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									                                                                                      Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                      Page 1

MEMORANDUM TO:                  Jim Hagen

DATE:                           September 10, 2004

FROM:                           Patricia Van Gerpen

SUBJECT:                        Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report

GOAL ONE: Double Visitor Spending from $600 Million to $1.2 Billion by 2010
1A. Change the way we market South Dakota
• Identify and target niche markets, with emphasis on emerging markets, including international
Mailed information packets to 242 group leaders from African American Conference and to 27 Bank Travel
Management Group leaders. Mailed letters and names of consumers requesting a motorcoach tour to South Dakota
to 1,501 coach companies in 15 states – 98 names were gathered from coupon in Giant Step magazine insert and
names were forwarded per the state in which they reside.

Redesigned Group Tour Escort Notes, a 2-color piece used by motorcoaches as they tour South Dakota. Will print
3,000 for delivery in September.

Worked with UrbanPlanet to make several changes to

Sent individual follow-up letters and information to 41 tour operators and 14 media with whom Rocky Mountain
International (RMI) representatives met at Travel Industry Association of America Pow Wow.

Mailed postcards to 975 National Tour Association (NTA) members on our domestic group tour database to arrive
in time to begin making appointments for the NTA Convention in November as postcard announced the South
Dakota delegates that would be available at the conference. Updated copy for American Bus Association (ABA)
Marketplace postcard to be sent to convention attendees.

Updated South Dakota copy for the Visit USA Travel Planner distributed in the United Kingdom.

Hosted journalist writing for PR Week (circ. 10,000) which is distributed in the United Kingdom, Asia, and the
Untied States. Assignment included Deadwood and the Black Hills.

Sent information to R & J Tours, Southwest Tours, and Old Town Antiques, Minnesota; Thomas Tours,
Pennsylvania; Five Star Snowmobile Tours, New York; Linkous Christian tours and Tours by George, Virginia;
World Class Travel, Texas; America 4 You, California; Creative Holidays, Missouri; Mohr Travel, Illinois;
Travelco USA, Inc., Florida; Debon Tours, Wisconsin; Compass Tours, Nevada; Judith
Pearson, Arizona; Atlantic Dream Vacations, The Netherlands; Destination, France; Bird Watching in, Norway; freelance journalist from the United Kingdom; Rocky Mountain International
(RMI) office in the United Kingdom for journalist; Vacances Guidebook, Korea; Motorrad Abenteuer, Germany;
and Manitoba Society of Seniors, Manitoba.

Met with Gillian Marsh Television, Ireland, representative regarding their South Dakota trip to film six segments of
30 minutes each on attractions and agriculture in the state.
                                                                                        Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                        Page 2
Sent fall and winter events to RMI for the German magazine, Reisebild; provided updates to online description of
South Dakota for World Travel Market directory; sent requested information to Shoreline Creations of What’s New
in South Dakota for possible inclusion in magazine editorial.

Worked on itinerary for Phoenix Media, Italy, traveling to South Dakota in September. It is an Italian film crew
working on a feature for their “Waterways 2004-2005 Edition,” made up of nine episodes dedicated to several
locations internationally. Each episode is 48 minutes, and part of an episode will be dedicated to South Dakota.
This series is watched by an estimated 8,500,000 viewers, ages 30 to 65. Interests include gourmet meals,
charming lodging, Lewis and Clark Trail, American Indian culture and the Black Hills. While in South Dakota,
they will be traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail and the Black Hills, with overnights in Sioux Falls, Lennox,
Vermillion, Mitchell, Chamberlain, Pierre, Custer State Park, Custer, and Spearfish Canyon.

Prepared itinerary for Special Traffic, The Netherlands, a group of 16 group leaders who are traveling in the RMI
region in September.

Prepared itinerary for Donnavventura, Italy, traveling the United States and filming for an Italian television
program. The featured story is a "dream come true" for a girl who wants to experience life as a reporter and as a
star in a television series. Crew consists of six young women doing adventurous activities, plus a production
manager and a cameraman.

Prepared an itinerary for journalist Volker Mehnert, Germany. He is interested in the Buffalo Roundup and a post-
familiarization tour with interest in American Indian culture and the Lewis and Clark Trail. Prepared itinerary for
Ulrich Pfaffenberger, Germany, who is interested in attending the Buffalo Roundup and pre-fam.

Worked on itinerary in the Black Hills and the Badlands for RMI Mega Fam in South Dakota in October for 50
participants, including tour operators and RMI representatives from Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands,
United Kingdom, and receptive operators and RMI and state representatives.

Worked with an editor from Midwest Living on a story centered on South Dakota tribes, and their views of Lewis
and Clark. Writer will attend Cheyenne River Festival in early September, and travel to Pierre and Chamberlain

Made final plans for the Mickelson Trail Press Trip and assisted in hosting the five writers. Based out of Lead and
included a driving tour of the Trail, attraction visits, and a fireworks demonstration.

Continued work on Southeast Birding Trail with steering committee. Finalized plan for completion of trail. Met
with steering committee to discuss sites to be included on the trail and birds to select as cover and logo art.
Working with Glacial Lakes and Prairies on a birding festival to be held in that region in the spring.

Worked with entities across the state for an enduro event in the Black Hills, such as an endurance road bike event,
or possibly a triathlon through the area along the Mickelson or Centennial Trail. Worked on plan to promote the
Black Hills as training ground for triathlons, as two athletes from Spearfish will be competing in the Ironman finals.

Updated the Archaeology/Paleontology section on based on the 2004 Greenhorn’s Guide.

• Reshape and redeploy “Great Faces. Great Places.” slogan and logo
Fulfilled logo requests with the proper file(s) best suited to their needs via email and reference to our logo website
page: Lewis and Clark marathon T-shirts and CMG Publishing in Pierre for jacket design. Suggested changes to
logo on two state agency web sites.

• Target advertising to specific audiences
Researched and drafted story on tribal art for inclusion in Spring/Summer 2005 edition of Great News., which will
be sent to international and domestic group tour operators, AAA/CAA travel counselors and travel writers in
                                                                                   Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                   Page 3
Drafted copy, designed ads, and placed orders for inside front covers of the 2005 AAA TourBook and AAA
CampBook, North Central editions. Combined circulation is 978,200. Drafted copy for 2005 Woodalls'
Campground Directory.

Created monthly e-mail, “South Dakota: The Ultimate Road Trip,” and sent to approximately 140 AAA/CAA travel

Worked on arrangements for “Black Hills or Bust” familiarization tour for 18 AAA/CAA travel counselors from
Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Alberta and Ontario, Canada.
Tour includes Custer, Deadwood, Hill City, Keystone, Rapid City, Spearfish, Sturgis, and Wall.

Fulfilled requests for information from AAA/CAA offices in Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota,
Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Manitoba, Canada.

Created and distributed August Travelsmart E-Newsletter and sent to approximately 116,000 addresses in our
opt-in database. Message included more than 35 links to various sections of, including packages,
coupons, and upcoming events.

Created materials for the Tourism booth at the South Dakota State Fair following the theme “South Dakota Feature
Hits.” Booth will include registrations for vacation package giveaways in De Smet, Hot Springs, Pierre, and Sioux
Falls. Package participants include: Prairie House Manor Bed and Breakfast, Countryview, Laura Ingalls Wilder
Memorial Society and Ingalls Homestead in De Smet; Comfort Inn, Sturdley’s Family Eating, Black Hills Wild
Horse Sanctuary, Evans Plunge, and The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs; Best Western Ramkota Hotel, Saint
Charles Restaurant, Capitol City Queen, South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center, and South Dakota Discovery
Center and Aquarium in Pierre; and Holiday Inn Express, Foley’s Restaurant, Washington Pavilion Cinedome, and
Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum in Sioux Falls.

• Place an emphasis on destination packaging and call for sales versus call for inquiries
Five vacation packages were featured on South Dakota Road Trip (SDRT) each Sunday on KELO-TV after the
10 p.m. news. Each five-minute segment featured as part of the co-op included a host visiting the
attractions/activities and accommodations that made up the package. The programming schedule for August was
Aug. 1: Mitchell’s Family Mini-Vacation (partners: Mitchell Holiday Inn, Enchanted World Doll Museum, Starlite
Drive-In Theater/Luxury 5 Cinemas); Aug. 8: Wildest Pair Vacation (partners: Town and Country Best Western
Hotel, Reptile Gardens and Bear Country USA); Aug. 15: Gutzon Borglum’s Trail and Rails (partners: Miner’s
Resort, Rushmore Borglum Story and 1880 Train); Aug. 22: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark (partners: Sioux
Falls Ramkota, Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science); Aug. 29: Riverside Relaxation (partners: Cedar Shore
Resort, Akta Lakota Museum and Old West Trading Post). Compiled survey responses from 11 of 12 SDRT co-op
partners to evaluate 2003-04 program. Mailed 2004-2005 co-op forms to past participants as well as new potential

Compiled survey responses from 14 of 41 vacation package co-op partners for evaluation and planning of
upcoming promotions. Compiled season-long report on vacation package test calls for planning shoulder season

Designed ads for winter vacation packages for placement in the December issue of SnowGoer and
November/December issue of Midwest Living.

Updated advertised packages section of TravelSD with pdfs of vacation package ads appearing in newspapers in
Denver, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Des Moines, Omaha, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Worthington, Cherokee, Estherville,
LeMars, Spencer, Albert Lea, Fairmont, Marshall, New Ulm, and Rochester. Created individual package pages on for four packages promoted to more than 44,000 subscribers in weekly “Deals and Destinations” e-
mail blasts via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Updated packages each week.
                                                                                        Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                        Page 4
Added 17 vacation packages to which lists 155 vacation packages and 38 coupons in 38 cities and
29 categories. Submitted new packages to

Loaned video footage of fishing, the Cultural Heritage Center, and the State Capitol to Lawrence and Schiller to
use in TV spots promoting travel packages in the state.

Updated video hit list to include shoots for fall and winter vacation packages plus projects for 2005.

• Educate industry people on what today’s visitors want and expect; establish best practices and
        communicate through regular updates
Contacted South Dakota receptives regarding group tour planning for a New York tour operator who plans to bring
teenage tours on the Lewis and Clark Trail in 2005. Provided information, tour operator leads, and assistance for
lodge operator in Miller for possible ranch stays. Provided Australian leads and Rocky Mountain International
Guide to Crazy Horse Memorial for possible meetings in Australia.

Notified South Dakota’s NTA/ABA members of the agenda and location of Tourism’s pre-caucus meeting in
September. Agenda includes discuss of group tours, convention meetings, first-timers information for Convention,
profile sheets, and what’s new for the group tour market.

As a result of meetings with Alidays, Italy, and their attendance at RMI programs, the company sent a group of 27
people to South Dakota and the region. They rented bikes and jeeps in Chicago and were in South Dakota for four
days, staying in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

Sent photo request to Deadwood and our photographers for photos for an upcoming article by a journalist from The
Netherlands. He was on a fam in South Dakota in 2003 and wrote an article on the Mickelson Trail as a result of
that hosting.

As a result of the follow-up mailing to the African American Conference mailing, Tourism provided Tour and
Travel Planners, Illinois, with information on Oscar Micheaux and black history in South Dakota. They plan to
bring a tour to South Dakota in 2005.

Contacted a representative with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development regarding hosting of Cavour,
Italy, representatives and to possibly coordinate a relationship with Cavour, South Dakota.

Calculated car count at the Information Centers for the month of July to be down 1.3% from July 2003; Canadian
visitor numbers were up by 19%; and for all other international visitors, numbers were up by 3%. There were 34
buses that were international bus tour groups out of 170 that stopped. Travel tape/CD usage was up 24%.

Sample comment cards by visitors include:
          “Best rest area we have ever stopped at in over 35 years of auto travel. The investment of public funds
          for this area was well worth it.” New York

           “Only in South Dakota are the rest areas staffed with appropriate (cheerful & knowledgeable) people!”
           New Mexico

Worked on arrangements for the end-of-the-year party for travel counselors which will be held in Hill City. Group
is being hosted by Prairie Berry Winery, Mount Rushmore Brewing Company, Best Western Golden Spike, and the
Comfort Inn.

For 2004, we currently have 269 individuals/businesses that received recognition for hospitality with the
Governor’s Certificate, 81 received the foil star for a second recognition, and 28 received a gold lapel pin for a third
recognition. The Great Service Star application will be mailed in September to members of the industry.
                                                                                        Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                        Page 5
Added Tourism’s July monthly report to, Tourism’s industry web site. Updated the Corps of
Rediscovery pages on with new members and revised contact information.

Drafted letters to speakers, including state and federal agencies’ representatives as participants for the 2005
Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Pierre in January.

For follow-up on co-op programs: sent 2004 Shoulder Season Great Getaways to featured communities,
attractions, and events. Mailed samples of Group Tour Co-op ad to 20 co-op partners. Mailed surveys to 36 Peak
Season Giant Step co-op partners, and will compile comments for evaluation. Placed test calls to nine vacation
package co-op partners to assess customer service, advertising tracking, and general knowledge of package being
promoted. Followed up with partners. Contacted online vacation package co-op partners prior to their packages
appearing in approximately 75 newspaper ads, five television ads and four e-mail blasts so partner could effectively
track and sell their advertised package. Mailed copies of magazines to Shoulder Season Giant Step partners,
showing placement of co-op piece.

Received and reviewed July lodging and campground occupancy reports.

South Dakota Tourism Research – Motel Occupancy
Region                       July 2004                     July 2003                 Difference
Southeast                    74.4%                         75.7%                     -1.3%
Glacial Lakes & Prairies     63.6                          58.9                       4.7
Great Lakes                  59.2                          60.5                      -1.3
Black Hills/Badlands         79.4                          87.2                      -7.8
Statewide Avg.               72.9                          76.8                      -3.9

South Dakota Tourism Research – Campground Occupancy
Region                       July 2004            July 2003                         Difference
Southeast                    46.3%                52.0%                             -5.7%
Glacial Lakes & Prairies     54.3                 50.2                               4.1
Great Lakes                  42.4                 51.1                             -8.7
Black Hills/Badlands         58.2                 73.1                            -14.9
Statewide Avg.               54.9                 65.2                            -10.3

        For FY2004 through 09-01-04:                       Mail:             3,505
                                               Internet (e-mail):           13,238
                                                          Phone:             3,053
                                                          Total:            19,795

        For FY2003 through 09-01-03:                      Mail:             20,586
                                              Internet (e-mail):            16,025
                                                         Phone:              4,514
                                                         Total:             41,125

This is an overall decrease in inquiries of 51.9 percent over FY2004. (Primary reason for decrease: Discontinued
using Pay-Per-Inquiry TV, which was used last year. This decision was part of our change in media strategy.
Inquiries do not include hits/visits to Tourism’s Web site.)

Calculated number of page views at 851,092 on Tourism’s web site for the period of August 1-31,
2004, for a daily average of 27,454 over a 31-day period. This compares to calculated page views of 634,759 for
the period of August 1-31, 2003, for a daily average (missing two days) of 21,888 over a 29-day period. This is an
increase in daily average of page views of 25.4 percent over a comparable time period in 2003. “Page views”
represents the number of times each and every page within the web site is accessed.
                                                                                       Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                       Page 6

Completed draft of the 2004 Intercept Study which includes three events: Siouxland Renaissance Festival, Wild
Bill Hickok Days, and Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant. Study will be distributed at the 2005 Governor’s Conference
on Tourism in January in Pierre.

Press hits with circulation and estimated ad equivalence: Sioux Falls Argus Leader (daily – 54,735) for ad
equivalence of $934; Argus Leader (Sunday – 76,079) for ad equivalence of $6,203; USA Today, (2,280,761) for
ad equivalence of $5,800; National Examiner (456,223) two separate editions for ad equivalence of $32,385;
Shotgun Sports magazine (175,000) for ad equivalence of $24,000; and The Traveling Wingshooter (41,000) two
articles for ad equivalence of $34,120. Total ad equivalence is $103,442. Online press hits:

Tourism revenue sources include: Deadwood gaming revenue deposited for July 2004 was up 18.1 percent at
$226,688, compared to $192,018 for July 2003. The tourism tax deposited for July 2004 was up 6.4 percent at
$577,250, as compared to $542,509 for July 2003. The deposits for FY05 for gaming and the tourism tax are
$1,267,600, as compared to $1,175,659 for FY2004. This is an overall increase in revenue of 7.8 percent for fiscal
year 2005 over fiscal year 2004.

1B. Focus new energy and investment on expanding the fall shoulder season for visitors in order to increase the
percentage of tourism revenues for this season to 42 percent
• Invest in promotions to expand the shoulder season
Prepared and mailed Buffalo Roundup invitations with pre-familiarization tour, customized tours, and Roundup
tour to international journalists and film crews. Mailed production guides and press kits to international film crews
interested in attending the Buffalo Roundup: Karl Teuschl, Germany; ZED Production, France; Novi and France
3, France; and Luca Centoni, Italy. Contacted France RMI representative regarding France 3 TV and Z Prod
Productions attendance at Buffalo Roundup for South Dakota filming.

The status of various aspects of the plans for the Buffalo Roundup include: Coordinated and received invitations,
packing materials, and mailing boxes and labels. Invitations were assembled and mailed to prospects, travel
writers, photographers, and in-state guests. License plates, decals, and gifts are currently in production. Contacted
company to reserve a satellite truck for the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup satellite feed on October 4.
Contacted staff at Custer State Park and discussed camera and truck placement for the day of the Roundup.
Continued working on details for media and group tour pre- and post-familiarization tours.

Coordinated placement of Shoulder Season Giant Step magazine insert, featuring co-op ads from 36 partners, in
September issues of Better Homes and Gardens (519,000), Country Home (87,781), More (57,000), Ladies Home
Journal (288,800); and September/October issue of Midwest Living (880,000) for a combined circulation of 1.8
million in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Coordinated production and printing of shoulder season Great Getaways newspaper inserts for co-op program
coordinated by Tourism for 36 partners from the Great Lakes, Glacial Lakes and Prairies, and Southeast regions.
Newspapers included for August drops: Winnipeg Free Press, Marshall Independent, Worthington Globe, West
Central Sunday Reminder, Omaha World Herald, Bismarck Tribune, and Des Moines Register. Two drops are
scheduled for September in Sioux City and Sioux Falls. Combined circulation is 877,250.

Completed marketing goals for Frontier Days, White River: Aug. 20-22. Local committee printed the rack card
that Tourism designed last year, and sent cards to Information Centers. Produced event buttons and sent to
Information Centers for staff to wear. Recorded and routed radio ad. Attended Frontier Days, prepared and mailed
evaluation forms to White River businesses and the Frontier Days committee. After compiling evaluation
comments, will meet with local committee to review report so that they can carry on with promotions in the future.
In July and/or August: Designed and placed display ads in American Cowboy magazine, Midwest Living,
Ainsworth Star Journal, Omaha World Herald, O’Neill Frontier/Hold County Independent, Midwest Messenger,
Minneapolis Star Tribune, and North Platte Telegraph. Designed and placed classified ads in Western Horseman,
Midland News, and the Sioux City Journal. Combined circulation is 1.9 million. Placed radio ads at KVSH,
Valentine and KXNP, North Platte, Nebraska, and KSUX, Sioux City, Iowa. Created and mailed medial teasers to
                                                                                      Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                      Page 7
Ainsworth Star Journal and Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska; Kansas City Star, Missouri; Midwest Messenger,
Nebraska and Kansas; Sioux City Journal and The (Ames, Iowa) Tribune, Iowa; Bismarck Tribune, Minneapolis
Star Tribune, Denver Post, and American Cowboy magazine. Sent e-mail blasts to Tourism’s tour operator

Completed marketing goals for Oceti Sakowin Experience: Remembering and Educating: Aug. 26 - Sept. 27.
Organized and attended Signature Event planning meetings in Chamberlain. Met with representatives from the
Akta Lakota Museum, Cedar Shore Resort, Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Chamber of Commerce, City of
Chamberlain and members of the Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates (ATTA).

Recorded and routed radio ad. Produced poster-sized invitations used by Akta Lakota Museum and Cedar Shore
Resort to promote the Art Show/Reception and Art Auction/Banquet. Added additional links within’s navigation under “Events.” Developed insert for press kits and mailed to targeted media.
Contacted reporters from the Mitchell Daily Republic and the Aberdeen American News. Mailed invitations for the
Art Show/Auction to Art Museums, collectors, galleries and others that ATTA identified as potential art buyers.
Sent invitations to members of the Circle of State Advisors, the Circle of Tribal Advisors, and the National Lewis
and Clark Bicentennial Board of Directors.

Placed classified/and/or display ads in Great Falls Tribune; Lewis and Clark Trail Guide; Sioux City Journal;
Kansan City Kansan; Bismarck Tribune; Minneapolis Star Tribune; Omaha World Herald; Metro Express,
Nebraska; Sioux Falls Argus Leader; Lakota Journal; Native Voice; Mitchell Daily Republic; Rapid City Journal;
and Aberdeen American News. Combined circulation is 950,000. Coordinated placement of 30-second radio ads
in Bismarck, Great Falls, Omaha, Sioux City, Aberdeen, Mitchell, Pierre, Sioux Falls, and Yankton. Prepared and
mailed Signature Event press kits to Rapid City Journal, Yankton Press and Dakotan, Vermillion Plain Talk, Pierre
Capital Journal, Aberdeen American News, Mobridge Tribune, Omaha World-Herald, Sioux City Journal, Argus
Leader, Great Falls Tribune, Bismarck Tribune, Lakota Journal, Southwest Art, Indian Country Today, Native
People’s, and KELO-TV, KDLT-TV and KSFY-TV, Sioux Falls.

Assisted Chamberlain/Oacoma Area Chamber of Commerce in the coordination of the Opening Ceremony for the
Signature Event, which was held in the Tent of Many Voices at American Creek Campground. Assisted with
preparation, set up, ceremonies, and dismantling at the Tent of Many Voices. Approximately 300 people were in
attendance for the opening. Speakers and presenters included Robert Cournoyer, Alliance of Tribal Tourism
Advocates; Steve Adams and Pat Jones, National Park Service; Karen Goering, National Council of the Lewis and
Clark Bicentennial; Brad Tennant, Presentation College; Jay D. Vogt, South Dakota State Historical Society;
Deacon David Nagel and students of St. Joseph’s Indian School; Jeff Carmon, Qwest Foundation; singer, Jessica
Pringle and hoop dancer, Kevin Locke. Color guards were provided by the South Dakota National Guard, Crow
Creek Sioux Tribe, and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. A drum group from Ft. Thompson also performed.

Worked with the Federal Interagency Lewis and Clark Field Liaison to secure speakers and dignitaries for the
Opening Ceremony, to have federal agency representation in the vendor tent at each CORPS II location, and to get
assistance from the National Guard with water, transportation, and traffic control.

Worked with the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial to get 40 tribal flags. Drafted letter inviting
Tribal Chairmen to attend the Opening Ceremony and the art show, auction, and banquet in Chamberlain/Oacoma.
Wrote a welcome letter for the Art Auction Catalog and assisted with the editing. Wrote an invitation which was
mailed to the Corps of Rediscovery membership encouraging them to attend Opening Ceremony and other
Signature Event activities. Forwarded Signature Event copy and display and radio ads to ATTA to assist them in
placing in-state advertising.

Created and distributed agendas to speakers prior to the event and provided notes for the emcee of the Opening
Ceremony and assisted ATTA with the program for the Art Show/Auction/Banquet. Decorated and helped clean up
the reception area at Akta Lakota for the Art Show/Reception and the banquet area for the Art Auction. Assisted
Akta Lakota staff in moving artwork from the museum to Cedar Shore Resort and in set up and presentation of the
                                                                                    Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                    Page 8
Lakota, Nakota and Dakota artwork. Made and presented packets to the 18 artists participating in Art Show and

Posted 60 directional signs for CORPS II around the communities of Chamberlain and Oacoma. Contacted sign
company to design the signs, which were part of the support that host communities and the state received from
Citigroup. Placed two large signs at CORPS II, giving the times and dates of operation for the exhibit, set up
information booth.

Set up information booths at Cedar Shore Resort and the vendor tent at American Creek Campground and manned
booth and answered questions.

Worked on marketing plans for the Bad River Gathering: Sept. 24-26. Coordinated the printing of event buttons
for distribution to Information Center travel counselors. Produced and recorded radio ads. Sent local committee a
copy of the ad to use as they wish. Placed radio spots on KBMR, Bismarck and KGLI, Sioux City to run in
September. Reviewed press release and e-mailed it to the committee for approval. Will send release to press in
September and event schedule will be placed on television community calendars. Sent e-mail blast to Tourism’s
tour operator database. Signature Event brochure, which includes Bad River Gathering information, was used as
insert for August issue of We Proceeded On (4,000 brochures were inserted). Produced and ran magazine display
ads in Midwest Living, and shared ad with Signature Event in Native People’s, 2004 Along the Trail with Lewis
and Clark and Indian Country Today- Tourism and Gaming Magazine. Combined circulation is 1.1 million.
Placed newspaper display ads to run in September in Native Voice, Lakota Journal, Bismarck Tribune, Sioux City
Journal, and classified ads will run in Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Omaha World Herald, and Minneapolis Star
Tribune. Combined circulation is 743,000.

Coordinated production and placement of 30-second radio spot to promote the Corn Palace Polka Festival,
September 17-19, to run August and September in Stillwater and New Ulm, Minnesota and Norfolk, Nebraska.

Designed and placed display ads for Old Time Fiddlers’ Jamboree, September 17-18, Yankton, in Sioux City
Journal, Fargo Forum, Omaha World Herald, and 98 southern Minnesota newspapers. Coordinated production and
placement of 30-second radio ad to run in Sioux City, Iowa, and Worthington, Minnesota.

Designed a four-color promotional poster with a schedule of events for the Last Chance Bonanza Rodeo, October
21-23, Brookings. Will route to committee for comments, which they will print. Contacted local committee to
obtain rodeo photos.

Reviewed and approved ads for 75 insertions that promoted 263 different vacation packages in August
in Denver Post, Des Moines Register, Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Omaha World Herald,
Sioux City Journal, Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Worthington Globe, Cherokee Chronicle Times, Esterville Daily
News, LeMars Daily Sentinel, Spencer Daily Reporter, Albert Lea Tribune, Fairmont Sentinel, Marshall
Independent, New Ulm Journal and Rochester Post Bulletin. Combined circulation of newspapers is 2.4 million.
Ads directed consumer to contact the vacation package provider – co-op partner – directly to book the package.
Ads promoted in August were themed for family travel, Lewis and Clark Trail, gaming, and outdoor recreation.
Reviewed scripts and video for five different 30-second TV spots promoting vacation packages in same themes and
geographic markets as newspaper ads. Reviewed, revised, and approved copy for four weekly e-mail blast sent to
44,000 online subscribers by Weekly e-mail blast promotes four different vacation packages.
Reviewed, revised, and approved approximately four banner ads for Denver Post web site that promote vacation
package section of

1C. Expand investment in tourism’s peak season through greater use of partnerships and cooperative efforts
• Establish partnerships to pool resources
Attended a meeting with Department of Game, Fish and Parks, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Southeast
South Dakota Tourism Association to discuss printing details of a four-color booklet, Southeast South Dakota
Birding Trail. Print quantity and delivery date to be determined.
                                                                                       Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                       Page 9
Started coordinating effort with Department of Game, Fish and Parks to design and print the 2004-05
Snowmobiling Trails Map, which will be ready for distribution in November.

Reviewed South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s Lewis and Clark minutes as Tourism is a partner in this

Partnered with 2 Nation Tours states of Minnesota and North Dakota and province of Manitoba to develop
postcard to promote the three states and province to group tours, group tour leaders and general
public. Distributed the postcards at Chamberlain Information Center to motorcoach tours, at the Jackrabbit Trade
and Consumer Show, at Hostfest in North Dakota, and in Manitoba.

Helped develop information packet, with other Rocky Mountain International (RMI) states of Wyoming,
Montana, and Idaho, for a four-state co-op promotion in an Experience Holidays mailing to customers of the RMI
Guide on the region. Also partnering with TUI to do an RMI Guide mailing and promotion in Benelux

Contacted Northwest Airlines regarding flight arrangements and partnership for overseas journalists for the
Buffalo Roundup.

• Develop coordinated marketing plans
Met with Glacial Lakes and Prairies Association regarding birding advertisements that will run in spring issues of
birding-oriented publications.

• Continue Governor’s $1 million challenge for 2005 and 2006
Completed updates on to Visitor Services Directory to show 4,830 entries; updated iPIX image for
one partner, and added four others to photo shooting schedule. Launched the User Maintenance System to the
preferred partners via e-mail in July and August to approximately 1,500. Forty people have signed up for accounts,
which include individual passwords and approval of copy changes.

Made final proof of group tour co-op ad, which is open to partners who are members of the National Tour
Association/American Bus Association. Twenty members participated in this co-op. Will place 23,730 copies of
the four-page ad in fall/winter issues of Courier, Packaged Travel Insider, Bank Travel Management, Destinations
and Group Tour magazines. Will also mail to 4,183 domestic tour operators on our group tour database. Provided
information for article to Destinations; and to Group Tour magazine for a requested I-90 itinerary, and what’s new
in South Dakota

Made final proof of first four sections of the Group Tour Planning Guide, which is updated every other year.
Proofed partner sections of the guide, made corrections, and mailed proof copy to each partner for approval.
Partner listings are also placed on TourSDakota, a special Web site for tour operators. Guide is distributed as trade
show follow-up to tour operators and sent to 5,000 tour operators in domestic and overseas markets.

1D. Develop a statewide “one-click, one-call” reservation system by 2005
• Make it easy for visitors to purchase packages and make travel arrangements
Researched this project and drafted memo for Governor on staff’s recommendations, based on this background and
proposals received from prospective vendors.

GOAL FOUR: Brand and Develop South Dakota’s Quality of Life as the Best in America by 2010
4B. Enhance History and Arts as a tool for economic development and cultural tourism
• Quantify the economic impact of arts and history in South Dakota
Started researching design of FY 2004 Arts Council Annual Report, which will be ready for distribution in January
2005. The report is a 14 page-document with information on specific groups that were assisted by the Arts Council
during the fiscal year.
                                                                                         Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                       Page 10
• Advance history and arts as essential to lifelong learning
  – Discover opportunities for expanding other history and arts programs
Photographed 22 historical posters for new exhibit at South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center. Provided the photos
on a CD-Rom to the Historical Society for use in producing the exhibit.

Mailed Lewis and Clark packets to South Dakota’s fourth-grade teachers, which included Lewis and Clark
Calendar of Events, Corps II, Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Missouri, state park field trips, and education
kits from the South Dakota Historical Society.

Attended First Tribal Council Signature Event in Nebraska at Fort Calhoun. Representatives from the Cheyenne
River Game, Fish and Parks Office, Denelle High Elk, Dennis Rosseau and Edward Raventon, were also there to
staff the South Dakota booth.

Awarded plaques to four new members of the Corps of Rediscovery – at the last Lewis and Clark Corps of
Rediscovery statewide meeting – based on their involvement with Lewis and Clark events in South Dakota and
attendance to the quarterly meetings: Nicole Soukup, Office of Tourism; Karen Wyly and Peggy Cruse, Bad River
Gathering committee; and Jessica Schoenhard, Chamberlain/Oacoma Chamber of Commerce. The National Park
Service announced that there is $5 million available for the Challenge Cost Share grant program next year.
Applications will be sent to public entities early this fall, or the grant application can be accessed on-line at their
web site: Applications are due in January.

Coordinated contacts for the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Missouri, as they are working with local
community contacts to coordinate efforts while the group travels through South Dakota in late August through mid-
October. The South Dakota National Guard is assisting the group.

Participated in a conference call with the Circle of State Advisors (COSA) to discuss past a future Signature Events
and what the focus should be of COSA as the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial comes to a close. The next COSA
meeting will be held in October in Bismarck as will the Board of Directors for the National Council of the Lewis
and Clark Bicentennial. Attended the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation annual meeting in August in
Bismarck. The next meeting will be held at Lewis and Clark State College in Portland, Oregon in August 2005.

Assembled partner kits for Travel News Television, which consisted of one videotape or DVD of the in-house
produced program “Lewis and Clark: The South Dakota Adventure,” tent cards to place in rooms or lobby and a
few event calendars. Mailed 109 kits to partners, mostly lodging properties. Sent copies to 11 local access cable
stations in Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, North Sioux City, Rapid City, Chamberlain, Huron, Pierre,
Garretson, and Wall and the Black Hills Family Channel for playback on their systems. The tapes/disks are also
available for visitor usage at the Interstate Information Centers near Vermillion and Chamberlain.

4C. Stabilize rural populations through community development
• Facilitate the development of community plans
Participated in a Value-Added conference call to plan for the 2005 Conference. Plan to speak at the Women in
Blue Jeans Conference in January, 2005 in Mitchell. Contacted by a Georgia tour representative who is interested
in doing farm tours in South Dakota in 2005.

Received approximately 190 submissions in August for the 2005 statewide Calendar of Events. Encoded/updated
125 events to the online calendar at Received information and/or updates to eight 2004 events and
encoded to calendar on

4E. Capitalize on the existing outdoor opportunities in our state
• Develop greater recreational opportunities along the state- and Corps-owned land along the Missouri
Continued working with the American Birding Association and the South Dakota Ornithologists Union to bring a
birding festival to central South Dakota, particularly focusing on the Gyrfalcons. Event would take place in
February, possibly in conjunction with Game, Fish and Parks’ Eagle Awareness Days.
                                                                                      Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                    Page 11
• Recognize the effect of camping, hunting and fishing opportunities on our quality of life
Designed and coordinated production of outdoor show banners to be used at upcoming conventions and
conferences. Images include buffalo, walleye, pheasant, and Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Began researching stories for Outdoor News packet, which is sent to 3,000 outdoors writers and editors across the

Continued working with Sioux Falls and Rapid City in the bid process for outdoors writer’s conferences:
Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) for Sioux Falls in 2006 and Outdoor Writers Association of
America (OWAA) for Rapid City in 2008. Assisted Sioux Falls by writing letters to AGLOW Board of Directors
expressing South Dakota’s interest in hosting the event and in planning a presentation at the 2004 conference in
September. Will also have a booth display at AGLOW. Mailed Outdoor News and Fishing and Hunting Guide to
AGLOW for public relations contest – ‘Best Industry Public Relations Program.’

Made plans to attend 2005 National Pheasant Fest in Omaha. Made plans to attend the SHOT Show in January
2005. Continued making media contacts and scheduling meetings.

Continued working with Knock ‘em Down Productions on a pheasant and goose hunting show near Clark in early
September, and a month-long hunting, waterfowl, and upland birds expedition in Southeast South Dakota. Worked
with the Focus Outdoors television series on a pheasant and waterfowl hunt in the Glacial Lakes Region for fall of
2004. Worked with Outdoor Expeditions on a writer camp in Meade County in November for magazine and
newspaper writers. Continued making plans to host a goose and pheasant in the Pierre area in December. Hunt to
take place in the Joe Creek area on Lake Sharpe for six to eight journalists. Worked with Midwest Living editor on
a story that will include South Dakota pheasant hunting to appear in the April/May issue. Finalized plans for the
filming of two television shows, Benelli’s American Safari and Beretta World, in the Onida and Highmore areas for
November. Worked with Gage Outdoors to bring media to the Chamberlain area in October to hunt pheasants and
possibly waterfowl in late October. Began plans to host Gooseview Industries and media on a late-season pheasant
and waterfowl hunt in the Great Lakes Region in Gregory County. Worked with lodge and gun manufacturer on a
writer’s camp near Mitchell for upland hunting and product demonstrations. Writers from Shooting Sportsman,
Sporting Clays, Double Gun Journal, Safari magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Sports Afield have confirmed.

Hosted journalists with Wild Dakota television series on a trip to Lake Oahe, which aired in August. On one
episode, they showed the South Dakota TV commercial. Hosted writer with North American Hunter to the Fort
Pierre National Grasslands and other areas regarding the bird outlook and possible dog training opportunities.
Provided information to Field and Stream editors regarding first-class, lower-priced hunting destinations in South
Dakota and best public waterfowl hunting areas. Hosted outdoors editor from Kansas City Star to fishing and
attractions in the Spearfish area.

Coordinated the loans of a number of photos to a communications company. These photos, of ice fishing, pheasant
hunting, and boating, will be used in a book as well as articles.

Met with the directors at the Aberdeen American News regarding promotional opportunities for hunters and

4F. Improve cooperative efforts with the Native American tribes
• Continue to improve rural tourism efforts with tribes
Wrote itinerary for journalists with Walter Kreuzer from Germany, writing for Fuldaer Zeitung newspaper (circ.
38,426), which includes Lewis and Clark Trail and American Indians in South Dakota. Contacted Alliance of
Tribal Tourism Advocates, Lower Brule Indian Reservation, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Game, Fish and Parks,
and Pine Ridge Chamber for tours. Other stops include Wall, Pierre, Chamberlain, Mitchell, Vermillion, and
Yankton for information.

Toured the Buffalo Interpretive Center near Fort Pierre.
                                                                                        Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                      Page 12
Photographed and shot video of the Lewis and Clark Signature Event, including Native American Art Show and
Sale; and tribal council reenactment at Lewis and Clark Festival in Yankton.

Added new copy for the Native American Scenic Byway trail highlight in the Lewis and Clark section of Also updated the trail map to reflect these changes.

Finalized design and print details for the 2004-05 South Dakota Guide to Indian Reservations and Art. Printed
17,000 copies. Booklets are distributed at Information Centers, special requests, trade shows, tribal groups, and
press kits.

Will continue working with the Okiciapiye, the Native American Scenic Byway committee to promote the
extension of the Native American Scenic Byway, which is now 455 miles long – stretching through Yankton tribal
lands and the Lower Brule, Crow Creek, Cheyenne River, and Standing Rock Sioux Reservations.

GOAL FIVE: Uphold Our Commitment to the 2010 Initiative as a Work in Progress
5B. Create ongoing update and accountability structure for 2010 Initiative
• Provide media with updates on a regular basis
Drafted, edited, distributed, and posted to State News Web and press release on submissions for
2005 Calendar of Events.

Coordinated with South Dakota Public Radio on South Dakota Forum broadcasting live from the Lewis and Clark
Information Center and appeared as a guest on the show.
Responded to information/interview requests from writers from USA Today article on national parks; South Dakota
Public Radio regarding solo travel and friendly locales in the state; Rapid City Journal for story regarding pre-Rally
visitors; Mitchell Daily Republic for story on tourism season; Sioux Falls Argus Leader on data and financial
numbers; KOTA Radio for story on 2005 Calendar of Events and fall events; Delta Waterfowl for a feature piece
on Lewis and Clark and the duck breeding grounds; Pointing Dog Journal on grouse hunting; BASS Times for
fishing for bass on the Missouri; Tony Dean Outdoors on golf and fishing; Minneapolis Star Tribune on birding and
general information; various freelance journalists; and general information for Federal Reserve, Depot Radio,
Midwest Living, MSNBC, Dakota Radio Group, Aberdeen American News, and KEVN television.

Created a webpage on about the live radio broadcast from the Lewis and Clark Information Center by
South Dakota Public Radio. Forwarded information for the industry e-mail.

Provided Shoulder Season events or locales as ideas for South Dakota segment of "Taste of America" on the Travel
Channel produced by FilmGarden.

Researched information on events occurring throughout the state, September through December, and drafted a
monthly news release and calendar announcements to be sent to in-state media promoting those events.

Attended Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Races and participated in Mayor’s Ride. Met with media at event.

Made lodging arrangements and gave itinerary suggestions for a travel writer from New York who was in South
Dakota in August.

Coordinated reprint of press kit letterhead for Parks, Monuments and Memorials, General Info, Lewis and Clark.
Sent press kits and other requested information to a St. Petersburg, Florida, freelance travel writer; a journalist from
Lakewood, Colorado, for a series on the Missouri, with focus on Lewis and Clark and a visit to the state in
September; a Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, freelance writer who will be doing an article this fall about pheasant
hunting in South Dakota; a freelance writer from Torrance, California; a writer with, The World Outdoors, Boulder,
Colorado, who is visiting the Black Hills and Badlands for adventure travel.

Participated in travel media reception in Boston, promoting South Dakota. Met with 13 journalists interested in
South Dakota stories.
                                                                                     Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                   Page 13
Began making plans to hold media receptions in early 2005. Areas being considered are Toronto and New York

Continued working on various aspects of the Governor’s Invitational Pheasant Hunt: Hunt Committee met and
researched various items. Produced invitation to business and travel writer prospects. Ordered and received
mailing materials. Design work on vehicle decals and license plate will commence in early September. Designed
artwork for cap and shirt embroidery. Confirmed Reptile Gardens and Laser Shot (simulation shooting) and
acquired shells, clay targets and earplugs to use at the Trapshoot. Worked on acquiring safety glasses. Ordered
embroidered shirts, bags, and cameras.

Publications: Redesigning state pages for the 2005-06 South Dakota Vacation Guide which include covers, table
of contents, vacation profiles, and resources for travelers.

Photography Intern: Assisted photo intern in preparing his latest photos for cataloging into database.

Image Database: Continued to implement digital imaging database by adding additional photographs. This
includes cataloging each photo, attaching pertinent information and keywords to assist in searches. Over 2,100
photos have been cataloged as of August. Culled outdated and unusable images from slide files.

New digital photography equipment: Prepared request list of new photographic equipment to expand on move to
digital imaging. Portions of equipment will be used by GOED and Tourism.

Photo loans: Fulfilled requests to South Dakota freelance writer, State Publishing, South Dakota Rural Electric
Association, and Department of Game, Fish and Parks, Pierre; Lawrence and Schiller, Sioux Falls; Southeast South
Dakota Tourism Association and Design Solutions, Yankton; Dakota Expeditions, Miller; Travel America
magazine, Illinois; Rocky Mountain International, Wyoming; Spring Hill Press, Missouri; newspaper in Waterloo,
Iowa; and GOED representative for an Irish newspaper.

Video Loans and Dubs:
Sent Deadwood and Black Hills area footage to Authentic Entertainment in Los Angeles to be used in the show
“Vacation Home Search” on the Travel Channel. The show will be profiling a Deadwood area property; Yankton
and Lewis and Clark Lake area and activities to HenkinSchulz Communication Arts in Sioux Falls for a
promotional video they are producing for Yankton; stock footage to Brainbox Productions in Silver Springs,
Maryland for a series they are pitching to the Discovery Channel; stock footage to the “In the Life” news magazine
produced by PBS in New York City; stock footage to Callan Communications in Yucca Valley, California to use in
a program they are producing on the Sturgis Rally; Pierre area footage, Outdoor Campus footage, and harvest
footage to Comprehensive Media, Pierre; and video of Kool Deadwood Nites to Lawrence and Schiller of Sioux
Falls for a TV spot they are doing for the event.

Mount Rushmore Webcam: Continued to monitored this web cam as it is linked to

Electronic Promotion:
Researched a new search engine called Azoox. Discovered that it was not currently available to the general public.

For added scenic byway link, edited KidZone stories for September, October, November,
December, January, February, March and April; and added three of them to the Kid Zone homepage (landing page)
into the rotation including accompanying photos: White River Frontier Days, Sands of Oahe Sculpture Contest at
Indian Creek Recreation Area, and the Central States Fair in Rapid City.
Added links into’s site navigation after reviewing and working with Bureau of Information and
Telecommunications staff to implement the revised e-postcard option he developed (this new option is incorporated
with the existing photo gallery, allowing any gallery image and caption to be sent as an e-postcard). Since
                                                                                       Tourism’s August Monthly Status Report
                                                                                                                     Page 14
implementation, 197 postcards have been sent (of 63 of the 159 images; image “Badlands National Park (3)” has
been seen the most – 17 times).

Updated/corrected various pages. Added the updated 2004 Mount Rushmore Fireworks page, including the video
from the 2004 finale. Looked into a potential problem involving our “e-mail a friend” feature. Updated Fuel Facts
web pages on and weekly.

Performance Indicators: Compiled performance indicators for the Bureau of Finance and Management.

Capital for a Day: Gathered information and attended event at Oacoma and Chamberlain.

SD Quarter: Met with other members of committee on Aug. 12 to review U.S. Mint artist drawings of South
Dakota narratives. Each narrative had several designs that were done by different artists. The main Mount
Rushmore themed design had the most selections to review. Committee voted and discussed each selection and
identified areas that needed reworking. Three avid coin collectors from across the state also attended the meeting.
No date was set for the next meeting.

Korean War Memorial: Edited second mock of Korean War Memorial newspaper insert. Edited final mock of
Korean War Memorial program. Attended various Korean War Memorial committee meetings.

2004 Capitol Christmas: Attended Capitol Christmas committee meeting. The lighting ceremony will be held
November 23 with tree display through December 27. This year’s official theme is “Sentimental Days of
Christmas.” Presented logo ideas to committee for review, and making final changes to logo. Planning decorations
for a tree that a non-profit group will decorate.

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