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									------ Sherlock Holmes
                         Holmes and
                         Doctor Watson
                         lived in a
                         lodging house
                         at 221b Baker
                         Street between
                         according to the
                         stories written
                         by Sir Arthur
                         Conan Doyle.

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                             British writer who created
                             Sherlock Holmes, the best-
                             known detective in literature
                             and the embodiment of sharp
                             reasoning. Sherlock Holmes
                             stories have been translated
                             into more than fifty
                             languages, and made into
                             plays, films, radio and
                             television series, a musical
                             comedy and so on. By 1920
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
                             Doyle was one of the most
        (1859-1930)          highly paid writers in the
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1. Fill the blanks with proper words.
 1. Most people like reading _________ stories better than love stories.
 2. You should tell your host if your plane is delayed for some reason.
 3. Fastened to a tree, the boat could not float away.
 4. Usually girls will scream facing danger.
 5. “How ______ you say “No” to the king?” said the old lady to the
 6. Ancient characters were carved on _________ pots.
 7. The wife and husband living next door often ________. Sometimes
    they even fight with each other.
 8. The bullet ________ by and hit a glass bottle, breaking it.
 9. Your grandparents, cousins, brothers and sisters, nephews and
    nieces are all ________.
2. Tell if the sentences are true(T) or false(F)
   T   1. The young lady was living with her uncle, who had come
          back from. abroad not long before.
   T   2. Her uncle was the only relative the lady had got.

   F   3. Holmes paid a visit to the lady’s house when her uncle was
          not in London.

   F   4. Holmes was very interested in the hole in the wall, where
          there used to be a window.
   F   5. The red bell rope was connected to the kitchen.

   F   6. The lady’s uncle was a non-smoker.
   T   7. Holmes thought that the milk must be for a dangerous
          animal the uncle kept for a special purpose.
3. Language points
1. There was once a famous detective named Sherlock Holmes….
   = There was once a famous detective who was named ….
   Well known for his expert advice, he was able to help a great
   number of people….
   = As he was well known for his expert advice, he was able to help
   a great number of people….
   e.g.: A. _________ by the noise in the night, the girl did not dare
   sleep in her room. (frighten)
                As she was frightened
           = _____________________ by the noise in the night, the
   girl did not dare sleep in her room. (frighten)
        B. ______ more time, we’ll do better. (give) Link to the web
                If we’re given
           = ________________more time, we’ll do better. (give)
       C. ______ from the hill, the town looks very beautiful. (see)
            If it is seen
         = ____________ from the hill, the town looks very beautiful.
2. Her uncle seemed to be acting rather strangely towards her.
                         be raining
  e.g.: A. It seemed to __________ all day yesterday. (rain)
      B. He seemed to __________ very tired last week. (feel)
                       be feeling
                         be talking
      C. They seemed to __________ about something important. (talk)
                        have finished
      D. You seemed to _____________ your homework. (finish)
      E. He seemed to ______ tomorrow. (come)
3. I dare say my uncle will. (或许、可能)
  e.g. A. 我看明天可能会下雨。
          I dare say it will rain tomorrow.
        B. 他今天可能不来了。
          I dare say he will not come today
        C. 可能他说的是真的。
          I dare say what he said is true
4. I can see it fastened to a nail next to the hole in the wall, …
       ( see/ hear/ watch/ find/… + sb./ sth. + p.p.)
  e.g.: A. I never heard the song _____ in English. (sing)
       B. You’d better get your shoes _______. (clean)
       C. He had his wallet _______ when shopping. (steal)
       D. She found her house _______ into. (break)
5. … a thin piece of rope with the end tied in a circle.
                    (with + n. + p.p.)
   e.g.: A. After the hurricane, I saw lots of houses with roofs _______
           off. (blow)
       B. All the afternoon he worked with the door ______. (lock)
       C. With the work _________, they went home. (finish)
       D. With her leg ________, she had to lie in bed for several weeks.
       E. With the boy ________ the way, they found the village easily.
3. Fill in the blanks with proper words.
 One day a young lady came to see the famous detective
 Sherlock Holmes. She asked him to help her with her personal
 problem. Her parents had died, ________ her a lot of money.
 She was now living with her ______. Every night she heard
 some strange ______ and could not sleep well. Besides, she
                 on                                 quarreled
 was not getting ___ well with her uncle. They even ________
 sometimes. Having learned that the lady’s uncle was her only
  relative                      pay
 ________, Holmes decided to ____ a visit to her house.
     The next day, when the lady’s uncle was _____, Holmes
 and his friend Dr Watson went to her house. They
 ________________ both the lady’s and her uncle’s bedrooms
 which were next to each other. Holmes saw a hole up in the
 wall between the two rooms, with a length of bell rope
 ________ to a nail next to it. He also found a bowl of milk and
 a metal ______ on the floor of the uncle’s room. From what he
 discovered, Holmes decided that the girl’s life was in ______.
4. Discussion
     1. Think about a reasonable ending to this story.
     2. Suppose you are the young lady.
        My parents were dead and they leave me lots of money. My
        uncle, the only relative of mine, came back from India not
        long ago. …
     3. Suppose you are Dr Watson.
        One day a young lady paid a visit to my friend Sherlock
        Holmes. She said that she needed his help with her personal
        problem. She told Sherlock that her parents were dead and…
     4. Suppose you are Sherlock Holmes, the great detective
        One day a young lady called on me for her personal problem.
        She looked a bit worried and tired. She told me that …
5. Reading comprehension
 It was 12 o’clock at midnight. Sherlock Holmes, the world-famous
 private detective, was sleeping deeply when suddenly the phone rang
 loudly and rapidly. He was woken up and rose up at once. In a
 minute, he took up the receiver, a woman’s voice came over, out of
 breath. “This is Miss Green, Mr. Holmes. Excuse me, a diamond
 ring worth one million pounds of mine was stolen just now. Could
 you come over to me and help me, please?” He knows the woman.
 She’s a ballet-dancer, living alone on the earth floor of the same flats.
 Of course, it is incumbent(义不容辞) upon him to help her.
    A few minutes later, Mr. Holmes appeared in her room. He
 searched everywhere. It seemed everything was untouched. On the
 dressing table by the window is her necklace, near it is a match stick.
    “Just now, twenty minutes ago,” Miss Green said to him. “ I took
 off my ring and necklace on the table. When I came out of the
 bathroom, I found the ring already gone!”
   “Is the door always closed?” asked Mr. Holmes.
   “Yes, it’s closed all the time and locked firmly,” answered Miss
   “And is this window always open?” was the second question.
    “Yes, but nobody can climb in through the window,” was the
    Mr. Holmes looked around. The window is 25 meters high
from the ground. It has iron rails with an interval(每隔)of every 15
1. Holmes was successful in his detective work because ______.
  A. he was skillful at detecting the evidence with the help of science A
   B. the scientific works aroused his interest in the detectives
   C. the English society was in great need of the detectives
   D. he had a dream that he wanted to become a detective
2. The ring was stolen ______.
  A. at 12 o’clock at midnight
  B. just when Miss Green came out of the bathroom
  C. while Miss Green was taking a bath in the bathroom       C
  D. by a ballet-dancer, living alone on the tenth floor
3. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
  A. Miss Green was a ballet-dancer who lived alone and often came
    back at midnight
  B. Miss Green didn't get on very well with her neighbors who kept
  C. It was rather a strange case and it took the detective quite a long
    time to find the thief.
  D. With the help of Mr. Holmes, Miss Green got her ring back.      D
4. From the passage, we can conclude that Mr. Holmes was a(n) ______
 A. kind-hearted B. serious C. friendly D. experienced           D

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