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					Clean and Healthy Behavior, which became the basic needs of the health of
society, one aspect is the "no family member who smokes." While the role of
families and communities should be my duty and health cadres to socialize.
Every time inhaling cigarette smoke, whether intentionally or not, it means also
suck more than 4,000 kinds of toxins!Therefore, smoking by including the toxins
were into the oral cavity and lungs of course. Smoking is detrimental to health, the
fact is we can not deny. Many diseases have proven to be bad due to smoke,
either directly or indirectly. Smoking is not only detrimental to the smoker, but
also                      for                    those                     around.
Dangers of smoking to health body has been researched and proven by many
people. Adverse effects of smoking were already clearly known. Many studies
have shown that smoking increases the risk of various diseases. Such as heart
disease and blood vessel disorders, lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, laryngeal
cancer, osefagus cancer, bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence, and
pregnancy         disorders       and        defects       in      the        fetus.
The background of the purpose of writing this so that people who are still
dependent on cigarettes realized how dangerous impact of smoking on
health. Not only in active smokers but passive smoking affected.