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									                           The Monthly Newsletter of St. James Presbyterian Church Jenks, OK          October 2008

Dear Friends,                                                    The stated meeting of the Elders of St. James in
                                                         Session was held on Monday, September 22nd at 6:30 p.m.
       By the time most of you read this letter, our     Moderator Jane Huffstetler gave the opening prayer. The
new associate pastor, Cheryl Finch will be on her        order of the day was a discussion led by Carol Wimmer con-
way to Tulsa. She plans to travel with her dad and       cerning the science and religion project. The session re-
mom (Ken and Margaret Finch) and her cat,                quested that Ms. Wimmer propose an educational event to
Samaritan. She hopes to arrive no later than             facilitate an open discussion of the intersection of faith and
Saturday, October 4th, so we`ll probably be calling      science.
for able bodies to help with the unloading. We just
don`t know a definite arrival time at this point.               The elders were presented with an events schedule for
                                                         the fall and winter of 2008 with all special activities, programs
       Many of you have already contributed items        and events that are in addition to the regular weekly and
to help stock her apartment, or money toward the         monthly programming and worship.
purchase of a gift card. That`s one way we can
help her with all those moving-in expenses. You                  The Christian Education Committee received approval
may think of others as the days progress.                to expend up to $2500 above their existing budget if needed
                                                         for fall programming. Increase in adult curriculum and ex-
        She should be in worship with us this Sunday,    panded youth and young adult ministries were cited as added
October 5th, which will give us all the chance to wel-   expenses.
come her officially. But I know from my own experi-
ence, lots of faces in a limited time do not mean I             The Worship Committee received approval to add
will remember names. Why not consider inviting           Doris Herald to worship committee as additional staff liaison.
Cheryl to your home for dinner, or meeting her for       The committee also recommended that Ms. Herald be paid a
lunch, or including her when you go to the movies        monthly stipend rather than a per service fee so that she
or the State Fair? Being a stranger in a strange         would have dependable income. Personnel Committee will
place, while Biblical, is just plain hard. I hope you    work out the details.
will find ways to welcome her into your lives and               A proposal was presented and approved to complete
your hearts. What am I saying? Of course you will!       the upgrade on the sound system with an expense of up to
You`ve done it for many others, including myself!        $7500 to include:
                                                         ·      Addition of 2 speakers facing out into the congregation
       I can hardly wait for Cheryl to know more and                    for better clarity of the spoken word
more of you, to watch you in action as Christ`s dis-     ·      Suspension of 2 microphones over the choir loft to
ciples, to minister with you, to you and beside you,                    pick up sound for recording purposes (CD and
to know the depths of your faithfulness, your love                      DVD)
for God and for others. We are indeed blessed to         ·      Audio system for the hearing impaired
have Cheryl among us, but I know she will be just        ·      Wireless personal monitor for use of conductor/director
as blessed as she lives and works among you. And         ·      Hand held microphone
to God be the glory!                                            The Worship Committee also received approval for the
                                                         expenditure of $1750 to purchase and install two additional
                      With Gratitude,                    organ speaker monitors that would be mounted facing the
                      Jane                               choir loft and provide direct organ sound to the choir.

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                                                                    Stewardship - First Fruits
            -Session Minutes con't.-
                                                                                         Fall is always an exciting time
The Stewardship Committee announced the                                              in the life of St. James. Summer
theme for the 2009 Stewardship Campaign:                                             recreation activities have been
First Fruits, based on Proverbs 3:9: “Honor the                                      replaced by a renewed emphasis
Lord with your substance and with the first fruits                                   in church activities and our pro-
of all your produce.” The drive will begin on                                        grams are in full swing. Sunday
October 12 and include an evening program at                                         mornings and evenings hold a
5:00 p.m.                                                                            full slate of Christian education
                                                                                     for all ages from the littlest ones
      The Evangelism Committee is planning                                           to the most mature. Our volun-
on providing cookies and lemonade to the peo-                                        teers are hard at work with the
ple who vote at St. James on November 4th.                                           Jenks Community Food Bank,
They are also working with the American Red          Backpack and Shoe ministries; the Deacons continue with their
Cross to have St. James certified as a disaster      nursing home ministry at Grace Living Center, and caring for
shelter.                                             the needs of the congregation, and the sanctuary choir is once
                                                     again deepening our worship experience. The addition of
      The Mission Committee is planning a            Cheryl`s talents starting this month will enhance every aspect
youth mission trip to the DOOR (Discovering          of our programming.
Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection) in
Chicago, Illinois for the summer of 2009. The             There is one ingredient we have yet to address, the
DOOR ministers to urban situations of need.          FINANCIAL SUPPORT needed not only maintain our pro-
                                                     grams, but to expand them. In recent years we have been
      The Fellowship Committee is planning a         forced to limit our program budgets because of our building ex-
Progressive Dinner for Saturday, November 8th,       pansion costs. The great news is that we have successfully
and a church-wide Christmas Party for Sunday,        jumped that hurdle and are now ready to let our programs ma-
December 21st.                                       ture. Your generous support for our Fall 2008 FIRST FRUITS
                                                     stewardship drive is essential for our programs to reach their
       The Personnel Committee received ap-          full potential. Be sure to take notice of upcoming Stewardship
proval for contracting with the Rev. Jill Clupper    minutes during worship service and hear about the exciting
to lead deacon-elect training on Oct. 26, Nov. 2     work being done and plans for the future.
and Nov. 9. Study leave and vacation policies
proposed by the committee were also approved             Soon, you will be contacted by your Elder/Deacon partners
by the session.                                      to arrange for your family to receive this year's pledge packet.
                                                     Our drive will be completed on Stewardship Sunday, November
       Cindy Rehanek was present to give a re-       9th. We thank you in advance for your generosity.
port from the recent Presbytery meeting at
Dwight Mission. The elders voted to renew the
Commissioned Lay Preacher contract for Elder                               St. James Stewardship Committee
Angelika Mitchell in her service at Hillcrest

       Elder Dean Smith closed the meeting with
prayer. The next stated meeting of the elders in
session will be Monday, October 20, 2008 at
6:30 p.m. Elder Kevin Carey will lead the open-
ing prayer and discussion of chapter 9 of
Leading a Life with God: the Practice of
Spiritual Leadership. Elder Louis Hood will lead
the closing prayer.

                                                           Pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Backpack
                                                           Ministry is a BIG success! Pictured here: pancake
                                                           cookers from the Masonic Lodge #555 including our
                                                           own Kenny Walling.
        Its that time of year again - when the
leaves begin to turn color and fall off the trees,
when children start planning their special cos-
tumes for that one night of treat gathering and
when the congregation of St. James turn into chili                   Did you notice all the youth present at worship
connoisseurs. That's right! Its time for St. James          service on September 21st? They had been selling
annual Chilifest and Fall Carnival. This year's             bread. All kinds of bread, from homemade banana bread
event will be held on Wednesday, October 29th.              to some yummy bakery made loaves. Do you want to
It starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm. We are            know why? The youth are
                           asking all who want to par-      attempting to raise funds
                           ticipate in Chilifest to bring   to help cover the costs of
                           a bowl of their best stuff to    a trip to the Great Wolf
                           share. We will line Dancer       Lodge in Kansas City.
                           Hall with the various pots       They are planning to leave
                           of chili and then offer the      November 15th with
                           fixins' for sale in the          Cheryl Finch (our new as-
                           kitchen. The kids in their       sociate pastor) and their generous fearless youth lead-
costumes will be able to play games at a variety            ers, to spend a night away. While in Kansas they will be
of different booths led by the different committees         enjoying a huge indoor water park, a movie and dinner
of the church. We'll be raffling off our gift certifi-      at The Legends mall and some wonderful social and
cate tree, some fun Webkinz and a fall pumpkin              spiritual time getting to know each other and Cheryl just
throw. The youth will be busy selling baked                 a little better. This will not be the only fundraiser the
goods and running some games because this is                youth will be having. In October they will be involved
another fundraiser for them. The proceeds from              with the Chilifest and fall carnival and yet another bread
this night will go toward their Great Wolf Lodge            sale in November. Please take every opportunity to sup-
retreat in Kansas City. As you can see it will be a         port our youth in their fundraising adventures, by doing
night of great fall fun and good eating. Please             so you help to foster the social and spiritual lives of
mark your calendar for OCTOBER 29TH, 2008.                  today`s youth but tomorrow`s leaders.

CE wants you to know…Patty Russell
                                                            A Note from Pastor Jill . . .
        While Patty may be new to the “official” roles
of membership at St. James, unofficially Patty and          Dear Church Family,
her family have been attending regularly for the past
                              3 years. Patty is mar-            Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for
                              ried to Jon (who will be-     your generosity......for everything you did and everything
                              come an Elder in              you are. I want to offer a special thanks to all who pro-
                              January) and has two          vided such a wonderful salad/dessert reception. Thank
                              daughters Chole and           you for being present in honor of my ministry. I am still
                              Lily. She was born and        touched by your kind words, your letters of appreciation,
                              raised in Wausau,             your gifts, and your notes of encouragement and well-
                              Wisconsin and coinci-         wishes for my Sojourn ministry.......Look for an open
                              dentally her home             house invitation this fall sometime!
                              church`s name was also
                              St.James. Patty feels              Please know I carry you in my heart and hold you in
like she is surrounded by strong spiritual influences       prayer as you embark on this new expansion of ministry
from her mother to sister and sister-in-law and now         at St. James. Thank you; thank you; thank you for letting
our own Pastor Jane.                                        me be a part of your becoming! God bless you all.
       Patty is teaching our Pre-K thru 2nd graders                              Pastor Jill
Bibles stories on Sunday evenings and took on this
responsibility to express her gratitude to God and to
help the congregation of this church with it`s future.
Thanks so much to Patty and family.
Lectionary Readings for October 2008
October 5 (27th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20 Psalm 19:1-14
Philippians 3:4b-14      Matthew 21:33-46
                                                          1   Anna Wilson
                                                              Leila Matthews
October 12 (28th Sunday in Ordinary Time)
Exodus 32:1-14          Psalm 106:1-6, 19-23
                                                      5       Josh Rehanek
Philippians 4:1-9       Matthew 22:1-14
                                                      8       David Iski
October 19 (29th Sunday in Ordinary Time)                     David Wilson
Exodus 33:12-23         Psalm 99:1-99
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 Matthew 22:15-22               9       Jill Chancellor
October 26 (30th Sunday in Ordinary Time)             10      Carrie Fischer
Deuteronomy 34:1-12     Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17                   Lincoln Richardson
1 Thessalonians 2:1-8   Matthew 22:34-46
                                                      11      Suzy Griffin

                                                      12      Leif Gustafson

                                                      13      Forrest Cheadle

                                                      15      Mary Jo Gallo

                                                      20      Frank Levin

                       25th Anniversary               21      Amanda Rice
                       Celebration                    22      Chris Schroeder
           Sunday, October 26th 2008                  23      Judy Finley
                                                              Louis Hood
ONE WORSHIP SERVICE at 11:00 a.m. followed                    Nealy Beaty
by reception in Dancer Hall.                                  Ryan Fischer

      The committee for the celebration is plan-      24      Vicki Berg
ning to have a Time capsule to be opened in an-
other 25 years. Please bring your mementos and        26      Mike Easley
photos especially of your children with their                 Katie Sprouse
names & ages on the back. In 25 years they will
have their own families and can open the time         27      Joe Wilson
capsule. Bring anything you have about the
church and put it in Pat Sibley's mailbox.            28      Charles Franks

                                                      31      Jamie Nix
                                                              Renee Rivera

                               St. James Presbyterian Church
                                      11970 South Elm
                                     Jenks, OK 74037

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