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Chapter 19 Forms

  1. Confirm the time, date and location of the conference with the Owner’s
  2. Reserve a room for the conference. Make sure the room is large enough and
     has adequate seating.
     3. Confirm attendance by the Owner’s Representative.

     4. Send meeting invitation to:
           • Owner’s Representative
           • All Team members (Procurement Officer, Procurement Assistant,
             Contract Administrator)
           • Procurement Services Management

     5. Create a sign in sheet.
     6. Print extra copies of the solicitation.
     7. Bring recorder.
     8. Bring laptop if using screen/projector.


     1. Place the sign in sheets in the solicitation binder.
     2. Download the video recording of the pre-bid / pre-proposal conference on the
        shared drive.
     3. Review all vendor questions submitted and forward them to the owner’s
        representative of the requesting department.
     4. Post an addendum with the questions and answers by the date and time listed
        in the tentative timeline.

The Pre-Bid/Pre-Proposal PowerPoint Template is available on the Procurement
Shared Drive under the sub-folder entitled “Forms”.

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                                       PROCUREMENT SERVICES
                                        PROCEDURES MANUAL

Opening Remarks:
   1. Good morning/afternoon. My name is      and I am the assigned Procurement Officer for:
      Solicitation name:                      Solicitation #:               .
   2. Welcome vendors.
   3. Announce that the conference is being recorded.

    1. Introduce all APS staff in attendance
            a. Contract Administrator, Owner’s Representative(s), Support Staff, Others.

General Information:
   1. Confirm that everyone has signed in and provided a business card.
   2. Discuss the following:
           a. State the purpose of this conference.
           b. State the solicitation due date, time and location.
           c. Explain that responses received after the time due will not be considered.
           d. Remind vendors that if delivering bid / proposal in person be sure to allow time
               for traffic, parking and security check in.
           e. If the solicitation is an ITB there will be a public opening.
           f.   If the solicitation is and RFP or RFQ there will not be a public opening.
           g. Review the tentative timeline of the solicitation.
           h. Explain how addendums will be handled.
           i.  Review the submission requirements - what to submit, how to submit, where to
           j.  Review the APS general terms and conditions and where they can be viewed
           k. Explain the evaluation process if the solicitation is an RFP or RFQ.
           l.  Review the process for background check requirement for employees working on an
               APS site.
           m. Review the APS contract requirement.
           n. Explain the process for new vendor registration.
   3. The owner’s representative should review the scope of work or specifications.
   4. The Contract Administrator should describe the contract process.

  1. Explain how questions regarding the solicitation will be handled including:
         a. Provide e-mail address of the person to send questions to.
         b. Due date and time to submit a question.
         c. Date when answers to questions will be posted.
         d. Where solicitation Q&A will be posted.
  2. Allow vendors to ask questions.
         a. Tell vendors they should also submit their questions via e-mail to the assigned
         Procurement Officer.

Closing Remarks
   1. Provide APS Procurement Services web site address.
   2. State the solicitation due date, time and where they must be delivered.
   3. Thank everyone for attending.

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                                          PROCUREMENT SERVICES
                                           PROCEDURES MANUAL


Solicitation Name:

Solicitation Number:

Solicitation Type:                □ ITB         □ RFP            □ RFQ

Procurement Officer:

Requesting Department:

Requesting Department Contact:

Final bid tab saved on shared drive:                          Yes          No

Evaluation template finalized and saved on shared drive:      Yes          No

Evaluation committee finalized:                               Yes          No

                          Signature or E-mail
Approval                                            Date Submitted       Date Returned
Proofed (by Team)

Assistant Director



The Solicitation Review Form is available on the Procurement Shared Drive under
the sub-folder entitled “Forms”.

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                                                             PROCUREMENT SERVICES
                                                              PROCEDURES MANUAL


    Solicitation Name:                                                                       Reviewed By:
    Solicitation #                                                                           Date Reviewed:
    Procurement Officer:                                                           Provided Returned To:      CA___________________       PO_____________________
                                   Notice of Award                                                                            Comments
 1 Copy of signed letter(s) of intent.
 2 Contract signature page from awarded vendor(s)
 3 Notice of non-award letter(s)
                                    Board Agenda
 4 Copy of board agenda (page 1 & 2)
 5 Memo indicating board approval not required
 6 Emails and other written documentation related to the solicitation
                                Tab Sheet, Evaluation
 7 RFP or RFQ final evaluation summary
 8 RFP or RFQ individual evaluators scoring sheet
 9 RFP or RFQ, signed confidentiality agreements
 10 ITB, final bid tabulation
 11 Administrative review form
                                Solicitation, Addendums
 12 Solicitation Receipt Log
 13 Signed addendum(s) (if applicable)
 14 Pre-bid / pre-proposal sign in sheet (if applicable)
 15 Signed final solicitation document
                                  Vendor Responses
 16 Original copy of vendor proposal
 17 CD-ROM with the vendor proposal
 18 Two (2) hard copies of awarded vendors proposal/bid

    Board Approval required - submit binder to Contract Administration by the Friday following the Legislative board meeting.
    Board Approval not required - submit binder to Contract Administration within 3 days after the letter of intent is sent to the recommended vendor(s).

The Solicitation Binder Review Form is available on the Procurement Shared Drive
under the sub-folder entitled “Forms”.

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                                                                 PROCUREMENT SERVICES
                                                                  PROCEDURES MANUAL


Review completed by:
Date completed:

 Section #/Page                       Description                     Company Name   Company Name   Company Name   Company Name   Company Name
                  Offeror affirmation form
                  Price proposal form
                  Offeror information form
                  Offeror reference form
                  Joint venture affidavit
                     Will this be a joint venture?
                  Primary vendor / subcontractor utilization
                     Will subcontractors be used?
                  Promise of non-discrimination
                  Copy of local or state business license or permit
                  Signature page to APS contract
                                  Other - List below

The Administrative Review Form is available on the Procurement Shared Drive under
the sub-folder entitled “Forms”.

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