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									                                  PRE-BID MEETING AGENDA
                                                                                -   ------________

    CDB PROJECT # 810-048-019               Construct Facility Services Building
                                            Joliet Junior College
                                            Joliet, Will County, IL.
                                            Illinois Community College Board
                                                                                                     -   --
.          Introductions: Mandatory Pre-Bid, all present must sign the Attendance -
           Record. Bids shall be considered from those only who have a representative

            Contact information:

            CDB PM- Steve Halm ph 815-220-1363 fax 815-220-1364

            CDB FEP Compliance Tech- Susan Gibson ph 217-558-6236 fax-217-782-8625

           ME- Legat Architects- Marc Rohde, ALA ph 630-645-1926 fax 630-990-354,l

            CM -Gilbane Building Co. - Tom Weeks Sr. P M tweeks@,gilbaneco.coili

~ 2 . ) A/E will record the meeting minutes and distribute a copy to all in
        attendance. (a copy of the attendance sheet will be included)

3.)        AIE review of project scope - (including, Existing Conditions, Schedule,
           Submittal Requirements inc LEED, Sole Source Items, Alternates,
           Temporary Utility Responsibilities, T&B, Commissioning, etc.)

           Site Walk through - A/E fields questions.
    5.)    Fair Employment Practices Technician: Review of DHR Workforce hiring
J          goals and the Minority 1 Female Business Enterprise Program Requirements.
           Questions specific to F E P requirements should be directed to: Susan Gibson
           Ph 2 17-558-6236 fax 2 17-782-8625 e mail: Susan.Gi bson@,

6           Project Labor Agreement: Because of the size, duration, and important public
          purpose to be served by the Project, it is in the public interest to have the Project
          completed in the most timely, efficient, and orderly manner possible and without
          labor disputes o r disruptions of any kind which might interfere with 01- delay the
      Project. Accordingly, the Contractor is required to enter into a Project Labor
      Agreement with the trade unions which have traditionally performed and have trade
      and geographic jurisdiction over such work. The Project Labor Agreement will be
      provided by CDB and executed by each Contractor and Trade Union within 20 days
      following the Notice of Award with a copy provided to CDB. The agreement shall
      provide for, at a minimum, the following:
      a..      Contracting or subcontracting work to only those firms, persons, companies or
               entities that have, or agree to be bound by and operate under, for the life of the
               Project, current collective bargaining agreements with applicable trade unions.
      b.       No lockout, strikes, picketing or other work stoppage of any nature.
      c.       Trade unions agree to use their best efforts to prevent any acts described in
               paragraph 2, or those of a similar nature of effect, or, in the event such an act
               takes place, to cause an immediate cessation thereof.
      d.       The right to discharge or discipline and employee who violates the provisions of
               the agreement.
      e.       Coverage for the life of the Project.
      f.       Incorporation of the agreement into subcontracts.
      g.       Procedures for resolving disputes related to the agreement.
      Submission of the executed Project Labor Agreement shall be a post- award

7.)        CDB Project Manager outlines Bid Procedures.

           a.) Bids will be received at: State of Illinois - Capital Development Board 1222
               Shooting P a r k Road, Suite 108, Peru, Illinois 61354.
               Bids will be opened a s follows:

                  General -      Tuesday, January 5,2010 a t 1:30pm
                  Electrical -    Tuesday, January 5,2010 at 1:30pm
                  Heating -      Tuesday, January 5,2010 a t 1:30pm
                  Ventilation - Tuesday, January 5,2010 a t 1:30pm
                  Plumbing -      Tuesday, January 5,2010 a t 1:30pm
                  Fire Protection-Tuesday, January 5,2010 a t 1:30pm

        b.)       Must be Pre-Qualified with CDB prior to bidding. (If you a r e in doubt
                  about your firm's pre- qualification status, contact Peggy Morgan
                  @ 217-782-6152.)

        c. )      DHR workforce hiring goals a r e applicable to all contracts,
                  and the minimum requirements are listed on Document 00 41 04 in tlie
                  Bidding & Contract Requirements section of the project manual.
                  All bidders a r e required to submit a trade specific Document 00 41
                  04 DHR PC2 form with their bid. Failure to submit a conlpleted
                  PC-2 form may result in bid rejection.
 d.)   MBE/FBE Business Enterprise goals for this project are:

       General contract: 25% (20% MBE and 5% FBE) of the amount of the
       contract awarded by CDB.

       All other trades: 15% (10% MBE and 5% FBE) of the amount of the
       contract awarded by CDB

       Bidders are required to submit the trade specific Document 00 41 05
       from the Bidding and Contract Requirements Section with their bid.

NOTE: See attached memo detailing requirements per Public Act 96-0706

e.)    Bid Forms must have original signatures.

f.)    Do not modify o r qualify bid forms. (If you make changes, initial them

g.)    Fill out the bid form entirely, and double check it for typo's.

h.)    Acknowledge all Addenda on the bid form. (Addenda can be issued no
       later that 3 business days before the bid date.)

i.)    Include the CAF (Construction Administration Fee) in your base bid
       amount. (The fee applicable to each contract is shown in Section 01 11
       00 of the project manual.)

j.)    Material substitution form if used, must be submitted with the bid.
       (Substitutions will not be accepted for approved sole source listings or
       for the membrane roofing system specified)

k.)    The A/E has listed (3) or more mfrs or a performance specification for
       material items. Proposals must be for one (1) of the named
       manufacturers for each item.

1.)    Bid Security - Attach a CDB Bid Bond Form, Certified check, Cashiers
       check or bank draft for 10% of the base bid amount.

m.)    Changes to your bid can be faxed to Kim Tracy CDB Bid officer a t
       815-220-1364. Identify that there is a bid change. List the project #,
       Trade, Firm Name and amount of the change only, noting that it be an
       ADD O R DEDUCT. Do not give the total of your base bid on the fax.
Use the Bid Envelope Provided. If you need to use a different envelope,
the outside shall be clearly noted "Bid Enclosed", and also include the
project #, title and trade. If you use a hired carrier, place the bid
envelope inside the carrier's envelope and allow an extra day for
delivery. Verify the Bid envelope used is addressed to the CDB Peru

CDB will award separate prime contracts as specified in Section 01 11
00 of the project manual. CDB will assign responsibility for aspects of
coordination and scheduling these prime contracts to the Construction
Manager. Refer to Article 00 72 20 of the Standard Documents for
Construction for Projects with a Construction Manager for specifics on
assignments of CDB contracts and the duties of the Construction

The Construction Manager will be required to purchase and maintain
builders risk insurance. (Per Spec and CDB Standard Documents for
Construction for Projects with a Construction Manager)

All bidders and all their subcontractors must be participants in
apprenticeship and training programs that are both approved by and
registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. The program (s) must be
in the same trade in which the firm performs work. Certificate(s) of
participation in a DOL accredited Apprenticeship & Training Program
must be submitted with your Bid.

State Board of Election Registration: Bidders are required to submit a
copy of their Board of Election Registration Certificate a t the time of

Contract Time starts from Authorization to Proceed. Contractors shall
complete all work through Substantial Completion, and in accord with
the contract, no later than January 24,2011. Final Acceptance shall
complete no later than 60 days from the Date of Substantial

Project is Tax Exempt. #E 9984-0863-05 A copy of the exemption
certificate is available on the CDB web site.

Use the Bidders Check List.
     v.)    Refer all technical questions to the A/E. Questions should be
            documented in writing and sent to the attn of: Marc Rohde, Legat
            Architects, fax # 630-990-3541 e mail: mrohde@,
     Note: the CDB PM should be copied on all correspondence: attn: Steve Halm
            fax # 815-220-1364 e mail: Steve.Haln~@,

     w.)   CDB will notify the successful Bidder (s).

     x.)   2009 edition of CDB Standard Documents for Construction for
           Projects with a Construction Manager shall apply to this project. (a
           copy can be obtained from the CDB web site. @ )

8.   Using Agency Comments and Site Regulations. Site hours are ( 7:00 am) to
     ( 3:30 pm) Monday through Friday.

     Tom Weeks shall be contacted a minimum of 24 hrs in advance to arrange
     for a site visit. Requests to be made via e mail @
                                                 State of Illinois
                                    CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT BOARD

       Prequalified with CDB
       Department of Human Rights Registered or Pending Application

       Corporations must be in good standing with Illinois Secretary of State

                                   Fill in all relevant blanks and checkboxes in ink or typewriter.
            BID FORM
                                   Initial all erasures or changes.
                                   Acknowledge all addenda.
                                   Utilize revised bid forms when issued by addenda.
                                   Include copy of bidder's certificate of participation in a DOL accredited
                                   Apprenticeship & Training Program
                                   Include Board of Election registration certificate per Public Act 095-0971
                                   Sign form, original signatures required. Facsimile, photo-copies or
                                   rubber stamped signatures are unacceptable.

                             [7    Complete Table A.

      Fl    MBEIFBE          '
                                   List the names of MlFBE firms to meet % goals or
                                   Assistance' box.
                                                                                        check 'Request for

                                   MBEIFBE Firms shall be certified by Department of Central Management
                                   Services or Illinois Department of Transportation.

                             0     Surety Company meets CDB criteria.
                                   CDB Bid Bond Form, Certifiedlcashier's Check or Bank Draft.
                             [7    Original signatures required.

                             [7    Use form provided in Project Manual.
            Substitution     m     Submit with bid.


                             m     Use CDB envelope which shall be sealed and properly identified.
                             [7    Deliver to CDB in person, or
                             0     Allow extra day for overnight mail.
                                   When carrying bid tra Ch~cago, rtrqve Bid Envelope scanned on the
                                   ground floor.

Revised 02/09
                                  PUBLIC ACT 96-0706

                     NOTICE TO ALL

Pursuant to the Public Act 96-0706, Construction Bidders will not be able to reinedy
deficiencies in meeting minoritylfemale subcontractor/supplier participation goals following
the bid opening. This means that Contractors who bid CDB projects will need to obtain all
appropriate proposals from MBE/FBE firms prior to the bid date. CDB will require that
all bids received on or after December 1,2009 follow this new requirement.

The following is a list of changes to the bidding and award process that Contractors will be
required to follow as a result of PA 96-0706:

Pre-bid: Bidders will have to contact MBE/FBE f m s prior to bidding in order to solicit
subcontractorlsupplier proposals. Bidders will also have to contact CDB Fair Employment
Practices Unit (FEP) prior to bidding for any assistance in identifying MBEIFBE firms.

Bidders will have to fill out the FEP Bidding Form (00 41 05 form) in total completeness to
show all MBE/FBE subcontractorslsuppliers to be used to meet goals. The dollar value of
the goals to be met, at the time of bidding, will be based on the required percentage of the
Base Bid. There will be no remedy to the form allowed after bidding. If the goals are not
met, then the Bidders will have to provide docun~entation show "Good Faith Effort." The
documentation has to be included with the bid envelope. Documentation inust follow the
guidelines set forth in the Standard Documents for Construction, Section 00 43 39.8.
Failure to provide the docun~entationat the time of the bid opening will be a illaterial
deficiency and the bid will be rejected. There will be no remedy allowed to provide the
docurnentation after bidding.

Post-Bid :
The As-Read Low Bidder has 7 calendar days after the bid opening to provide the 665 forms
to FEP. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the bid. CDB will not notify the low
bidder that they are indeed the As-Read Low bidder and have 7 days to submit the 665
foims. It will be the Bidders' responsibility to monitor the bid results and act accordingly.

FEP will evaluate the 00 41 05 fo1111, any "Good Faith Effort" documentation, and 665
      during the Post-Bid phase.

Post Award:
The Awarded Contractor will have 10 calendar days from the Notice of Award (NOA) to
submit the subcontractor and supplier agreements to FEP for review and approval. The
Awarded Coiltractor will have to supply any 665 fonlls necessaiy to meet increased dollar
value of goals as a result of ally alte~llates are awarded as increases to the Base Bid.

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