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Grade                                       Book Titles
PreK/Head Start   4-Pack Nursery Rhymes
                  500 Words To Grow On
                  A Baby Sister For Frances
                  A Bargain For Frances
                  A Bicycle For Rosaura
                  A Birthday For Blue
                  A Birthday For Frances
                  A Busy Year
                  A Chair For Mother
                  A Chance For Esperanza
                  A Family That Fights
                  A Hole Is To Dig
                  A House For Hermit Crab
                  A House Is A House For Me
                  A Picture Book Of Martin Luther King, Jr.
                  A Piece Of Cake
                  A Smooth Move
                  A Story, A Story
                  A Tale of Tidy Pig
                  A Thanksgiving Story
                  A Visit With Great-Grandma
                  Abuelita’s Paradise
                  Adoption Is For Always
                  Africa Dream
                  Alexander And the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
                  Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday
                  All About Our Bodies
                  All About Our Teeth
                  All By Myself
                  All Kinds Of Families
                  Amery, Mila And Cartwright
                  Amigo Means Friend
                  Anansi The Spider
                  And Sunday Makes Seven
                  Andy And The Lion
                  Angel Child, Dragon Child
PreK-Head Start                            Book Titles
                  Animal Babies
                  Another Day Of Dabbling
                  Anybody Can
                  Arine And The New Kid
                  Arnold The Prickly
                  Arrow To The Sun
                  Arroz Con Leche
                  Arthur Meets The President
                  Arthur’s April Fool
                  Arthur’s Baby
                  Arthur’s Birthday
                  Arthur’s Eyes
                  Arthur’s Nose
                  Arthur’s Tooth
                  Arthur’s Valentine
                  Ask Mr. Bear
                  At Daddy’s On Saturdays
                  Baa Baa Black Sheep
                  Baby Eagles
                  Bear With Golden Hair
                  Bear’s Bargain
                  Bedtime For Frances
                  Before I Was Born
                  Ben’s Trumpet
                  Berlioz The Bear
                  Big And Little
                  Big Books
                  Big Dog Little Dog
                  Big Machines
                  Big Mamma’s Lap Book
                  Blue Cat
                  Bread And Jam For Frances
                  Bread, Bread, Bread
                  Bringing The Rain to Kapiti Plain
                  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
                  Brush Your Teeth Please
                  Bubble, Bubble
                  Buenos Tiempos En Monte Abuelo
                  Caps For Sale
                  Carl Goes Shopping
                  Charlie Needs A Cloak
                  Cherries And Cherry Pits
Pre K/Head Start                            Book Titles
                   Chicken Soup With Rice
                   Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes
                   Christmas Time
                   Clifford’s Family
                   Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
                   Come Right In
                   Congo Bo
                   Country Noisy Book
                   Creepy Crawlers
                   Crow Boy
                   Dance, Tanya
                   Do You Want To Be My Friend?
                   Don’t Cry Big Bird
                   Dragon Kite Of The Autumn Moon
                   Drummer Hoff
                   Duplo Toolo To The Rescue
                   Each Peach Pear Plum
                   El Miton
                   El Picnic De Los Insectos
                   El Primer Invierno De Enriqueta
                   Elves And The Shoemaker
                   Emma’s Pet
                   Ernie’s Big Mess
                   Everett Anderson’s Nine Month Long Goodbye
                   Famous Seaweed Soup
                   Fiddle Fee
                   Flying Model Airplanes
                   Frederick Douglass Fights For Freedom
                   Freight Train
                   George Washington Carver
                   Gilberto And The Wind
                   Go Dog, Go
                   Going To The Dentist
                   Goldilocks And The Three Bears
                   Goodnight Owl!
                   Good Times On Grandfather Mountain
                   Goodnight Moon
PreK/Head Start                           Book Titles
                  Grandma Drives A Motor Bed
                  Grandma Is Somebody Special
                  Grandma’s Wheelchair
                  Green Eggs And Ham
                  Growing Up With My Teeth
                  Growing Vegetable Soup
                  Hands On Science
                  Hansel And Gretel
                  Happy Birthday Moon
                  Happy New Year Gung Hay Fat Choy
                  Harold And The Purple Crayon
                  Hats, Hats, Hats
                  Henrietta’s First Winter
                  Hey Diddle Diddle
                  Hi, Cat!
                  Hickory Dickory Dock
                  Hot Hippo
                  Hotter Than Hot Dog!
                  Houses That Move
                  How Do I Feel
                  How I Feel Angry
                  How I Feel Happy
                  How I Feel Scared
                  How I Feel Silly
                  How Many Days To America
                  I Am Eyes, Ni Macho
                  I Can! Can You?
                  I Have A Dream
                  I Have A Flower
                  I Know An Old Lady
                  I Know An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly
                  I Like Me!
                  I Love Saturdays
                  I Read Symbols
                  I See A Song
                  I Was So Mad
                  I Went Walking
                  I Wish Daddy Didn’t Drink So Much
                  I’m Deaf And It’s Okay
                  Idalia’s Project ABC
PreK/Head Start                              Book Titles
                  In My Mother’s House
                  In The Cold Cold Dawn
                  In The Small Small Pond
                  Insect Picnic
                  Is Your Mama A Llama?
                  It Looked Like Spilt Milk
                  Jack And The Bean Stalk
                  Jamaica’s Find
                  Jeannie’s Hat
                  Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?
                  Jn Dia De Nieve
                  John Henry
                  Johnny Appleseed
                  Josephine’s Imagination
                  Jump Frog Jump
                  Just Go To Bed
                  Just Right For The Night
                  Kathy’s Hats
                  Kenji And The Magic Geese
                  Kittens Are Like That
                  Lala Salama
                  Laney’s Lost Momma
                  Let’s Start Reading
                  Letter And Sounds
                  Little Fox Goes To The End Of The World
                  Little Miss Bossy
                  Little Miss Chatterbox
                  Little Miss Fickle
                  Little Miss Giggles
                  Little Miss Helpful
                  Little Miss Naughty
                  Little Miss Neat
                  Little Miss Trouble
                  Little Red Riding Hood
                  Losing Uncle Tim
                  Lost In The Museum
                  Louie’s Search
                  Making Room For Uncle Joe
                  Martin Luther King Day
                  Martin Luther King, Jr.
Pre K/Head Start                              Book Titles
                   Maybe You Should Fly A Jet
                   Me Too
                   Mickey Mouse In The Vikings Eye
                   Ming Lo Moves The Mountain
                   Miss Nelson Is Missing!
                   MoMo’s Kitten
                   Moon Rope
                   Mouse, Frog And Little Red Hen
                   Mr. Greedy
                   Mr. Grumpy
                   Mr. Lazy
                   Mr. Messy
                   Mr. Mischief
                   Mr. Noisy
                   Mr. Nosy
                   Mr. Silly
                   Mr. Small
                   Mr. Tall
                   Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
                   My Baby Dinosaur
                   My Big Golden Counting Book
                   My Body Is Private
                   My Dad
                   My Dentist
                   My First Look At Colors
                   My First Look At Numbers
                   My First Look At Opposites
                   My First Look At Seasons
                   My First Look At Shapes
                   My First Look At Sizes
                   My Five Senses
                   My Friend Leslie
                   My House
                   My Little Island
                   My Mom
                   My Mom Made Me Go To School
                   My Mother Is Lost
                   My Mother Plants Strawberries
                   My Song Is Beautiful
                   Nanna Upstairs and Nanna Downstairs
                   Natalie Spitzer’s Turtles
                   Nick Joins In
                   Nine Days To Christmas
Pre K/Head Start                                Book Titles
                   Noisy Nora
                   Not Yet, Yvette
                   Now One Foot, Now The Other
                   Nutrition Guidance
                   Oh, A Hunting We Will Go
                   Old Black Fly
                   Olmo And The Blue Butterfly
                   On A Hot, Hot Day
                   Once Upon Mac Donald’s Farm
                   One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
                   Over In The Meadow
                   Over, Under, Through
                   Pancakes For Breakfast
                   Patrick’s Dinosaurs
                   Paul Bunyan
                   Pecos Bill
                   Pet Show!
                   Peter’s Chair
                   Pocket For Corduroy
                   Pow Wow
                   Pumpkins, Pumpkins
                   Puppies Are Like That
                   Push Pull—Empty Full
                   Quien Hundio El Bote?
                   Raggedy Ann
                   Rainbow People
                   Rata, Pata, Scata, Fata
                   The Red Fox And His Canoe
                   Rosie’s Walk
                   Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
                   Sachiko Means Happiness
                   Second Grade Dog
                   Silly Songs
                   Sing A Song Of Popcorn
                   Sing To The Stars
                   Six Dinner Sid
                   Sleeping Beauty
                   Snow White
                   Sometimes I’m Afraid
Pre K/Head Start                                Book Titles
                   Sometimes It’s Ok To Tell A Secret
                   Starting School
                   Stick On Storybooks
                   Stone Soup
                   Story Hour Starring Megan
                   Story Teller
                   Strega Nona
                   Striped Ice Cream
                   Taking A Walk
                   Tales Of Jemima-Puddle Duck
                   Tatum’s Favorite Shape
                   Taxi! Taxi!
                   Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, What Are You Doing?
                   Teddy’s Christmas
                   Tengo Una Flor
                   The Adventures Of Isabel
                   The Baby Chicks Sing
                   The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist
                   The Big Game
                   The Biggest Nose
                   The Bigness Contest
                   The Black Snowman
                   The Carrot Seed
                   The Cat In The Hat
                   The Doorbell Rang
                   The Dragon Is Coming After You
                   The Elves And The Shoemaker
                   The Eye Book
                   The First Thousand Words In Spanish
                   The First Words-Picture Book
                   The Five Senses
                   The Frog Prince
                   The Ghost With The Halloween Hiccups
                   The Giant Next Door
                   The Gingerbread Boy
                   The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
                   The Goat In The Rug
                   The Golden Goose
                   The Steadfast Tin Soldier
                   The Stickeybears’s Scary Night
                   The Story About Ping
                   The Story Of Jumping Mouse
                   The Tale Of Peter Rabbit
Pre K/Head Start                               Book Titles
                   The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
                   The Three Bears
                   The Three Billy Goats Gruff
                   The Three Little Pigs
                   The Tooth Book
                   The Trip
                   The Ugly Duckling
                   The Velveteen Rabbit
                   The Very Hungry Caterpillar
                   The Village Of Round And Square Houses
                   The Wall
                   The Wind Blew
                   The Wind In The Willow
                   The Wizard Of Oz
                   The Worrisome Wombat
                   There’s A Nightmare In My Closet
                   This Is The Way We Go To School
                   This Little Piggy
                   Tikki Tikki Tembo
                   Timothy Goes To School
                   Tom Thumb
                   Too Much Noise
                   Tucker Pfeffercorn
                   Turquoise Boy
                   Turtle Knows Your Name
                   Two More
                   Two Of Everything
                   Ty’s One Man Band
                   The Great Big Enormous Gigantic Cardboard Box
                   The Grumpalump
                   The Happy Day
                   The Hot Hippo
                   The Hundred Penny Box
                   The Hungry Hyena
                   The Important Book
                   The Jacket I Wear In The Snow
                   The Land Of Many Colors
                   The Legend Of The Bluebonnet
                   The Legend Of The Indian Paintbrush
                   The Engine That Could
                   The Little House
                   The Little Red Hen
                   The M Was Messy
Pre K/Head Start                             Book Titles
                   The Magic Crayon
                   The Magic Friend Maker
                   The Memory Box
                   The Mitten
                   The Mother’s Day Mice
                   The Mouse In The Matzah Factory
                   The Mysterious Tadpole
                   The Napping House
                   The New Teacher
                   The Old Boot
                   The Opposite Alphabet
                   The Parade Stick
                   The Park Bench
                   The Pilgrims’ Party
                   The Popcorn Shop
                   The Quilt
                   The Riddle Book
                   The Seashore Noise Book
                   The Sioux Indians
                   The Snowy Day
                   Up The Stairs
                   Wagon Wheels
                   We Adopted You Benjamin Koo
                   We Are Alike We Are All Different
                   Were Taking Airplane Ride
                   What Can You Do With A Pocket?
                   What Color Will Bear Wear?
                   What Do You Do With A Kangaroo?
                   What Else Could It Be?
                   What Is A Family
                   What Mary Jo Shared
                   What Will It Be?
                   What Will The Weather Be Like Today?
                   What Would You Do If You Lived At The Zoo?
                   What’s A Food Groupie?
                   What’s Hiding
                   What’s Missing
                   When I Get Bigger
                   When The New Baby Comes I’m Leaving
                   Where Are My Puffins, Whales And Seals
                   Where Food Comes From
                   Where The Wild Things Are
                   Whistle For Willie
                   Who Sank The Boat?
Pre K/Head Start                               Book Titles
                   Who Wants An Old Teddy Bear?
                   Who Went Where?
                   Why Am I Different?
                   Why Mosquitoes Buzz In Peoples Ears
                   Why The Sky Is Far Away
                   Will There Be A Lap For Me?
                   Winter Is Coming
                   Winter Is Here
                   Yagua Days
                   Y Domingo Siete
                   Your Smile Counts
                   Zomo The Rabbit

Kindergarten       A House Is A House For Me
                   ABC Around The House
                   Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible…
                   Apples, Apples, Apples
                   Are You My Mother?
                   Arthur’s Books
                   Ask Mr. Bear
                   Baby Beluga
                   Berenstein Bears Books
                   Biggest Pumpkin Ever, The
                   Biggest Pumpkin, The
                   Blueberries For Sal
                   Brown Bear Brown Bear
                   Bunny Cakes
                   Caps For Sale
                   Carrot Seed, The
                   Cat Colors
                   Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
                   Classic Fairy Tales
                   Clifford At The Circus
                   Clifford Series
                   Clifford Takes A Trip
                   Clifford’s ABC
                   Corduroy Series
                   Curious George Rides A Bike
                   Dinner At Panda Place
                   Don’t Be The Leaf
                   Don’t Forget The Bacon
                   Doorbell Rang, The
Kindergarten                            Book Titles
               Dr. Seuss Series
               From Head To Toe
               Ghost Eye Tree
               Gingerbread Man, The
               Giving Tree, The
               Good Morning Chick
               Green Eggs And Ham
               Happy Birthday Moon
               Harry The Dirty Dog
               Hat, The
               Hop On Pop
               Horton Hatches The Egg
               How Things Work
               I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
               I See Circles
               If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
               If You Give A Mouse A Muffin
               In The Rain With Baby Duck
               Indian Bunny
               Ira Sleeps Over
               Is Your Momma A Llama
               It Looked Like Spilled Milk
               Jesse Bear
               Just Me And My Mom
               Legend Of The Bluebonnet, The
               Leo The Late Bloomer
               Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
               Little Engine That Could, The
               Little Monster Books
               Love You Forever
               Madeline Books
               Magic Fish, The
               Make Way For Ducklings
               Mary Wore Her Red Dress
               Maxi, The Hero
               Mice Squeak, We Speak
               Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
               Miss Bindergarten & the 100 Day
               Miss Nelson Series
               Mitten, The
               Mixed Up Chameleon, The
               Mouse Paint
               Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash
               Napping House, The
               No Good Day
Kindergarten                                 Book Titles
               No, No Titus
               Noisy Nora
               Not Now Said The Cow
               Old Bear
               Over In the Meadow
               Owl Moon
               Peter Pan
               Peter’s Chair
               Polar Express, The
               Princess And The Pea
               Raccoons And The Ripe Corn
               Rainbow Fish, The
               Relatives Came, The
               Rough Face Girl, The
               Ruby the Copycat
               Seven Blind Mice
               Snowman, The
               Snowy Day, The
               Stone Soup
               Tale Of Peter Rabbit
               Ten Nine Eight
               Ten Red Apples
               There’s A Monster Under My Bed
               There’s A Nightmare In My Closet
               There’s Something In My Attic
               Three Bears, The
               Today Is Monday?
               True Story Of The Three Little Pigs, The
               Vanishing Pumpkin, The
               Very Busy Spider, The
               Very Grouchy Ladybug
               Very Hungry Caterpillar, The
               Very Quiet Cricket
               Where the Wild Things Are
               Where’s the Fly?
               Whistle for Willie
               Wild Thing, The
               Winnie the Pooh

1st Grade      Across the Stream
               All About Seeds
               All of Our Noses Are Here
               Animals On the Move
                         Book Titles
Arthur Series
Better Move On, Frog!
Bread and Jam For Frances
Cake That Mack Ate, The
Chick and the Duckling, The
D.W. All We t
Doorbell Rang, The
Doorbell Ring
Fish Eyes
Fish That Go Fishing, The
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed
Flap Your Wings and Try
Ghost-Eye Tree, The
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Grouchy Ladybug, The
Growing Vegetable Soup
Grumpy Elephant , The
Henny Penny
House Is A House For Me, A
How Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse Got Together
I Went Walking
I Wish I Could Fly
In My Mother’s House
Jamaica’s Find
Leo the Late Bloomer
Little Bear and Owl
Little Red Hen, The
Mrs. Wishy Washy
My Friends
Napping House, The
Pancake, The
Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me
Punky Goes Fishing
Quick As a Cricket
Quilt Story, The
Rainbow Fish, The
Rosie’s Walk
Sea Frog, City Frog
Silly Sally
Snow Glory, The
1st Grade                               Book Titles
            Sylvester & the Magic Pebble
            Ten Apples Up On Top
            There’s Something in My Attic
            Three Little Pigs, The
            Very Hungry Caterpillar, The
            Very Quiet Cricket, The
            Very Tall Mouse and Very Short Mouse
            What Game Shall We Play?
            Whistle for Willie
            Who Is Tapping At My Window?
            Who Took the Farmer’s Hat?
            Who Will Be My Friends?
            Whose Baby?
            Wishy Washy Day
            Z Was Zapped

2nd Grade   Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
            Amelia Bedelia Helps Out
            Arthur-Mystery of the Stolen Bike
            Arthur’s Birthday
            Arthur’s Nose
            Arthur’s Tooth
            Bed Time For Frances
            Berenstain Series-The Bear Detectives
            Berenstain Series-The Bear Scouts
            Berenstain Series-The Bears’ Christmas
            Birthday For Frances, A
            Bread and ?
            Caps For Sale
            Doorbell Rang, The
            Ferdinand, The Story of
            First Dictionary
            Frog and Toad
            Goodnight Moon
            Grouchy Ladybug, The
            He Bear She Bear
            Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peaky Spying
            Junie B. Jones and that Meanie Jim’s Birthday
            Junie B. Jones and The Stupid Smelly Bus
            Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake
            Little Bear
            Little Engine That Could, The
2nd Grade                               Book Titles
            Madeline’s Rescue
            Mouse & Motorcycle The
            Mouse Tales
            Mr. Wiggle’s Book
            My Little Island
            Old Hat, New Hat
            Play Ball, Amelia
            Polk Street Kids Series
            Ramona Series
            Rose and Tulip
            Runaway Bunny
            Snowy Day, The
            Stone Fox
            The Case of the Hungry Stranger
            There’s a Nightmare in my Closet
            Trek, The
            Where the Wild Things Are
            Wolf’s Chicken Stew, The

3rd Grade   Abraham Lincoln
            Beginning Biographies
            Buster’s Dino Dilemma
            Cabin Faces West, The
            Charlotte’s Web
            Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
            Cricket in Times Square, The
            Emperor’s New Clothes, The
            Esio Trot
            Fool of the World & the Flying Ship, The
            Freckle Juice
            Ira Says Goodbye
            James and the Giant Peach
            Johnny Appleseed
            Knots on a Counting Rope
            Legend of the Bluebonnet, The
            Little House in the Big Woods
            Sarah, Plain and Tall
            Snot Stew
            Songs of the Swallows
            Stone Soup
            Super Fudge
            Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
            Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
3rd Grade                                  Book Titles
            True Story of the Three Little Pigs, The
            Two Ways to Count to Ten
            Velveteen Rabbit, The
            Who Stole the Wizard of Oz
            Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches, The
            Young Abraham Lincoln
            Young Harriet Tubman
            Young Helen Keller
            Young Martin Luther King

4th Grade   Adventures of Spider, The
            Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The
            Best Town in the World
            Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
            Dear Mr. Henshaw
            Epic Adventure Texas, The
            Esperanza Rising
            Girl Who Loved the Wind, The
            Hans Brinker-The Silver Skates
            Herbie Jones and Hamburger Head
            Herbie Jones and the Class Gift
            How to Eat Fired Worms
            Jace the Ace
            James and the Giant Peach
            Legend of the Bluebonnet, The
            Magic School Bus Inside the Earth
            Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
            Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor
            Making a New Home in America
            Maniac MaGee
            Midnight Fox, The
            Mouse and the Motorcycle, The
            Paradise Called Texas, The
            Sidewalk Story
            Skates of Uncle Richard, The
            Staying Nine
            Stone Fox
            Story of Texas, The
4th Grade                                Book Titles
            Tales of a4th  Grade Nothing
            There’s a Boy in the Girls Restroom
            Turtle in July
            Velveteen Rabbit
            Where the Red Fern Grows
            Willie Mays
            Word Eater, The

5th Grade   Amelia’s Notebook
            Among the Volcanoes
            Anno’s Hat Tricks
            Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
            Behind Rebel Lines
            Belle Prater’s Boy
            Best School Year Ever
            Big Cats
            Bridge to Terabithia
            Bud, Not Buddy
            Charley Skedaddle
            Childhood of Famous Americans
            Cracker Jackson
            Cowboys of the Wild West
            Dead Man In Indian Creek
            Dear Mr. Henshaw
            Do People Grow on Family Trees?
            Eating the Plates
            Ella Enchanted
            Getting Near to Baby
            Harnet the Spy
            Have a Happy…
            If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Esland
            In the Year of the Boar & Jackie Robinson
            Jar of Dreams
            Journal of Joshua Loper
            Knee-Knock Rise
            Library of Famous Women-Princess Diana
            Lily’s Crossing
            Lion to Guard Us, A
            Lion, the Witch, ar
            Manic MaGee
            Molly’s Pilgrim
            Mrs. Mack
            My Rotten Redheaded Brother
5th Grade   Book Titles
            Old Paul the Mighty Logger
            Pedro’s Journal
            Phoebe the Spy
            Pink and Say
            Pioneer Sample, A
            Prairie Songs
            Pueblo Boy
            Regarding the Fountain: A Tale in Letters of Liars and Leaks
            Roberto Clemente: Young Baseball Hero
            Running Out of Time
            Samuel Eaton’s Day
            Sarah Morton’s Day
            Sea Otter Rescue
            Sharks by Seymour Simon
            Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution
            Shiloh Season
            Sign of the Beaver
            Space Challenger
            Spanish Kidnapping Disaster
            Steven Caney’s Invention Book
            Stories to Solve: Folktales from Around the World
            Storms by Seymour Simon
            Tall Tales
            Taste of Blackberries, A
            Thank You, Mr. Falker
            The Hundred Penny Box
            The Story of Harriet Tubman, Conductor of the Underground
            The Trumpet of the Swan
            Too Many Tamales
            Walk Two Moons
            Water Sky
            Watsons Go to Birmingham, The
            Wayside School is Falling Down
            West With the Night
6th Grade                               Book Titles
            Abel’s Island
            Across Five Aprils
            Ajeemal and his Son
            Bartholomew Fair
            Baseball in April and Other Stories
            Black Pearl, The
            Bogart, The
            Cay, The
            Chimney Sweeps: Yesterday and Today
            Dinosaur Is the Biggest Animal That Ever Lived, The
            Door In the Wall, The
            Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt, The
            Giver, The---AIM Class
            Good-bye Chicken Little
            Goodnight, Mr. Tom
            Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
            Hiding Place, The
            House of Dies Drear, The
            Island of the Blue Dolphins
            Jackie Joyner Kersee
            Jedera Adventure, The
            Journey to Topaz
            Me, Map, and the Moondance Kid
            Midwife’s Apprentice
            My Side of the Mountain
            Number of Stars
            Omega Station
            Phantom Tollbooth, The
            R.T., Margaret and the Rats of Nimh
            Roll of Thunder Hear Me Cry
            Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
            Show of Hands, A
            Terrible Wave, The
            Trouble Water
            West with the Night
            When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
            Where the Red Fern Grows
            Which Way Freedom
            Whipping Boy, The
7th   Grade                                Book Titles
              …And the Earth Did Not Devour Him
              Christmas Card
              Clay Marble
              Dicey’s Song
              Giver, The ----regular classes
              Glory Field, The
              Go Tell It On the Mountain
               I, Juan de Pareja
              Maniac McGee
              Pearl, The
              Picture Bride
              Roll of Thunder
              So Far From the Bamboo Grove
              Taking Sides
              Tuck Everlasting
              Where the Red Fern Grows
              Witch of Blackbird Pond, The
              Wrinkle in Time, A

8th Grade     …And the Earth Did Devour Him
              Across Five Aprils
              Call of the Wind
              Christmas Carol, A
              Day No Pigs Would Die, A
              Diary of Anne Frank
              Farewell to Mazanar
              House of Dies Drear
              Johnny Tremain
              Kaffir Boy
              Nothing But the Truth
              Out of the Dust
              Separate Peace
              Soldier’s Heart
              Song of the Gargoyle
                   Things Fall Apart
8th   Grade                                    Book Titles
                   True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
                   West With the Night
                   When Rain Clouds Gather

9th Grade          Call of the Wild
                   Enders Game
                   Hiding Place, The
                   Miracle Worker, The
                   Odyssey, The
                   Of Mice and Men
                   Romero and Juliet

9th Grade Pre-AP   Ender’s Game
                   Ethan Frome
                   Great Expectations
                   Hiding Place. The
                   Lliad, The
                   Miracle Worker, The
                   Odyssey, The
                   Of Mice and Men
                   Old Men and the Sea, The
                   Pearl, The
                   Romeo and Juliet
                   Silas Marner

10th Grade         Antigone
                   Chocolate War, The
                   Cyrano De Bergerac
                   Having Our Say
                   Julius Caesar
                   LeMorte D’ Arthur
                   Sea Biscuit
                   The Princess Bride
                   To Kill a Mockingbird
10th Grade Pre-AP                                 Book Titles
                     Count of Monte Cristo, The
                     Cry, The Beloved Country
                     Cyrano De Bergerac
                     Fahrenheit 451
                     Jane Eyre
                     Julius Caesar
                     LeMorte D’ Arthur
                     Tale of Two Cities
                     To Kill a Mockingbird

11th Grade           Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The
                     Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The
                     Crucible, The
                     Farewell to Arms
                     Glass Menagerie, The
                     Great Gatsby, The
                     Good Earth, The
                     Last of the Mohicans
                     Moby Dick
                     My Antonia
                     Of Mice and Men
                     Our Town
                     Raisin in the Sun
                     Red Badge of Courage, The
                     The Color of Water
                     Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

11th Grade Regular   Bless Me
                     Catcher in the Rye
                     Grapes of Wrath
                     Moby Dick
                     Red Badge of Courage

11th Grade AP        Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The
                     Age of Innocence, The
                     Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The
                     Glass Menagerie, The
                     Good Earth, The
                     Great Gatsby, The
                     Scarlet Letter, The
                     Stranger, The
                     Their Eyes Were Watching God
                Uncle Tom’s Cabin
12th   Grade                                 Book Titles
                Animal Farm
                Canterbury Tales
                Chosen, The
                Lord of the Flies
                Way to Rainy Mountain, The
                Wuthering Heights

12th Grade AP   1984
                Animal Farm
                Awakening, The
                Canterbury Tales, The
                Oedipus Rex
                Pride and Prejudice
                Wuthering Heights

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