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									Healthcare Beyond Boundary: Samitivej Takes Leading Role with
Hospital Management Excellence
Samitivej Public Company Limited is a public listed heath care company in Thailand
that operates a strong network of three leading private hospitals in Thailand.
Established since 1979, it has been providing health care services to Thais and
foreigners and well recognized in Thailand and the Southeast Asian region for its
medical and service excellence. The group has won many leading international
certifications and awards, such as the Join Commission International (JCI) and
Hospital Management Awards (HMA) for three consecutive years. Apart from
Samitivej group, we also operate 2 other hospitals BNH, in CBD of Thailand and
Wictoria in Myanmar.

Raymond Chong, Managing Director and CEO of Samitivej Public Company Limited,
said, “With our strong credential in Thailand, we treat more than 1,000,000 patients
per year of which 40% are international patients. We have more than 500 full time
doctors and over 2,000 employees. The hospitals’ revenue is over US200 million per
year. We are confident to bring our expertise and professionalism to work with
Grande International Hospital in extending excellent medical services to the people
of Nepal.“

Both Samitivej and Grand International share similar vision and culture of “Care”. At
Samitivej, We Care... We care for patient safety and quality, and for the people who
work for us and come into contact with us. We are looking forward to working with
Grande International Hospital in developing quality of medical care in Nepal through
a transfer of knowledge and sharing of skills to match Samitivej standard which
includes other dimensions ranging from quality of services to atmosphere and image.

Under this agreement, Samitivej will be responsible to ensure that the hospital
operate at a high level of readiness in term of medical, nursing quality and etc. After
the opening, Samitivej will continue to help review its capabilities of all administration
and make recommendations in order to maintain the highest possible level of
operational and service efficiency. Samitivej will also bring in its expertise and
excellence in various areas, ranging from emergency medical services and technical
services like laboratory and equipment maintenance and IT setup, to marketing and
human resources development.
Grande International Hospital operational from April 2012
Grande International Hospital, Dhapasi, Kathmandu was initiated on February 2010
with the motive “Care to Cure”. “The hospital will be developed as a centre of
excellence for medical services with state-of-the-art facilities for the application of
latest medical technology for patient care. The hospital is proposed to be a
trendsetter in advancement of medical sciences and health research in Nepal. The
long-term project vision will include facilities for medical and nursing education” The
Chairman Dr. Roop Jyoti commented at the signing ceremony of Hospital
management Services Agreement with Samitivej Hospital, Thailand. Dr. Jyoti said
that this venture will bring modern healthcare to Nepal. The project promoters view
their investment in the hospital as fulfillment of their social responsibilities to the
nation. Dr. Jyoti added that the hospital plan incorporates provisions for handling
future population growth, technological advancement and the possibility of medical

The hospital is being constructed on 23 Ropanies of Land at Dhapasi, 2 km north of
Ring Road. The total built up area of physical facilities would be 210,000 sft. The
main building would be 14 stories and have 8 operation theaters, 5 lifts and 3
staircases. It would also have facilities for physically challenged patients.
Construction and other activities are in full swing with 70% of the structural work
completed. The total cost of the project is estimated at NRs 140 crores according to
Mr. Bijay Rajbhandary, CEO of the hospital. He also mentioned that hospital would
have many added features like wellness centre, internet lounge, coffee shop, gift
shop, ATM.

The visionary of the hospital Dr. Chakra Raj Pandey, Medical Director of the hospital
stressed that time does not wait for anybody. He said that there was an urgent need
to build such an institution for current as well as future generations. He also added
that this hospital would serve patients with the practice of evidence based medicine
through the application of modern technology. The multispecialty hospital would
have the expertise to handle all the complex medical and surgical problems with
state of the art facilities. The institution would aim to achieve excellence with a four-
pronged strategy - i) service ii) team building, iii) academics and iv) research. All the
subspecialties would be under one roof and the patients would get good treatment
comparable to anywhere else in the modern world. He remarked, “Institution building
is a process and GI hospital is just a little sprout which will keep on growing, making
a difference in our society for better health care.”
Previously, Grande International Hospital signed an agreement with Samitivej
Hospital for providing consultancy services for the pre-opening project period. The
agreement being signed at this time would entrust Samitivej Hospital with the
comprehensive management of the hospital during its regular operation. "The
demand for affordable quality healthcare in Nepal is on the rise and with the help
from Samitivej, Grande International Hospital will be able to fulfill that need starting
April 2012", Dr. Jyoti added.


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