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Pre Employment Assessment


Pre Employment Assessment document sample

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									                                  INTEGRIS Physicians Services
                 PRE-EMPLOYMENT ASSESSMENT – Medical Assistant



Match the medication to the classification:

        1      Coumadin     __________            A.   Bronchodilator
        2      Rocephin     __________            B.   Anticoagulant
        3      Lotensin     __________            C.   Hormone
        4      Zocor        __________            D.   Antibiotic
        5      Lasix        __________            E.   Diuretic
        6      Premarin     __________            F.   Antihypertensive
        7      Albuterol    __________            G.   Lipid lowering agent

Match the name brand to the generic:

         8     Depo-estradiol                  A.
                                       __________ Triacminalone
         9     Kenalog                         B.
                                       __________ Estradiol cypionate
        10     Depo-medrol                     C.
                                       __________ Ceftriaxone
        11     Rocephin                        D.
                                       __________ Methlepredisone

Match the Do Not Use Abbreviations on the Left with the Correct Abbreviation on the Right:

        12                  QD                            A.
                                                  __________ mL
        13                  1.0 mg                        B.
                                                  __________ Daily
        14                  cc                            C.
                                                  __________ 1mg
        15                  AD                            D.
                                                  __________ Every other Day
        16                  QOD                           E.
                                                  __________ Right Ear

               Nitroglycerin sublingual tablets can be given as follows: 1 tablet under the tongue every
        17     5 minutes as needed for chest pain, with a maximum of 3 tables in a 15 minute period.

                             A.        True
                             B.        False

        18     Heparin and Coumadin are exaples of:

                             A.       Analgesics
                             B.       Anesthetics
                             C.       Anticoagulant
                             D.       Enteric coated
                Mrs. Smith is currently taking Coumadin 2 mg daily. The doctor increases her to to 3 mg
                daily. Mrs Smith just got her 2 mg prescription filled and cannot afford another prescription at
      19        this time. You should tell Mrs.Smith to:

                               A.        Take 2 of the 2mg tablets daily.
                               B.        Take 1 1/2 of the 2mg tablets daily.
                               C.        Take 3 of the 2mg tablets daily.
                               D.        Find away to get the 3mg prescription, after all, it isn't the
                                         doctors fault she can't afford the new one.

Match the word to the correct definition:

      20        Sublingual    __________                         A.   Breathed in
      21        Oral          __________                         B.   Intramuscular
      22        IM            __________                         C.   On the skin
      23        IV            __________                         D.   Under the tongue
      24        Inhalation    __________                         E.   By mouth
      25        Topical       __________                         F.   Intravenous

Match the abbreviation to the definition:

      26        _____         Anterior thigh, upper outer arm                             A. Intramuscular
                              abdomen, upper back under shoulder

      27        _____         Vastus lateralis, deltoid, dorso-gluteal,                   B. Intravenous

      28        _____         Inner lower arm, upper chest, upper                         C. Interdermal
                              back under shoulder blades

      29        _____         Veins of arms and legs                                      D. Subcutanous

                Antihistamines are frequently used for infections of the nose or sinuses, which are the
      30        side effective of antihistamines therapy?

           A. Nasal stuffiness, vertigo, sleeplessness
           B. Nervousness purities decreased blood pressure
           C. Hair Loss, Nausea, dry mouth
           D. Drowsiness, dry mouth, disturbed coordination

      31        To properly administer skin testing, which of the following routes is used?
                           A. Subcutaneous
                           B. Intradermal
                           C. IM
                           D. Topically
     When administering a FLU vaccine to a patient, you would prepare the injection by
32   obtaining an:

                A. Insulin syringe, 24G needle 3/8 of an inch
                B. Standard hypodermic syringe, 23G needle, 1-11/2 inch
                C. TB syringe, 24-26G needle, 3/8 to 5/8/ inch
                D. Standard hypodermic syringe, 24-26G, 3/8 to 5/8 inch

     Tall man lettering is upper and lower casing of drugs names, presenting portions of a
33   name in all capitals to visually distinguish if from other similarly named drugs.

                A.   True
                B.   False

34   Body areas to avoid when choosing the site for an injection are _________.

                A. Healthy muscle tissue
                B. Moles, birthmarks, warts, tumors, lumps
                C. Scar tissue
                D. Both B & C

     The doctor orders 80mg of Deop-medrol. You have 40mg/mL in the clinic. How man
35   mL's would you give?

                A. 1
                B. 2
                C. 8
                D. ½

     The doctor orders 2mL Decadron to be given. You have 2 bottles of Decadron on hand.
36   Decadron 4mg/mL and Decadron 8mg/mL. You should _________.

                A. Give the lowest dose and give 2mL of the 4mg/mL bottle.
                B. Clarify the doctor’s order.
                C. Give 2mL of the 8mg/mL.
                D. Tell the doctor to give it himself.

37   One of the uses of acetaminophen is to treat ___________.

                A. Hypertension
                B. Rapid pulse
                C. Fever
                D. Shallow respirations

38   The generic name of Motrin is ________________________

                A. Indomethacin
                B. Ibuprofen
                C. Naproxen
                D. Salsalte
The Doctor gives a patient the following prescription:
Amoxicillin 250mg (#30)
Sig: 1 tab p.o. three times a day until gone

      39       How man days will the patient take the antibiotic?

                          A. 4 days
                          B. 2 weeks
                          C. 7 days
                          D. 10 days

      40       Safety precautiions in preparation of medications include all the following EXCEPT:

                          A. Check the label and expiration date
                          B. Check for contamination
                          C. Check is it a look a-like sound a- like medication
                          D. Check and verify 2 patient identifiers (Name and Date of Birth)
                          E. All of the above

      41       Medication administration documentation includes all of the following EXCEPT:

                          A. Medication name
                          B. Site
                          C. Lot number
                          D. Side effects

      42       Medication is still considered potent until _____________.

                          A. The date stamped on vial.
                          B. It becomes discolored.
                          C. It becomes contaminated.
                          D. All of the above.

               The appropriate length of time to have a patient wait after receiving an allergy
      43       injections is ____

                          A. 5 minutes
                          B. 15 minutes
                          C. 2 hours
                          D. 45 minutes

      44       Eardrop medications should be given body temperature unless ordered otherwise.

                          A.   True
                          B.   False
45   How Man mL's are in 1 ounce?

               A. 5
               B. 10
               C. 60
               D. 30

46   15 cubic centimeters and 15 mL are the same.

               A.   True
               B.   False

47   How many mL are in 1 teaspoon?

               A. 5
               B. 8
               C. 30
               D. 25

     You have a child in the office with a fever. The doctor orders you to give the child
     acetaminophen. You know the following facts: 1) the child weighs 40 lbs: 2)
     Acetaminophen is given 10mg per kg; 3) 2 lbs = 1kg; 4) Acetaminophen comes in 160 mg
48   per tsp. How many mg should the child have?

               A. 40
               B. 20
               C. 2
               D. 200

49   How man tsp should the child receive?

               A.     1¼
               B.     5
               C.    1
               D.    2

     Mr. Peters called today complaining of a rash to his face and arms. He was seen in the
     office yesterday for bronchitis and was stared on an antibiotic. You should tell Mr.
50   Peters to ____________.

               A. Hang up the phone and call 911.
               B. It is to be expected. Advise him to use calamine lotion and tough it out.
               C. Stop taking the antibiotic. You will inform the physician.
               D. Continue with the medication for 2 more days, if a rash continues then
                 come to the office.
     10 Key Math Test:
51     7,413.00                   52       4,100.00                   53       724.063
      23,176.00                            5,555.25                            840.567
          15.27                           -3,125.00                             78.224
     346,789.00                            1,965.42
         -799.02                           4,325.00                          Subtraction
            1.02                               1.82                   54             37
          792.05                              13.99                             -28.759
        1,668.32                           8,913.23
           76.00                          13,425.76
           87.88                              24.00

     Division                                                     Multplication
55   1,253,888.8/79 = ___________________                 56          57.32

57   70 is 20% of __________________________

58   80% of $235.44 is ____________________________

59   Find 20% of 5,360.00 __________________________

     An insurance company will cover 80 percent of a $3,900 bill; the payment must pay the non-
60   covered portion. How much will the patient have to pay? ________________________

     Mr. Smith has insurance with a $275 deductible. In addition, he pays 10 percent of the
61   remainder of the bill. His hospital bill is $1,500.00. What is his total payment? _________

62   What is 47.8937 rounded to the nearest tenth? _______________________

     Mr. Jones is being admitted to the hospital. His estimated hospital bill is $3,500 room and
     board; $750 laboratory; $250 pharmacy; $625 physical therapy; and $1,025 x-ray. His
     insurance will cover 80 percent. Mr. Jones must pay the non-covered portion. What will he
63   owe the hospital? ___________________

64   Extentions:
               a) 23 units @ $10.95       ___________________________

                b) 1000 unites @ $7.38 ___________________________

                c) 586 units @ $0.37      ___________________________

                d) 10 units @ $4.95       ___________________________

                e) 895 unites @ $0.95     ___________________________

        Mrs. Gray has Medicare which pays 100% of her hospital bill after she has met the $560
        deductible. She has lsready apid the $250 toward the deductible. If her bill is $2,300, how
 65     mich will she have to pay? ___________________________

                     a)     $210
                     b)     $310
                     c)     $456
                     d)   $31.10

 66     Find 1% of $23,000.

                     a)    $0.02
                     b)    $2.30
                     c)      $23
                     d)     $230
                     e)   $2,300

        Spelling Test -- Please check the box next to each word spelled correctly. If the word
67-84   is spelled incorrectly, write the correct spelling.

















      Medical Terminology -- Match the columns:

85    ADHD                  Urinanalysis

86    ICU                   Without

87    JCAHO                 Attention Deficity Disorder

88    UA                    Intensive Care Unit

89    W/O                   Biopsy

90    BX                    Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations

      Write the Medical Symbol

91    at

92    greater than

93    decrease

94    without

95    with


96    date of injury

97    no known injury

98    chest pain

99    rule out

100   temperature

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