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									                     Pre-Employment Interview Questions

The following questions are provided to give guidance as to the proper way in
which various questions may be asked during the pre-employment interview
process. This list cannot be considered complete, as new ways are continually
found to ask certain questions. It may not reflect recent changes imposed by
various government agencies, so schools are encouraged to have their local
counsel review the document from time to time to ensure its accuracy.

Topic         Proper                              Improper

Name          Name and any other name             Maiden name
              used at previous employers

Right to      “If you become employed, can        “Are you a U.S. citizen?”
              you provide proof of legal right
              to work?”                           Birthplace, including birthplace
                                                  of relatives

                                                  Proof of right to work prior to

Race          None                                Everything that has to do with
                                                  race, color, nationality or
                                                  ancestry, including color of
                                                  hair or eyes

Language      If relevant, language skills        How language skills were

Military      Skills acquired in military         Date and type of discharge
Service       service
                                                  Service in a foreign military

Gender       None                                Everything having to do with sex;
                                                 marital status; dependents,
                                                 including how applicant takes
                                                 care of them; plans for
                                                 childbearing; with whom applicant

Religion     Availability for work evenings      Religion or religious holidays
                or weekends if a normal                   observed
                business requirement

Health          Any impediments to doing job,             Physical and mental handicaps;
                and if so, what can be done               medical condition; height and
                to accommodate limitation                 weight; disability or workers
                                                          compensation claims
                Job offer contingent on passing
                job-related physical exam                 Prescription drugs

Family          Name and address of person to Name and address of relative to
                contact in case of emergency  contact in case of emergency

Age             If hired, can you provide proof           Age; date of birth; year of
                of age                                    graduation from high school or
                Are you over 18 years old?

Residence       Place of residence, phone                 Whether applicant owns or rents

Finances        None                                      Garnishments, bankruptcies,
                                                          assets, or liabilities

Criminal        Convictions of a felony,                  Arrest record
                provided: relevant; not an
                automatic bar; and conviction
                not expunged or sealed 1

Education       If necessary qualification, level         Date of graduation
                of education/degree

Prior           Former employment and                     How many days applicant missed
Employ-         previous employment                       work because of illness
                Attendance record

Photo           May state that photograph                 Requiring applicant to provide
                may be required after                     photo as part of application
                employment                                process

                                                          Videotaping interviews

 It is permissible to inform the candidate that submission of fingerprinting and a review of the
criminal record is a requirement of employment.
Drugs              Current illegal drug use       Legal drugs; questions
                                                  about past use of illegal drugs
                                                  that are likely to elicit information
                                                  as to whether applicant was an

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