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					Big Meadow HOA Board Meeting
November 20, 2008

Members Present:

             Name               Present           Name              Present
           David Little            Y          Allen Cavazos            N
          Wayne Dillinger          Y          Dave Ferguson            Y
          Donna Davey              N           Dave Spacek             Y

- Call to Order at 6:35 PM

- Approved Minutes from 10/23.

- October Financial Report was approved a submitted.

       The Board noted that home owners need to have an outstanding past due
       balance of $200 or more for VF to accept into collections. The Board remains
       vigilant in our effort to collect past dues and end the year with a zero AR balance.

- Approved 2009 Budget as submitted (copy attached)

- 2009 Officers Discussion
      Spacek stated that he will not continue and the Board must make decision to
      determine 2009 Officers. HOA is required to have President and
      Secretary/Treasurer at minimum. Spacek noted he would continue as past
      president in an advisory role, but can no longer lead. No action was taken.

- Landscape Presentation (Gary Falhauber)
      Presentation by local company bidding on landscape contract that would save
      HOA money compared to existing contract and provides local support and
      response. Board took no action since unknown if current company has had an
      opportunity to re-bid.

- New Business
        Next Board Meeting Date (12/18)
        2009 Board Meeting Dates
            The following dates were recommended:

       January 22                    July 30
       February 26                   August 27
       March 26                      September 24
       April 23                      October 22
       May 21                        November 2 (Annual Business Meeting & Election)
       June 25                       November 19

- Past President Farewell
       In his final meeting as President, Spacek thanked all Board members past and
       present for their commitment and service to the community as well as those who
       have served in various committee or volunteer positions.

- 7:10 Adjourn

Big Meadow Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Big Meadow HOA Board Meeting
November 20, 2008

      Immediately following the Board meeting, the Big Meadow Home Owners
      Association conducted a Neighborhood Watch Meeting with presentation by
      Officer Mike Holmes of the Molalla Police Department. David Little will chair this
      new program. The next step is to send out a notice to all HOA members with
      information and sign up sheet. Also need to see if we can add slide show and
      sign up on website.

- Adjourn at 7:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Dave Spacek.