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Pratts Guide to Venture Capital Sources


Pratts Guide to Venture Capital Sources document sample

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Feldberg Library                                                 The Thayer School of Engineering
                                                                      The Tuck School of Business
                                                                             at Dartmouth College
                                                              S&P Stock Reports
Business Resources by Category                                SDC Corporate Governance (Poison Pills)
                                                              SDC Corporate New Issues
Analyst Reports
                                                              SDC Corporate Restructurings
Global Business Browser
                                                              SDC Merger & Acquisitions
Investext Plus
                                                              TAQ – Trade & Quote Database
Thomson ONE Analytics
                                                              Value Line Investment Survey
                                                              Vestek Online System
Articles, Newspapers, Newswires
                                                              Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)
ABI/INFORM Global (ProQuest)
Business Source Complete
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EconLit                                                       Associations Unlimited
Global Business Browser                                       Industry Information
Web of Science Citation Databases                             Bankruptcy Insider
ISI Emerging Markets                                          BizMiner
Lexis-Nexis Academic                                          Capital IQ
New York Times (ProQuest)                                     Global Market Information Database
Newspaper Direct                                              MarketLine Business Information Centre
Tablebase                                                     Global Business Browser
Universal Database of Russian Newspapers                      Hoover’s Online
Wall Street Journal (ProQuest)                                Mergent Online
World News Connection (WNC)                                   S&P Industry Reports
                                                              S&P Market Insight
Dartmouth College Library Catalog                             Industry Norms & Ratios
                                                              Global Business Browser
Company Information
Capital IQ                                                    Market Research & Demographic Data
D&B's Million Dollar Database                                 Business Insights
Disclosure (microfiche)                                       MarketLine Business Information Centre
Global Business Browser                                       Mediamark Reporter
Global Market Information Database                            Forrester Research
Hoover’s Pro Online                                           Global Business Browser
ISI Emerging Markets                                          Global Market Information Database
MarketLine Business Information Centre                        Mintel
Mergent Online                                                Tablebase
S&P Stock Reports
                                                              Mutual Fund Information
Country/Macroeconomic/International Trade Information         Morningstar Mutual Funds Online
Datastream Advance                                            Morningstar Principia for Closed-End Funds
EIU Country Reports
EIU CountryData                                               Patents
International Financial Statistics                            USPTO Patent Database
ISI Emerging Markets
Global Financial Data                                         Specialized Industry Resources
Global Market Information Database                            The Sports Business Research Network(SBRnet)
MarketLine Business Information Centre                        ePharmaceuticals
Mergent Online (Country Profiles)                             Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies
Political Risk Yearbook                                       Pink Sheet
World Factbook
                                                              Tax Information
Equity & Company Financial Information                        CCH OmniTax Library
Capital Changes Reporter                                      Venture Capital & Private Equity
Capital IQ                                                    Directory of Alternative Investment Programs
D&B's Million Dollar Database                                 Galante’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Directory
Datastream Advance                                            Pratts Guide to Venture Capital Sources
Factiva                                                       SDC VentureXpert
First Call                                                    The
Global Business Browser
Global Financial Data
Hoover’s Pro Online
I/B/E/S Rewind
ISI Emerging Markets
Mergent Online
S&P Market Insight

                                                        Spring 2008
                                                                                                                     3/25/2008 - kls
Selected Business Resources                                   customize searches based on industry, time period and
                                                              geographic location.
The following is an alphabetical list, with descriptions,
of the above categorized resources. All resources,            BizMiner
unless otherwise noted, can be launched from:
                                                              BizMiner contains industry analysis, benchmark data, and
1. Feldberg Business Information website                      market research on more than 16,000 lines of business in
2. Tuckstreams                                                national and local markets.
3. START menu on your laptop
                                                              Financial Analysis Profiles
ABI/INFORM Global (ProQuest)                                  Segment Size And Typical Income Statement
Coverage: 1923 to date                                        Analyzed Industry Segment Population
                                                              Industry Segment Typical Balance Sheet
ABI/INFORM Global™ - search for business and                  Median Financial Ratios: Solvency, Profitability, Efficiency
management      articles from scholarly   journals,           Average Turnover Rates
magazines, newspapers and trade publications from
around the world.                                             Marketing Research Profile
                                                              Industry Segmentation And Failure Rates
ABI/INFORM Global also contains:                              Market Scale, Sales And Sales Class Trends
    • Going Global Career Guides                              Sales/Employee, Staffing & Employment Class Trends
    • Business Cases from Ivey, Thunderbird, Idea             Startup Activity
       Group, and Darden.                                     New Branch Development
    • Business Dissertations (PhD dissertations &             High Growth Employment Rate
       Masters theses)                                        High Growth Sales Rate
                                                              Operational (Business Facility) Concentration
                                                              Employment Concentration
Ad*Access                                                     Reported Sales Concentration
Coverage: 1911 to 1955

Ad*Access – search for images and information on over         Local Business Summary
7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian             Business Population
newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955.               Failure Rates And Benchmark Index
Ad*Access concentrates on five main subject areas:            Entrepreneurial Activity Rates & Benchmark Index
Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene,        New Branch Development Rates & Benchmark Index
and World War II, providing a coherent view of a              High Sales Growth Firm Concentrations & Benchmark Index
number of major campaigns and companies through               High Employment Growth Establishment Concentrations &
images preserved in one particular advertising                Benchmark Index
collection available at Duke University.
                                                              Location: 2 terminals - workstation #7 1st floor of Feldberg
Associations Unlimited                                        and Bosworth

Associations Unlimited – search for national,                 Bloomberg provides real-time news, financial and economic
international and local associations and nonprofit            data, including worldwide pricing of bonds, stocks,
organizations. Information includes: location, contacts,      commodities, currencies, money markets, and mortgages,
website, description, budget, staff, membership,              as well as historical data. It includes economic time series,
conventions, meetings, and publications.                      company financial statements, press releases, analysts
                                                              forecasts, company filings and prospectuses, executive
Bankruptcy Insider                                            profiles, and more.

Bankruptcy Insider – search across proprietary                Business Insights
bankruptcy data. Includes news on who is providing
financing, details about rehabilitations and liquidations     Business Insights - find market research reports on the
around the world, bankruptcy trends and much more.            following global industries: Business Capabilities, Consumer
Drill down into data on DIPs, filings, advisers,              Goods, Drug Discovery, Energy, Financial Services,
investment banks and M&A bankruptcy. You can                  Healthcare, Human Resources, and Technology.
                                                        Spring 2008
                                                                                                                         3/25/2008 - kls
Business Source Complete                                                Federal Excise Tax Reporter
Coverage: 1886 to date                                                  Tax Cases
                                                                        IRS Letter Rulings
Business Source Complete - search for business and                      IRS Rulings and Publications
management articles from academic journals, trade                       Tax Treaties Reporter
publications, magazines, newspapers, and books from                     Tax Court Rules
around the world. Also find: case studies, investment                   Tax rates, other tables, and miscellaneous items
research reports, industry reports, market research                     Practice aids and news
reports, country reports, company profiles, SWOT                        State Tax Review
analyses and more.                                                      State Tax Reporters and indexes from every state
                                                                        Multistate tax guides
Capital Changes Reporter                                                State practice tools

Capital Changes Reporter provides complete capital            Dartmouth College Library Catalog
change histories of over 58,000 corporations spanning
over 100 years. This includes a company's stock               The Dartmouth College Library Catalog is a database of
dividends, stock splits, reorganizations, exchanges,          everything owned or licensed by all the libraries across
rights, name changes, and other changes in capital            campus. Search for books and journals, both print and
structure.                                                    electronic, videos, maps, manuscripts, scores, sound
                                                              recordings, DVDs, and more.
Capital IQ
                                                              Dartmouth College Library eResources
Capital IQ, from Standard & Poor's, provides a wealth
of information on companies, markets and people:              The Dartmouth College Library eResources provides access
                                                              to all of the web-based resources owned or licensed by the
    Market Intelligence: Comprehensive information on         library, available from your computer 24 hours a day.
    over 42,000 public companies, 685,000 private             Browse by subject or search for online encyclopedias,
    companies, 10,600 private capital firms, 230,000          electronic journals and books, indexes to journal articles,
    transactions, and 985,000 professionals worldwide.        databases, and more.

    Financial Analysis: Easy-to-use tools for financial       Datastream Advance
    statement analysis, comparables analysis, financial       Location: Workstation #8 1st floor of Feldberg
    modeling, sector analysis, and charting.
                                                              Datastream Advance provides historical data and analytics
    Idea Generation: Screening and targeting tools for        from both developed and emerging markets: equities,
    identifying potential investments, investors, buyers,     market indices, company accounts, macroeconomics,
    acquisitions, sales prospects, strategic partners,        bonds, foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities and
    and executive hires as well as financial transactions     derivatives. Data is available in daily, weekly, monthly,
    and corporate actions.                                    quarterly, and yearly formats, and is available for as much
                                                              as 30 years and in some cases even more. Data can be
    Relationships: “Six Degrees of Separation” tool           easily transferred into Excel spreadsheets.
    that will allow you to make connections between
    people and organizations.                                 Directory of Alternative Investment Programs
                                                              Location: workstation #4, 8, & 9 1st floor of Feldberg
CCH OmniTax Library
                                                              The Directory of Alternative Investment Programs provides
The CCH OmniTax Library is an online tax research             detailed profiles of the private equity investment programs
service providing in-depth coverage of tax issues and         of pension funds, foundations, endowments, corporations,
CCH tax resources including:                                  and more. AIP allows one to screen sources by location,
                                                              industry, amount of capital, type of sources, etc.
         Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter
         U.S. Master Tax Guide
         Internal Revenue Code
         Federal Tax Regulations
         Federal Estate/Gift Tax Reporter
                                                        Spring 2008
                                                                                                                       3/25/2008 - kls
Disclosure (microfiche)                                       ePharmaceuticals
Location: 1st floor of Feldberg
                                                             ePharmaceuticals provides current business information on
SEC filings (10- K, 10-Q, Proxy statement, Prospectus,       the pharmaceutical industry, including news, market
and annual reports) for companies listed on the              research reports and white papers.
American Stock Exchange, the New York Stock
Exchange, and "over the counter" exchanges. Filings          Factiva
dated from 1970 to 1989 (see Mergent Online for filings
dated from 1998 to date; see GAPro for filings 1989 to       Factiva – search for articles from over 10,000 publications
mid 1998).                                                   worldwide, including: newswires, newspapers, magazines
                                                             and trade journals focusing on business, including the Wall
Dismal Scientist                                             Street Journal, Barron’s, the Boston Globe, and the New
                                                             York Times. Factiva also provides financial profiles for
Dismal Scientist provides real-time monitoring and           companies worldwide and historical stock prices as well as
detailed economic analysis, economic indicators, and         currency data and market indexes.
forecasts for the United States and Canada.
                                                             Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies
Dun & Bradstreet's Million Dollar Database
                                                             Faulkner Advisory for Information Technology Studies
D&B's Million Dollar Database – search for information       (FAITS) – search for marketplace reports, technology
on over 14 million U.S. leading public and private           tutorials, standards, selection & implementation guides, and
businesses, regardless of their size. You can search for     profiles of products, services, and companies in technology
companies by company name, ticker, industry, size or         including: IT Infrastructure, Wireless Communications,
geography. You can also search for information on            Security, Telecom, Data Networking, Enterprise Systems,
executives.                                                  Technology Vendors, Convergence, The Internet & Web,
                                                             Linux/Open Source, Information
Coverage: 1969 to date                                       Forrester Research

EconLit – search for economic articles from academic         Forrester – search for research and analysis on emerging-
journals, books and dissertations covering managment         technology and its impact on business, including areas of
and business; country studies; economic development,         information technology, marketing and strategy, and
financial economics; industrial organization; labor and      technology marketing and sales.
demographic economics; macroeconomics and more.
                                                             Galante’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Directory
EIU Country Reports & Profiles                               Location: workstation #4, 8, & 9 1st floor of Feldberg

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Country Reports &          Galante’s is a guide to every type of risk capital for private,
Profiles provides in-depth analysis of the current           entrepreneurial companies including: over 2,000 venture
political, policy and economic trends for more than 200      capital, LBO/MBO, and mezzanine firms. You can search by
countries. Includes 5 years of macroeconomic data.           name, location, investment size, transaction size, type of
                                                             capital, funding stage preference, and geographic and
EIU CountryData                                              industry preferences.
Coverage: 1980 to date and forecasting out 5 years
                                                             GAPro (Global Access Pro)
EIU CountryData is a database of economic indicators         Coverage: 1989 to mid-1998
for 150 countries and 45 regional aggregates. It has         Location: workstation #12 1 floor of Feldberg
annual, quarterly, monthly and forecast time series
data on over 300 variables on economic structure,            GAPro provides access to 10K's, Annual Reports,
foreign payments, external debt stock, external debt         Prospectuses, and Proxy Statements of the 12,000+
service, external trade, and more.                           companies filing with the Securities and Exchange
                                                             Commission (SEC).       Annual Reports for over 7,000
                                                             International Companies are also available. SEC documents
                                                             prior to 1989 are available in our microfiche collection and
                                                             mid-1998 to date on Mergent Online.
                                                       Spring 2008
                                                                                                                      3/25/2008 - kls
Global Business Browser (OneSource)                             companies. There are 2 CD-ROMs, one for U.S. companies
                                                                and one for International companies. This database is also
Global Business Browser (GBB) provides a wide range             available via WRDS.
of information on almost 14 million public, private, and
nonprofit companies worldwide. GBB also includes                International Financial Statistics
information on industries and executives. Find news,
detailed financial data, market research reports, analyst       International Financial Statistics, published by the
reports, executive biographies, SWOT analysis,                  International Monetary Fund (IMF), is a standard source for
significant developments, strategic initiatives, industry       statistics on all aspects of international and domestic
norms, market share, and more. Company Finder can               finance. IFS contains approximately 32,000 time series
be used to screen the database of companies creating            covering more than 200 countries. Data includes: exchange
lists of companies that match a given set of criteria (a        rates, Fund position, liquidity, money and banking accounts,
great tool for job hunting).                                    interest rates, prices, production, international transactions,
                                                                government accounts, national accounts and population for
Global Financial Data                                           countries around the world.
Coverage: back to 1264 for some series

                                                                Investext Plus
Global Financial Data – find historical stock market,           Coverage 1996 to date
financial, and economic time series data covering 200
countries and 20,000 different data series.                     Investext provides access to investment, company, and
                                                                industry analyst reports from more than 500 investment
Includes data on stock markets from 1690, exchange              banks and 190 trade associations in North America, Europe,
rates from 1590, interest rates from 1700, commodities          Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.
from 1500, and inflation from 1264. Selected current
and historical stock price data is also available.              ISI Emerging Markets

Global Market Information Database                              ISI Emerging Markets provides information about emerging
                                                                market countries, their companies, and industries.       It
Global Market Information Database (GMID), produced             includes country profiles; macroeconomic statistics,
by Euromonitor, provides access to over a million               forecasts, and analysis; reports on financial markets,
demographic, economic and marketing statistics for 205          companies and industries; exchange rates; analyst reports;
countries worldwide and 6-year historic market size             and business news, both in English and the local languages.
data for more than 330 consumer products in 52                  Coverage includes countries from Latin America, Central &
countries, plus 5-year forecasts. You’ll find country           Eastern Europe, Central Asia-Caucasus, Southeast Europe,
profiles and statistics, lifestyle indicators and analysis,     Asia, Australia, Africa, and Middle East.
market data and analysis and profiles of companies and
marketshare.                                                    LexisNexis Academic UNIVerse

Hoover’s Pro Online                                             LexisNexis Academic UNIVerse – search for articles from
                                                                news, business, legal, and medical publications and
Hoover's Pro Online is a database of company &                  information sources. International resources in French,
industry information covering 40,000 public, private,           Italian, and German are also included, as well as, legal
US, and non-US companies and more than 600                      information consisting of federal and state case law,
industries. Hoover's includes the following: company            statues, secondary sources such as law reviews, and state
overview, history, news, officers & employees, location         legal materials.
& subsidiaries, products & operations, competitors &
industry, financials and research reports.                      Lexis Nexis Research – search for articles from wire
                                                                services, newspapers, trade journals, and magazines; the
I/B/E/S Rewind                                                  full-text of patents from 1971 to date; legal, legislative, and
Location: Workstation #12 1st floor of Feldberg                 regulatory information including federal and state case law,
                                                                statues, and law review articles; company directories; SEC
I/B/E/S Rewind provides historical earnings forecast            filings and more. Lexis Nexis Academic provides access to a
data on over 16,000 companies in 47 countries. The              subset of the information available here but has a more
software allows you to conveniently graph and display           user friendly web interface. If you are interested in using
historical data on either a single company or multiple          the research interface please see a reference librarian.

                                                          Spring 2008
                                                                                                                 3/25/2008 - kls
MarketLine Business Information Centre                       •    International Company Data: 20,000 non-U.S. based
                                                                  corporations, companies representing 95% of the non-
MarketLine’s Business Information Centre provides                 U.S. global market capitalization.
information on companies, industries and countries.
Find industry profiles, company profiles, company            •    International Company Archives Data: 2,000 non-U.S.
SWOT analyses, country profiles, news and                         companies that have merged, were acquired, went
commentary.                                                       bankrupt, liquidated or otherwise disappeared from
                                                                  1995 forward.
McKinsey Quarterly Online
                                                             •    Country Profiles: provides profiles for countries around
McKinsey Quarterly is the business journal of the global          the world including: history, geography, people,
management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company.                    government, economy, communications, transportation,
Articles, written by McKinsey consultants, offer new              military, transnational issues, and stock exchange
ways of thinking about management in the private,                 information.
public, and nonprofit sectors.
Mediamark Reporter
                                                             Mintel – find market research reports for the European, UK
Mediamark          Reporter    offers     comprehensive      and US markets in the following categories:
demographic, lifestyle, product usage, and media data
collected from a single sample. These data provide                • Automotive
strategic     insights,   consumer    targeting,  brand           • Beauty, personal goods and toiletries
trial/loyalty, promotional opportunities, and trade               • Clothing, footwear, accessories
marketing. Mediamark surveys annually more than                   • Consumer lifestyles, marketing, promotion
25,000 consumers throughout the continental United                • Drink and tobacco
States          and provides data on a syndicated basis.          • Electrical goods
The survey methodology uses a personal interview and              • Food and foodservice
a self-administered questionnaire. 1986 - 1998 is in              • Health and wellbeing
hardcopy on the 2nd floor, circulating collection: HF             • Holidays and travel
5410.M44.                                                         • Household/house and home
                                                                  • Leisure time
Mergent Online                                                    • Lifestages
                                                                  • Media, books, stationery
Mergent Online is a database of company and industry              • Miscellaneous
information as well as and country profiles. Use                  • Personal finances
Mergent to access SEC filings. We have access to the              • Retail
following:                                                        • Technology/telecoms

•   U.S. Company Data: 15,000 NYSE, AMEX and                 Morningstar Mutual Funds Online
    NASDAQ companies, as well as real-time access to
    EDGAR® filings, dating back to 1993. Coverage            Morningstar Mutual Funds Online provides fast and easy
    includes: history, business, property, subsidiaries,     access to Morningstar Mutual Funds in a PDF format.
    officers, directors, long-term debt, bond ratings,       Download the latest issue under Most Recent Issue, select
    capital stock, income statement, balance sheet,          an entire group of funds to review under Download Reports
    statements of cash flow, exchange and ticker             by Category, or find a specific fund under Search.
    symbol, address, telephone number, annual stock
    price ranges, trustees, registrar, transfer agent,       Morningstar Principia Mutual Funds Advanced
    stock splits, dividend payment history and more.         Location: workstation #7 1st floor of Feldberg

•   U.S.   Company    Archives   Data:   full business       Morningstar Principia Mutual Funds Advanced provides
    descriptions, history and financial statements for       access to information on 1,400+ funds including investment
    more than 4,000 companies that were acquired,            policies    and     objectives,   performance      graphs,
    went bankrupt, liquidated or merged out of               performance/risk analysis, analyst's review, returns,
    existence from 1995 onward.                              composition, and Modern Portfolio Theory Statistics. For
                                                             historical data previous versions of this database are

                                                       Spring 2008
                                                                                                              3/25/2008 - kls
available on CDROM: Morningstar Principia Plus for                 Biotechnology, Herbals and OTCs, Medical Devices and
Mutual Funds (1995 to 2002).                                       Diagnostics, and Washington Health Policy.

Morningstar's Principia Pro for Closed-End Funds                   Political Risk Yearbook
Coverage: 2002 to date
Location: workstation #7 1st floor of Feldberg
                                                                   The Political Risk Yearbook – find political and economic risk
The     Closed-End    Funds     database     includes              analysis for 100+ countries. Includes highlights, analysis,
comprehensive information on nearly 500 closed-end                 forecasts, background information and data tables going
funds. There are over 130 data items that can be                   back 10 years.
screened and reported on to help with your analysis of
the funds. Updated quarterly.                                      Pratt’s Guide to Venture Capital Sources

Multi Media Class/Brand $                                          Pratt's Guide contains over 1,400 listings of venture capital
Location: workstation #11 1 floor of Feldberg                      firms and includes contact information, capital under
                                                                   management, recent investments and more. You can
Class/Brand $ provides quarterly and              year-to-date     search by company, personnel, investment stage, and
advertising expenditures per medium and          the 10-media      industry preferences as well as create mailing lists and call
total for each company and brand,                 by industry      sheets from the information provided.
classification. Media include magazines,          newspapers,
television, radio and outdoor.                                     SDC Platinum: Corporate Governance (Poison Pills)
                                                                   Location: workstation #5, 6, 7 & 8 1st floor of Feldberg

New York Times (ProQuest)
Coverage: 1851 to 2003                                             The SDC (Securities Data Corporation) Corporate
Coverage: 1980 to date                                             Governance database provides detailed coverage of poison
                                                                   pills dating back to 1983.
The New York Times database gives you access to
articles, in PDF format, from 1851 to date.                        SDC     Platinum:                Corporate             Restructurings
                                                                   Location: workstation #5, 6, 7 & 8 1st floor of Feldberg
Newspaper Direct

Newspaper Direct, also known as Library PressDisplay,              The SDC (Securities Data Corporation) Corporate
is a database that includes 250 newspapers from 55                 Restructurings (Bankruptcies) Database contains over 200
countries in their original format, layout and pagination.         data items on U.S. public companies that have filed for
Texts are searchable, and about 30 papers (LA Times,               Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.           There are two
Washington Post, etc.) have enhanced features                      databases:
("SmartNavigation") for easy reading or cutting and                  1. Full Detail Database, 1988 to date, includes all U.S.
pasting. The file for each newspaper goes back 60                        public companies that have $10 million or more in
days.                                                                    assets and have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
                                                                         protection. Companies with assets over $50 million
Pink Sheet: Prescription Pharmaceuticals And                             that have had a default or an exchange offer at a
Biotechnology                                                            substantial discount to face value are also included.
                                                                     2. Limited Detail Database, 1980 to 1990, includes all
The Pink Sheet - known as 'The Bible' to the                             U.S. public companies that have $1 million or more in
prescription pharmaceutical industry, this specialized                   assets and have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
weekly publication covers regulatory activities of FDA,                  protection. This database is not updated.
FTC and CMS; Congress; industry news, such as
mergers and acquisitions, new product introductions                SDC Platinum: Global New Issues
                                                                   Location: workstation #5, 6, 7 & 8 1st floor of Feldberg
and executive changes; and financial news, such as
companies sales and earning performance and stock                  SDC (Securities Data Corporation) Global New Issues
activity.   The      publication    covers      research,          contains data on both domestic and international public and
manufacturing, distribution and the retail sector.                 private issues of debt and equity related securities back to
                                                                   1970. Also, information on shelf and non-shelf registrations,
Our subscription also includes access to Health News               medium-term notes, and underwritten calls.
Daily, which includes news in Pharmaceuticals and

                                                             Spring 2008
                                                                                                                              3/25/2008 - kls
SDC Platinum: Mergers & Acquisitions                             demographics. Tables cover market share, rankings,
Location: workstation #5, 6, 7 & 8 1st floor of Feldberg         forecasts, shipments, output, consumption, users, exports,
                                                                 imports, capacity and more. It contains a range of sources
The SDC (Securities Data Corporation) Mergers &                  including trade and business publications, investment
Acquisitions database contains more than 600 data                research, trade associations, statistical annuals, primary
items per deal for U.S. domestic and international               research, international organizations and government. For
activity for transactions valued at least $1 million or          tables from the trade and business press and reports, full
which results in at least 5% ownership. Private deals            text is available along with tables, in most cases.
where the dollar value is undisclosed are also available.
Coverage includes mergers, acquisitions, partial                 TAQ – Trade & Quote Database
acquisitions, LBOs, divestitures, stock repurchases, self-       Coverage: 1993 to 2003
tenders, squeeze-outs, tender-offers, and spin-offs.             Location: workstation #12 1st floor of Feldberg

Sports Business Research Network (SBRnet)                        The Trade and Quote (TAQ) database, produced by the
                                                                 New York Stock Exchange, contains intraday transactions
The Sports Business Research Network – find market               data (trades and quotes) for all securities listed on the New
research and industry news on all aspects of sporting            York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange
goods, sports equipment, participation, broadcasting,            (AMEX), as well as Nasdaq National Market System (NMS)
and marketing. It includes international sporting goods          and SmallCap issues.
equipment market reports for 35 countries, export and
import statistics and more.                                      The

Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys                               The provides news coverage and analysis on
                                                                 M&A, Private Equity, VC, IPOs and Bankruptcy, including
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage – find comprehensive              access to searchable archives.
overviews of 50+ major U.S. industries. Updated twice
a year, reports cover industry trends, forecasts, major          Thomson ONE Analytics
                                                                 Coverage: current 3 years
players and market share data, key ratios and statistics.

Standard & Poor’s Market Insight                                 Thomson One Analytics – find equity and fixed income
                                                                 research notes and analyst reports, company overviews,
Standard & Poor's Market Insight provides access to              earnings forecasts and estimates, price histories,
stock reports, corporate action information, business            fundamentals, balance sheet data, institutional holdings and
descriptions, executive compensation data, recent news           more. Covers 40,000+ companies from 130 countries.
stories, industry surveys, country overviews, CIA
WorldFactbook Statistics, COMPUSTAT Financials, and              United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)
                                                                 The USPTO database contains patents that have been
Standard & Poor’s Stock Reports                                  granted, including the full-text since 1976 and full-page
                                                                 images since 1790, and patent applications published since
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage provides information              15 March 2001.
on over 6,000 publicly-held U.S. listed corporations
listed on the New York and American Stock Exchanges              Universal Database of Russian Newspapers
and 3,400+ companies whose securities are traded on
the NASDAQ Stock Market and regionally. Each report              The Universal Database of Russian Newspapers (UDB-COM)
provides information on the company’s activities,                provides comprehensive coverage of national news, current
developments, performance and outlook. The library               events, economic developments and cultural events in
also has from 1974 to date paper copies of the Stock             Russia. Official sources (Rossiiskaia gazeta, Krasnaia
Reports on the 2nd floor, circulating collection:                zvezda, ITAR-TASS), independent media and partisan
HG4905/S446.                                                     publications are all represented on this database, thus
                                                                 offering a wide array of opinions and perspectives. Several
TableBase                                                        English-language newspapers and 31 major Russian
                                                                 periodicals on social sciences and humanities are also
TableBase specializes exclusively in tabular data dealing        included. A good source to check for business related news
with    companies,      industries,     products     and         in Russia.

                                                           Spring 2008
                                                                                                                   3/25/2008 - kls
Value Line Investment Survey – Standard and                  Vestek Online System
Small & Mid-Cap Editions                                     Location: workstation #9 1st floor of Feldberg

The Value Line Investment Survey covers 1,700 equity         The Vestek Online System is a powerful investment
issues and provides descriptive information, year-ahead      management software system that allows for portfolio and
and three- to five-year probable relative price              security analysis, optimization, valuation, asset allocation,
performance, projections of key financial measures,          accounting, and performance measurement. The system is
and concise, objective commentary on current                 supported by extensive databases, including daily prices for
operations and future prospects. Our subscription            more than 12,000 U.S. and Canadian stocks, 13,000
includes access to Value Line Investment Survey online:      international stocks, and 30,000 U.S. bonds.         It also
                                                             includes monthly returns for securities and indices.
    • Standard Edition
    • Plus Edition                                           Wall Street Journal (ProQuest)
                                                             Coverage: 1889 to 1988
    • Small and Mid-Cap Edition
                                                             Coverage: 1984 to date

VentureWire Professional                                     This Historical Wall Street Journal database gives you
                                                             access to articles, in PDF format, from 1889 to date.
Venture Wire Professional delivers news and market
information on the venture capital and private equity        Web of Science Citation Databases
markets.                                                     Coverage: 1900 to present
• News includes deals as they are announced and
    stories on new financings, M&A, layoffs and              The Institute of Scientific Information's (ISI) Web of
    shutdowns, fund news, key people moves, and              Science Citation Databases – search for academic/scholarly
    more.                                                    articles and locate all articles that cite a particular article.
• Search the archive to find news on private,                Search across one or more of the following:
    venture-backed companies and VC funds, including
    24,000 financings, mergers, board changes and            Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present)
    other significant developments.                          Covers 1,144 journals in all areas of the arts and
• Sectors sorts the news by more than a dozen key            humanities. Relevant articles from journals in the social
    industry sectors, from biotech and semiconductors        sciences and sciences are also indexed.
    to optical networking and enterprise software.
• Regions sorts all daily deal activity in each of seven     Science Citation Index Expanded (1900-present)
    regions, from New England and the mid-Atlantic, to       Covers 5,900 journals in the basic and applied sciences,
    the West and Southwest. Track U.S. regional              including medicine, engineering, mathematics and computer
    activity to better understand overall market trends.     science.
• Index provides exclusive indices to track the daily
    flow of private capital into 14 market sectors. It       Social Sciences Citation Index (1956-present)
    shows you, at a glance, which are over-funded or         Covers 1,725 journals in the social and behavioral sciences,
    in a downdraft, and where the opportunities may          including management, law and economics. Relevant
    exist. Also, an exclusive list of the top venture        articles from journals in the sciences are also indexed.
    investors, updated daily.
                                                             Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)
VentureXpert Web                                                                          st
                                                             Location: public computers 1 floor Feldberg.

The SDC (Securities Data Corporation) VentureXpert           We have access to the following datasets through WRDS:
database provides investment information for over
25,000 private equity backed companies, over 5500            •    AUDIT ANALYTICS - Access detailed audit information
venture capital and buyouts funds managed by over                 on over 1,200 accounting firms and 15,000 publicly
4000 private equity firms and over 4000 industry                  registered companies.
professionals. It contains over 100,000 private equity       •    COMPUSTAT NORTH AMERICA - provides more than
transactions from 1970 to the present. In addition,               300 annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement,
VentureXpert allows the user to query and report on               Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and
fund     commitments,      performance,    investments,           supplemental data items on more than 24,000 publicly
performance, IPOs and mergers & acquisitions. This                held companies.
database is also available via SDC Platinum.                 •    CRSP - the Center for Research in Security Prices,
                                                       Spring 2008
                                                                                                               3/25/2008 - kls
    maintains the most comprehensive collection of
    security price, return, and volume data for the
    NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq stock markets. CRSP also
    provides CRSP/COMPUSTAT Merged Database, a
    database that simplifies matching COMPUSTAT
    financial data to the CRSP security price data.
•   EVENTUS - performs event studies that compute
    abnormal returns for specific corporate actions or
    events using data directly from the CRSP stock
•   FIRST CALL - provides historic earnings forecast
•   I/B/E/S – the institutional Brokers Estimates
    System, provides consensus and detail forecasts
    from security analysts, including earnings per
    share, revenue, cash flow, long-term growth
    projections and stock recommendations.
•   THOMSON FINANCIAL – ownership data covering
    13f Institutional Holdings (CDA/Spectrum s34)
•   We also have access to the following free
             o Bank Regulatory
             o Blockholders
             o CBOE Indexes
             o CISDM
             o DMEF
             o Dow Jones
             o FDIC
             o Fama French, Momentum, and Liquidity
             o Federal Reserve Bank Reports
             o PHLX
             o Penn World Tables
             o SEC Disclosure of Order Execution
             o TRACE

World Factbook

The World Factbook, published by the Central
Intelligence Agency, contains information about the
economic, geographic and political conditions of 250+

World News Connection (WNC)

World News Connection provides access to thousands
of non-U.S. translated and English-language media
sources from over 100 countries around the world.
Particularly effective in its coverage of local media
sources it provides users with the power to identify
what really is happening in a specific country or region.
WNC covers significant socioeconomic, political,
scientific, technical, business, and environmental issues
and events.

                                                        Spring 2008
                                                                      3/25/2008 - kls

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