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					                                                                                                1                              CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

                                                                                CBTF Resource Documents
The FMA-CBTF office is compiling documents on any aspect of development in Southern Sudan that may be of interest to our partners, experts and colleagues in
GoSS institutions and projects. A selection of these documents is uploaded to the website: These documents, as well as links to
relevant websites, can be found under the seven subjects under “Core Support Window” and under the three subjects under “Other Information”.

Hard copies of key documents are kept in the library at the FMA/CBTF Office and can be consulted or borrowed for professional use.

                                                              A. Documents in Hard Copy Format, available at FMA/CBTF Office

Number                   Author                 Title                                               Source                       Year      Subject               Soft/Hard
    01                                          Southern Sudan; Strengthening Good                  Public Sector Reform and    2009 06    Public sector         Hard/Soft
                                                Governance for Development Outcomes:                Capacity Building Unit                 reform
                                                Issues and Options                                  (AFTPR) Africa Region
           02                                   Public Service Bill                                 MLPSHRD                      2009      Public sector         Hard/Soft
           03              Saloojee             CIDA/PALAMA Capacity building project;              MLPSHRD                      2010      Public sector            Hard
                           Anver                Conducting Training Needs Assessments for                                                  reform / Basic
                                                the Public Service: A Manual & Toolkit                                                     skills training
           04                                   Local Government Training Needs                     GTZ/Local Government         2009      Public Sector            Hard
                                                Assessment                                          Board                                  Reform
           05                                   Building Honest and Effective Public Services       DFID/Skills Southern         2009      Public Sector            Hard
                                                for the People of Southern Sudan/ Public            Sudan/MLPSHRD                          Reform Basic
                                                Service Master Curriculum for Public                                                       Skills Training
                                                Administration & Management
           06                                   Rapid Assessment of Retrenchment Options,           Adam Smith International    2007 11    Public sector            Hard
                                                Southern Sudan                                                                             reform
           07                                   Training Course for local Government                Local Government Board                 Public Sector            Hard
                                                Administrative officers                                                                    Reform
                               1        2
           08            EVD , CRU ,            Public Private Cooperation in Fragile States        Peace, Security and         2009 09    Public Finance        Hard/Soft
                         Cordaid,               Country report: Southern Sudan                      Development Network

    Agency for International Business Cooperation (EVD) (project coordinator)

    Conflict Research Unit, Clingendael Institute (CRU) (project coordinator)
                                                                                            2                                  CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

                       NABC &
          09           Emzantsi              Capacity Building unit (CBU) of the                CIDA/PALAMA regional            2009 11    Public Sector         Hard/Soft
                       Consulting            MLPSHRD; Baseline study report                     Capacity Building project                  Reform
          010                                Local Government Act.                              Local Government Board           2009      Public sector         Hard/Soft
          011          Edward T.             Decision and Deadlines; A Critical Year for        Chatham House Report            2010 01    Southern Sudan        Hard/Soft
                                             Sudan                                                                                         2011
          012                                Sudan Recovery Fund for Southern Sudan             GOSS                            2008 04    Southern Sudan        Hard/Soft
                                             SRF-SS Terms of Reference                                                                     2011
          013          Damien H.             Post-2011 scenarios in Sudan: What role for        EU Institute for Security       2009 11    Southern Sudan           Hard
                                             the EU?- Report No. 06                             Studies                                    2011
          014          Schwartz A.           Scenarios for Sudan Avoiding Political             A United States Institute of    2009 08    Southern Sudan        Hard/Soft
                                             Violence through 2011; Special Report              Peace                                      2011
          015          Jair D.               Sudan 2012, Scenarios for the future                                               2009 09    Southern Sudan        Hard/Soft
          016                                Public Service Reforms Implementation              MLPSHRD                         2008 08    Public Service           Hard
                                             Frame Work Manual                                                                             Reform
          017            Delta                Evaluation of the training services of the         JDT/CBTF                       2008 12    Public Finance         Hard/soft
                                              Government Accountancy Training Centre                                                       Training
          018                                 Southern Sudan States Own Revenue                  World Bank                     2009 08    Public Finance           Hard
                                              Potential                                                                                    Management
          019          IMF Team              Sudan, Staff-Monitored Program for 2009–10;        International Monetary Fund     2009 07    Public Finance         Hard/soft
                                             Country: Report No. 09/218
          020          Zeru Gebre            Non –Oil Revenue Study, Southern Sudan             MoFEP ,GOSS                     2009 08    Public Finance        Hard/Soft
                       selassie              Final Report
          021                                MTDF Final Project Proposal for Grant to the       World Bank                      2005 11    Public Finance        Hard/Soft
                                             GOSS proposed Rapid Impact Emergency                                                          Management
          022                                Government of Southern Sudan Draft 2009            MoFEP ,GOSS                      2009      Public Finance        Hard/Soft

    Netherlands African Business Council (NABC)

. Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA)
                                                                     3                                   CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

023   Wennmann A.     Wealth Sharing Beyond 2011: Economic               Centre on Conflict,                         Public Finance        Hard/Soft
                      Issues in Sudan’s North-South Peace Process        Development & Peace
                                                                         building, CCDP
024   Fiona Davies    Contracting out Core Government Functions          Joint ADB-OECD Conference        2009 06    Public Finance        Hard/Soft
                      and Services In Southern Sudan; Working
025                   Public Service Pensions act, 1992                  MLPSHRD                           1992      Pension System           Hard
026   Lauri Leppik    Pensions in Southern Sudan: state of affairs       PPT Presentation, 29 March       2010 03    Pension System        Hard/Soft
                      and technical assistance road map                  2010                                        Development
027   Agei M M &      Pension Restart in Southern Sudan,                 PPT Presentation to Council      2009 08    Pension System           Hard
      Dorr P C        Recommendations for action                         of Ministers, GOSS                          Development
028                   The National Pensions Fund of Southern             GOSS                             2009 01    Pension System        Hard/Soft
                      Sudan Act                                                                                      Development
029                   Southern Sudan Water Resources Information         Ministry of Water Resources       2010      Projects                 Hard
                      Clearing House Project(SSWITCH), Validation        and Irrigation
                      Workshop Report
030                   Draft Water Policy                                 Ministry of Water Resources       2007      Projects                 Hard
                                                                         and Irrigation
031   Sanam N. A. &   Security Sector Reform                                                               2010      Public sector         Hard/Soft
      Camille P. C.                                                                                                  reform
032                   Financial Management Agent to CBTF-                CBTF                              2010      General                  Hard
                      Inception Report
033                   Government of Southern Sudan Donor Book            MOFEP                            2009 02    General                  Hard

034                   The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)            GOSS                              2005      General               Hard/Soft
                      between the Government of Republic of the
                      Sudan and SPLM/A
035                   National Council of Strategic Planning- The        National Council of Strategic     2007      General               Hard/Soft
                      five year Plan (2007-2011)                         Planning, GOSS
036                   Report of the Secretary-General on the United      United Nations Security          2010 04    Development in        Hard/Soft
                      Nations Mission in the Sudan                       Council                                     Southern Sudan
037   Marianne de     A scan of the current state of affairs of local    VNG International                2009 11    Local Government      Hard/Soft
      Klerk & Kuon    government in southern Sudan                                                                   reform
038   Management      Functional Capacity Prioritization Study           USAID-Sudan                      2009 12    Public sector         Hard/Soft
      Systems                                                                                                        Reform
                                                                      4                                  CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

039                   Regional Perspectives on the prospect of            International Crisis Group      2010 05    Development in           Hard
                      Southern Independence                                                                          Southern Sudan
040                   Southern Sudan History and Places                   Guide Book                                                          Hard

041   Goldsmith C.    Final report on MoEST payroll programme;            Booz & Co                                  Payroll System        Hard/Soft
                      Resource file and narrative report
042   Goldsmith C.    Lessons learned exercise on data gathering          Booz & Co Memo                  2010 03    Payroll System        Hard/Soft
                      and payroll implementation – revised draft
043   Simona-Mirela   Crisis Communication: Planning and                  Bearing Point/USAID             2006 07    Public Sector         Hard/Soft
      Miculescu       Procedures                                                                                     Reform
044                   Guidelines for the Public service reform            GOSS                            2008 10    Public service           Soft
                      management structures                                                                          reform
045                   GATC Progress Report -Consolidated Report,          GATC/CBTF                       2009 11    Public Finance           soft
                      July - September 2009                                                                          Training
046   Ahmed A. A.     Institutions and Processes in Public Finance        UNDP-Sudan                      2008 07    Public Finance           soft
      Badawi          Management in Sudan: Assessment and View
                      for Remedy
047                   MOFEP, World Bank Concept Note                                                       2010                            Hard/Soft

048   Lauri Leppik    Mission report, Development of the Southern         CBTF                            2010 04    Pension System           soft
                      Sudan public service pension scheme: state                                                     Development
                      of affairs and a technical assistance roadmap
049                   Sudan 2010-2012 Strategy at a Glance                SNV                                        Southern Sudan           Hard
050                   Human Resource Development Strategic Plan           MLPSHRD,GOSS                    2007 01    Public sector            hard
                      2007-2011                                                                                      reform
051                   USAID Sudan BRIDGE Work plan Oct 2009-              USAID/Local Government          2009 12    Projects and             hard
                      Sep 2010                                            Board                                      programmes
052   Fick, Maggie    Preparing for Two Sudans                            Enough project                  2010 03    Southern Sudan        Hard/ Soft
053   Heinrich Boll   Sudan- No Easy Ways Ahead                           Publication Series on                      Southern Sudan
      Foundation                                                          Democracy                                  20110.0
054                   Public Service Training Programme (PST)             Adam smith International/       2010 06    Basic Skills          Hard/Soft
                      Project Presentation                                Skills Southern Sudan                      Training
055   Lijn J D.       Sudan 2012, Scenarios for the future                                                2009 09    Southern Sudan           Soft
056   Temin J         Six important issues for Sudan and its future       A United States Institute of    2009 09    Southern Sudan           Soft
                                                                          Peace Paper                                2011
                                                                    5                                 CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

057   Almquist K.       Renewed Conflict in Sudan- Contingency          Memorandum no. 7- Council      2010 03    Southern Sudan           Soft
                        Planning                                        on Foreign Relations (CFR)                2011
058                     GOSS Southern Sudan 2011 Taskforce- TOR         GOSS                           2010 02    Southern Sudan           Soft
059   Fick M.           Deal Making in Sudan                            Enough project                 2010 03    Southern Sudan           Soft
060   Smith J. & Teff   Sudan: No time for Business as Usual- field     Refugees International         2010 03    Southern Sudan           Soft
      M                 report                                                                                    2011
061                     The Future of Canada’s Engagement in            Sudan Inter-Agency             2009 09    Southern Sudan           Soft
                        Sudan                                           Reference Group (SIARG)                   2011
062   Temin J           Negotiating Sudan’s Post-Referendum             United States Institute of     2010 01    Southern Sudan           Soft
                        Arrangements                                    Peace Paper                               2011
063   Newsletter        Governance in the financial and economic        GTZ                            2009 09    Public Finance           Soft
                        crisis: effects and approaches to a solution                                              Reform
064                     Memorandum of Economic and Financial            International Monetary Fund    2008 05    Public Finance           Soft
                        Policies and objectives of the GONU for 2008
065   Melody Atil       Expanding the Provision and Impact of                                          2009 04    Public Finance           Soft
                        Microfinance in Southern Sudan                                                            Management
066                     Public Service State Review Southern Sudan-     Adam Smith International        2010      Public sector            Soft
                        Final Report                                                                              reform
067                     Overview of the Medium term public sector       Adam Smith International        2009      Public sector            Soft
                        reform framework developed for GOSS                                                       reform
068                     Functional Review & Development of a            Adam Smith International       2009 11    Public sector            Soft
                        Medium Framework for the Civil Service- Final                                             reform
                        Report (draft)
069                     Police Reform in Southern Sudan; “measuring     North-South Institute(NSI)                Public sector            Soft
                        the public’s sense of security”                                                           reform
070                     Guidelines for the Public service reform        GOSS                           2008 10    Public service           Soft
                        management structures                                                                     reform
071   Deng              Challenges of Public Sector Management:         GOSS Consortium                2007 03    Public sector            Soft
      D.(Minister       PPT Presentation                                                                          reform
072                     Security Reform Monitor, southern Sudan         Issue No 2, CIGI               2010 04    Public sector            Soft
073                     Work plan for implementation of the Local       Local Government Board          2010      Public sector            Soft
                        Government Act, 2009                                                                      reform Local
074                     A Human Resource Assessment of the Health       MOH, Directorate of Human      2006 03    Public sector            Soft
                        Sector in Southern Sudan; Situation Analysis    Resource Development                      reform Health
                                                                                   6                                    CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

        075                         Fiscal challenges and assistance with public       Presentation to Governors’        2009 08    Public sector            Soft
                                    sector reform                                      Forum                                        reform
        076        Lokuji A. S.     Police Reform in Southern Sudan: Policy            The North-South Institute                    Public sector            Soft
                   ,Abatneh A.S.    Document                                           (NSI)                                        reform
                   & Wani C.K.
        077                         Feasibility study for a second-phase southern      USAID-MSI                         2009 02    Basic Skills/ Public     Soft
                                    Sudanese Diaspora program focused on                                                            Sector Reform
                                    Education- Phase 1 report
        078                         The National Pensions Fund of Southern             GOSS                              2009 01    Pension System           Soft
                                    Sudan Act                                                                                       Development
        079        Stephen          Strengthening Institutional Structures in South    JDT                               2008 12    Pension System           Soft
                   Rossiter         Sudan Project                                                                                   Development
        080        Madhel Malek     Annual Review Report 2007 - 2008 for               MLPSHRD, GOSS                     2008 12    Pension System           Soft
                   Agei             National Pensions Fund of Southern Sudan                                                        Development
        081        Madhel Malek     Establishment of pension scheme systems in         Pension and Social Insurance      2007 10    Pension System           Soft
                   Agei             Southern Sudan:Study Trip Report-MLPSHRD           Department                                   Development
        082                         Extract from the forthcoming GATC Quarterly        GATC                              2008 03    Public Finance           Soft
                                    Report, Jan-Mar 2008                                                                            Training
        083                         GATC Progress Report -Consolidated Report,         GATC/CBTF                         2009 11    Public Finance           Soft
                                    July - September 2009                                                                           Training
        084        Baser H &        Capacity, Change and Performance                   European Centre for               2008 04    Basic Skills, Public     Soft
                   Morgan P                                                            Development Policy                           Sector Reform
        085        Emzantsi         Capacity Building Unit (CBU) of the                CIDA/PALAMA Regional              2009 11    Public Sector            Soft
                   consulting       MLPSHRD: Baseline Study Report                     Capacity Building Project                    Reform/ Basic
        086                         Report on the Survey of Serving Public             LICUS Trust Fund of the           2006 04    Public sector            Soft
                                    Service Personnel in Southern Sudan by             World Bank                                   reform/Basic Skills
                                    Computer Feeds Ltd. and Ecotech
                                    conference, Cape Town 19-20 April 2007
        087                         A human resource assessment of the health          Ministry of Health Directorate    2006 03    Public Sector            Soft
                                    sector in southern Sudan                           of Human Resource                            Reform/ Basic
                                                                                       Development                                  skills
        088                         Final project proposal document CABIHRD            MTDF                               2010      Public sector            Soft
                                                                                                                                    reform / Basic
                                                                                                                                    skills training

    Management Systems International
    Government Accounting Training Centre of the Government of Southern Sudan
                                                                                  7                              CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

        089                        UNDP Southern Sudan Update Volume 1,               UNDP                        2009 09    Basic Skills             Soft
                                   Issue 4
        090                        Feasibility study for a second-phase Southern      USAID-MSI                   2009 02    Basic Skills /           Soft
                                   Sudanese Diaspora program focused on                                                      Public Sector
                                   Education- Phase 1 report                                                                 Reform
        091                        Strengthening Good Governance for                  World Bank                  2008 03    Public Sector         Hard/Soft
                                   Development Out comes in Post-Conflict                                                    Reform
        092                        A formative Review Process of the Capacity         Capacity Building Unit      2010 02    Basic Skills             Soft
                                   Building Unit of the MLPSHRD
        093                        Strategic Plan for the Capacity Building Unit in   Capacity Building Unit      2010 06    Basic skills             Soft
                                   the MLPSHRD
        094                        Strategic Capacity Building Study                  GOSS/MSI                    2010 06    Basic Skills             Hard

        095                        Laws of Southern Sudan(the Taxation Act                                                                            Hard
        096                        Governance Assessment Report                       Winrock Bridge              2010 01    Public Sector         Hard/Soft
        097                        HRM Strategic Plan 2007-2011                       MLPSHRD                     2007 01    Public Sector         Hard copy
        098                        MD Support to conflict prevention and peace-       MDTF
                                   building(Field Report-4)
        099                        Training of the Public Service(Final report)       Adam Smith International    2010 08    PSR                      Hard

        0100                       Southern Sudan Strengthening Good                  Public Sector Reform and    2008 03    PSR                      Hard
                                   Governance for the development outcomes in         Capacity Building Unit
                                   Post Conflict Setting                              (AFTPR) Africa Region
        0101                       Public Service Training                            Skills Southern Sudan &     2010 06    PSR                      Hard
                                   Programme(PST):Project Presentation                Adam Smith International
        0102                       Work Plan for Implementation of the Local
                                   Government Act 2009
        0103       By:Marianne     A Scan of Current State of Affairs of Local                                    2009 11    PSR                      Hard
                   de klerk &      Govt in Southern Sudan
                   Jacob Kuon
        0104                       Sudan MDTF Fourth Progress Report for              MDTF/World Bank             2009 10                             Hard
                                   period (Jan 1-Dec 31,2008)

    Management Systems International
                                                   8                               CBTF Resource Documents: Version 2. 13-09-2010

0105   Pension Administration Stabilisation and        Adam smith International     2009 06                             Hard
       Reform Report
0106   Local Government in Complex Environments-       UNDP                         2010 05                          Hard/Soft
       Project Assessment
0107   Goss Priority Core Governance Functions         MoFEP                        2010 11    Public Finance           Soft
       (Coasted Action Plan for Rapid Capacity                                                 Management
0108   Gender Violence and Survival in Juba            Humanitarian Policy Group    2010 11    Useful Information       Soft
       Southern Sudan

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