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					                          2011                   Spring
Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on your graduation and the achievement of this milestone in
your academic career. It is important to pause for a moment and celebrate your
success with the many people who have been a part of your journey: your family,
friends, faculty and mentors.

Your commencement ceremony also serves as a symbol of all the new beginnings
that are now possible to create a brighter future, both for yourself and those
around you. With each graduate that we send out into the community newly
credentialed, our entire region is raised up as our newest alumni work to
improve the quality of life in South Texas and beyond.

No matter where your career path leads you, know that you always have a home
here. You are the newest graduates of The University of Texas at Brownsville and
Texas Southmost College, and you are our future.


Juliet V. García, Ph.D.

Platform Guests
    Francisco	G.	Rendon,	M.Eng.        Chair, Texas Southmost College Board of Trustees
           Roberto	Robles,	M.D.        Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
                Adela	Garza,	B.A.      Secretary, Board of Trustees
           David	G.	Oliveira,	J.D.     Member, Board of Trustees
              Rene	Torres,	M.Ed.	      Member, Board of Trustees
      Robert	Lozano,	M.D.,	Ph.D.       Member, Board of Trustees
     Juan	“Trey”	Mendez	III,	J.D.      Member, Board of Trustees

	          Juliet	V.	García,	Ph.D.     President, The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College
         Alan	F.	J.	Artibise,	Ph.D.	   Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
         Luis	Colom,	Ph.D.,	M.D.       Vice President for Research and Houston Endowment Chair in Science and Engineering
               Irv	Downing,	M.A.       Vice President for Economic Development and Community Services
       Rosemary	Martinez,	C.P.A.       Vice President for Business Affairs
	           Meloney	Linder,	B.A.       Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement
	               Hilda	Silva,	Ed.D.     Vice President for Student Affairs
          Clair	Goldsmith,	Ph.D.       Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology
             Eldon	Nelson,	Ph.D.       Interim Dean, College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions
            Miguel	Escotet,	Ph.D.      Dean, College of Education
    Daniel	Heimmermann,	Ph.D.          Dean, College of Liberal Arts
	    Edna	Garza-Escobedo,	Ph.D.		      Interim Dean, College of Nursing
     Mikhail	M.	Bouniaev,	Ph.D.        Dean, College of Science, Mathematics and Technology
               Mark	Kroll,	Ph.D.       Dean, School of Business
            Terry	Overton,	Ph.D.       Dean, University College
            Charles	Lackey,	Ph.D.      Dean, Graduate Studies
        James	Holt,	M.S.,	M.B.A.       Dean, Workforce Training and Continuing Education
                                       and Associate Vice President for Economic Development
	    Mari	Fuentes-Martin,	Ed.D.	       Dean of Students
                                       and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
         Bobbette	Morgan,	Ed.D.        President, Academic Senate, Professor – Houston Endowment Chair in Education
                                       and Director of Education Graduate Program

            Hilda	L.	Solis,	M.P.A.	    Secretary, United States Department of Labor
                                       and Commencement Speaker

Faculty Marshals
	     Mimosa	Stephenson,	Ph.D.         Mace Bearer

	        Eusebio	E.	Ortiz,	M.Ed.       College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions
	          Zelma	D.	Mata,	Ed.D.        College of Education
	        William	C.	Davis,	Ed.D.       College of Liberal Arts
             Sally	Roach,	M.S.N.       College of Nursing
	       Rogelio	Contreras,	Ph.D.       College of Science, Mathematics and Technology
	         Beatriz	Costillo,	M.Ed.      School of Business	
Commencement Program
Mary Rose Cardenas Hall South Lawn
Saturday, May 21, 2011 • 8 a.m.

“Pomp	and	Circumstance”
Sir Edward Elgar

Invocation ...................................................................................... Fr. Alexandro Flores
	                    	                                                                            Saint	Mary,	Mother	of	the	Church

Alma	Mater .................................................................................... Megan	Pitcock
.................................................................................................... Valeria	Ontiveros
.................................................................................................... Alfonso	Gonzalez
.................................................................................................... Ricardo	Delgado
“Hail the Orange and White”                                                                          Master	Chorale	quartet	
Original lyrics by John C. Hunter Jr.
Adapted by Terry Jay Phillips †
Arrangement by Terry Tomlin †

Welcome	and	Introduction	of	Special	Guests ................................... Juliet	V.	García,	Ph.D.

Commencement	Address ................................................................ Hilda	L.	Solis,	M.P.A.
	             	                                                                       United	States	Secretary	of	Labor

Presentation	of	Graduating	Class .................................................... Alan	F.	J.	Artibise,	Ph.D.
                                                                                      Provost	and	Vice	President	for	Academic	Affairs

Conferring	of	Degrees .................................................................... Juliet	V.	García,	Ph.D.

Presentation	of	Diplomas ............................................................... Texas	Southmost	College	Board	of	Trustees
                                                                                           Francisco G. Rendon, M.Eng., Chair
                 	                                                                         Roberto Robles, M.D., Vice	Chair
                                                                                           Adela Garza, B.A., Secretary
                                                                                           David G. Oliveira, J.D.
                                                                                           Rene Torres, M.Ed.
                                                                                           Robert Lozano, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                                           Juan “Trey” Mendez III, J.D.

“Las	Golondrinas”
José María Usandizaga

2011 Spring Commencement Speaker
Hilda L. Solis, M.P.A.
United States Secretary of Labor

                                                         Secretary Hilda L. Solis, M.P.A., was confirmed as Secretary of Labor on February
                                                         24, 2009. Prior to confirmation as Secretary of Labor, Solis represented the 32nd
                                                         Congressional District in California, a position she held from 2001 to 2009.

                                                         In the Congress, Solis’ priorities included expanding access to affordable health
                                                         care, protecting the environment, and improving the lives of working families. A
                                                         recognized leader on clean-energy jobs, she authored the Green Jobs Act, which
                                                         provided funding for “green” collar job training for veterans, displaced workers,
                                                         at-risk youth, and individuals in families with incomes less than 200 percent of the
                                                         federal poverty line.

                                                         In 2007, Solis was appointed to the Commission on Security and Cooperation
                                                         in Europe (the Helsinki Commission), as well as the Mexico-United States
                                                         Interparliamentary Group. In June 2007, Solis was elected Vice Chair of the Helsinki
                                                         Commission’s General Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian
                                                         Questions. She was the only U.S. elected official to serve on this committee.

                                                         A nationally recognized leader on the environment, Solis became the first woman
                                                         to receive the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in 2000 for her pioneering
                                                         work on environmental justice issues. Her California environmental justice
                                                         legislation, enacted in 1999, was the first of its kind in the nation to become law.

Solis was first elected to public office in 1985 as a member of the Rio Hondo Community College Board of Trustees. She served in the
California State Assembly from 1992 to 1994, and in 1994 made history by becoming the first Latina elected to the California State Senate. As
the chairwoman of the California Senate Industrial Relations Committee, she led the battle to increase the state’s minimum wage from $4.25
to $5.75 an hour in 1996. She also authored a record 17 state laws aimed at combating domestic violence.

Solis graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and earned a Master of Public Administration from the University of
Southern California. A former federal employee, she worked in the Carter White House Office of Hispanic Affairs and was later appointed as
a management analyst with the Office of Management and Budget in the Civil Rights Division.

She was nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as Secretary of Labor on January 20, 2009.

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         “Traditions are important to us as they remind us of what we value, what we hold dear, and what we build from.
         We have a long history of traditions at UTB/TSC. Our heritage dictates that the traditions set out by our founders
         continue to serve for the greater good.”
                                                                        Dr.	Juliet	V.	García,	President

Academia Regalia
One of the oldest academic traditions is the wearing of academic      At UTB/TSC, the hooding is a special occasion because the
regalia. Academic institutions throughout the world have cre-         master’s or doctoral hood, a symbol of the degree, is formally
ated a wide variety of customs including distinctive dress, color     draped about the neck of the graduate by the dean.
and ceremony to indicate the accomplishments of scholars. The         Colors used in the academic regalia for master’s and doctorate
wearing of regalia dates from the Middle Ages, when the gowns         degrees are:
had the practical purpose of keeping scholars warm in cold and
drafty buildings. English traditions originating at Oxford and         White:	Master of Arts, Master of Arts
Cambridge universities led to the development of American                in Interdisciplinary Studies,
academic regalia.                                                        Master of Public Policy and
By the 20th century, institutions of higher learning in the
                                                                       Drab: Master of Business
United States had adopted a well-defined code of academic
costume, which now includes the identification of different
academic degrees by distinctive gowns, hoods and colors.               Light	Blue: Master of Education
                                                                       Gold: Master of Science,
For instance, the bachelor’s gown is worn closed and is iden-
                                                                         Master of Science in
tified by long, pointed sleeves. Doctoral gowns may be worn
                                                                         Interdisciplinary Studies
open, and they are distinguished by velvet panels around the
neck and down the front of the gown. Three horizontal black            Orange: Master of Science in
velvet bars, or the color representing the wearer’s degree, also         Nursing
mark the doctoral gown.                                                Dark	Royal	Blue:
                                                                         Doctorate of Education
In America, the hood is the most colorful feature of the aca-
                                                                         in Curriculum and
demic regalia. The bachelor’s hood, when worn, is compara-
tively short; the master’s a bit longer; and the doctorate, at four
feet, reaches far down the back.
The outside of the hood is black and bordered with a 2-, 3- or
5-inch band of color representing the degree received.

The mace is an academic tradition that started out as a               At UTB/TSC, the mace bears the UTB seal on one
formidable weapon of warfare but is now a ceremonial staff            side and the TSC seal on the other. It is carried
used as a symbol of authority. Originally, the mace was a long-       by the most senior faculty marshal.
handled club weighted at the end, used primarily by knights           The UTB/TSC mace is made from wood
during the Middle Ages to crush the armor of opponents. Royal         that was part of one of the original support
bodyguards often carried maces to protect their monarch in            beams uncovered during the renovation of
processions. By the 14th century, maces had become more               Gorgas Hall. Built in 1868, Gorgas Hall was
ceremonial in use and were decorated with jewels and precious         once the post hospital of historic Fort Brown. It
metals, losing their war-club appearance. They were no longer         was named in honor of 1st Lt. William Crawford
used as weapons after the 16th century.                               Gorgas, whose work led to the eradication of
The ceremonial mace is usually three or four feet long. In the        yellow fever at Fort Brown.
sessions of the British House of Commons, the mace is placed          Gorgas Hall maintains the distinctiveness of
on the treasury table. In the U.S. House of Representatives, it       history and is the site of the Office of the Presi-
is placed to the right of the speaker. A mace is often carried in     dent and other administrative departments.
ecclesiastical processions, particularly in English-speaking
countries, and frequently before magistrates in Great
Britain. The mace has become one of the major accessories
at commencement ceremonies for colleges and universities.
The Mathematics and Science Academy
Candidates for High School Graduation
The Mathematics and Science Academy was established in 2007 as a regional school for the promotion of math and science careers.
Embedded within and guided by the university, MSA serves 11th and 12th grade students and allows them to complete two years of
college concurrently with the last two years of high school.
The academy is an open-enrollment, academically-focused and tuition-free public high school that serves students who live mainly in
Cameron County. All the students are residents of Texas, have completed Algebra I and II and Geometry by the end of 10th grade, and
have SAT scores of at least 500 in math and reading. Classes taken by MSA students are taught by university professors, thus beginning
their higher-education coursework. All MSA graduates to date have enrolled in a university to continue their studies.
MSA offers students academic coursework focused on various math and science fields, such as engineering, architecture and computer
science. Students are offered a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that prepares them for challenging STEM (science, technology,
engineering and mathematics) careers, yet allows them the flexibility to pursue other areas of study. The academy nurtures the
students, helping them become lifelong learners by providing a challenging yet focused educational experience. MSA students also are
encouraged to do at least 75 hours of service in their communities. The university and MSA, working together, prove that knowledge
knows no boundaries.

Julie Alaniz 2, 4, 6            Rubi Doria 4, 5, 6            Luke Hernandez 5, 6             Ruben Martinez 2, 4, 5, 6        Amanda Tabares
Daniela Ayala 2, 4, 5, 6        Sarah Dotras 3, 4, 6          Jamin R. Ho 5                   Yvonne Martinez 6                Zujeidy Torres 1, 4, 5, 6
Otis Barnard 1, 4, 6            Tiffany Espinosa 1, 4, 5, 6   Charlina Hung 1, 4, 5, 6        Lisa M. Perez 2, 4, 5, 6         Mayra Velazquez 3, 4, 6
Samuel Braunstein 5, 6          Jose R. Garcia 4, 5, 6        Jared Korab 4, 6                Michelle Perez 5, 6              Bianca Villanueva 1, 4, 5, 6
Alejandro J. Castillo 4, 5, 6   Noemie Gonzalez 2, 4, 5, 6    Kirsten Lara 3, 4, 5, 6         Kimberly Reyes 5, 6              Deyaun Villarreal 3, 4, 5, 6
Jessica Castillo 4, 5, 6        Abigail Gracia 5, 6           Tenee Lopez 3, 4, 5, 6          Alejandra Rodriguez 2, 4, 5, 6   Joshua Waddell 6
Valeria Castillo 4, 6           Jackeline Guevara 5           Priscilla Lugo 6                Alejandra Salinas 3, 4, 5, 6     Zhaoyu Yang 3, 4, 5, 6
Ana K. Chapa 5, 6               Andrea Heier 1, 4 5, 6        Mario A. Martinez 3, 4, 6       Abigail Shields 5, 6

  High School Recognitions
   	Cum	Laude              Grade Point Averages 3.50-3.69                     4
                                                                                  	National	Honor      Recognizes outstanding
                                                                                   Society		           high school students
      	Magna	Cum	Laude Grade Point Averages 3.70-3.89
                                                                                  	Community	Service Recognizes completing 75 hours
      	Summa	Cum	Laude Grade Point Averages 3.90-4.00
                                                                                                     or more of community service
                                                                                  	Associate	degree

College of Biomedical Sciences
and Health Professions
Candidates for Graduation

The banner of the College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions features the rising sun, a DNA double-alpha helix,
and a caduceus (winged staff) on a background dominated by the colors green and blue, accentuated by gold. Green represents
the medical professions and the quest to heal and protect mankind from disease. Gold represents the elevation of the mind
through knowledge and service, while blue represents truth and devotion as the foundation to advance human health. The
DNA signifies the principal precept of the college: unity in diversity. The caduceus is symbolic of medicine and the health
professions, while the rising sun signifies the future promises of education and research.

Associate of                Robert M. Hernandez          Jessica Rodriguez 1          Bachelor                     Francisco Guerrero Jr.
Applied Science             Monica J. Lape               Omar J. Rosales              of Applied                   Mireya Marroquin 1
Russell J. Atkinson         Sonia E. Leija               Amelia Roy                                                David Muniz Jr.
Jessica Briones             Ismael Lemus                 Lydia J. Saldivar 1                                       Rose Olguin
                                                                                      Mariano A. Acuna
Mario A. Canales            Jennifer Lemus               Ana M. Sanchez                                            Chidiebere C. Ozumba
                                                                                      Maria J. Arambula
Leeroy Cantu                Patricia D. Lopez            Mayra A. Sanchez                                          Ricardo Ramirez Badillo
                                                                                      Christina Y. Camarillo
Crizel Castro               Jonathan R. Mondragon        Janet Tovar                                               Tana N. Vargas
                                                                                      Noel P. Cunanan
Glenda Y. Espinoza          Diana L. Munoz
                                                                                      Ruth M. Diaz
Ernesto Figueroa            Juan O. Nava
                                                                                      Gabriela A. Garcia 2
Jose A. Gomez               Matthew D. Perez
Maria G. Gonzalez           Joaquin Pina Jr.

College of Education
Candidates for Graduation
The banner of the College of Education features the fleur	de	lis, the flower of the lily or iris, symbolic of royalty throughout the
ages, but, in the case of the college, representative of that most royal of callings, teaching. The three torches represent the
three levels of education: the child, the adolescent and the adult. Their silver colors represent the sincerity that all teachers
must have and the peace that knowledge brings.

Certificate of                Elena T. Millot                Iris L. Escalante 6            Maria E. Sandoval 6            April L. Ghionzoli
Proficiency -                 Leticia Miranda                Christy Escamilla 1,6          Zuri C. Sierra 6               Ema B. Gonzalez
                              Lorraine Oliva                 Alicia D. Fernandez 6          Georgina Solis 6               Maria A. Gonzalez-Lopez
Level One
                              Carmelita Pecina               Jose L. Figueroa 6             Gloria E. Valdez 2,4,6         Rebecca B. Gutierrez
Maria G. Betancourt
                              Alyssa Perales 2               Cristina Flores 5,6            Amanda N. Vega 6               Misty A. Heredia
Sylvia P. Ibarra
                              Rosario M. Perez               Leticia Flores 6               German E. Vera Jr. 6           Liliana G. Herrera
Leticia Morales
                              Graciela M. Ponce              Marissa E. Flores 6            Narda C. Vera 6                Aleida G. Hinojosa
Soledad J. Rivera
                                De Leon 2                    Ruby B. Gamez 6                Martha P. True 6               Laura Hinojosa
                              Rosa M. Ramirez                Elsa Garcia 1,6                                               Obed Leal
Associate of
                              Griselda Rebollar              Joanna Garcia 6                Bachelor of                    Cheryl A. Mallan
Applied Science               Perla Y. Rincon                Karla F. Garcia 6              Science                        Carla J. McLain
Monica Calderon               Jennifer Rivera                Olga E. Garcia 6                                              Roberto J. Mendoza
                                                                                            Kevin G. Casanova
Linda M. Cisneros             Maria E. Rodriguez             Priscilla L. Garcia 3,6                                       Elizabeth C. Minto
                                                                                            Alfredo R. Cedillo
Alexandra R. De La Rosa       Ashley N. Rojas                Blanca D. Garza 6                                             Aminda Morado
                                                                                            Ernesto Esparza III
Laura P. Garcia               Perla Salinas                  Regino D. Godinez 6                                           Judith Navarro
                                                                                            Alondra Garcia
Sylvia P. Ibarra              Rosa E. Sanchez                Karla Y. Gomez 6                                              Cheng-Chen Pan
                                                                                            Tania Garcia 6
Gabriela Rivera               Abigail C. Shields             Monica M. Gonzales 6                                          Cynthia E. Pena
                                                                                            Brian Hardie II 6
                              Christabel I. Sosa             Alma D. Gonzalez 6             Agnelia T. Hernandez 7         Gabriela E. Pena
Associate of Arts             Adriana Soto                   Viridiana Guzman 6                                            Irene Pena
                                                                                            Elizabeth Juarez 1,7
Nydia T. Acuna
                              Jasmine N. Vallejo             Doris C. Hamlin 6              Jose A. Leal Jr.               Tanya K. Perez
Julia Aguirre
                              Viviana I. Vasquez             Josias J. Jasso 1,6            Andres Longoria 6              Yvette Perez
Amy Atkinson
                              German E. Vera Jr.             Joanna Leal 6                  Ricardo Martinez 6             Eliasib Quintanilla
Alejandra Banda
                              Lisa M. Zuniga                 Itzel A. Leal Davila 1,5,6     Luis Medrano                   Vanessa S. Rangel
Mary Cabrera
                                                             Iracema D. Lopez 6             Marco A. Mora 6                Irma Renteria
Norma A. Castillo             Bachelor of Arts               Sofia Lopez 6                  Agapito Ortega Jr. 6           Rosemary Roberts
Ignacio L. Celedon Jr.
Valeria L. Chapa
                              in Interdisciplinary           Adriana Lugo 6                 Sergio R. Quiroz 5             Francisco J. Rodriguez
                              Studies                        Mariana Martinez 6             Bernardo Rangel Jr. 1,6        Arminda Sanchez
Leslie Y. De La Fuente
                              Elena L. Acosta 6              Paola Martinez 6               Jorge Rodriguez 6              Maria E. Stevens
Nathaniel L. Escobedo
                              Jessica A. Aleman 6            Maria L. Mata 6                Jorge Ruelas 5                 Ricardo A. Vanegas
Zelica A. Espinoza
                              Dianerica M. Almanza 6         Linda McArdle 6                Johnny Sanchez 6               Martha E. Velasco
Paola Flores
                              Joanna E. Alvarez 6            Diana Mendoza 6                Steven Sanchez                 Vanessa Villarreal
Julian J. Fuentes Jr.
                              Ruby M. Amador 6               Leticia S. Molina 6            Ruben Santibanez Jr.           Armando Vital
Jessica Galan
                              Celia Anzaldua 6               Maria D. Monreal 6             Angel M. Sosa                  Elizabeth Zamarron
Daniela Garces
                              Claudia Baez 6                 Gloria N. Moreno 6             Rolando Tabares                Dinorah Zarate
Beatriz E. Garcia
                              Maria G. Barrera 6             Virginia S. Morin 6            Jacquelynn M. Touchet
Joanna Garcia
                              Carissa Barron 6               Elisa D. Nino 6                Clarissa M. Trevino            Doctor of
Marcos L. Garcia
                              Sarae G. Bernal 1,6            Geselle Perez 6                Nataly Vallejo 6               Education
Nereida Y. Garcia
                              Betty A. Cardenas 1,4,6        Rosario M. Perez 6             Eduardo S. Vela II 6           Alicia J. Bolt
Sylvia M. Garcia
                              Angela L. Carranza 6           Valerie A. Perez 6             Verena Wonsikowski 6           Maria E. Diaz
Zeilha M. Garcia
                              Paula Chacon 6                 Veronica Perez 2,6                                            Cynthia Galvan
Hilda L. Gracia
                              Kristine E. Chairez 6          Patricia D. Prado 6            Master of
Maribel Gutierrez
                              Valeria L. Chapa 6             Michelle L. Puente 6           Education
Joshua I. Hernandez
                              Elvira Cisneros 6              Christian M. Ramirez 6         Nancy E. Acuna
Lorena Hernandez
                              Maria E. Coronado 6            Dalia A. Ramirez 6             Mario R. Aguilar
Vanessa Juarez
                              Cynthia P. Cruz 6              Diana P. Ramirez 6             Guadalupe Angeles
Juana M. Leon 2
                              Cassandra L. Cuellar 6         Samantha J. Ramon 6            Florence D. Ayma
Laura P. Longoria
                              Jose Cuellar 4,6               Jacqueline Rivera 1,6          Jesse Candanoza
Edgar Lopez
                              Briza C. De La Cruz 1,6        Josefina S. Rocha 1,6          Lynda R. Cannedy
Samantha R. Lopez
                              Monica Diaz 1,6                Auristela Ruiz 5,6             Raquel Cantu
Gloria M. Macias
                              Yvonne U. Dickinson 6          Jennifer L. Ruiz 6             Seidy Capuchines
Veronica Mancillas
                              Adriana Dominguez 6            Karla F. Saldana 6             Rosa M. Cervantes
Christopher R. Martinez
                              Angela L. Dunkin 6             Maria A. Sanchez 6             Mayra V. Chao
Nancy M. Martinez
                              Priscila Elizondo 1,6          Yanalli Sanchez 1,6            Marisa C. Garcia
College of Liberal Arts
Candidates for Graduation
The banner of the College of Liberal Arts features a gryphon	passant, symbolizing the guarding of a horde of treasure. In this
case, it is the treasure of knowledge, which the college is committed to protect and dispense. The blue bend symbolizes truth,
which the college both challenges and defends. This banner contains colors which are not the traditional colors of heraldry:
orange brown and deep ochre. These earth colors were chosen to symbolize the willingness of scholars to break from the
traditions of the past as a way to build our future.

Associate of                 Mishael Cortina               Jorge M. Lopez               Claudia Y. Rodriguez          Associate of
Applied Science              Pearl C. Covarrubias          Tenee Lopez 3                Desmy Y. Rodriguez            Science
James M. Garza               Ana C. Cuellar                Bertha L. Lozano             Dianeth Rodriguez 3,4         Jesus G. Chavez
Pedro J. Hernandez           Christopher J. Culver         Alejandra Lucio              Gregorio Rodriguez Jr.        Luis Jasso
Rocio M. Herrera 2           Gabriel A. De La Paz          Priscilla Lugo               Jessica Rodriguez             Beatriz A. Juarez
Miguel A. Leon               Olga A. De La Rosa            Cynthia Mancha               Judith G. Rodriguez           Javier A. Reyna Jr.
Elizabeth E. Martinez        Oscar Delgado III 1,4         Lilia Mancha                 Maria E. Rodriguez            Elias Saldivar Jr.
Yvette Noriega               Rubi S. Doria                 Alejandro Marquez            Mariana D. Rodriguez
Lisa M. Perez 1              Steven C. Dorman              Christopher R. Martinez      Sonia A. Rodriguez            Bachelor of
                             Sarah N. Dotras 2             Crystal M. Martinez          Velma L. Rodriguez
Jose G. Rodriguez                                                                                                     Applied Arts
Jaime Salazar                Marta A. Dutton               Estela Martinez              Madeline Roque 1
                             Nathaniel L. Escobedo         Luis E. Martinez             Roy A. Rovelo                 and Sciences
Cynthia Valadez                                                                                                       Alejandro Alonso
                             Tiffany M. Espinosa           Mario A. Martinez 3          Tanya L. Ruiz
                             Isai Espinoza                 Ruben Martinez Jr. 2         Roberto Salazar III           Patricia R. Banda
Associate of Arts                                                                                                     Martha Barajas
Teresa M. Adame              Yolanda Estrada               Yvonne Martinez              Alejandra B. Salinas 3
                             Miguel A. Estrella            Claudia N. Medina            Epifanio Sanchez              Elodia Canas
Julie S. Alaniz 2                                                                                                     Angelica I. Cruz
Jessica Alegria              Gilberto C. Flores            Monique L. Melendez          Jo Anna D. Sanchez
                             Patrick Flores                Enery J. Mendoza             Laura L. Sanchez              Jennifer J. Elizondo
Dana Almeida                                                                                                          Alma C. Garcia
Valerie A. Alvarado          Rebecca R. Flores             Leticia Miranda              Rosa E. Sanchez
                             Melissa D. Gamboa             Angela P. Montiel            Maria C. Sandoval             Vivian L. Gomez
Cindy R. Arce                                                                                                         Maria Gonzalez
Ruth E. Arevalo              Christopher L. Gamez          Gloria N. Moreno             Abigail C. Shields
                             Gema D. Garcia                Adriana P. Muniz             Sulema Sosa                   Hilda Hernandez
Yvette Arizmendi                                                                                                      Roberto M. Hernandez
Marco A. Arriaga             Jeanne M. Garcia              Darlene O. Muniz             Amanda L. Tabares
                             Jose R. Garcia                Jorge A. Munoz               Juana M. Tavera 2,4           Maria L. Hull
Darlene Avalos                                                                                                        Angelica M. Leos
Daniela Ayala 2              Marcos L. Garcia              Mauricio E. Munoz            Brenda L. Taylor 1,4
                             Melissa A. Garcia             Alfred M. Nares              Daniel Torres Jr.             Victoria B. Longoria
Karen Y. Ayala                                                                                                        Rene Lopez
Griselda M. Balli            Julia P. Garza                Alejandro O. Navarro         Zujeidy D. Torres
                             Mario A. Garza                Rebecca Olivares 7           Sonia P. Torrubia             Evelyn Medrano
Alejandra Banda                                                                                                       Laura G. Ramirez
Otis C. Barnard              Jaime A. Gomez                Juan G. Olvera               Hilda G. Trevino
                             Veronica Gomez                Lorena G. Ortega             Angela A. Vaughan             Angelina Salazar
Patricia A. Barrera                                                                                                   Cruz G. Servin
Paola Bazavilvazo            Alia S. Gonzales              Francisco Padilla III        Mayra Velazquez 3
                             Abigail Gonzalez              Lorena Perez                 Bianca Villanueva 1           Lucy Villa
Erica I. Benitez 2
                             Nancy Gonzalez                Gussy M. Pompa-              Alyson R. Villarreal          Melissa L. Ysasi 2
Cinthia A. Blanco
Samuel A. Braunstein         Noemie A. Gonzalez 1            Kirkconnell                Amy L. Villarreal
                             Abigail Gracia                Graciela M. Ponce            Deyaun L. Villarreal 3        Bachelor of Arts
Michelle A. Buitron
                             Andrea N. Heier 1               De Leon 2                  Luz M. Villarreal 2           Carlos A. Acosta 6
Perla L. Camacho
                             Gabriela Hernandez            Becky H. Pozos               Joshua Villazana              Teresa M. Adame
Zerelda Z. Camargo
                             Hilda Hernandez               Moroni Puga 2                Joshua R. Waddell             Francisco Agado
Saul P. Cambero
                             Joshua I. Hernandez           Elizabeth Ramirez            Elizabeth Wilhite             Gloria G. Aguilar
Sandra P. Cardenas
                             Luke C. Hernandez             Maria E. Ramirez             Amanda N. Xagoraris           Michael E. Aldape 2,4,6
Alejandro J. Castillo
                             Jamin R. Ho                   Rosa M. Ramirez              Zhaoyu Yang 2                 Luisa G. Allen 1
Jessica M. Castillo
                             Sophia A. Hoekema             Nephtali Regalado            Lizandra Zuniga               Valerie A. Alvarado
Lorena Castillo
                             Charlina Hung 1               Jacqueline S. Reser 1                                      Yesenia R. Anaya 6
Rodolfo Castillo Jr.
                             Crystal Ibarra                Antonio Reyes Jr.            Associate of                  Alejandra Ancira
Valeria Castillo
                             David G. Juarez               Kimberly A. Reyes            Fine Arts                     Cindy R. Arce
Brenda M. Cavazos
                             Elsa I. Juarez                Maria E. Rico                Teresa M. Adame               Oscar D. Ayala
Michelle M. Cavazos
                             Jared J. Korab                Alda G. Rivas 1              Stephanie Gonzalez            Diane R. Baker
Jose. D. Cervantes
                             Kirsten F. Lara 3             Alejandra C. W.              Araceli Sanchez               Griselda M. Balli
Ana K. Chapa
                             Juan R. Larrazolo               Rodriguez 1                                              Marta Y. Ballina 2
Carlos A. Cisneros
                             Jose A. Leal Jr.              Blair C. Rodriguez                                         Maria T. Barajas
Patrice E. Clayton
                             Alfonso Lopez                 Breanna R. Rodriguez                                       Ruben Beltran 6
Christina A. Clinch
                                                                                                                      Hector A. Benavides Jr.

College of Liberal Arts
Lydia Blanchard 1,6      Ibeth Miranda             Christopher L. Martinez 6   Alan Oak
Michelle A. Buitron      Lesly A. Montes           Juan M. Montemayor Jr. 6    Rebecca Perez
Robert R. Burger         Nora P. Montes                                        Olivier J. Schouteden
Dora G. Campbell         Roberto I. Morales        Bachelor of
Pricilla A. Casas        Luciana D. Morales-       Science in                  Master of Arts in
Mercy P. Cavazos           Mendoza 1               Criminal Justice            Interdisciplinary
Kevin F. Chapman         Elizabeth Moreno 6        Melissa Acevedo             Studies
Christina A. Clinch      Jennifer M. Moreno        Dana Almeida                Monica L. Avila
Pedro I. Contreras 6     Jay Mujica 6              Perla L. Camacho            Leticia Jaramillo
Vanessa Cortinas 6       Joe H. Muniz              Vanessa Capistran           Jose J. Nava
Brock J. Crosson         Jorge A. Munoz            Fernando J. Castaneda       Rose M. Townsend
Cristian Davila          Felix Murad               Omar P. Cavazos
Cynthia Y. Davila        Bianca Najera-Reeves      Elizabeth L. Chavez         Master of Music
Sergio E. Davila 1,4     Idalia Obregon            David Cobarrubias           Susan Morrison
Maxine M. Davis          Maria G. Obregon          Christopher J. Cortez
Allen I. De La Cruz 6    Rebecca Olivares 7        Cynthia Encinia             Master of Public
Emilia I. De La Garza    Stephanie M. Owens        Gilberto C. Flores          Policy and
Olga A. De La Rosa       Jennifer L. Perez         Jaqueline Gaona             Management
Erick Dominguez          Karen C. Pimentel         Monica Garcia               Lynette J. Benavidez
Esmeralda R. Duran 6     Ana R. Ramirez            Irene C. Garza              Emmanuel K. Kavumbi
Natasha D. Escobar 2     Victor D. Rego            Michelle M. Gonzalez        Maksym O. Klyuchar
Jose L. Esquivel         Alda G. Rivas 1           Nora N. Gonzalez            Antonio Leal III
Ninfa M. Fernandez       Daniel V. Rodriguez       Sylvia G. Herevia           Hugo A. Rodriguez
George G. Flores         Dianeth Rodriguez 3,4     Luis M. Hernandez           Silverio Sustaita Jr.
Dina L. Garcia 1,6       Jessica Rodriguez         Victor M. Hernandez
Jeanne M. Garcia         Leticia P. Rodriguez 6    Rochelle L. Kuxhausen
Leonor I. Garcia         Josabet Sanchez           Bertha L. Lozano
Cassandra R. Garza       Luis A. Sanchez           Alejandra Lucio
Mario A. Garza           Francisco Sedeno          Maria F. Machuca
Sergio A. Godinez        Jamie S. Shoupe           Tanya I. Mancillas
Cynthia Gonzalez 1       David L. Smith II 2,6     Rosaura Marquez
Mario M. Gonzalez        Anyer A. Tatis            Luis E. Martinez
Nancy Gonzalez           Brenda L. Taylor 1,4      Pedro L. Mendoza
Juana M. Guerrero        Astrid Torres             Lorenzo Nino
Gracie Gutierrez         Ruth C. Torres            Miriam K. Nunez
Evelyn Hernandez         Cynthia Trevino           Jessica M. Pena
Noemi Hernandez 6        Angela A. Vaughan         Jose A. Pena Jr.
Vallerie Hernandez 1,4   Johanna L. Vega 6         Ileana Quintero
Martha Herrera 6         Marisol Vera              Claudia J. Ramirez
Raquel Huerta                                      Elizabeth Ramirez
Mitchard L. Jackson      Bachelor of Arts          Irazema D. Ramos
Melissa Jaramillo        in Communication          Sylvia Ramos 2
David Juarez 6           Christine F. Cavazos      Mario Reyna Jr.
Angela C. Lacoste 6      Rainbow S. Coan           Abel Rodriguez
Rosemary L. Landa        Alejandra Gonzalez        Roy A. Rovelo
Nathanael C. Lewis 2     Emilia Gonzalez           Raul Rubio
Maritza C. Lievanos 6    Alma V. Guenaga           Joseph C. Saenz
Daniel N. Lopez          Stephanie C. Lucas        Elizabeth Sanchez
Isuit A. Lopez 6         Cybil J. Moore            Ernest L. Solis
Juanita Lopez            Erika G. Rodriguez        Nora L. Suarez
Edgar Lopez-Soto                                   Beatriz A. Tamez
Fermin H. Lucio 6        Bachelor of               Bernadine L. Wood 1
Monica L. Lucio          Multidisciplinary         Lizandra Zuniga
Tanya Lumbreras 6        Studies
Antonio Luna 1,4         David T. Gomez 8          Master of Arts
Ruby K. Martinez                                   Jenny L. Ashley
Araceli Mata 6           Bachelor of Music         Felipe J. Butanda
Colin R. McWhorter       Bernabe Alejandro 1,4,6   Elizabeth Carr
Jose C. Mejia            Houston W. Deaton 6       Donald E. Crouse
Gloria Merritt           Jennifer C. Garza 6       Ana L. Martell

College of Nursing
Candidates for Graduation
The banner for the College of Nursing features both a trifoliated Greek cross and a Roman cross. The cross as a basic design
motif has many meanings in many cultures. The Greek cross symbolizes the four elements of creation – air, earth, fire, water
– symbolizing life. The Roman cross carries the additional symbolism of faith and the ability to bestow a blessing. This cross
features the colors apricot, the intercollegiate color for nursing, and purple, symbolizing compassion. While the black field
typically symbolizes death, the cross of life and of faith rise above it, as nursing must. The lamp is a symbol of all Florence
Nightingale stood for: comfort, kindness, gentleness, courage and an unswerving devotion to duty.

Certificate of               Kevin G. Clarke               Leticia Leal                  Gian P. Reano                 Bachelor of
Proficiency -                Eric F. Clupper               Blanca D. Lopez 1             Valerie A. Recio              Science in Nursing
                             Jeremiah D. Conde             Gloria E. Lopez               Perla Y. Rivera               Shaun J. Adams 1
Level Two
                             Margaret N. De La Cruz        Monica L. Lopez               Micaela Rodriguez             Priscilla Cerrillo
Amparo M. Alegria
                             Linda De La Fuente 7          Marcus Mares                  Amy L. Romero                 Josie D. Cervantes
Yesenia Garcia
                             Edna K. De La Garza           Monica M. Mark                Mayra D. Ruiz                 Graciela Y. Chong
Juan G. Garza
                             April Y. De Leon 1,7          Christina Martinez 7          Graciela Saenz                Celina D. Cisneros 1
Dalia Ramirez
                             Deneb A. Dehesa               Delia Y. Martinez             Celia M. Salas                Juan A. Davila
                             Amanda M. Delgado             Lizeth Martinez               Elizabeth Salazar
Associate of                                                                                                           Margarita Espinoza-Myles
                             Alia E. Dickenson 2           Samantha A. Martinez          Fidencio S. Salinas 2         Veronica Fernandez
Applied Science              Amanda Flores                 Hermes Mendoza                Jessica M. Salinas 1,4,7
Jessica D. Almanza                                                                                                     Rene Garcia
                             David Flores                  Orlando R. Mendoza            Marian A. Salinas             Toni R. Garza
Veronica Almaraz             April M. Galvan               Sylvia L. Mendoza             Norma I. Salinas
Lucy M. Amieva                                                                                                         Shirley L. Kennedy
                             Jose D. Garcia                Rodney Y. Mesquias            Hector Sanchez III            Daeyeung Kim
Subha Anandam 1              Oscar E. Garcia               Dominique Montez 2            Lydia Sanchez
Elizabeth A. Ayala                                                                                                     Wendoline Mendoza
                             Jessica Y. Garza 1,7          Christina L. Nunn             Marco A. Sanchez              Clara E. Monsivais
Antonia M. Barbosa           Mary J. Garza                 Nicole M. Olvera              Gisela E. Silva 1
Ariana Barbosa                                                                                                         Deborah Potter
                             Monica Gil                    Hilary E. Ortega              Elizabeth K. Solis            Marco A. Saldana Jr.
Mayra G. Barrera             Devyn Gomez                   Melissa A. Ortiz 2            Alicia Sosa 1
Luz E. Bejarano                                                                                                        Samantha R. Valdez
                             Salvador J. Guevara           Rogelio R. Ortiz              Aurelio Torres III            Cheng S. Yong
Wayne D. Beland              Jose Guillen Jr.              Anna L. Paz 7                 Jessica Torres
Terra N. Bentley             Amanda L. Gutierrez           Ana C. Pelayo                 Katherine M. Vasquez
Monica Bermea                                                                                                          Master of Science
                             Michelle A. Hairston          Jorge A. Pena                 Teresita D. Vela
Magaly Caballero                                                                                                       in Nursing
                             Daniela Hernandez             Xochitl J. Pena               Juan M. Villarreal
Jehoshua Camacho                                                                                                       Sandra E. Acevedo
                             Ester Hernandez               Lorena M. Perez 1             Vanessa R. Villarreal
Veronica C. Carrillo 1,4                                                                                               Alberto J. Gonzalez
                             Andrea Hixson 1               Maritza Perez                 Aracelia Villegas
Marisa Castillo                                                                                                        Olive M. Sanchez
                             Larry D. Horkman Jr.          Julia F. Pineda               Deandra L. Yanez
Brandy J. Cavazos 1                                                                                                    Patricio Ybarra
                             Wendy K. Howell               Vanessa L. Pineda             Maria F. Zavala
Cynthia T. Cavazos                                                                                                     Barbara A. Zuviri-Ceres
                             Nancy Ibarra                  Corissa M. Posada             Korina Zepeda
Estela Cavazos               Mary A. Jove                  Elizabeth Ramos               Gabriel A. Zorrilla
Yvonne M. Chavez             Taiwo O. Layiwola 2           Sigrid A. Razo-Moreno
Elizabeth Cisneros

College of Science, Mathematics
and Technology
Candidates for Graduation
The banner of the College of Science, Mathematics and Technology features a scallop or venera at the base, symbolizing the
travels to inner and outer worlds scientists must undertake so that they, too, learn and contribute more to our knowledge of the
world. In the upper portion of the banner, we see the crossed squares upon the titled quadrant, symbolizing the technologies,
both basic and advanced, that humanity must use to build its future. The color blue dominates all, symbolic of the college’s
commitment to truth and loyalty to its disciplines.

Certificate of                Hermelinda G. Kaney           Rosario B. Espinoza           Abraham Ruiz Jr.
Proficiency -                 Irene M. Martinez             Armando Flores                Ana V. Salazar 3,4
                              Froylan Morales               Iracema Flores                Estella Y. Sandoval
Level One
                              Georgios Moros                Frank Gamez III               Shayna L. Shield
Jose A. Alvarez
                              Felipe G. Paredes             Dorothy D. Garcia 6           Joshua L. Sierra 3,7
Javier Calvillo
                              Heriberto Reynoso             Ileana Y. Garcia 2,4          Hector C. Silva
Juan D. Cantu
                              Juan Saldivar Jr.             Amanda R. Garza               Leslie A. Torres
Felix A. Cervantes
                                                            Daniel Garza                  Cecilia Trejo 6
Jose Chacon
                              Bachelor                      LeeRoy Garza                  Tina Trevino
Francisco J. Cornejo
Ruben Cruz                    of Applied                    Ramiro R. Garza 2,4           Nicole L. Ulloa 7
                              Technology                    Carlos J. Gonzalez            Tomas Villarreal
Jose A. Garcia
                              Barry J. Brown 2              Ernesto Gonzalez              Kali A. Wallenta 1
Jerardo A. Gonzalez
                              Brian T. Buchanen             German Gonzalez
Oscar Lara Jr.
                              Charles B. Cortez             Arturo Gracia Jr.             Master of Science
Sylvia D. Maldonado
                              Ruben Cruz                    Amanda Hernandez              Abraham Jimenez
Josue Martinez
                              Edmundo H. Gonzalez III 1     Luis C. Hernandez             Cynthia C. Kaminski
Tomas Mata
                              Steve Guevara                 Jennipher A. Hughes           Alma B. Longoria
Armando A. Munoz
                              Adalberto Guzman              Jose P. Llongueras 3,4        Francisco F. Mackay
Roberto Pantoja
                              David B. Hebert               Christopher M. Lopez          Clara C. Mejia
Isaac J. Pena
                              Jesus R. Jaime                Diana Lopez 6                 Elizabeth Pedraza
Juan Pena
                              Gena L. Jean 1                Jennifer M. Lopez             Mario A. Rada
Raul Perez Jr.
                              Eric Martinez                 Emmanuel Lozano               David T. Smith
Juan M. Salinas
                              Victoria M. Mock              Karen A. Lugo 3
Ty A. Snow                                                                                Master of Science
                              Judson L. Mordan 2            Tanya Marroquin
Aaron A. Villafranca
                              Isabel C. Perez               Alberto J. Martinez           in Interdisciplinary
                                                            Carlos C. Martinez-           Studies
Associate of                  Joseph W. Wauson 1
                                                               Cadena 2                   Tarun S. Pandari
Applied Science                                             Jesus M. Medina 1
Samantha L. Ayala             Bachelor of                                                 Victoria L. Watson
                                                            Cynthia E. Mireles 1
Ruben Cruz                    Science                       Nadia L. Morales
Jonathon De Los Santos        Krystal D. Alaniz
                                                            Anahi Moreno
Jose A. Garcia                Aziel Alcocer
                                                            Kevin Moreno
Maria L. Garcia               Aide Alonso
                                                            Sara J. Morgan 3
Ricardo Guerra                Rose M. Alvarez
                                                            Cesar A. Nava
James P. Killmer 1            Zaira L. Arizmendi
                                                            Razib Obaid 2
Hector Leal                   Alejandro I. Arizpe
                                                            Rogelio Olvera Jr.
Dave V. Macias Jr.            Daniel Arriaga
                                                            Frank O. Ortiz 6
Sylvia D. Maldonado           Cesia T. Bandala 1
                                                            Irma E. Ortiz
Eric Martinez                 Marco A. Barrientos
                                                            Norberto Perales
Daniel Ortiz                  Lizeth B. Becerra 2,4
                                                            Perla Puente
Geralyn A. Perez              Russell C. Belleperche
                                                            Sofia A. Quiroga
Glafiro Valle Jr.             Leonel Betancourt Jr.
                                                            Reynaldo Rangel Jr.
Emmanuel Vasquez              Andrinna Candanoza
                                                            Marta L. Rebollo
                              Tiffany L. Capistran 6
                                                            Edna M. Renteria
Associate of                  Shannon E. Cass
                                                            Ruben Reyes
Science                       Cassandra L. Cavazos 7
                                                            Heriberto Reynoso
Maria D. Barrera              Amanda A. Chavez 1,4
                                                            Ivan Rivas
Noel P. Cunanan               Krystal D. Chavez
                                                            Daniela Rivera
David C. De La Fuente         Oscar Delgado III 1,4
                                                            Melissa Romo 6
Hilda Hernandez               Sergio Echevarria
                                                            Jonathan L. Rosenbaum
School of Business
Candidates for Graduation
The banner of the School of Business features a phoenix, symbolizing the resurrection or the birth of the new enterprise.
The phoenix is gold, representing the evaluation of the mind and generosity to humanity. The dominant green bars represent
growth and fertility, the hope that life may be made better by the enterprise of humans working for humans.

Certificate of              Associate of Arts            Bachelor                    Hada C. Martinez
Proficiency -               Jessica Alegria              of Applied                  Johann R. Martinez
                            Eduardo Alvarado                                         Adriana G. Melgoza
Level One                                                Technology
                            Veronica Angeles                                         Michelle K. Muniz
Beatrize E. Anchelo                                      Ubaldo Martinez Jr.
                            Ricardo Arredondo                                        Juan J. Navarro
Javier Carmona                                           Chriselda M. Soto
                            Jose O. Cano                                             Ramiro Noyola Jr.
Diana F. Conner
                            Blanca A. Cantu-Nava 1                                   Veronica Ochoa
Ana L. Cruz                                              Bachelor                    Jesus A. Pagoaga Sr.
Jeannette Garcia            Carlos T. Castrellon 5
                            Arnulfo Castro Jr.
                                                         of Business                 Adrian Perez
Juanita Garza
                            Adairis Ceballos             Administration              Norma P. Perez-
Leticia I. Garza
                            Annika Chan 2                Miracle S. Acosta             Olazaran 2,4
Leonor G. Gobea
                            Ana K. Chapa                 Laura E. Adame 5            Jacinto E. Ramirez
Gerardo G. Gonzalez
                            Rebeca Chavez 1              Jessica Alegria             Daniel Regalado
Trinidad V. Gutierrez
                            Jesus Diaz                   Ricardo Arredondo           Lorena V. Resendiz
Beatriz G. Macias
                            Andres Dorantes              Juan M. Ballesteros 5       Diego Rivas
Denise Martinez
                            Rafaella Dornelas            Arely Ballez 1              Amanda C. Rivera
Diana D. Mendieta
                            Sandra L. Galvan             Pricilla Barrera            Jose Rodriguez
Alberto Passamen
                            Isabel M. Garcia             Duilio E. Cabrera           Veronica Rodriguez
Maria G. Pena
                            Alejandra Garza              Andrea N. Cadriel           Guadalupe Romo
Mayra E. Perez
                            Georgina L. Gonzalez 5       Jose O. Cano                Yahaira S. Roque
Lulu D. Pizana
                            Raul Huerta Jr. 1            Mariana Cantu 2             Stephen S. Ruiz
Vickie Pizana
                            Camille G. Jacinto           Blanca A. Cantu-Nava 1      Victoria S. Saenz 1,7
Cynthia K. Rios
                            Jose A. Jimenez              Mirtha E. Cardenas          Guillermina N. Sanchez
April Rivera
                            Delma G. Martinez            Angel D. Castro             Nora E. Tamez
Heidi L. Rosembaun
                            Hada C. Martinez             Rogelio E. Chanes           Alejandro Trevino Jr.
Palmira Z. Sampson
                            Elda A. Molina 2             Rebeca Chavez 1             Anavel Trujillo 5
Ivelisse Soto
                            Marisol G. Munoz             Alma E. Chazco              Zoila T. Vasquez
Deborah A. Tamayo
                            Irvin F. Narvaez             Luis A. De Leon             Abigail Wilcox
Nubia G. Zamora
                            Liz V. Nieto 2               Glenda I. Diaz
Julia G. Zamorano
                            Stephanie D. Nino 1          Celeste Diaz-Granados       Master of
                            Araceli G. Orive             Jennifer M. Dickens         Business
Associate of                                             Nora Y. Dohm
Applied Science             Nayely Patino                                            Administration
                            Veronica M. Pena             Linda R. Dorantes 2         Daniel Alvarez
Elizabeth Correa                                         Rafaella Dornelas
                            Derek J. Perez                                           Veronica P. Barberena
Olivia G. De La Garza                                    Esmeralda Espitia
                            Jacqueline Ramirez                                       Jorge E. Chavez
Maria A. Don                                             Patrick C. Fierro
                            Daniel Regalado                                          Essaid Elboukhani
Martin M. Flores                                         Lyzeth Flores
                            Enrique Resendez                                         Raul A. Garduno
Jeannette Garcia                                         Veronica Flores
                            Jacqueline Resendez                                      Daniel Garza
Juanita Garza                                            Jonathan C. French 2
                            Victoria S. Saenz 1,7                                    Paul Mason
Noe G. Gonzalez-Rojo 1                                   Roberto Galvan
                            Jesus A. Salazar                                         Maria H. Perez
Damaris Gutierrez                                        Humberto J. Garcia
                            Marlene G. Villagran                                     Mahmoud K. Quweider
Cristine Ibarra                                          Jose H. Garcia
                            Rita J. Villarreal                                       Wendy P. Renteria
Zelene I. Martinez                                       Juana E. Garcia
Diana D. Mendieta                                                                    Martin Saldana Jr.
                            Bachelor of                  Rodrigo Gomez
Maria G. Pena 1                                          Georgina L. Gonzalez 5
Lulu D. Pizana              Applied Arts
                                                         Johanna Gonzalez 1
Francisco J. Rodriguez      and Sciences                 Karla M. Gonzalez 1,4
Veronica S. Saldana         Cynthia Buentello
                                                         Jose P. Guerra
Violeta Saldana             Norma P. Cardona 1
                                                         Jose O. Guerrero Jr.
Mayra A. Sanchez            Rosalba L. Guevara
                                                         Rocio Gutierrez
Margarita G. Tapia          Monica G. Polanco
                                                         Stephanie E. Lerma
Veronica J. Vasquez         Ray Ramirez III
                                                         Chantal J. Lesley
                            Martha C. Rodriguez
                                                         Jessica Loera
                            Veronica Z. Rodriguez 5
                                                         Christopher Longoria
                            Roxanne Valdez
                                                         Aracely Lopez
Special Recognition
Faculty Graduates From University Programs
Angelica	Fuentes,	Ph.D., Assistant	Master	Technology	Instructor	of	Language,	Literacy	and	Intercultural	Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction, Emphasis in Literacy
“A Critical Look at College Student Identities on the Texas-Mexico Border”
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Virginia	Maldonado	Maxwell,	M.S.N., Assistant	Master	Technical	Instructor	of	Vocational	Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing/Nursing and Health Care Education
University of Phoenix

Arlene	Ready,	Ph.D., Associate	Master	Technical	Instructor	of	Language,	Literacy	and	Intercultural	Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction, Emphasis in Literacy
“Exploring the Literate Identities of Mexican International and Mexican American Developmental Reading Students in a Predominantly
 Hispanic South Texas College”
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

ROTC Commissionees
David	T.	Gomez,	2nd	Lt., Medical	Services	Officer
Texas National Guard
Viviana	Sauceda,	2nd	Lt., Adjunct	General	Officer
Texas National Guard

  Honor Organizations and Recognitions

  1	Cum	Laude	          Grade	Point	Averages	3.50-3.69                   5	Dual	Language	         Graduates	who	have	gone	through	or	
                                                                         		 	Certification	       are	in	Dual	Language	Certificate	Program
  2	Magna	Cum	Laude	 Grade	Point	Averages	3.70-3.89
                                                                         6	Teaching	Certificate
  3	Summa	Cum	Laude	 Grade	Point	Averages	3.90-4.00
                                                                         7	University	Scorpion	Scholar
  4	Alpha	Chi	          Co-educational	society	for	juniors	and
  	                     seniors	in	top	10	percent	of	their	class         8	2nd	Lieutenant	Commission

Alma Mater
The graduating class of 1994 was the first to sing the alma mater. “Hail the Orange and White” made its debut at the first visit to the UTB/TSC
campus by The University of Texas System Board of Regents in 1993. The alma mater was written by John C. Hunter, a TSC alumnus, and is
now a tradition for our community university.

                                          “Hail the Orange and White”
                                                   Original	lyrics: John C. Hunter Jr.
                                                      Adapted: Terry Jay Phillips†

                                          Hail	our	alma	mater	…	Hail	the	Orange	and	White
                                       The	fairest	of	South	Texas	through	her	days	and	her	nights
                                                   Loyal	to	each	other,	forever	we’ll	be
                                              Partners	for	the	greater	good,	UTB	and	TSC
                                       Always	foremost	in	our	hearts,	no	matter	where	we	roam.
                                          We	won’t	forget	South	Texas	will	always	be	our	home.

The Official Ring
     The	University	of	Texas	at	Brownsville
         and	Texas	Southmost	College

The design for the UTB/TSC class ring began with a survey asking students to tell us what campus symbols
should be used. After putting those ideas together and working with the designers, the new ring is rich
with symbols that convey the spirit and pride of UTB/TSC.
Symbols include the historical years 1926 and 1991, the years TSC and UTB were established; the Gorgas Hall
building, which is part of the official seal of TSC; flags of the United States and Mexico; and the words on the UTB
seal, “Disciplina	Praesidium	Civitatis,” which translates to “Education: the Guardian of Society.”

College and School Banners

Heraldic banners, representing the colleges and schools, are a tradition borrowed from the rich heritage of heraldry. Heraldry is a hereditary
system of personal recognition employing symbols (called charges) upon a shield developed among the nobles of early Christendom. These
symbols were at first personal but later took on a hereditary character so that, in time, certain combinations of forms became associated
with particular families. Although arms-granting institutions still exist, heraldic symbols are now commonly formulated by institutions
and individuals to suit their preferences and needs.
Heraldic banners were introduced at the first UTB/TSC Commencement ceremony in May of 1992.


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