitarian The
Opinion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             right favors rewards proportional to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    accomplishments, the virtues of com-

                          Albert attains happiness
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    petition, excellence. The left promotes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    equality of income, the ideal of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    cooperation, anti-elitism.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       6. Authoritarian-Democrat The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    right is the party skeptical of popular
      By MARGARET HUNTER                                                                             obediently, "Ah then, what you                                                              world. He also heard, just before he                                                               wisdom, favoring established autho-
          Guest Columnist                                                                            need is a peanut butter taster!" And                                                        impolitely dozed off, that peanut                                                                  rity, an appreciation of men of
                                                                                                     before the sermon started, Albert had                                                       butter oil is the main lubricant for                                                               quality. The left favors popular
   My dear friends, do let us be
                                                                                                     a new job.                                                                                  tractors.                                                                                          sovereignty, believes in the wisdom of
honest. They asked me to write
something funny; I delightedly and                                                                      He was very happy eating peanut                                                                                                                                                             the common man, is suspicious of
dazedly agreed (how often do YOU                                                                     butter all day. The peanut butter                                                                                                 Lubricants                                                   bureaucracism.
get asked to write something for the                                                                 quality went up. Mr. Peaby was                                                                                                                                                                    So which way is right? Is a political
                                                                                                     pleased. Albert began to grow very                                                             Three years later, Albert was sitting
Davidsonian?) and am now thwarting                                                                                                                                                               in bed (or lying? He was so fat it was                                                             party which favors dismantling the
their desires and any chances of my                                                                  fat, and he learned a lot about how                                                                                                                                                            federal government, the abolition of
                                                                                                     peanut butter is made.                                                                      hard to tell) and he remembered that
being asked to write again by                                                                                                                                                                    day. Boing!!!! It suddenly hit him                                                                 taxes and yet advocates capitalism
sneaking in an old fashioned bed-                                                                       He thought about going into his                                                                                                                                                             and free trade a party of the left or of
                                                                                                                                                                                                 that lubricants m u s t be very fine
time story.                                                                                          own business making peanut butter,                                                                                                                                                             the right? (Left under 02, right under
                                                                                                                                                                                                 quality or engines wear out, and that
                                                                                                     but decided after consulting lawyers                                                                                                                                                           #4). How should we classify a person
              Albert's introduction                                                                                                                                                              he knew a lot about peanut butter
                                                                                                      and accountants and his wife, that,                                                                                                                                                           who advocates the primacy of clan
                                                                                                                                                                                                 oil... He called the hotel and found
                                                                                                     the pay Mr. Peaby paid him was                                                                                                                                                                 loyalties and bloodties? (Right under
   Once upon a time there was a                                                                                                                                                                  out when the next TTFTWA conven-
                                                                                                     sufficient to make such an adventure                                                                                                                                                           #1, left under #3). Does it matter if he
guinea pig named Albert. He worked                                                                                                                                                               tion was. He took a day off from work
                                                                                                     not profitable enought to warrant the                                                                                                                                                          advocates Black Power and Black
at a carrot salad factory all day long;                                                                                                                                                          to go, and dressed in his guinea pig
                                                                                                     risks inherent.                                                                                                                                                                                Consciousness?
about 6 o'clock in the evening every                                                                                                                                                              finest. He asked them if they needed
day he would show up at home                                                                                                                                                                      someone to insure that quality peanut                                                                Consider a stable socialist dictator
                                                                                                                                  Tractor influence                                                                                                                                                 ship. Are its dissidents who press for
wanting supperand a big bowl of nice                                                                                                                                                              butter oil was sent overseas, and
peanut butter afterwards. Now Albert                                                                    His wife made a trip to see her                                                           handed then a resume which listed                                                                 individual rights, the increased use ol
hated working at the carrot factory;                                                                 parents one weekend. She went by                                                             his education at the bottom, his                                                                  material incentives in production and
he stood in front of an assembly line                                                                bus, and when she returned, ol                                                               peanut butter knowledge at the top.                                                               popular sovereignty representatives
with carrots racing by him every                                                                     course he was supposed to pick her                                                           They, after two weeks of conferring                                                               of the right(M, and #4) or of the left
minute. His job was to grab them                                                                     up at the station. On the way, the car                                                       among themselves, said yes.
before they went past and to throw                                                                   broke down. He went inside the                                                                  The end of this story is that Albert                                                               Is there any way of deriving
then all into a grating-and-mixing-in-                                                               nearest building, which turned out to                                                        landed a very comfortable income, he                                                              weighted averages so we could judge
raisins machine. Any brown ones he                                                                   be a rather plush hotel (and he was in                                                       and his wife travel all over the                                                                  persons to be left or right "on
let go by. He lived for the times in the                                                             his overalls!), called the station,                                                          world now checking tractor oil                                                                    balance"? The difficulties in this
evenings when he could just sit and                                                                  found out there was a tornado watch                                                          quality, and they are wry happy. The                                                              suggestion are obvious for the rela-
eat peanut butter, watching TV. Then                                                                 and her bus had been delayed 5                                                                Kiwanis gave Albert a service award                                                              tion between a person's position on
one day God talked to Albert.                                                                        hours. He took the car to a gas                                                              for being " i n s t r u m e n t a l " in an                                                       anarchism-archism and progressi-
                                                                                                     station, found out it was going to                                                           overseas service project two years                                                                vism-conservatism is not like the
                 God's guidance                                                                      cost hjm $150 to have it fixed within 5                                                       ago, Albert has slimmed down since                                                               relation between the length and width
   He told him that he should talk to                                                                hours, and it began to rain. He was                                                         -his peanut butter testing days, and is                                                            of a physical object. Length times
                                                                                                     not happy.                                                                                    a better lover than when he was                                                                  width yields the area, but one's
the owner of a peanut butter factory.
                                                                                                        He went back to the hotel because                                                          working in the carrot factory 10 hours                                                           position on anarchism plus (or times?)
The next weekend, Albert went to
                                                                                                     he was bored at the gas station. He                                                           a day.                                                                                           one's position on conservatism yields
church and saw his daughter's best
                                                                                                     went back to the hotel because there                                                                                                                                                           nothing similar. The latter are incom-
friend's father's brother, who used to
                                                                                                     was nothing to do at the gas station.                                                                                               A moral                                                    mensurable so judgments about
date Albert's wife's cousin, in line to
                                                                                                     He noticed there was a convention of                                                                                                                                                           whether one is "on balance" left or
get some good Sunday coffee. Albert                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 right are absurd.
got in line behind him, mentioned the                                                                "The Tractors for the World Associa-                                                           This is a tnae story. The names
weather and then how good this                                                                       tion" (TTFTWA) and he went in. He                                                            have been changed to protect the                                                                     The more interesting question con
man's peanut butter was. Mr. Peaby                                                                   needed something to do! He sat                                                               innocent. Its moral (no, you can't                                                                cerns whether some combinations o ;
said, "Yes, but the quality of the nuts                                                              down and heard a boring speaker                                                              escape it!) is this: think about what                                                             left positions and right posit ions fom,
 has been slipping lately." At that                                                                  talking about getting money from                                                             you want t.o do, who you are, what                                                                a coherent or incoherent political
 very moment God hit Albert between                                                                  churches and sending tractors to                                                             vou an' good at. what you value 'HK'U                                                             outlook This moves u ; t<, the logic ol
                                                                                                     underdeveloped coumrie.s yii u\vvl:,v                                                        pi/k vour own spos. in t.ho ::un.                                                                 poiit ical phi!oso;iii . .
the eyes and caused him to blurt out.
                                                                                                                                                               April 22, 1977
       6 the Editor
Letters to

           Bamett's view evokes response
To the Editor:                              fraternities or women at Davidson           selection processes. The non-nation-              these houses is not likely to be
                                                                                        als will naturally want freshmen to               challenged. There is no need to add
    This letter is in response to Bill      would publicly admit to discriminat-
                                                                                        opt for self-selection, and the                   to the present discrimination by
Bamett's article of April 15th and the      ing on bases other than sex.
                                                                                        nationals will try hard to get freshmen           allowing these houses to discrimi
recent Patterson Court Council's                Every fraternity has its share of                                                         nate on bases other than sex.
decision to reinstate the bidding           misfits- those who get in through           to choose the bidding system. 1
                                                                                        assert that the rift caused by forming            Certainly this right should only be
system at Davidson.                         self-selection despite pressure                                                               vTited to the court by a majority of the
   The Council's decision appears to        against them by their chosen                two distinct selection processes will
                                                                                        make the court more divided, not                  Davidson students and not by the
support Mr. B a m e t t ' s claim that      fraternity. In Mr. Bamett's system,                                                           Patterson Court Council and Council
bidding "might be just the right            the fraternities will be able to publicly   less.
                                                                                           The national fraternities (and next            on Campus and Religious life alone
solution to cure the divisiveness in         discriminate— picking and choosing                                                              Hie ideals of Patterson Court may
the Davidson social s y s t e m , " but I   on such bases as looks, popularity,          year the women at Davidson (WAD
                                                                                        an* not so bad off. A Davidson co-ed              soon be drastically changed by a
assert that the Council's decision is       strength, etc., deciding who is right                                                         handful of people. Shouldn't the
not representative of the court's true      for the fraternity and who isn't.           would hardly feel welcome at one ot
                                                                                        the court's fraternities, and 1 doubt a           student body as a whole be allowed
 feelings (example of PAX and ETC.             Yet. Mr. Barnet says that, after the                                                       <
                                                                                                                                          t make such an important decision'.'
surprising affirmative votes and the                                                    Davidson male would find much ot a
                                            fraternities have each carefully                                                                                       Kathy Wolf'7!»
house members subsequent disap-                                                         welcome at WAD. The respective
                                            chosen, "the self-selection process                                                                                 Davidson Collet
 proval), and I propose a campus-wide                                                   masculine feminine domination in
                                            would then be used to fill out the
referendum on Mr. Bamett's proposal         remaining places in both fraternities
 fora bidding/self-selection sustem at       and eating houses." Mr. Barnett. it
    If indeed the majority of Davidson
 students vote for such a revised
                                            your fraternity happens to have ten
                                            spaces that need filling when bidding
                                            is over, are you not running the risk of
                                                                                         Local police commend
 system, then it should be planned for       adding U'n people that you had not
 and carried out,. If, however, the
 bidding system does not carry a
 majority of the student vote, then the
                                             selected? When- is the advantage in
                                            your bidding/self-selection system?
                                             Either way the fraternities run the
                                                                                        student for stopping theft
court should remain with it.s present       risks of getting people they had no          i'o the Editor:                                    -..: u as charged in .Iuveniie Conn
 (although, granted, largely abused)        desire to make members.                         The Davidson Pi tice 1 '•<. nan mer.          ! ';• <H ! u T s u s p e c t w a s a r r e s t fit !• •
set of laws.                                    However, maybe under vour               would like to extend its thank--- to tin*        •I'vfiiy     Although they could               not    hi
   I question Mr. Bamett's reasoning        proposed system the fraternities will       very alert student Marshall A. Wad-              ••aarged for the offense a s t h e y h,u;
concerning the conciliatory effects of      have fewer "undesirables". So what          deil who r e p o r t e d to t h e police t h e   (...-cardi'd it p r i o r t o b e i n g a;
a bidding/self-selection procedure on       about these undesirables— the ones          observance of two males in Cannon                 ;>rehended, one of t h e s u s p e c t s \>. ,,-
the court, and Iwonderathis (and the        who miss out on getting a bid? They         dorm on the evening of April H. 197              .'-[Tied with a 22 cal. pistol.
national fraternities') desire for such     an' at the bottom of self selection,            Mr. Waddell notified the police that               1 w o u l d p e r s o n a l l y like t o t h a n k
                                                                                        two males were leaving c a m p u s                r
a system. As things stand now, the          and you can't tell me they won't he                                                             -'r. Waddell for his a s s i s t a n c e ami
national fraternities admittedly            bitter. They will be very bitter, and        and that one had on a red sweater and           . ;icourage a n y s t u d e n t t h a t o b s e r v e s
discriminate against women. Next            that will hardly add to the cohesive-        blue j e a n s and the o t h e r one had ;•.     - • r a n g e r s in t h e d o r m s t o call t h e
year women at Davidson will attempt         ness of Patterson Court.                     blue sweater. The two suspects were              police immediately.
to turn two wrongs into a right by             Also, your system markedly points         apprehended and the cash taken from                                             J a c k i e G. H u g h e s
discriminating against men. I doubt,        out the differneces in nationals and         David K. Taylor was recovered.                                              C a p t a i n , Precinct «'.':
however, that either the national           non-nationals by forming two distinct            One (if the suspects was a iuveniie


   Academic leadership often lacking
   "Is the student really being given                                                    the establishment man' in which the              vity which facilitates questioning r>'
                                            birth and the biases being passed on
an ability to (objectively) see and                                                        "•'dent is instilled with authoritarian        values and social goals, and thus
                                            to him now in the so-called value
examine the nature of the society he is                                                  corporate values and acquires a kind             permits the education of the under-
                                            neutrality of higher education?
ubout to enter? What are the effects of                                                  of intellectual fascism in which all             graduate in this way so that he may
                                            tion is theoretically all about.
professionalist influences from law,                                                     that is not necessary to know or read            see institutional values and biases in
                                                " F i r s t he sees it serving as a
teaching, and medicine upon under-                                                       is either eliminated or ignored.                 professions, academic life, and gov-
                                             'sanctuary of scholarship' in which
graduate education —and are these                                                           "This is what is happening in out-            ernment.
                                             faculty involved in basic research and
outside influences detrimental to in        publication are supported by the             schools. How are we going to respond                "Dr. Wolff points out many obsta
tellectual development?                     institution in areas away from the           to it? Wolff reveals the 'lockstep               cies to the attainment of a real
   "At this time I would like to relate     classroom —to the detriment of un-          patterns' graduate schools force upon             atmosphere of truth and enthusiasm
some points made by Dr. Robert Paul         dergraduates who need to be exposed         undergraduate institutions becausi                tor the preservation of truth such as
Wolff in The Ideal of the University.        to these scholars more than any other       they are the next step taken many                financial sources, tradition, graduate
He sees the present university per-          student.                                    times bv undergraduates.                         '-chool 'locksteps', and elitism. What
forming four functions which are not             "(Davidson does not really have            "This lockstep pattern forced upi-i,          can we do to over come these bar- what undergraduate educa-           this problem.) Second, he sees it as a     the academic and curricular policies of           riers?"
   Vince Rabil '75 included this article     training ground for the professions in     all undergraduate schools is blindly                 The questions Rabil raised in 197;;.
in his report to the SGA on the United       which pre-law, pre-med, and other          allowed to exist despite the fact that             ire even more important today.
States Student Association and the           professionalist preparatory programs       an undergraduate education is inher-              Davidson suffers from intellectual
26th National Student Congress in            are seeping increasingly into the          ently different from the nature of                stagnancy. Students and faculty.
 1973 when he was a SGA delegate:             undergraduate curriculum bringing         graduate education. The influences of             note what Rabil has to say, analyze
   During the opening panel discus-           along with them the ethics and            professional schools are equally detri-           your own motivations behind your
sion at the Student Body Presidents            coolness' of professionalism which       mental and 'lockstep' in nature.                  academic pursuit, and ask yourself
Conference, I addressed the following'        tends to rob students of the enthu-           "Because of these influences we               whether Davidson is living up to its
remarks to the panel, student body            siasm and emotional satisfaction          may never comprehend the intellec                 responsibility of an institution of
presidents, and delegates:                    stimulated in the learning process.       tual irrelevance of grades. When are              higher learning.
   "I believe there are more essential           "The third function is the univer-     we going to come to the understan-                   We have little academic leadership,
 questions that we should be exami-           sity as a 'base for social services'.     ding that we're not just a community              no competition to make Davidson
 ning at this time, and to which we           This disturbs me in light of the          of scholars or a community of                     the best college in the south. It can
 must begin to find the answers lest all      panelist who spoke to this point.         learning, but that we are many                    he. but we're going to have to work at
 this discussion become meaningless.          Colleges and universities are not arms    different communities ir 'he sa'.r.<
 The most important question: Does            of government, and I do not think         location with entirely difh n nt pur-
 true learning really take place in our       that as educational institutions —who     poses and ideas about who .ve a ; '
 institutions?                                no doubt may have the resources —         When are we going to become aware                                  LETTERS
    "Does true learning beyond the            they should become social service         of the alienation that invisibly exists                    The Davidsonian solicits
 mere memorization of facts by rote           stations when there are hundreds of       between us?                                             letters to the editor on any
 take place in which by learning the          foundations and institutions in the           " I n relation to society I see the                 subject. All letters for pub-
 student's entire view of the world and       private sector who could fill the voids   college and university ideally serving                  lication must be typed and
 himself is somehow changed so that           left by government in these areas.        a critical function which is divorced                   signed. We reserve the
 he is aUle to come to grips with                "Wolff sees the fourth function of     from the'system' as much as possible                    right to edit letters over 300
 himself and actually question the            the university as an 'assembly line for    to allow for an atmosphere of objecti-                 words in length.
 April 22, 1977   The Davidsonian

Spring weather changes shape of student body
                                                                     The Davidson ian

                                                          Union fails to meet students'
                                                                 By AMANDA HALL                rut of beer and half-rate        rock bands and beer. Granted,               The Union Bo;inj purchased
                                                                   Managing Editor             country rock bands or discos.    Spring Frolics was held inside           a large TV for ,,,-,,^nunming
                                                               The Davidson College Un-           Although planning the big     because of weather conditions,           uses. What is „,,,•(, destruc-
                                                            ion seldom acts to meet stu-       weekends are by no means the     but even held on the football            tive to creativity ,n.i i bought
                                                            dent needs and so provides         Union's function both Mid-       field the program had nothing            than television.'
                                                            little social release for the      winters and Spring Frolics       new or exciting to offer the                All this peit.nn to the
                                                            students. Instead of providing      1977 provide excellent exam-    students. Instead the week-              social half of Union program-
                                                            creative entertainment             ples of this negative, destruc-  ends seemed to be an excuse              ming, the only events in which
 UNION DIRECTOR C. SHAW SMITH                                                                  tive programming.                for audience-wide drunken-
                                                            through which the students                                                                                   the students seem interested.
 advises the Union Board about policy but                   can vent their frustrations and       Both weekends revolved ar-    ness.                                    The Union provides top-rate
 does not program himself.                                  energy the Union is stuck in a     ound the 900 Room, country           This negative programming            cultural events, like Alvin
                       (Hunter Jennings)                                                                                        fills most weekends on campus            Ailey II dance troupe, visiting
                                                                                                                                (if the Union schedules social           speakers and mon .
Opinion                                                                                                                         events besides movies at all).              The students do not, attend
                                                                                                                                The students are bored, and              these events. So where else
     Is the College Union for students?                                                                                         are forced to leave the campus
                                                                                                                                to find the release they need.
                                                                                                                                    So what happens to those
                                                                                                                                                                         can they receive such quality
                                                                                                                                                                         entertainment for pennies?
                                                                                                                                                                            Instead they cither attend
         By JEFF MORROW                     abuse of the so-called "Business              Even though a small bit of money was without transportation?                   the same type of social events
             Guest Columnist                lunches". When a performer is con-            misused in this one instance, the
    The "union" suggests either the         tracted here for a show, it is written in     implications it .suggests is devasta-
 bringing together of two or more           his contract that he will be fed. Josh        ting.
 things, or the resulting state. Web-       White was fed a breakfast after his              What's so terribly frustrating ab-
 ster's New World Dictionary defines        performance this past fall with C.            out this whole mess is that all this
 the word as "an act or instance of         Shaw Smith, William Brown, and                mishandling of money is the student
 uniting two or more things into one; a     three people who worked on the                body's fault. So what's the use of
 state of being so united."                 committee.                                    oven mentioning all this when most
   Is the College Union so "united "?          However, six additional unauthor-          students could care less about how
is this supposedly volunteer organi-        ized Union people showed up for the           their scholarship money or parental
zation really serving the students?         meal and nobody reprimanded them.             money is being used?
    The students who make up the
wxirdinating bureaucracy of the Un-
ion often seem to forget that they are
not appointed to do a job, but rather
it is in their self-interest for learning
the job that they became elected.
   There is nothing among with desire
and self-interest, but it should be
recognized as such so as not to
obstruct the ideal actions and goals of
a Union. One of the most dishearten-
ing things is how hard it is for a stu-
dent to break into this bureaucracy.
    There are many funds (funds
meaning here that it came from either
our mother's pockets or scholarships)
that the Union misuses.
   The students who are in the
bureaucracy have a duty to respect
                                                                The College Union
the desire of the student body as to                                                                                                    STUDENTS SPEND TIME at this bar during most Unioi
how these funds are used.
   An example: in the fall of 1976, the
two vice presidents' discretionary
funds of the Union (funds totaling
$1500) were given to help pay for the
big TV screen in the Union.
    To my knowledge, the students
were not contacted or asked if they
 wanted their money used this way.
                                                                   UBEC encourages progranr
                                                                      By MICHAEL JONES               wants to find out something       to provide an outlet for stu-      students' not fully understan-
    Another example: the student pro-                                      Staff Writer              about Union policy or if a       dent creativity and expres-         ding how they can use the
ject committee, who can only give out                                The Union Board Executive       change in policy is desired.     sion, to offer special opportun-    Union to make it what they
 money to a student with the approval                             Committee (UBEC), made up             In talking with Billy Hut-    ities for students through          want it to be.
 of the entire committee including two                            of the Union Board officers        chings, Union Board Presi-       other students, and to make           The UBEC tries to encour-
 faculty members, dealt out some $500                             and members of the Union           dent, Olivia Ware, Vice-Presi-   the Union the extracurricular       age students to use, to partici-
 without the faculty members knowing                              staff, works as the starting       dent for Co-Curricular Activi-   center, apart from athletics,      pate in, and to bring forward
 anything about it.                                               point of Union Board policy        ties, and William Brown, As-     on the campus.                      ideas for Union programming
    A third and final example is the                              formation.                         sistant Director of Union Pro-      Probably the biggest task       but Brown acknowledges that
                                                                     In addition, it handles busi-   gramming, one finds that the     and problem facing the UBEC        direct participation in pro-
                                                                  ness that does not involve the     decisions of the UBEC are        is trying to communicate to        gramming is not for everyone
                                                                  Board per se but is more           geared to the students of        the students that the Union is     because of the change in out-
                                                                  concerned with Union opera-        Davidson.                        what they themselves make it.      look that one gets from being
                                                                  tion in general. This is the          Their goals and objectives    The problem is not one of          in the background of a pro-
                                                                  committee to serve if one          are to make the Union a place    apathy as much as it is the        gram.
                                                                                                                                                                            The problem i* thai there is
                                                                                                                                                                         a hesitancy among st udents to
                                                                                                                                                                         get involved in any of the 18
                                                                                                                      APRIL SPECIAL                                      Union Board Committees be-
                                                                                                                                                                         cause it is not understood that
                                                                                                                   FOOT LONG HOTDOG                                      the committees are open to
                                                                                                                              (MADE TO ORDER)                            anyone who wants to partici-
                                                                                                                                                                         pate and that committee work

                                                                                                                                                                         takes up as much time as the
                    KING OF PIZZA, INC.                                                                                   Me                                             student wants to put into it.
                                                                                                                                                                            The important thing about
                     241 Sort Brotf Strett                                                                                                                               committee work', Brown
                                                                               SUNDAYS ONLY
                    Moortsvlt, Nortfc larolma                                                                                                                            says, is that the students who
                                                                          FRUIT SUNDAES                                                                                  participate do the work be-
                       PIMM 663-3030
                                                                                         39«                    BANTAM CHEF                                              cause it is something they
                                                                                   ea.                         HWY. I I S        CORNEUUS, N.C.                          want to do and not something
                                                                                                                                                                         that have to do- C o m i f
                                                                                                           April 22, 1977

            entertainment needs
            week after week or leave               Committee chairpeople have                   College Union and the cam-
mming       campus, complaining loudly in       to avoid the UBEC to get                        pus, works in strange ways.
• strut'-   either instance.                    anything done. Externally the                      While professing to welcome
bought         The Union Board Executive        UBEC appears to be hard at                      student input the body turns
            Committee (UBEC), the prin-         work, putting in two or three                   away suggestions.
lo the      ciple programmers for the           hours every afternoon in C.                        The UBEC serves as one
ogram-      campus, profess to welcome          Shaw Smith's offlte to "pro-                    more frustrating element in
i which     student input, but they either      gram".                                          Davidson College, and they
•rested.    ignore or reject most propo-           The business transacted in                   should be relieving frustra-
op-rate     safs. Even the Committee            these meetings might take                       tion.                  --
  Alvin     chairmen have problems work-        fifteen minutes if handled                         Students did elect these
visiting    ing through (or around) the         efficiently. The sessions turn                  people, students should de-
            UBEC so that they may               into gripe sessions, forcing                    mand the UBEC meet their                            UNION BOARD PRESIDENT BILLY HUTCHINGS runs
  attend    program.                            people seriously interested in                  needs.
                                                                                                                                                    the College Union.          (Hunter Jennings)
•re else       Instead of providing leader-     programming from getting
 quality    ship for both the Union Board       anything done.
I events
            and the students the UBEC
            functions as a stumbling
                                                   Very little communication
                                                exists between the UBEC and
                                                 the Committee chairmen. No
                                                                                                Solicited students respond to
                                                 agenda is available before
                                                 Board meetings and the
                                                 UBEC members seem to re-
                                                 sent the fact that Hoard
                                                                                                Union's programming policy
                                                 members art' interested in
                                                                                                    The Davidsonian solicited                       d e c o r a t i o n s on t h e w a l l o| t h e    way to decorate t he I 'nion and
                                                 what they will discuss beiore-
                                                                                                student opinion of the College             liar."                                       g i v e it a t m o s p h e r e . 1 ren I k
                                                                                                I' nio i). T h e f o l l o w i ng s t a l e              I t s been a d e q u a t e , but not          1 iked t h a t I n d i a n d i n n e r    I
                                                    The    I ' li K ( \   l he     principle
                                                                                                men! s a i'e a sa n i pie o! i i -| * -             i M epl i o n a l . W e h a v e n ' t h a d        wish I hey wouldn't orient a!i
                                                p r o g r a m in i n g    l>ni!\    tor   the
                                                                                                'espouse-.                                          ,.n v g o o d c o n c e r t :. s i n c e t a l i   < .1 I heir programs around (inn
                                                r                                                                                                   i .Tin                                             k i n g . Their posters w i t h sic
                                                     The SG A and                                   " I t ' s a righl nice iioh .                          i natiequat e laei I it ies lor             gans l i k e 'come have a beer
                                                                                                                                                    i-i mcert s ate part Iv t o I/lame,                w 11 li i:-. ' d o n ' t ren 11 v see r,,
                                                                                                        I l i k e l! 1 t 's b e ' ! (•,- ! h;: !i
                                                      Union urge                                not having a union.                                 also inadequate student bod\
                                                                                                                                                    to 11 nance a n d d r a w ren I! v
                                                                                                                                                                                                       necessary. I t s ( ) K onci •
                                                                                                                                                                                                       t, but not all t he I i n n :
                                                                                                     " I t h i n k t.hev re d o i n g a
                                                                                                great deal of p r o g r e s s a m i                 ; r nod rnncert s. "                                     '' 1 d o n ' t k now w hat I he v
                                                       all students                             ottering a variety ot things.                            "Several years ago the o n                    can do about il . Inn I general
                                                                                                    " W e need more music in the                    cert committee was less reluc                      k go ot her places tor m y
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ent ert a i n m e n l . T h e r e ha ve
                                                       to fill out the                          itUO R o o m . They have t h o s e
                                                                                                super speakers and they never
                                                                                                                                                    t a n t t o ' g a m b l e ' in r i s i n g
                                                                                                                                                    people or d i f f e r e n t t y p e s ot           been some good things in the
                                                                                                t u r n them o n . "                                 m u s i c (ex . : D a v e H r u b e c k ,         '.)()() Room like the clown and
                                                                                                                                                                                                       the sitarists. I haven't liked
                                                     questionnaire                    "I think the 900 Room
                                                                                   should be open until :!:()()."
                                                                                                                                                     Muddy Waters, e t c . ) . "
                                                                                                                                                          "I t h i n k i t ' s been O K . ]            t h e concert            programming
                                                                                                                                                    t hink they 've gone out of I heir                 since freshman year though
                                                       on Union                      "First tell me what they're
                                                                                     "Well, I have this to say
                                                          Activities              about the Union, I think it's
                                                                                  very unionized and I'm glad I
                                                                                   am at Davidson College and
                                                        now being                  God is alive."
tost Union social events.                                                            "They're acting like they're
                 (Hunter Jennings)                      circulated                 not spending any money."
                                                                                     "The groups they've had in
                                                                                   the 900 Room are pretty

amming input                                                                         "I want to be able to drink
                                                                                   beer anywhere in the Union."
                                                                                     "Union? What Union?"
                                                                                     "We do have a snack bar. "
 nderstan- work is supposed to be a fun         They encourage students to            "The Union is doing a fine
   use the experience and this is usually       get involved with the Union so job now."
  hat they the case for those who do            that it can realize its potential    "I don't think the students
             participate.                       as the socio-cultural center of use it enough."
 'i encour-     Hutchings says that ano-        Davidson College.                    "I wish they'd keep the
  o partici- ther problem related to the
i forward difficulty of student participa-
?ramming tion is that the Union is not
dges that the only source of extracurri-
                                                                                                                                                                THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS
n in pro- cular function on campus.                       PENINGER'S                                                                                               NEED WE SAY MORE,
  everyone Some success has been ach-
je in out- ieved in making the Union                  FLOWER & GIFT SHOP                                                                                                 EXCEPT
•ftm being Davidson's         social-cultural
  "f a pro- center. He acknowledges,
             though, that the Union does
u there is experience some linmed "com-
                                                                       DAVIDSON SHOP
                                                                 NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS
                                                                                                                                                          New Stocks Just Arrived
  udents to petition" from Patterson                              (at old bike shop location )                                                                            Come Select Yours Today.
 of the 18 Court.
 ittees be-     However, the Court social                                                                                                                                    Sizes XS To XXL
stood that system is not completely in its                           Hours: 10-4 Mon.- Fri.
- open to range of activities. This is
 o partici- where the UBEC sees the                                          9-1 Sat.                                                                      Also Munsingwear And Jantzen Sportswear
ittee work Union fitting in, to fill in these
me as the gaps and even to be an
t into it.   alternative to the Court when
ing about someone is looking for some-
• Brown thing different to see or do.                             FTD and FLORAFAX
ients who       The point that the members
work be- of the UBEC emphasize tjie                        Delivery available for Mother's Day
 ing they strongest is that it takes the                                 May 8th                                                                                      Only 6 miles North - Mooresville
something students to make the Union
                   they tbirVit .abo"w **•
           10                                                         TheDavidsonian                                                           April 22, 1977

      Studio art majors reveal inspiration in exntbit
    By JEFFERSON MORROW                  Steve Fitzgerald                         Patti Smisson                                Laura Calhoun
              StaffWrifar                   Steve presented five graphite                                                         Laura's show of five silk screens, a
  I may have fooled myself before,       works, all revealing the emergence of      The use of bright color is a way of        diverse collection done over the past
but the criteria I use when looking at   a mature and original style. His         distinguishing Patti's acrylic work.         year, looks 88 though the artist's
contemporary painting ia no different    "Self-portrait" has lines protruding     She says that she likes "sharp color,        intent was that each aspect of her
from the one I adopt when I view a       across the face which suggest slits of   not muted tones, because the duller          abstraction—surface, color, shape,
Rembrandt, an ancient Polynesian         radiant light, like those emanating      tones are too muddy-looking." Her            and line—be as distinct and as full of
wood carving, or an Assyrian paint-      from holy figures in Sienese* painting.  prints are mythological and classic,         personality as pos&ible to the point of
ing.                                     His drawings deliberately create a       and^have a quality of their own. All of      conflict between the elements.
   The creative process has always       type of immediate experience that is     her works evoke a strong sense of               Laura appears to count on the
been the same, and will remain so.       abruptly transferred to the              power.                                       conflict of unlike qualities to give her
That is, the painter looks at nature                                                                                           work its appeal. These works, a little
and consciously or subconsciously is                                                                                           like nervous teenagers, are alternately
inspired by some aspect of it, and                                                                                             ingratiating and antagonistic, soph-
paints it as he sees it. The quality of                                                                                        isticated and dopey.
the painting depends on the artist. In                                                                                          Paula Schmidt
other words, what matters is how                                                                                                   Paula's presentat ion of only one
great the artist's spirit is. Ezra Pound                                                                                        painting made it difficult for me to
has told us: "It is not so much what                                                                                            make any valid evaluation of her
an artist says, but with what degree                                                                                            work. Even so, Paula has a good
of intensity he says it."                                                                                                       sense of color, a sense of elemental
   The eight studio art majors—Paula                                                                                            profundity, a self-aware-sophistica-
Schmidt, Steve Kimmel, Laura Cal-                                                                                               ted-primitivism.
houn, Nat Harrison, Patti Smisson,
George King, Peter Green, and Steve
Fitzgerald-are currently exhibiting STUDENTART SHOW opened Tuesday, April 19.                                                   Steve Kimmel
                                                                                                   (Hunter Jennings)
their works in the Chambers Art                                                                                                    Steve predominantly works in oils.
Gallery and each reveal their own        Nat Harrison                            George King                                    His subjects range from multi-toned
stylistic innovations.                      Working mainly in watercolors and       George's huge "Self-portrait" was           field paintings to gargantuan deep-
Peter Green                              acrylic, Nat has often tried a new      the first thing that my eye focused on         colored forms. The canvasses he
   The one constant in Peter's work,      innovation of what he calls "a person- when 1 walked in the gallery. His              presented in the show are all done in
as far as I could see, is a kind of      able approach on color: That is,        colors are vaguely reminiscent of              very bright pigments—a silver green,
furious energy that allows him to        working colors together that aren't     Matisse and Gauguin. His "Dormi-               a dark maroon, a pale mauve, a sky
produce a great deal of one kind of      usually associated with each other."    tory Window" evokes a nostalgic                blue permeated by a red blush.
work and to shift rather rapidly from       Nat's works are soft and pleasant    feeling unique in its own way. The                The surface of his painting "Tissue
one style to another. His "Untitled"     to the eye. The abundance of its        paradox of this painting is that the           Dreams" glitter, like water catching
watercolor and ink is a bold story of    personality makes it Appear that he     several self-effacing collaged strips          the light at an angle, yet they have
conflict. Indeed he is a skillful story- is working backward from abstraction    are unifying elements. They also               the solidity of the highly wrought. It
teller who combines images and           toward representation, not in terms of  provide visual punctuation, in their           looks (as much as I hate to use this
paints splashes to produce elliptical    imagery per se, but in terms of         generally asymmetrical placement,              word) organic—like snakeskin, except
narratives that strongly limit at        energy. His energy is not frantic, but  organizing and counterbalancing                for the warmth imparted by Steve's
repressed desires and unspeakable        controlled. Nat's forms seem to drift   large areas that otherwise seem                rich colors and the evidence of his
perversities.                            off the canvas.                         bland.                                         concentration.

Finnish fabrics brighten Union           designs catch your eye with their          her paintings) to the company. It has
         By JAYNE REICH                                                             been said that she will be known as
              Staff Writer               carefully cordinated colors and ori-
                                         ginal contemporary composition de-         one of the greats in 20th century
   The colorful fabrics of Maija Isola                                              textile design.
 have the same effect on the white       rived from nature.
                                            Isola, a native of Finland, is one of     In Finland one sees her designs on
 expanse of the Union walls as they do                                              window shades, cafes and on peopfe.
 for the Finnish winter. Her lively      Marimekko's four designers, contri-
                                         buting some 400 designs (copied from       Marimekko is a common word in the
                                                                                    country and Isola is a national

      PEREGRINE HOUSE                                                                  Recently Isola moved to Boone,
                                                                                    N.C., where her associations with
                                                                                    Marimekko and her art will not be

      THURS.&FRI.                                                                   interrupted. She paints the designs on
                                                                                    ten-meter rolls which are easily
                                                                                    mailed and comments that the de-

        HAPPY HOUR 8-10:30                                                          signs are first paintings, then fabrics.
                                                                                    The Appalachian mountains are an
                                                                                    excellent inspiration for this woman
          BLUEGRASS MUSIC                                                           who works from nature.
                                                                                       We tend to equate bright-colors
                THURSDAY NIGHT                                                      with frivolity and cheeriness, but
                                                                                    Isola's works are bold, personal
                                                                                    interpretations. Her manner is de-
                                                                                    mure and calm and like a muse,
      DONATIONS GO TO                                                               quietly arouses people's feelings with-     where her fabrics are on sale. Presen-
             CHILDRENS' SCHOOLHOUSE                                                 out their knowing how.
                                                                                       Isola will be in Charlotte Saturday
                                                                                                                                tly exhibiting at Wachovia National
                                                                                                                                Bank, Isola will also be having a show
                                                                                    afternoon, April 23 at Le Masters           in New York City this summer.

                              D.C. POP FILMS PRESENTS:
                           MEL BROOKES'WACKY WESTERN
                                blazing saddles
 : FR/D>A Y 8:00 & 10:30                                                                                             LOVE $1.00
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^         V 7T S W M M ^ * * ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^
      April 22, 1977
          TRI BUEHNE will perform "Kafka's                                                  CATHERINE LIDDELL and Robert Strizich
          Die&ui ui blic Ape"'Bed*WsCW*' at 8 pm                                                            at 9 pm in the 900
          in the 900 Room.

                                                      GEORGE KELISCHEK will                                                                                            will
                                                      demonstrate his hand-crafted                                                                  speak on the prison
                                                      instruments Friday from 2 to 4                                                                system April 25th and
                                                      pm.                                                                                           26th.

Communications gap plagues D.C
         By JASON NOBLE                        activity. Professor Gordon Michael-         is the whole stigma involved with            I'M A
             Staff Writer                      son explained that there's "too much        brown nosing. This appears to be an
                                               emphasis on planning to be spon-            imagined excuse on the students' part            I ' M A FACULTy
     One of the reasons for attending a        taneous" and that it's "unrealistic to      than any existing truth.
 small liberal arts college such as            suppose that some great familiarity             Professor Kimmel stated that
Davidson, is the opportunity for               will develop. In most cases when it         talking with one's professor "doesn't
establishing close personal ties be-           does it's spontaneous, natural and          pick up points." Professor Polley felt
tween student and faculty. To what             unplanned."                                 it's "fairly easy to detect" any grade
extent does this opportunity exist?            Professor Nutt also commented in            grubbing attempts. The only way he
Remarks about fellow students brown            this vein, stating that relationships       believed socializing could affect
nosing rather than socializing are             "should be natural, not forced." He         grades was that knowing a student
frequently heard, and if one attends a         felt that just this type of relaxed         better, it would be easier to give him
party given by a professor the                 interaction existed with most of his        the benefit of the doubt.
dialogue revolves around the profes-           majors and that there was "no gulf              What the are the students' senti-
sor's specialization as much as any            between majors" and himself.                ments regarding their relationships
type of normal spontaneous dialogue,               Many professors certainly try to        with their professors?
 is there a definite and natural               narrow the distinction between them-            Terry Butler commented "in gene-
unsurpassable gulf between students            selves themselves and their students.        ral, most professors make you feel like
and professors or are all involved              Professor Donald Kimmel has several        you can come to them anytime." As
 merely playing pre-programmed                 social affairs at his house each year        to whether or not students and
 (safe) roles, unwilling to just relax          and is "strongly ui'lavor of doing any      professors can operate on an equal         to feel compelled to form close bonds
 and comfortably relate to one ano-             formal or informal thing that can be         social level, Bill Holladay explained     between professors and students mer-
 ther?                                          done to break down the social               "There's usually a line which you          ely because of any social situation.
     Asked how he feels about relations         distinction between student and fac-        don't go. Where that line stands           Professor Michaelson doesn't "think
                                                ulty. We're here for interaction with        varies from student to student and
 to students, Herb Jackson doesn't                                                                                                     professors find their pals in the
                                                the students."                              from professor to professor." Holla-
   "see why they should feel inhibited at                                                                                              student body." And Professor Lloyd
 all. Inmost cases (the) inhibitions are            Professor Kimmel felt the need for       day did feel that "there is very little   feels that perhaps society "overem-
 the students." Herb further com-               "more organized student teacher              to the 'God to worm' feeling."            phasizes a kind of hypocritical inti-
 mented that "if I go to a lot of student       affairs," a point echoed by Professor           Thomas Niblock expressed that           macy 'that' can be very shallow."
 functions there is an immediate                Bryan when he says it "wouldn't hurt        "it's very important for students and         The entire issue of student-profes
 reaction. People look like I'm inva-           for some kind of promotion to go on."       professors to be together on an            sor relationship is only an issue
 ding or something."                            Professor Bryan sensed that some            informal basis," adding that "there's      because of the distinction felt between
     Professor David C. Grant observed          "students are afraid to initiate" social    a lot of value in informal contact."       the two by each party. It's question-
 that "as long as professors are                interaction with their professors.          Some students, such as Bill Burk-          able just how natural this separation
                                                Considering various activities, Pro-        holder "would like to see more             actually is.
 required to give labels to students'           fessor Bryan felt no uncomfortable-         programs that would force both
 performances, there is a unique                ness playing squash or tennis with his                                                    Brian Jacobs feels "professors in
 relationship." This aside, he "would                                                       student and teacher into pleasant          my mind are just people" and perhaps
                                                students. Professor Michaelson also         extracurricular activities so that they
   like to see a more informal degree of        didn't see any reason for not being                                                    it's time both groups realized this.
 organization" within student-faculty                                                       can get to know each other outside of      Herb Jackson best sums this idea up
                                                 able to go fishing or play tennis with     an academic frame work."
 activities.                                     members of the student body.                                                          when he says that those involved
     Several professors expressed a de-                                                        The majoritive sentiment is one of      "spend too much time defining them
 sire to reinstitute a Sunday open                  Perhaps a major reason for any lack     desirousness for more informal             selves as student and faculty and not
 house policy. Professor Charles Lloyd           of interaction results from the prob-      gatherings between student and pro-        just people."
 felt it "added something that we don't          lem of time consumption. Professor         fessor. However it would be ridiculous
 have now." Professor Locke White                Polley explained, both for himself as
                                                 well as other professors, the obvious
 also said he "would like to see a               need to spend time with family,
  renewal in the tradition or faculty            friends and just by himself. Professor
 open houses every Sunday evening"               Michaelson expounded on this, noting                                                      tht
  adding that during his student years           his "hours out of office are tied up                                                      WORLD
  at Davidson "it meant a great deal"            with my own research."

  to him.
      Some professors, however, felt
  otherwise to such a pre-scheduled
                                                    Another aspect that helps to dis-
                                                 rupt opportunities for normal social-                                                          •JUfctoit
                                                 izing between professors and student,
                                                                                                                                           PIZZA • LASAONC • RAVIOLI
                                                                                                                                              VEAL SCALLOPING
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                                                 dimension to your                                                                        STEAKS ant mmflMr «*HM
                                              college career with a
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       and all occassions"             FREE COLOR VIEWBOOK
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             12                                                                                   The Davidsonian
                                                                                                                                                                                BE AUCTIONED MONDAY,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 April 22, 1977

          By JAKE DARBY                                exchange of ideas between nations,                         as his only theme. He also put into
             Staff Writer                              particularly between France and Ger-                       the play his impressions of the more
   "The Madwoman of Chaillot",                         many. When World War I broke out,                          universal conflict between the sensi-
premiering on April 27, is a tre-                      he fully pursued his writing hobby                         tive and the strong.
mendous change from the American                       and eventually turned his novels into                         In the play, Giraudoux portrayed
plays that have been presented at                      plays with the guidance of director                        the world as a conglomeration of two
Davidson in the past year.                             Louis Jouvet. His main impetus for                         societies: the eccentrics and the
   The author, Jean Giraudoux, a                       writing was to express the frustration                     moneygrubbers. The eccentrics, led
diplomat by profession, was a mem-                     he found in his career for settling con-                   by a madwoman who runs a cafe,
ber of the French ministry of foreign                  flicts.                                                    represents all the old customs and
affairs. He studied in Munich and in                      "The Madwoman of Chaillot" is a                         cultures which make up France. The
America at the beginning of the                        chariot for many of Giraudoux's                            moneygrubbers are invaders of the
twentieth century. Through his trav-                   sentiments at the time of the German                       old customs, who have respect for no
els he became obsessed with the quest                  occupation in France, although he                          culture except for that of money; they
for cultural advancement through the                   never wanted to single this event out                      sacrifi-e their ideals 'or moth. The H a m r                            stand 1 -;          for          the        decade

        OF GETTING THE WORD.                                                                                                                                                  .•.:;.:,'•       \     . - , : ) ! ( '   M    S j;'.::7        . i ... M

                                                                                                                                                                     ! !.•• ! , . ; ' •     .. • \ i < . ' i m a n         i u ' C i i p ; i l i>>r:     i;
                                                                                                                                                                    l''r;incc-. ;:iid neither lie nor his
                                                                                                                     StgKnda Sttmfutter                             audiences eouid have kept themselves
                                       14-oz. crystal                                                                                                               from equating the eccentrics to the
                                   handrrafted in Kurii|
                                  May be personalized                                                                                                               faithful French resistants and the
                                     with up (o threr                                                                                                               moneygrubbers to the German inva-
                               initials on the side
                            opposite the etched                                                                                                                     ders. But he did not use any specific-
                            Schlitz globe. See                                                                                   •4 l « r T-SWrt. For those of
                            coupon for order-                                                                               you who really deserve the              references to Germany because he
                              ing instructions.                                                                              title. Jersey-style with gold          Wanted to make a more general
                                   $7.95 each.                                                                                 V, -length sleeves and
                                                                                                                                Dean of Beer design in              statement concerning any conflict
                                                                                                                                  full color. 10056 cotton.         between idealism and profit. Dr.
                                                                                                                                    Sizes: S. M. U X L
                                                                                                                                       $4.50.                       Barber felt that because of this, the
                                                                                                                                                                    Madwoman is a timely play for this
                                                                                                                                                                    period, in which we are constantly
                                                                                                                                                                    dealing with the rape of our natural
                                                                                                                                                                    resources as the price of progress for
                                                                                                                                                                    big businesses, international power
                                                                                                                                                                    structures bearing down on the small
                                                                                                                                                                    business, the conquest of the indivi-
                                                                                                                                                                    dual by the masses.
                                                                                                                                                                        To quote Jacques Guicharnaud,
                                                                                                                                                                    "Not only is the spectator meant to
                                                                                                                                                                    sympathize with the hero, he is meant
                                                                                                                                                                    to identify with his very being in the
                                                                                                                                                                    universality of his metaphysical con-
                                                                                                                                                                    dition. The invention of an imaginary
    Yellow with Dean of Beer
    design in full color. V-neck                                                                                                                                    mask, a special language is meant to
    with side vents. Combed                                                                                                                                         emphasize the hidden meanings by
    cotton. Comfortable
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    S. M, L, XL $4.95.                                                                                                                                              perceived universe."

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                                                                                                                                                                   and under graduate courses
                                                                                                                                                                 • Government/Sociology internships
                                                                                                                                                                 • Language courses
                                                                                                                                                                 • English as a Foreign Language
                                                                                                                                                                 • Sessions;
                                                                                                                                                                    Pre- May 1 6-June 3/10
                                                                                                                                                                    First- June 13-July 1 6
                                                                              tcMMiMWiiif. The word.
                                                                              abbreviated. Cotton and
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                                                                                                                                                                 opportunity / affirmative action
                                                                                                                                                                 institution n employment and admssions

                                                           First Union National.                         DAVIDSON
       April 22, 1977                                                      The Davidsonian

Cats slug double-win against VMI
                                  Jim Nichols and Bob Lapple           for the team. This breaks the     pitched all seven innings of the broke the record he set last
      ByMIKELINS                  both had two hits and Bruce          past Cat team homerun re-         first game and then pitched year with nine stolen bases.
       Staff Writer               Bolinger ripped a homerun as         cord, set in 1975.                the first five innings of the He has ten at present and
                                  well.                                   Behind Bolinger, Tim Mc-       next game.                       since the Cats have eight
  The Wildcat Baseball team          This gave the Cats a 10-3         Dowell and Bob Lapple each           Alig then pitched the final   games left he'll have a chance
travelled to Lexington, Va.       lead over VMI. However, the          have four homeruns. Stan          eight innings of the thirteen to improve on that record.
this past weekend to play VMI     VMI team fought back from            Brown and Tim Goodell each        inning second game.                Coach Muench has claimed
in a Southern Conference          10-3 to tie the Cats in the sixth    have three homeruns, whie            Earlier this week, Barr all season that the talent on
double header.                    inning at 10-10.                     Dave Patton has two. Sid          broke the strike out record for this Cat team is abundant. As
    The Cats previously had          For seven more innings the        Osborne and Pete Legler have      all Wildcat pitchers. The re- these records are broken, this
fared only 2-6 in Conference      game was a stand-off, with           each hit one homerun. This        cord was set in 1971 with 72 fact is made evident.
games and therefore wanted to     neither team being able to           impressive record shows that      strikeouts. Barr at present has    Muench says that he hopes
get two wins from VMI. And        score. Then, in the top of the       the Cats have eight starters      struck out 89 opposing batters most that the vital record of
indeed, they came home with       thirteenth inning Stan Brown         who are capable of hitting        and the Cats still have eight win-losses will also be im-
two wins.                         ripped a double with Pete            homeruns.                         games to play.                   proved for the 11-21 Cats.
    The first game was a "slug-   Legler on second base to score          The pitching for the Cats         One other record that was With these eight games left to
fest" for the Cats, who           the winning run.                     this weekend was done by Tim      broken this week is that of play, the "hot" Cats certainly
soundly downed the Keydettes         Freshman Bruce Bolinger's         Barr and Alan Alig. Barr          stolen bases. Stan Brown have a chance to do just that.
 12-1. The powerful hitting was   homerun was his seventh for
led by Stan Brown, Pete           the year and the twenty-fifth
 Legler, and Rick Blinkhorn.
These three "sluggers" each
 had three hits. Brown and
 Legler each had two doubles.
                                                                       Super guard Dodds
                                                                       joins Wildcat cagers
    Freshman catcher Bob Lap-
 ple also ripped a two-run
 homer for the Cats. Alto-
 gether, the Cats pounded out
 seventeen hits against the
Keydette pitchers in the first                                           By HARRY GRIFFITH                  Pritchett asserts, "his        and was pivotal in recruiting
 game.                                                                        Staff Writer               leadership, creativity, scoring   in order to lead Davidson back
    In the second game, the                                                                              ability, overall basketball       to national prominence."
 Cats jumped out to an early                                                                             knowledge certainly gave him         Dodds had narrowed his
 lead and it appeared that the                                          Head coach Dave Pritchett        the opportunity to be the          college choices to Pittsburgh,
 VMI team was in for another                                          has signed his fourth recruit of   finest point guard ever to wear   Clemson, Duke and Wake
 sound beating.                                                       the year, Chris Dodds, a 6'1"      a Davidson uniform.               Forest before selecting David-
     Pete Legler again led the                                        point guard from State Col-           Chris was our first choice     son.
  team with three hits. Senior                                        lege, Pennsylvania.
                                             Dodds                       Dodds, who was named first

 Lacrosse team
                                                                      team all-state by United Press
                                                                      International, has a deadly
                                                                      shooting touch in addition to
                                                                                                                 A SALUTE TO
                                                                                                           75 YEARS
                                                                      excellent ball-handling ability

 improves despite                                                        Assistant Coach Billy Hahn
                                                                      remarked, "We've seen a lot of
                                                                      kids this year and he's by far

 disappointments                                                      the best point guard we've
                                                                      run across."
                                                                         Dodds had a very im-

       Staff Writer
                                      Attackman Alex Evans was
                                   also pleased with the team's
                                   efforts but felt "it was very
                                                                      pressive high school career. At
                                                                      State College High he aver-
                                                                      aged 28.7 points and 11 assists
                                                                      per game while leading the
                                                                                                          COCA COLA                 IN THE
                                                                      team to a 23-5 record.
   On Tuesday, the Davidson disappointing to lose such a
Lacrosse team lost a heart- tough game, especially after
breaking game to Elon 13-12. we had come so close against
   With 45 seconds left in the Clemson (12-9)."
                                                                         As a junior he led the state
                                                                      in scoring with 33 points per
game. Bill Mebane scored his
 5th goal of the game to tie the                                                                                                 WIN A
game up at 12-all then with
just 12 seconds remaining,
Elon scored what proved to                       BARGER                                                               FREE CASE
be the game winner.
   Mebane said he was pleased
with the game, since "we,                     CONSTRUCTION                                                   24 COMMENORATIVE
finally have proved that we                                                                                   REPLICA BOTTLES
can play respectable lacroGoe.
Teams are going to have to
                                                CO.. INC.
work to beat us now."
   He pointed out that only six
                                                                                                          10 SECOND PRIZES
or seven players on the team
had any real game experience,
but enthusiasm and a willing-
ness to work is really helping
                                                                                                               OPEN TO STAFF OF
this team to improve quickly."
   Mebane also felt that the |
                                                                                                                 "the college"
                                                 CENTRAL CONTRACTORS
team's main weakness is that
they lack proper strategy and
coaching.                                                                                                  j Name
                                               P 0. BOX 30 / TcLE PHONE 663-3M 1
   But Mebane pointed out
that despite being on its own                 . N C
the whole season, the team has                                                                             • Room or P.O.
done well for being so inexper- '|
ienced. Marked improvements                                    M. A. WICKKK
                                                         /'resident and Treasure
in individual players is
helping to spur the team on.                                B I N L. MILLSAPS
                                                 Executive lice-President and Secretary
                                                                                                          BRING THIS AD TO THE
   "We're starting to move the
ball around a lot better now.
We're even starting to score a
lot of goals."
                                                                                                         STUDENT STORE
                                                                                                                                                             April 22, 1977

                                  Former AD. gets his due
                                          Scott enters Hall of Fame
                                   By DENNIS McLAWHORN                          "I've been in athletics for a
                                   & MARSHALL WADDELL                        long time and I've had some
                                          Sports Editors                     very fine experiences. But this
                                     Former Davidson College                 ranks right up there with all
                                  Athletic Director Tom Scott                the other good things that
                                  has been selected for the                  have happened to me in athle-
                                  Helms Foundation Hall of                   tics."
                                  Fame for j^hletic Directors.                  Scott, 69, is a native of
                                     Scott will be inducted into             F'ittsburg, Kan. He was athle-
                                  the Hall of Fame in ceremonies             tic director at Davidson from
                                  to be held June 20 at Caesars               1955 until his retirement in
                                  Palace in Las Vegas.                        1971.
                                     "I'm thrilled to say tho                   Hi- served as a member of
                                  least," Scott said. "When you              the prestigious National Col-
                                  receive honors such as this you            legiate Athletic Association's
                                  really are at a loss for words.            basketball tournament com-
                                     "I know that some very fine             mittee from 19fi6 until 1975.
                                  athletic directors have been               He chaired the tournament
                                  accorded the same honor and                committee from 1969 until
                                  one can't help but be delighted            i'JTf,
                                  when placed in the same                       Although originally hired as
                                  company.                                   athletic director. Scott took
                                                                             over the basketball coaching
   00 CO CO 00 00 00 CO 00 00 CO CO                                          duties at Davidson during his
                                                                             first year when Danny Miller
                                                                             resigned in mid-season. He
                                                                             coached until 1960 when Lefty
                                                                             Driesell was hired.                                                Scott
   </) CO COCOCO CO CO CO CO COCO                                               During the next decade,               an Award of Merit for 35 years   reside in Davidson. They have
                                                                                                                      of basketball coaching. In       two children, Kristi Jo Boykin
   mujixjujiUmuLuujL                                                         with Scott as athletic director,
                                                                             the Wildcats were among the              1975 he received an Apprecia-    of Charlotte and Thomas, Jr.
                                                                             nation's most successful major           tion Award for contributions     of Greenville, S.C. The young-
                                                                             college basketball teams,                to the NABC.                     er Scott is assistant athletic
Baseball: 11-21                                                              ranking in the top twenty                   Scott and his wife, the       director at Furman Univer-
Wake Forest                   5 Davidson                             4       seven times, going to four               former Bessie House, still       sity.
Davidson                     12 VMI                                  1       NCAA tournaments and
Davidson                     11 VMI                                 10       posting seven 20-win seasons.

Tennis: 15-11
                                                                                Scott also coached David-
                                                                             son golf teams from 1955 until
                                                                                                                      Netters anticipate
South Carolina
                                                                              1976. His golf teams won five
                                                                             Southern Conference champ-
                                                                             ionships—all the golf titles in
                                                                             school history.
                                                                                                                      a wild tournament                fourth place. However, the
Women's Tennis: 10-8                                                                                                         By DAVID HULL
Clemson                                                                         He often has been credited                                             three conference losses have
                              7    Davidson                                                                                   Staff Writer
South Carolina                                                               as one of the strong influences                                           been away and on hard courts.
                              9    Davidson
Appalachian                                                                  in attracting NCAA basket-                                                   Frank commented, "I feel
                              5    Davidson                                                                             On April 28, the three-day
Furman                                                                       ball playoffs into the Carolinas                                          that any of the top six teams
                              6    Davidson                                                                           Southern Conference tennis
Davidson                                                                     area. Greensboro hosted the                                               in the conference have a
                              7    Queens                                                                             tournament will begin at
                                                                              1974 NCAA finals during his                                              chance of winning the cham-
                                                                              period as chairman of the               Davidson and Coach Jeff          pionship. Since we will have
                                                                              basketball committee and                Frank feels the Wildcats have    an advantage on our slower
                                                                              numerous first round and                an even chance of winning in     clay courts, our performance
                                                                              regional playoffs have been             what he feels will be a wide-    against the teams that de-
                                                                              staged in Charlotte, Raleigh            open tournament.                 feated us earlier in the season
                                                                              and Columbia.                              The Davidson team cur-        on their hard courts should be
                                                                                 The National Association of          rently owns a 15-10 season       greatly improved.
                                                                              Basketball Coaches honored              record and a 2-3 record in the       "Our chances will also be
                                                                              him twice. In 1968 he received          Southern Conference for          improved if there is a strong
                                                                                                                                                       student turnout in both the
                                                                                                                                                       morning and afternoon. Stu-
                                                                                        Gary and I Church announce the opening                  dent support could be a key
                                                                                      of Charlotte's newest athletic footwear store                    factor for us."
                                                                                                                                                           Several individuals have
                                                                                                                                                       been outstanding for David-
                                                                                                                                                       son this year.
                                                                                             '"PHIDIPPIDES"                                                Mike Barnhill has compiled
                                                                                                                                                       a 17-8 record playing #2
                                                                                                    ATHLr.TFS'FOOT-WEAR                                singles and Gil Kayton is 14-8
                                                                                                       & ACCESSORIES                                   playing in the #5 singles slot.
                                               c) 1976 Hallmark Cards, Inc                                                                             The pair also plays #2 doubles
                                                                                                                                                       and currently owns a 13-7
                                                                                           We inv   \ou to ( ome in and see our selection              record.
                                                                                      ot one himilicc ,MKI       e styles of seven major                  The w'A doubles team, fresh-
                                                                                                                                                       men Rick Johnston and Jeff

                                                                                      hr.inds ot .ithlc I K tootwear. Our shop is loc ated
                                                                                                                                                       Lyle, have compiled an out-
                                                                                                                                                       standing record of 15-4.
                                                                                                                                                           Frank feels that there is a
                                                                                                     RADISSON PLAZA MALI                                strong probability that both

    cards and Gifts
                                                                                                      TWON.C.N.B. PLAZA
                                                                                                       CHARLOTTE, NIC
                                                                                                                                                        the H2 and #3 doubles teams
                                                                                                                                                        will win the conference.
                                                                                                                                                           Frank is pleased with the
                                                                                                                                                        overall performance of the
                                                                                                                                                        1977 team: "We have lost a lot
              Taylor and Irene Blackwell, Owners                                         Please present this invitation for a special
                                                                                                                                                        of close matches this season
                                                                                                                                                        and I feel we have done well,
                                                                                                                                                        especially with such a young
                                                                                      discount for preferred customers                                  team. If we play exceptionally
                                                                                                       (Mail orders                                     well during the tournament,
                                                                                                                                                        we have a good chance of
       April 22, 1977
                                   Athlete of the Week ^eQ

                                         Lovett combines ego and madness
                                         By JEFF MORROW                                                                                    pain on purpose. But anyway.
                                                                      ded some three hundred play-       four oi nve concussions since
                                             Staff Writer             ers, both on Davidson and the      1973. "I think it's really        I'm really into happiness, so
                                      If you really want to hear      opposing teams since the fall      macho," said Lovett, "to          that's why I love pain so
                                   about it.Hhe first thing you'll    of 1973 when his four-year         speak tackle without a hel-       much."
                                   probably want to know is if                                           met."                                Lovett's performance in the
                                   John Lovett was the offspring                                            Last week's game against       annual "Washington Sevens
                                   of a Minotaur and an Estonian                                         an experienced Danville team,     Tournament" in Washington.
                                   antelope.                                                             Lovett scored the only "try"      D.C., was outstanding. Al-
                                      But between grunts he does                                         for Davidson and displayed an     most singlehandedly he kept
                                   speak English and you begin                                           excellence in knocking down       Davidson in the tournament
                                   to realize that indeed he is                                          people.                           with feet flying like a Mac
                                   human so it is logical to                                                When asked about how his       truck and his mouth frothing
                                   conclude that his parents were                                        body was able to withstand        like the finished product of a
                                   human, also.                                                          four years of violence and pain   Schlitz brewery.
                                      But enough of his heritage.                                        Lovett replied, "Didn't Freud         Lovett has recently had
                                   What we are concerned about                                           say that happiness was no-        second thoughts about a pro-
                                   is his excellence in perfor-                                          thing but the remission of         fessional career in rugby and
                                   mance, especially last week,                 Lovett                   pain? So the more pain the         has decided to study this week
                                   on and off the rugby field.        career began.                      intenser the happiness.            so he can go to medical school.
                                      Lovett, combining ego and         Known as "bullheaded Lov-           "But there is a prior origin       He will be sorely missed
                                   madness, has mortally woun-        ett" John has suffered some        to this, and the psyche makes      next year on and off the field.
IMAC Report
          Gozinyas finally whack Off Again
     By BAD BERNARD                in a row with a win. Get down,      second spot.                      Massage Parlor played this        5. Your Face               .9775
              and                  Duke, Pine, and Flash.                As Of this printing two         week so we won't even men-        6. Flaming A's               .970
          HOGMAN                      Bernie and Hogman would          important games will have         tion the score.                   7. Baby Rick's Bar & Grill .960
   Bernie and Hogman are un-       like to apologize to all the       been played this afternoon. #2        In volleyball the young boys   8. SPE n                     .950
usually high this week due to      gorgeous coeds (all five of you)    Presto's met #6 Flaming A's       from the Phi Delt House have      9. Cannonballs               .934
the signing of a superstar         for not giving you better          and iCl Gozinyas met tfb Your      emerged with three different       10.SAE/K1                   .913
guard, Chris Dodds, by Big         sports coverage this year. The      Face. Call 376-3231 for all the   teams that are currently the         We would also like to inform
Daddy Dave. Now if we can          big coed game of the week          scores.                            number one teams in three of      all you warped people that
just sign the big kid from         found Killer Watts and the            Stedman Lyles and Pat           the five divisions. But no one    Berta and Bemie's First An-
down in Gray we will all be        Little Boogiers actually show-     Dulany set an IMAC record          will know for sure until the      nual Memorial Invitational
chewing on cigars for the next     ing up to engage in serious        this week as they combined to      tournament is over just who       Backgammon Classic will be
four years. Do it up, Cats.        competition. The score gyra-       consume 107 beers during           the winner will be.               played in two weeks and the
   The softball world was          ted one way and then the other     their game with Last Rites.           And now, once again, what      sign-up deadline is April 29.
turned upside down this week       as the game grinded on, until      Stedman and Pat were buried        all of you sick wombats here at   Entrance fee is $.50 and all the
as the derelicts from the          it reached its inevitable cli-     immediately following the          DC have been waiting for, the     money will be split between
Gozinyas (Goes out you, too)       max, with the Little Burgers       game.                              revised and recalculated Bad      the top four finishers. If
whacked Off Again, 4-2. The        going down, 4-3. More coed            The SAE's jumped from           Bernard and Hogman Terrific       interested be sure to see Berta
Gozinyas were boosted by           scores later.                      37th to #10 this week as they      Ten is:                           in L106 or Bernie in L104.
Soto's high powered arm and           In other softball play this     beat the do-do out of EMBO         1. Gozinyas                .985      In closing, I would like to
Stick's typical mediocrity.        week, two more top ten teams       and Chocolate Speedway.            2. Presto's Grill          .980   say hi to my parents and the
   After the game, Hogman          clashed as KA #1 met SPE #1.          The E's shagged 45 runs         3. Off Again               .979   Reverend Frank Hamilton and
had a chance to interview star     The SPE's excluded the KA's        and 31 fly balls in the con-       4. Jungle Queen            .978   George Bright. Later.
center fielder for the Gozinyas,   as they eliminated them, 7-4.      tests. Baby Rick's Bar and
Mark Sumwalt. Walt had this
to say about his team's chan-
ces for the pennant, "Well,
                                   Too bad 'am, Percy.
                                      Presto's Grill remained un-
                                                                      Grill remained in 6*ur terrific
                                                                      ten this week as they ran by                     THE                 SHOP
                                   defeated behind the fabulous       Wee Willy and the Wahoo's,
man, you knovf^lvve are all,       pitching of big Jon Lee Hart       19-6. Nobody played well in          Electronic Service                       173 H. Main $tra«t
ahh, you know, in It, man, and      and the arm of Rob Murray.        the game.                                and Sales                            MOGRESVIUE
you know, man, ahh, any one        The Grill fried two opponents         It is of no concern to anyone
of, ahh, five teams could, you      this week and vaulted into our    that the Goodwinites and Ed's
know, win it all."
   San Fernadino Pasquale's                                                                                            Parks RexaII Drugs
Pizza Hut de Soto has been
named our IMAC athlete of
                                              ARA SERVICES                                                         COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE
the week and he will receive 15
8" x 10" color glossy photos of
                                             WELCOMES ALL                                                            Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Weekly
                                                                                                                Sunday 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.                   892-0208
Bad Bernard and Hogman.
Autographed, of course.
                                            DAVIDSON ALUMNI
   For Off Again it was their
first consecutive straight loss
                                            BACK TO CAMPUS                                                             CHILDREN BY CHOICE

                                                                                                                PLANNED PARENTHOOD
                                                                                                               WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:
                                                                                                           CONTRACEPTION                                VASECTOMY
                                                                                                           PREGNANCY TESTING                              SPEAKERS
                                                                                                           COUNSELING                                       LIBRARY
                                          PIEDMONT INSURANCE                                               EARLY ABORTION                                      FILMS
                                              AGENCY,INC.                                                       CALL PLANNED PARENTHOOD 377-0841
            16                                                         I      Osvidsoniaw*                                                   April 22, 1977


      r               Hey... What's going on out there?           By ELLEN SCHLAEFER
                                                                       Staff Writer

                                                                                        April 28-May 8. The Lark" presented by the Mint Maemun Tfaaatr*
 m                                                                                      GuUd. 501 Hetnpstead Place. Charlotte. Tickets S2 lor students 8 pm
          Through April 24: Outon County Museum exhibits works by Barbara               Details: 334-9726.
          Harmeyer and Larry Merenstein. Gas ton County Art and History
 m        Museum, Dallas. N.C. Details: 922-8361. 10 am to 5 pm weekdays.               April 29-30: "The Wirard of Oz" presented by Pfeiffer College Chidren "s
                                                                                        Theatre. 8 pm. FREE.
          Through April 30: Herman Art Gallery displays work by Karen
          Galdstein. Margery Turaipseed and W. D. Troutman, 628 West End                April 30 to May 1: "Peter Pan" presented by Children's Theatre of
r         Avenue, Statesville, 1 pm to 5:30 pm weekdays. Details: 872-5095.             Charlotte. Tickets $1.50. 1017 E. Morehead St. Details: 333-0963
      •   Through May 6: Photographs by Wolfgang Christian, Light Factor                May 12-28: "Paint Your Wagon" presented by The Little Theatre of
r         Showroom, Spirit Square, 110 E. 7th St., Charlotte. 9 am to 10 pm             Charlotte, 501 Queens Road. Students $2. Details: 333-3777.
 to       Monday through Saturday. Details: 372-9664.


          April 25: UNCC University Chorale with University Madrigal Ensemble.                                                                                     v>
          Howe Recital Hall, 8:15 pm. FREE.                                             May 1: "Summer Interlude" (Sweden, 1950) directed by
                                                                                        Bergman. Kino Film Series, Dana Auditorium. 8 pm. Tickets SI
          April 23: Natalie Cole. 8 pm, Charlotte Coliseum. Tickets $7, $6. Details:
          372-3600.                                                                     Now Showing: "The Affairs of Janice" plus a second adult feature h < \
                                                                                        Drive-In Theatre, Old Statesville Road. Show at 7:30 pm
          April 29: Lynyrd Skynyrd. Charlotte Coliseum. Tickets $6 advance, $7
 co       day of the show. Details: 372-3600.                                           ,\'oti' Showing: "Audrey Rose" at the Capri Shows at rfif>. i >     • J
 o                                                                                      7:45. and 9:45 pm.
          April 30: Charlotte Choral Society Pops '77 Concert with guest star John
          Raitt, Civic Center, 8 pm. Details. 372-3600 or 374-1564.                     Now Showing: "Airport '77" at the Capri. Shows at 2. 4. f>. fv i<i pi'

          April 30: Youth Symphony of the Carolines, Dana Auditorium, Queens            Now Showing: "Slap Shot" starring Puu! Newman Manor Theatr.                V
          College. 8:15 pm. Details. 332-6136.                                          shows at 2:45, 5:05, 7:25, and 9:45 pm.

          May 2: Neil Diamond. 8 pm, Charlotte Coliseum. Tickets $10, $7.50, $5.        Now Showing: "Thieves" starring Mario Thomas. Eastland Mali
o         10 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday Box Office. Make Reservations           Evening performance at 7:30 and 9:15 pm.
          at area Sears stores. Details: 372-3600.
E                                                       Up
  •                                                                      and Coming
E                                                                                      Monday, April 25, 1977
                                                                                       10 am       David Rothenburg: Director of
3          Thursday, April 21, 1977
                                                                                                   Fortune Society. N Y C . Ex-convicts Organisation
E                                                                                   2:45 pm        Yoga Class                               Morrison Room
           7 pm          Bluegrass Benefit                          Peregrine House 1.5p m         Art Auction                              College Gallerv
           8 pm          Speaker: Professor Mundshenk                Morrison Room *               Public Lecture: Dr. Cleanth Brooks, Yak- Honors Center
 c                       "Your Guru, Your Navel, and You"                           7 pm           Discussion on Women's Issues            Hlue Mtg Room
           9 pm          Lutenists: The Strinzich on lute                 900 Room 8 pm            Dramatic Reading: David Rothenburg             900 Room
 o                       and guitar
 o                                                                                  8:15 pm        Senior Organ Recital: Gary L. Rowe                DCP<
•a         Friday, April 22, 1977                                                      Tuesday, April 26, 1977
           ALUMNI WEEKEND                                                            10 am         Open End with Dr. Spencer               Morrison Room
           11 am      Spring Awards Convocation                     Love Auditorium                Davidson Rothenburg                     Morrison Room
           2 pm       Tennis: VMI                                          Davidson 12:30 pm       CROP Meal                                    900 Room
                      George Kelischek: Maker                       Conversation Pit 4 P m         Poetry Reading                               900 Room
_c                    of Historical Instruments                                      7 pm          Worship Service with David Rothenburg            DCK
           4 pm       Sculpting Class                                Office Complex 7:30 pm        Debate: Tony Snow and Peyton Marshall          EuHaU
 o         8&10:30 pm Pop Film: "Blazing Saddles"

           10 pm
                      George Kelischek
                      Dancing and Socializing: "Just Us"
                                                                    Love Auditorium 8 pm
                                                                     Morrison Room
                                                                           900 Room 8:15 pm
                                                                                                   Poetry Reading: Coleman Parks -
                                                                                                   Vereen Bell Award Winner
                                                                                                   Clogging Class
                                                                                                                                                900 Room

                                                                                                                                         l,ovf Auditorium
 CO                                                                                  Wednesday,    April 27, 1977
           Saturday, April 23, 1977
                                                                                       10 am       Mary Ann Dusgupta: Poet from India     Morrison Room
           TOWN DAY AT THE VILLAGE GREEN                                               12:30 pm    Wednesday Lunch                             900 Room
 O)        12 noon  Lunch                                             Village Green    4 pm        Quentin Keynes: Explorer from Africa   MOfTtBQSI nOORI

           1 pm     Town Day Parade                                     Main Street    7 pm        Humanities Film: "The War Games"      Love Auditorium
           2-4 pm   Games on the Green                                Village Green    7:30 pm     Spring Major Drama Production:            HodeonHaU
           7-9 pm   Folk Dancing on the Green                         Village Green                "The Mad Woman of Chaillot" - Student Opening
           1 pm     Tennis: Emory                                         Davidson     8 pm        Quentin Keynes                               900 Room
T3                  Baseball: The Citadel                           Charleston, S.C.
CO                  Women's Tennis: State Tournament                 Durham, N.C.      Thursday, April 28. 1977
           9-1 pm   St. George's Day Party                              ATO House
                                                                                       10 am       Coffee and Cokes                        College Gallery

          Sunday, April 24, 1977
                                                                                       All Day
                                                                                       2:30 pm
                                                                                       8:15 pm
                                                                                                   Southern Conference Tennis Championships
                                                                                                   Spring Major Drama Production:
                                                                                                                                             Hodaon Hal
          6:30 pm       Davidson Christian Fellowship                Morrison Room                 "Mad Woman of Chaillot"

           ^ e dn--BUjiuoo pue dn*"6u(uio3 pue dn-Bmuioo pue dn*"6ujuio3 pue dh"*6u|uio3 puvdP*

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