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                   FORBES’ CHOICE—TECH TOYS FOR 2005
New York, NY (October 27, 2004)—From the Apple AirPort Express to the Bose SoundDock,
Forbes’ current issue tackles the tech world with ten toy must-haves in its special section
“Gadgets We Love.” Highlights include:
      RAZR V3 PHONE— Due in November, Motorola’s new design opts for sleek
       aluminum, magnesium and glass featuring among others, a Web-browser, Bluetooth
       Wireless, Java games and MPEG4 video playback. (Not yet priced)
      GOOGLE IN YOUR TREO—Accessing Google in your pocket allows for spur of the
       moment searching to find directions, phone numbers, stats and any other information
       needed on the go. The new Treo 650 seamlessly allows for mobile phone, PDA, mail
       client and Googler all-in-one. (Price: Approximately $500)
      TIVOLI MODEL ONE—With astonishing reception and a design derived from audio
       legend Henry Kloss, this bare-bones dial radio boasts affordable prices leading Forbes to
       coin it “the sanctuary of analog bliss.” (Price: $100)
      THE DYSON—This sleek-looking, English-made vacuum tossed bags in favor of seven
       cones that create 1,000 G’s of force each that don’t lose suction over time. The Dyson
       lives up to the company’s tall claims. (Price: $550)
      ULTIMATE EARS—Custom-fitted by audiologists to rest perfectly in your ears, these
       ear-buds feature two speakers inside each of the headphones that separate high and low
       frequencies, delivering sharp, rich tones to any avid music listener. (Price: $550)
      THUMB DRIVE—At two inches long, the USB 2.0 technology thumb drive transfers
       data ten times faster than older devices with various memory options allowing for
       projects, papers, photos and MP3 files all to be carried on the convenience of a keychain.
       (Price: Ranging from $30-$140 depending on storage size)

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